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Imperial Status

The Sith Empire is a military power that emerged from the planet Exegol approximately three years after the battle there (See Episode Nine), commanding a small but formidable fleet of Bloodmoon-class Star Destroyers, a previously unseen capital ship. Each are fitted with a powerful main gun based on technology derived from the Acolyte Cannon, ship-busting weaponry specifically designed to overwhelm and destroy other capital ships.

In the fifteen years since the revelation of the Empire's survival, what was once only a single fleet has grown into a power which has seen the Sith Empire serve as the architects of the fall of both the First Order and the New Republic. Many worlds have fallen, a few, such as Mon Calamri, have been destroyed utterly. The Sith Empire continues to march across the galaxy, bringing order and control. This is not the Empire of old, but a new power forged in war and blood, seeking to bring peace to the chaos of the galaxy.

The current leader of the Sith Empire is Empress Kessa, who oversees the world of the Empire, and who administrates the needs of its planets from her chambers at the Imperial Sanctum.

Sith Mark.png

The Sith Wielders of the Force

The new Sith Empire does not follow the Rule of Two, but seeks always to train those skilled in the force to the heights of the great power the Dark Side allows. Force-sensitive Sith can be found ine very echalon of the Empire and hold many and varied roles, all in service to the Empress and the Empire.

The Troopers

There are two options for those wishing to play Stormtroopers. The first is to be a member of the rank and file troopers. Trooper operatives wear red gammaplast armor emblazoned with a white Sith emblem. They exist within a rank structure and serve in squads. They deploy as commanded for both ground and space operations. If selected, they may serve independent of their squads.

Within the trooper cadres there exists a second, more specialized group, the Death Troopers. Armed and armed in distinctive black armor, they serve as special operatives and elite protection forces for high ranking members of the Sith Empire. Information on these troopers is a closely guarded secret, but theya re known to operate above and beyond the training and normal specifications of the average stormtrooper.

OOC Note: Contrary to what many believe about stormtroopers, they are not unskilled, mindless drones, lacking personalities or motivations beyond service. They are highly skilled soldiers, and some of the most elite fighters in the galaxy.

The Empire

The Empire is vast, and there are many other opportunities for interested players. Politicians, scientists, administrators, smugglers, wheelers and dealers of all kinds.

Why join?

  • As a member of the Sith Empire, you receive an extra paycheck.
  • Sith Empire members receive high-end gear for free, and can use their own as well.
  • Currently, the only place to play as a Stormtrooper.
  • There are regular GM'd plots for you to participate in, regardless of which segment you join.

Rules and Polices

  1. Be courteous to everyone OOC, not just within the Empire but everywhere on the game. We are the bad guys but we're not bad people.
  2. If there's another group you want to be part of, make an alt! The Sith Empire is an exclusive group.
  3. If you have any issues with someone within the group, please contact Tamsin Cas, Xavier Harcourt (our OOC Leaders) or staff for arbitration if you cannot work out your differences independently.
  4. Be active. There is no firm timeline but if you are away for some time you risk losing relevance and/or your place in the group.

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