Gema Vaunn

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Gema Vaunn

Race: Shi'ido
Sex: Female
Occupation: Imperial Explorer
Profession: Explorer
Homeworld: Lao-mon
Organization: Sith Empire
Ship: Omega Three


With signature bright hair (favoring magenta and cyan), and sporting a literal ton of celestial-themed tattoos, Gema is hard to miss. She claims to be a Coruscanti native and a graduate of Coruscant University with a degree in Xeno Anthropology and a graduate certificate from Coruscant Flight School. She's spent some unspecified amount of time among the Rim and Unknown Regions and has at least a dozen hyperspace lane discoveries/mappings to her name.

Or maybe she's a shapeshifter here to steal your stuff. But that hardly seems likely, does it?


It's been decades since the Shi'ido that goes by Gema Vonn has known her childhood. She grew up on Lao-mon and was given the name Nerenga Hundoole. Her childhood wasn't atypical. She learned to shapeshift into various things, starting with the simplest of forms and working toward harder ones, usually with the help of mnemonic devices like nursery rhymes to get her started. She'd play games of shift-tag with other kids and run free under the guidance of her parents. They say it takes a village, and it seems like all the adults of the town where she was raised took some part in her upbringing.

Some would help her with what might be deemed school studies, and she was ok at these but not great. Others would test her shifting abilities and constantly force her to take other forms. Some would take that practice further by eventually taking her off the world to study other sentients, other inanimates, so she could build her repertoire.

It was this latter practice that would awaken in Gema the desire to see the galaxy. Not just a portion of it, but all of it. As soon as she was deemed ready by her elders, Gema went out into the world. She took on the form of a Bothan and was dropped off at a nearby space station, left to catch a shuttle on her own and work her way across the galaxy. She'd eventually come to Coruscant and be fascinated with the sheer amount of people crammed into it. It was the first time she saw such a planet.

Gema would stay on Coruscant and go to University there, taking on a degree in Xeno Anthropology, and picking up a certificate from the local flight school as well.

Not everything in life is for the good, though you might come to have different views about it later. While at school in Coruscant, Gema was discovered by a Sith Lord for what she was. He tortured her for two years until she was completely broken and rebuilt a servant of the Sith Empire. She knows what force lightning tastes like, and despite the Sith's attempt, she was not able to shapeshift into electricity. She knows what the governor of a particular moon looks like, and despite her best efforts, she was forced to kill the woman and take her place for a year.

The most significant event in Gema's life is that she was discovered, tortured, and turned. She's been made into a brainwashed loyal citizen of the Sith Empire and has been used as everything from a spy and assassin to an explorer to a piece of furniture.

RP Hooks

  • Explorer: Gema is an explorer and has been many places, seen many things. She claims to have found a dozen new hyperspace lanes and a few lost civilizations.
  • Antrhopologist: She has a degree from Coruscant University in Xeno Anthropology
  • Pilot: Goes hand-in-hand with being an explorer.
  • Sith Empire: She doesn't advertise this, but she's a member of the Empire.
    • Savage Flight: She serves as an explorer guide for Savage Flight.
  • Shi'ido: A rare member of the shapeshifting species.
  • Astronomy: The stars and spacial anomalies are a love of hers.
  • Colorful: Her hair is always a bright color. It makes her easier to pick out in a crowd.
  • Tatttoos: She sports a lot of starchart-esque tats.


Alternate Identities

Any of the below identities might be encountered. If you'd like to run into a specific one, just ask!

Jim Vaughn Jim is a freelance fighter pilot with a TIE Striker for hire. Operates out of the Gearhead district. Enjoys great clothes, fine food, good booze, and better company.
Indira Charma Anthropologist with a degree from Coruscant University. Claims to come from Chandrila.
Sirco'olauth'tuzuw Just call her Sirco. Bounty hunter from the Chiss Ascendency. Always on the lookout for a chance to sell her blaster and tracking skills.
Gram Wrall This is the way. Gram Wrall claims to be a child of Mandalore. He tests himself constantly in the wilds of new space, and new worlds. He's an explorer who's spent more time alone with nothing but a droid for company than he has in the company of other people, and as such he can be pretty rough around the edges.