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The Starlight Vanguard move into the abandoned CR90 to try to get it operational again...

OOC Date: April 26, 2023
Location: Stellar Windrunner
Participants: Aria Voss, Saito, Karlie, Bar'duur, Krutur, Kaine Ul-Nass

Aria Voss

The initial teams made it to the jungle world of Xyndarra to recover the abandoned CR-90 Corellian Corvette /Stellar Windrunner/ a couple of weeks ago, and since then, teams had been steadily making progress carving through the jungle from the rocky landing plateau.

Just two days ago, Bar'duur, Saito, Aria (with her guards), and Rieve had made it all the way to the ship, which had spent the last fifteen years being slowly consumed by the jungle. It was overgrown with vines and foliage all around, but the outside seemed mostly intact. It didn't look like it had been /crashed/ .. it looked like it had been /landed/ .

While Bar'duur was saving Aria from a Gungark, Rieve had been looking for cover when he found an open airlock that was covered in vines and webs. He had just been looking for a firing position, but it turned out /this/ was the first (and possibly only) easily accessible entry point to the interior of the ship. The problem was it was dark and there were skittering noises inside.

The team decided to pull back to the landing site and re-group, and now they were back with additional manpower and droids to help facilitate the repairs.

Pictures of CR-90s: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/3/38/Corvette_negvv.png/revision/latest?cb=20170410043658



Saito walks through the jungle without much difficulty. He glances to the others as he walks, trying to make sure that nobody gets lost in their way to the CR-90. He still remembers the group's last trip and all the dangers that they faced,, his mind on all the creatures that tried to kill the group in a miriad of different ways. "Its finally coming to an end," he comments to noone in particular, eyes falling on the body of the Gundark.. He is being followed close by a small Astromech droid, the droid using its jet boosters to float above thee ground.


Karlie Crouches low she came out to see what's going on when she heard the blaster fire.. She's got her armor on and is moving very low.. trying to make sure to stay safe.. She's got her pistol but right now she looking about frantic .. trying to stay out of the fighting


Fortunately, there is no blaster fire at present, there had been a fight previously, but now that is over. As they are approaching the old CR-90 for the second time, Bar'duur looks around, trying to be aware of what's around them. "An end? Maybe of one part of things, but there's always something to do next, especially when it comes to something like a big ship.. always something next.. I used to captain a ship just like that for the Array Consortium, and for my merc company Greywatch." He adds in explaination.


Recently joining up with Rebels had been an interesting thing. Though in truth he never expected his first mission to bring him to a jungle his home turf as it were, approaching the corvette Ryyk blade in hand. "You know this kind of terrain perfect for us wookies!" [Language: Shyriiwook]

Kaine Ul-Nass

Better late than never, right? Kaine arrives to the party, as it were, dressed to the nines for battle - a rare enough thing for him but until very recently he's not been one to go _looking_ for fights. Doing that usually meant that things were well and truly in that 'what is that _wonderful_ smell you have discovered' territory.

He moves with the rest, taking up a reward flanking position so that he can keep an eye on one flank and their rear as they approach the ship, and once there will continue to play rear guard unless anyone else wants to claim it first.

Aria Voss

It wasn't that /long/ of a trek through the jungle, especially now that the forward teams had carved out a clear path with vibroblades, and all of the heavy foot traffic (and droid track traffic) was stomping down the undergrowth.

And so it was that Aria Voss, publicly Voss Galactic heiress and secretly Rebel Cell leader, was making her way down the path with her rifle carried in her hands and two droids sticking close to her -- a black and purple 501-Z Police Droid with a stun rifle stomping along the path and a similarly black and purple R2 Astromech who was beeping along happily, rolling where it could and using its thrusters to hover where it couldn't.

"You think so?" the pink-skinned woman in the "Spook Suit" asks over at Saito. "It looks completely overgrown, but I'm still hoping it's not that bad inside. When we looked in before, though, there were all of those... noises. Remember?"

She sighs softly, turning her attention over to Bar. "And that experience is going to be invaluable, Bar. We're going to be leaning on that quite a bit."

/Chirp/, the purple astromech beside her, beeps and tweets out string of binary. "I know you're excited too, Chirp. I had you download the CR90 schematics specifically so you'd be ready. Don't worry. There will be plenty to do."

Looking around at the group, Aria moves up to where the previously vine-covered airlock door stood gaping open. Inside it was just darkness. "Okay, everybody, just like last time.. Bar'duur is on point. Saito's behind him. I'm overseeing this operation, but they are first and second in command once we go in. If you get hurt for any reason, call it out. If you /see/ anything, call it out. Make your your comms are on!" She taps her earpiece mic.

<< "Comm-check." >>

"Any questions before we go in, anybody?"

She glances around the group, the nods at Bar'duur. "Whenever you're ready."


"Yes, you are right," Saito nods to the large wokiee, offering him a friendly smile. "Tough I'll admit that I've never had the chance to visit your world, tough I've sertainly heard a lot about it," he says in a casual tone as they walk toward the CR-90. He offers a nod to Aria. "Well, I have to be the optimist here,, don't I? Nay once said that me being a Jedii could bring death to us just because I said I glad nobody had died, so.." he rolls his shoulders in a shrugh and grins with good humor. "So from now on I'll only say good,, happy things." he spots Kaine in the back and raises a hand to wave, offering a smile to the other pilot. Once thats done, he pauses and closes his eyes, remaining still for a few moments. "Allright.. I sense small animals.. There is a lot of life in that ship tough none if it wants to kills us.. Yet."


Karlie nods her head as she looks around " I got a question " she says " I need somebody to guard me while I go check the state of the engines and eveyrthing else. if we want a chance to get this lump off the ground.. I'm gonna have to check her out and see if we can fix it " She says " I'll be honest if I can't I doubt anybody else could " she says honestly " But once I'm in the engine room and Ic an atleast give you a break down on how bad it is "


The horned man in the shiny power armor, holding what looks in contrast to be an archaic weapon, an obsidian-tipped spear. It does look finely crafted, however. "Right, We'll head to engineering first, it's as good a place as any, on the way we'll come along some cargo bays and crew quarters. We can bypass any closed hatches for now, and just focus on areas that are open, which means we'll probably need to clear out a few rooms along the way." After saying this, the horned man turns and reaches up to activate his powersuit's nightvision, and starts moving forward, leading the way.


Krutur chuckles and nods to Saito. "Kashyyk is beautiful I'll have to bring you sometime let you see. But currently war on Kashyyk." His eyes scan the ship though he doesn't see anything. [Language: Shyriiwook]

Kaine Ul-Nass

Remaining as rear guard Kaine does his best impersonation of the strong , silent, stoic type - and he's probably at least 2 out of 3 of those things. With his carbine held across his chest in a low ready stance he moves along behind the rest of the party with his head on a swivel, occasionally turning to walk backwards for several steps before swiveling back around to cover the rest of the arc under his area of responsibility before .. rinsing and repeating. He appears to be quite ready to provide support as needed and react accordingly to any threats that might arise.

Saito's greeting is met with a nod of his own, as much as it's visible..or not.. through his helmet. One might not be able to see his eyes or expression but there's a brief glance in Aria's direction as well that lingers just a touch longer than on any of the others.

"Well.." He says, after a few moments of looking around once they get inside, "There's _something_ in here that likes to leave webs all over the drekkin' place."

Aria Voss

"Somebody needs to be. Might as well leave it to the Jedi," Aria equips back at Saito, grinning at him, but she nods at his warning. "Great. I'm sure they're going to love seeing us."

It was weird, getting Krutur's speech in stereo. Aria already understood is growls and howls, but then the mini-translator converted it over to Basic for the rest of the group, and she couldn't help looking over at him and grinning a little. "Hey, don't forget me. I'm the only one here that can understand you without /that/ thing," she points out.

The Zeltron nodded at Karlie, though. "I'm right there with you. Trust me. I'm not exited about going in there, but we're going to stick together. How bad can it be, right?"

Then to Bar'duur, she nods. "We're on the starboard side of the ship, so we'll hang a left once we reach the main corridor, then," she clarifies, probably for the rest of the group more than the man that used to captain one of these.

Then she was hanging back, letting the others go forward.. all except for Kaine, the last one behind her. "It's probably fine, right?" she asks. "Like.. tiny spiders that make like.. really big webs." She lets her rifle hang, though, and slips a flashlight out of a pouch. Unlike the others, she did not HAVE nightvision, and it was getting dark FAST.

So, with a little flip of the switch, she shines the light from the back of the group past their bodies, illuminating the web-riddled interior... and a group of four spiders immediately skitter down and towards those in the front.


"Now who's challenging death?"" The smile that Saito directs to Aria is full of sarcasm but there is alsso clear affection. He simply sighs when the large spidders appear. "See? I told you so," he quips. He sighs and shakes his head, part of him not wanting to take any more life. After all, animals aren't sentient. Still, he reaches for the cilinder attached to his belt. He detaches it and raises the weapon, flipping the ignition switch on the lightsaber. The weapon comes to life with a loud *snap ris*, batting thee ship in a green light. He raises his other hand at one of thee charging spiders. The creature sudenly stops and is vionelty pushed back against the wall, hitting it with a loud *thud* and remaining still. He quickly looks around at the others to see if they all are fine. Despit the situation, he offers a smile to Krutur. "I'll remember that.. I think after we are done here, we all will need some rest and relaxation."


Karlie Shrieks " Crap crpa crap .. nooo not spiders.. I hate them " she of course fires sooo damn wide as she is trying to find some kind of cover or something to hide behind


Bar'duur had his spear pretty much at the right level to immedeately jab one of the supers through it's back with a wet crunchy sound, as his spear breaks through their exoskeleton and through the soft innards within. Then he draws it back with a squelch, and drives it forward once more, this time missing his mark. "Watch out!" He calls, quite unneccessarily, really.


Krutur smirks and rushes at the spiders Ryyk blade hacking and slashing his first strike way off the second narrowly missing. "Frak these things are agile!" [Language: Shyriiwook]

Kaine Ul-Nass

Kaine Ul-Nass's shots when he takes them err on the side of caution - given where the spiders are and where he is, makes it rough trying to take shots where he's not going to create the proverbial blue on blue - or friendly fire incident. As such... he gives the Storm Troopers a run for their money in 'fire for effect' and missing the broad side of a Star Destroyer at thirty meters.

Aria Voss

"Oh frak," Aria curses, even as her 501-Z droid moves automatically up into the fray, sensing the danger and firing its stun rifle at one of the things. Unfortunately, it misses.

When spiders ATTACK!!

The dinner-plate opalescent spiders, apparently annoyed by the sudden light, skitter across the floor with gnashing pincers. Saito's telekinetic SPACE WIZARD magic sends one flying backwards against a wall, and Bar'duur IMPALES another on his spear, but that still leaves two nasty little critters.

One of them leaps up at Bar'duur's FACE and another tries to crawl up Saito's LEG, but neither of them manage to get their pincers in.


Saito curses as one of the spiders gets close enough to try and hit him with its pincers. He swings his lightsaber wildly, the energy blade not hitting the spider. He can'tt exactly step back due to other members of the group being behind him so all that he can do is try to dodge its swips. "Aria, I could really use yourr droid," he calls out, doing his best to try and stay alive.


Karlie gasps she looks around she's okay with a pistol but kinda sucks so she slaps her head lap on " Eat lgiht you darkness munching spud killers " She screams yeah she's scared


A spider jumps right for the face!! Bar'duur stumbles back a bit as the dinnerplate-sized aracnidic monster clambers over his helmet and around it. A string of curses emit in Zabraki in the process and he reaches to turn off his nightvision, and activate his headlamp instead. That's when a giant blade swipes through the air and cuts the spider in half, causing green goo to splurt all over Bar's armor and helmet especially..


Krutur let's out a loud warcry like warble spinning around and in a flash that 15 kilogram blade comes down swiftly and elegantly slicing that spider in two. "Gotem! Sorry Bar didn't scare ya did I?" He asks looking at the green goo on his blade. "Uggghh now I'm going to have to clean this again." [Language: Shyriiwook]

Aria Voss

At Saito's request for aide, 'Zed' immediately moves into action, raising that stun rifle, aiming, and firing at the spider crawling up Saito's leg. A bolt of blue energy shoots out, and the spider drops to the ground, unmoving.

"Threat neutralized," Zed says robotically. Because he's a robot.

Aria hangs back and lets the /professionals/ do their thing, instead of adding to the chaos. Kaine's blaster shots go wide, Karlie's super-bright headlamp comes on, pointing at the spider on Bar's face, and then Krutur is moving in to attack, cleaving the last remaining spider cleanly in half.

At long last, the hallway seems to be clear. Thanks to Karlie's light, there's also /plenty/ of light to be able to see around them.

The Zeltron moves up to Saito, lightly touching his shoulder. "Nice work, everyone. Anybody hurt?"

A few beeps and whistles sound from the very back of the group as Chirp rolls up behind Aria. "Not yet, Chirp. We're getting there."

Glancing each way, up and down the corridor, she glances behind her at the airlock to check her orientation and nods, pointing left. "Aft," she points out. Down a hallway with even more webs up in the corners.