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Title: Officer
Race: Zabrak
Sex: Male
Occupation: Zero-G Stormtrooper
Profession: Soldier
Homeworld: Dathomir
Organization: Sith Empire

Clearance Level: Top Secret


 .----< Physical Traits        >-------------------------------------------.
| Species: Zabrak          Gender: Male             Age: 37                 |  
| Height: 6'4"             Weight: 215.0lb          Eye Color: black        |  
| Hair Color: bald         Skin Color: red          Handedness: right 

Tall, broad, and imposing are all words that one could apply to Kutru. With a crown of vestigial horns, ranging in size from two to three inches high, he only looks more fearsome. He's a red-skinned Zabrak with a strong jawline and intense eyes, like two inky voids staring out at the world. His is a patrician nose, broken at least once. Thin, black shapes have been tattooed about his face and head, their meaning unknown to most. His 6'4" build is more muscular than merely athletic, framed as it is with broad shoulders and a trim waist. He looks to be in his mid-thirties.


 .----< Biographical Information >-----------------------------------------.
| Homeworld: Dathomir      Clan: Vovrux             Rank: Officer           |  
| Military: Stormtrooper   Division: Zero-G         Education: Cliffside    |  

Officer Kotru Qegae was born on Dathomir to Clan Vorux as one of the Nightbrothers. He was selected by <REDACTED> for Stormtrooper training program due to his highly developed code of honor and fighting prowess. It was believed that his code of honor would make him a loyal soldier to the Empire even if he despised the goals and actions of said Empire. So far, this guess by <REDACTED> has been born out. Further observations will need to be made. Suggest involvement of Imperial Intelligence for loyalty tests.

As a Stormtrooper, Kotru distinguished himself in battle. His accuracy with a blaster is astonishing, as is his willingness to engage in hand-to-hand combat and tear his enemies to pieces. He rightfully rose through the ranks to become a Sergeant. It was at this point that <REDACTED> took further interest in him and had Kotru enrolled in Cliffside on Carida.

Despite no formal education, Kotru persevered and was able to graduate from the academy. He studied starship engineering alongside his courses in leadership and other officer coursework. When no appropriate units were available to take out an array of defense satellites, Lieutenant Kotru stepped up and brought his platoon to bear. They took out the satellites and Kotru was granted Zero-G training. He studied computer programming among other Zeri-G tasks.

Continuing to distinguish himself, Kotru has recently been assigned to Savage Flight as a specialist for their use.

Known Activities

  • Kotru has been known to practice calligraphy, both that of the Dahthomiri Zabrak as well as other species.
  • He can frequently be found in gyms, getting a workout and looking for sparring partners.
  • Find him on the gun range squeezing off a few power cells' worth of bolts.
  • Slicing makes him some extra money, and he's rather good at it.
  • Ever since he learned Engineering he's wanted to spend more time on starships.
  • Assigned to the Star Destroyer Merciless.
  • He's the Stormtrooperr specialist assigned to Savage Wing. Zero-G Trooper at that!
  • He's still learning to fly.
  • Kotru has a great love and skill, a real passion for, making things go BOOM!