Julia Teldan

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Julia (Hux) Teldan

Race: H.R.D.
Sex: Female
Occupation: TIE Pilot, Sith Empire
Profession: Socialite
Homeworld: Exogol
Organization: Sith Empire
Ship: Ruin

The Crucible

(Presented for OOC use to create ties and story.)

The actual childhood, if it can be called that, involved the growing of bio-neural nanofibers; the creation of a positronic brain; and scientists spending months carefully constructing memories based on the recreations of childhood journals and the memories of distraught parents. It was all over in the blink of an eye, and then there was a twenty-something woman walking the decks of a star destroyer with a ready smile, a vast knowledge for music, and all the memories of having attended the Imperial Academy to become a TIE pilot as well as the lifetime of experience being the daughter of someone with wealth and power.

In her memories, Julia recalls translating a childhood love of coloring into lessons with a private tutor to learn to paint and sculpt. She remembers endless hours being encouraged to learn all aspects of music, and how she hated it until she got good at it. She remembers being precocious, of being daddy's little girl and playing her parents off one another to get her way. Julia would frequently use her best pouts and whines to convince Ma-ma to let her stay up late, just until Daddy came home. He said he was coming home tonight. And oh, how there was so often disappointment when he didn't.

Julia would learn all the things her rich and powerful family made or wanted her to. Sure, sometimes with complaints. Sometimes learning to love the activity later. But her love, her true love? Going fast. At first, this was with speeders. She was nearly disowned when she started swoop racing. Her father encouraged her to take up spaceship piloting instead. And she loved that!

As much as he disappointed her when he didn't come home in time, Julia was deeply attached to her father. They shared many hobbies. He got her into the Imperial Academy, which only made sense given who he was. So when General Hux was so rudely exploded, Julia went into a deep depression. She sang a haunting dirge at his memorial, unable to even have a proper funeral! In her grief, she became reckless and pursued rebel pilots with a vengeance.

It was her undoing.

Julia died.

Unable to cope with the loss of both a husband and her only child, Widow Hux begged the Sith to give her her baby back. An HRD was the result of much begging. So while Julia understands that her father's death was very important to her, she thinks she overcame her funk before it was too late. She doesn't know the full depth of the event.

The Present

RP Hooks

  • Sith Empire from the time of birth (or creation). But she hides it when in public. We can still be friends.
  • Savage Flight is the name of the TIE flight she's a member of, flying the TIE Bomber named RUIN.
  • Socialite means Julia's always available to meet with people, attend parties, put on a concert, or just schmooze.
  • Musician trained in theory, instruments, and using vocals.
  • Pilot and a very good one! Captain of the Red Shadow, a YT-1930.
  • Fast is best. From speeds to spaceships, she enjoys adrenaline sports involving vehicles and knows how to...
  • Drive a wide variety of vehicles.
  • Exogol born and raised.
  • New in town and sometimes wanders into the wrong place. Oops. She could use a guide.