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  • Kostej was raised by a single, working mother on Coruscant. She is a human bureaucrat that is still alive today.
  • Despite growing up middle class, Kostej received an ivy league education at some of the best schools in the Galaxy.
  • Kostej lost his eyes in an explosion over twenty years ago, but has cybernetic replacements that allow him to see.
  • He is a freelance contractor for a number of financial agencies. On the surface, he is an ideal asset. Clever and meticulous. Those very traits, however, make him a considerable threat.


  • Schemer: Where there's a fresh opportunity, there's a tireless Kostej hiring someone to steal its lunch money. (I enjoy running plots, and this is a great method to bring people in on them.)
  • Launderer: Kostej can take your filthy money and turn it into legitimate credits clean enough to swim in.
  • Eccentric:


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