Tamsin Cas

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Tamsin Cas

Title: Doctor/Darth Achlys/Councilor
Race: Firrerreo
Sex: Female
Occupation: Humanitarian
Profession: Doctor
Homeworld: Muunilinst
Ship: Kaivalya


Doctor. Relief worker. Administrator of the Ko Hentota Medical Clinic. Possible bleeding heart. Once, Knight. Now, something else. Oh dear.


Say nothing.

I won't complain.

She's the devil you understand


Deep blue eyes, sun-dappled blonde hair, skin light sand with just the shimmer of gold to give her countenance a subtle radiance. She is of no appreciable height, standing at a comfortable 5'6". Her features are clear and fair, full-lipped, button-nosed, with high cheekbones, and a strong jaw. Her figure is equally fair, well formed and well-cared for.

Species: Firrerreo Gender: Female Age: 45
Height: 5'6" Weight: 119.0lb Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: multicolored Skin Color: Sand Handedness: Ambidextrous


Stranger in a strange land.

Born...elsewhere. The good doctor calls Muunilinst home; Senvere Cas, head of the Cas Clan, a Muun financier of some renown among the Banking Clans, her father. Raised primarily within the confines of High Port Space Center, the orbital city above Muunilinst's capital city, Harnaidan. Availed herself of the best in tutoring and privilege the Muun could provide. At her coming into her majority, she was inducted into the Republic Futures Program where she received training as a medical doctor with specialties in surgery and cybernetics, later adding virology. In her gap year following receiving her license, she volunteered to serve with a conglomerate of doctors doing relief work across the galaxy. Not so recently, settled, mostly, on Nar Shaddaa. She continues her relief work both on the Smugglers Moon and elsewhere in the galaxy.

She may one day return to Muunilinst. But not yet.

RP Hooks

Doctor: Skinned a knee? Bumped an elbow? Lost a limb? She can help with that!

Relief Worker: Come from a war torn planet? Been the victim of a natural disaster? Just some poor sod who needed medical assistance your town, city, colony, or planet could not provide? You might have met her.

Budding Horticulturist: Tamsin has recently taken an interest in gardening in a small way.

Muun's Daughter: Tamsin exhibits many of the best, and possibly worst (RP with her to find out!), traits of the Muun who acquired her.

Undercity: Tamsin has been know to sponsor a, nearly, regular food distribution and medical aid station in the Undercity of Nar Shaddaa. Looking for something to make the do-gooder in you do a jig? Get in touch!

Administrator: Tamsin is the medical director of the clinic in the Ko Hentota District, Nar Shaddaa.

Words of Wisdom

The Weapon


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Preferred Forms: Form VI: Niman, Form VII: Juyo




Doctor's Gear - Field

Her clothing was a study in practical efficiency. A simple long-sleeved shirt of grey with a high square collar was tucked into a pair of comfortable cargo pants, pockets clearly filled with all manner of possibly useful things. A vest of the sort one might see worn by a hunter or some other outdoor enthusiast was closed over the shirt, its own pockets filled with surely complementary bits and bobs. Worn cross-body, a simple messenger style bag marked with the universal symbol of those who provided medical aid.

Doctor's Gear - On Planet

A streamlined suit of clothing is the order of the day. A closely fitted bodysuit in a deep, entirely matte cobalt blue, crafted to allow for ease of movement while protecting from the possibility of any pieces of loose fabric that might trip her up in dangerous situations is overlaid by a tailored jacket in a matching matte blue. The jacket fits close to her body, but is marked by a series of concealed pockets, more than enough to allow her to carry all of the necessities. A pair of heeled boots are crafted to fit seamlessly the bodysuit. The only adornment she wears is a patch on her left shoulder bearing the universal symbol for a member of the medical profession.

Clan Robes

The robes she wears are formal, and highly stylized. Crafted in the Muunish fashion, a deep, rich dove grey forms the long-sleeved undersuit of her robes, the style offering both comfort and propriety. The top of her robes is a sort of bolero style jacket, with prominent shoulders, embellished with cobalt blue offset with fine embroidery that has been worked to incorporate the insignia of Clan Cas. The skirts of her robes, mirroring the cobalt and embroidery of the jacket, invoke the impression of something between a half skirt and a cape, if one wore one so low, as it hangs lightly on her hips. Heeled boots complete her attire, flowing seamlessly from the bodysuit underrobe.

Tamsin's Sith Robes

The figure before you is clothed in a set of inky black robes, so that every inch of them is covered. The weight of the fabric is heavy, adding some ephemeral elegance to their figure. A decorative overrobe is accented by hand-worked armor plates. In addition to the dark, hooded robes, they wears a pair of black, close-fitted gloves, ensuring that every inch of their flesh is covered. Thick soled, heeled boots are only just visible beneath the edge of the robes. A plain, unadorned black masked helmet completes the armor, designed so as to leave the visage beneath the hood a blank slate.

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