Ko Hentota Medical Clinic

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The medical clinic is located within the Ko Hentota district, directly opposite main taxi stop, due west of The Sweatshop and north of the Huchaspu Housing Complex. It is within just a few yards of the stairs leading down into the Undercity.

Mission Statement

Medical care for all.

The medical clinic provides treatment for anyone who requires it. Payment is on a sliding scale, and barter can be arranged in lieu of credits. However, no patient is ever turned away. Arrangements can always be made. Treatment can also of offered at other locations as necessary, with arrangements made with Dr. Cas.

In addition to serving the medical needs of the residents of the district and the moon, the clinic also runs regular aid stations down in the undercity, providing food and medical treatment to any who have need of it.


Doctor Tamsin Cas -- Educated in the Republic Futures Program, specialties in surgery, cybernetics and virology.