Tamsin Cas

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Doctor. Relief worker. Possible bleeding heart. Recently, Acolyte. Oh dear.


Be careful what you wish for, careful what you say. Cause somebody might hear you. And you might get your way.


Deep blue eyes, sun-dappled blonde hair, skin light sand with just the shimmer of gold to give her countenance a subtle radiance. She was of no appreciable height, standing at a comfortable 5'6". Her features were clear and fair, full-lipped, button-nosed, with high cheekbones, and a strong jaw. Her figure was equally fair, well formed and well-cared for.


Stranger in a strange land.

Born...elsewhere. The good doctor calls Muunilinst home; Senvere Cas, a Muun financier of some renown among the banking clans, her father. Raised primarily within the confines of High Port Space Center, the orbital city above Muunilinst's capital city Harnaidan. Availed herself of the best in tutoring and privilege the Muun could provide. At her coming into her majority, she was inducted into the Republic Futures Program where she received training as a medical doctor with specialties in surgery and cybernetics. In her gap year following receiving her license, she volunteered to serve with a conglomerate of doctors doing relief work across the galaxy. She has served in that capacity ever since.

She may one day return to Muunilinst. But not yet.

The Acolyte

Portrait by Hex.

RP Hooks

Doctor: Skinned a knee? Bumped an elbow? Lost a limb? She might be available to put you back together again.

Relief Worker: Come from a war torn planet? Been the victim of a natural disaster? Just some poor sod who needed medical assistance your town, city, colony or planet could not provide? You might have met her.

Budding Horticulturist: Tamsin has recently taken an interest in gardening in a small way.

Wrong Side of the Tracks: Tamsin was raised and has spent most of her life in the Outer Rim. Her practical experience with the life and planets and cultures closer to the Core is limited and she finds it all terribly interesting.

Muun's Daughter: Tamsin exhibits many of the best, and possibly worst (RP with her to find out!), traits of the Muun who acquired her.

Words of Wisdom



Doctor's Gear - Field

Her clothing was a study in practical efficiency. A simple long-sleeved shirt of grey with a high square collar was tucked into a pair of comfortable cargo pants, pockets clearly filled with all manner of possibly useful things. A vest of the sort one might see worn by a hunter or some other outdoor enthusiast was closed over the shirt, its own pockets filled with surely complementary bits and bobs. Worn cross-body, a simple messenger style bag marked with the universal symbol of those who provided medical aid.

Doctor's Gear - On Planet

Her chosen attire is a thing of clean lines, and utilitarian fashion. She wears a long-sleeved, neatly fitted shirt of a tight-woven silky fabric in a shade of rich, deep cobalt, the colour a perfect complement to the rich, warm golden hue of her skin. The shirt sports a high, arched collar and is tucked into a pair of slim-fitted black cargo pants. A pair of knee-high matte black leather boots add a two or so inches to her usual height. Worn cross-body, a simple messenger style bag marked with the universal symbol of those who provided medical aid.

Tamsin's Robes

These robes are a study in artful asymmetry. Rich, deep, velvety black fabric provides the base layer. The edges of the fabric are marked by hand tooled leather swatches, also angled in its placement, the patterns recalling the many and varied faces of the sea, from fast crashing waves to the slow ripples of the calm ocean. The sleeves of the robes are long and widely belled, falling far enough to hide the hands, leaving only the fingertips exposed, but easily brushed back when needs require. The front of the robes are folded in a X-shape, held closed by a series of matte black buckles on leather piping and a trio of tied fasteners along the right side. A tightly laced leather corset is overlaid, the leather bearing a matching tooling pattern. The hem of the robes fall at a steep diagonal angle, from the curve of the right hip, down to end at the top of the right ankle. Skin-fitted pants in a supple, flexible leather compliment the robes, the cuffs tucked into heavy laced, thick soled black boots with a moderate heel.

T robes1.jpg

Tamsin's Throwback Playback