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A Broken Artifact

OOC Date: January 21, 2018
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Lioria Thrace, Dreman Bryce

Didnt Lioria Thrace just get off of Nar Shaddaa? Maybe there was something fascinating enough to drag her off of Coruscant and leave her mother and brothers to the rumors of the First Order taking over. At least the Supreme Leader said something about taking care of them. There was only one thing that would have her sitting in this sort of place though and its clear that shes sort of out of place just from the way she looks. Shes also trying to sit back as far as she can, sort of hiding, but, that white hair of hers sticks out amongst some of the more brightly colored people.

How or why Bryce had ended up in the Palace of a Hutt was impossible to tell. Maybe it was a job he had to do. Maybe it was luck. Or, perhaps, he was meant to be there--Drawn by the Force to the place. He didn't know. But he was there, and really, that was the most important thing, wasn't it? He had been speaking with someone, a man, before he nodded and took something from the man's hand. A set of heavy coins were placed in front of the man, and Bryce was making his leave of him. This carried him away and beyond. He almost walked right by the girl, even as she hid, but something brings him to a dead stop.

Just as Bryce is starting to make is starting to make his way by the spot where Lioria is sitting there is a Togruta that comes up to the table where shes seated, "Lady Thrace?" it states in a hushed tone. Half apologetic, half making sure its her. Theres a nod of her head and one hand extends to offer the man a seat. "Youve kept me waiting." she states in an annoyed tone. Its worthy to note that the Togruta is carrying a small box. Maybe a present for the woman? Maybe a thermal detonator? Could be anything really.

Bryce hasn't said anything just yet, and when she offers him a seat, it causes a dramatic raising of his eyebrows. The package the Togruta was offering is considered for a second, though, Bryce doesn't seem overly concerned with it. Without a word, he slides into a seated place to hear out just who she may have been mistaken for.

Liorias bright violet eyes blink when Bryce takes the seat and not the Togruta. When its confirmed that shes Lady Thrace he simply leaves the box there and makes his way out through the crowd. This makes her frown. Big time. She scoots the box into her lap and then carefully opens the lid. Then she closes it just as her skin turns red and she growls in frustration. It's broken..." she shakes her head. Then she opens her eyes and realizes that there is still a guest at the table, she paints on a smile, "Hello, apologies. I'm Lioria." she greets him as she carefully moves the box to her side.

"You're a new face," says Bryce, accusingly. If he was going to compltely interject himself into someone else's business, it was important to make a very quick point of it. His eyes, hawkish as they were, regarded her carefully for a moment. There was something he couldn't shake about her.

Lioria's eyes narrow for just a moment and then there's a quirk of her eyebrow, "This is my second time on Nar Shaddaa just this week I'll have you know." she tells him pointedly. "But no, I'm not a regular. I'm from Coruscant. I was here to pick something up and now my business is...done." she tells him. All the while the anger was leaving her and her skin was returning to normal. "Are your Hutt security or something?" she asks him. "Or just nosy?" she adds the question.

"'Done' is a very ... specific sort of word," Bryce says quietly. He leans back in the seat a moment as he eyes her. "Your goal here was completed, but, your business isn't done. You're unsatisfied," he points out. How he knew it was, well, a mystery. Maybe he could read the Zeltron easily enough. Maybe he guessed. A hand rises to rub at his chin a moment. "You'd be surprised how nosy I am," Bryce offers in return, "But no--Not Hutt security. Something else."

Lioria takes a deep breath and tries to shake the anger she was feeling, she was looking forward to adding that piece in that box to the vault. It would have been fascinating to have. Then she looks to the man across from her and there's a slight tilt of her head, "I'm unsatisfied because we paid a lot of money for a piece and it's broken. I'm an Archaeologist. Things like that upset me." she tells him. Or maybe there was something else. Then there's a soft chuckle, "Calling you nosy was unkind of me. I apologize." she tells him. "What is your name?" she asks as she watches him.

"A fair deal on this planet may be more rare than you're willing to accept, but, that's a fair thing to get upset about," he says quickly. A moment is taken while he considers how to quite answer the question as to his name. "Most just call me Bryce," he offers quietly. "Dreman Bryce," he adds to it, before offering a nod of salutation.

Lioria gives a bit of a smile as he says that, "I know, but we've not had problems in our dealings with them. So I'm hoping this is the state they found it in on planet. I'll figure it out when I contact them later." she tells him. "It's nice to meet you, Dreman Bryce. I'm Lady Lioria Thrace. Mostly of Coruscant when I'm not on digs for clients." she offers with a smile. "I'll probably need to return home tomorrow or so I guess." she states idly.

"Sounds like you're free for company for a spell, then," he says aloud. "It may be a few days before I'm able to return Coreworld, myself. Usually, I'm spending my time on Coruscant as well. Well, recently, anyway," he says, mysteriously.

Lioria gives him a look and there's a chuckle, "I'm free for company, yes." she tells him. "Not sure if I'm great company though." she admits. Then there's a curious look to him, while Coruscant was a huge world, she wasn't sure if he fit there. But she wasn't going to question him. "So newly arrived to Coruscant. If you'd like a tour around I could take you around. Or I'm sure my brothers could." she chuckles to that. "Should I let you get back to your...guard work?" she asks as she gives a look to the crowd.

"I'm not security, remember?" Bryce offers with a smirk. "No, my function is a lot more ... free, than that," he says. Relaxing some in the chair, he considers her quietly. "So, you're an Archeologist. You come to and fro hunting for various trinkets and sundry?" He asks.

Lioria gives a look back to him and there's a smile, "Right. Not security." she winks at him. Though the way he speaks off his function makes her curious as to what he really does. But she doesn't ask him out right. She crosses one knee over the other and pushes a stray lock of her hair behind her ear, "Yes. I usually take contracts unless I'm working on something of my own." she tells him as she watches him.

"I would think that's a pretty busy profession," he offers thoughtfully. "Probably always someone asking questions about someone somewhere," he says quietly. After a moment, he shakes his head. "What else do you do? Aside from sit in shady places where any stranger could walk by," he jests.

Lioria gives him a chuckle, "Sometimes it is. With the First Order going through the galaxy it brought up the...well...you know." she waves her hand. Where most people might talk about 'THEM' with disgust though...she doesn't. "And yes, lots of wanting to know about old figures from Coruscant and things of that nature. I'd love to get into the Jedi Temple, just to document, but there's just no way I could ever get in there." she shakes her head. "It's part of the galactic history. It goes along side the other." she shrugs. Then there's a look to him, "Well, I don't usually talk to strangers." she muses. "Don't know why I've done that tonight." she admits. "I tend to stay closer to home when not working. I have a lot of family stuff I need to sort through when I get time." she admits. "And when you aren't planet hopping what do you do, Bryce?" she asks.

"Some times, I do what I want to do," Bryce offers, "And the rest of the time I do what I have to." He offers a smile at that, though, he wasn't entirely sure she would considered that a question 'answered'. "I have a lot of flexibility to make my own paycheck, and my own way. It works," he says, "And when I spend my time my way, I enjoy life."

Lioria's violet eyes just watch him and there's a smile that curls her lips up, "The mysterious sort." she muses to that. She doesn't press him for more of an answer though. Which might make her a smart woman. Then she lets one hand rest under her chin, letting the old signet ring be seen that she wears, "And how do you like spending your free time? It's always a good thing to enjoy life. So if sitting here listening to me drag on about archaeology and old relics is boring, let me know." she tells him.

"Mostly I think I just enjoy the company," he says carefully. A hand lowers to drum against the table a moment. "You seem like my sort of people--Not like some of the dusty drifters that come and go around here. I think you're nothing like them, and, that makes me curious. So, that's why I stopped by," he explains, with a nod.

Lioria's chin dips just a little, hiding the bit of enjoyment she gets from hearing he enjoys the company. Then she looks to him as he drums and there's a smile, "I hope I'm not dusty." she smirks at that. Then there's a bit of a curious look at his choice of words and there's a nod to that. "Well, would you like a drink, Bryce? or we could walk and talk? I'm not really in a hurry to get anywhere. But I'm not sure which is your preference." she states. Giving him a chance to pick a course of action.

"I'm down for whatever the lady had in mind for the evening. If you'd like to take a walk, I'm sure we could find something interesting to talk about. Or, we can remain here. I'm flexible. Whatever you like," he says, with a firm nod and a suspicious smile."In either case, I will acquire a drink somehow."

Lioria gives him a smile and there's a slight bow of her head, "I think a walk would be nice. It would get you away from some of the dustier types." she tells him quietly as she gives him a sideways glance. A bit of an impishness in her eyes. Then she's straightening and collecting the mysterious little box, "I will let you acquire your drink though." she tells him as she starts to rise gracefully.

Bryce rises to his feet and gives the lady a bit of privacy with her box. In the meantime, he heads to one of the bartenders along the back wall and orders them some walking-drinks. Which was just Cometdusters in containers they could leave with. Because that's super-complicated.

Lioria's mystery box is opened one more time and she moves one of the pieces inside, shattered, it was heartbreaking really for the woman. Even when it cuts her finger open. She winces softly, but doesn't make a fuss of it. She just wipes the blood away on her scarf thats in her pocket and places the box in her bag and then crosses it over her shoulder. She's not wearing a dress today so she doesn't have to worry about tripping on her face. She does find herself heading after Bryce though to meet him and gather drinks. "Already to set out when you are." she tells him softly as she stands beside him.

Drinks are shared, and Bryce allows the Lady to set them upon a course that would take them on a walk. "So, tell me, how does one who spends her life on Coruscant decide to join the illustrious ranks of scholars and professionals digging up information about the past?" He asks, to get them onto a topic of some sort.

Lioria starts to lead them out of Undula the Hutt's Palace, sipping from her drink just a little as she does. When he asks her how she came to be what she is, there's a bit of a look to him and she worries her lip a little between her teeth. Then she relaxes a little, "My grandmother taught me a lot about different cultures when I was a child." she tells him. It's not a lie. "And when I was a bit younger I was on a trip with my father and my brothers when they were picking up something and the incident sort of helped solidify my path in life." she admits as she takes them down their shared path for the moment. "And the past has lots of surprises." she tells him as she looks over to him.

"That's fair," Bryce says in response, as he takes a moment to think it over. "I grew up in space. Followed my family into the life. Sister became a Swoop pilot for a racing crew out of Lok. I started hauling cargo. The money's good enough to mean freedom," he says.

"I don't know where my family originated from. I just know we ended up on Coruscant." Lioria states after she listens to him. Something about the not knowing where they originated bugged her. But she doesn't go into. "You know, it's funny, I've never watched a Swoop race. Are they fun?" she asks him. Then she nods to him, "If you are free and the moneys good...can't be too bad. Some people have to work their way out of debt to people." she murmurs quietly as they pass a few people. "And what do you do for fun?" she asks him.

"I saw my sister race more than a few times," Bryce says, reaching up to tap the 'Screamers' patch on his jacket. "She's better than most at it, and I enjoy watching her. It's a bit dangerous, but, that's how the best get to where they are, I guess," Bryce adds thoughtfully. "If you like watching people pilot machines to beat others, it's fun," he says.

Lioria gives a nod to that and there's a smile, "Well, I'll have to make a point to watch it sometime. Does your sister have a name?" she asks him as she looks over to him. "I'm starting to branch out on things to do for fun. Since I've got a lot of downtime right now." she adds. "Not that it's a bad thing." she muses as she takes another drink of her comet. "So you are here for a few days delivering cargo and then heading back to Coruscant?" she asks him as she looks to him.

"My sister? Adelaide," He says, nodding once. "She's been racing for a few cycles now out there. She hasn't quite made a name for herself just yet, but, she's already taken the Silver cup a few times. She'll be one of the best soon--She needs a better league, though," he explains, quietly.

Lioria gives a smile to that, "Adelaide, that's a lovley name." she tells him. "I'll have to keep my ear out for her. I hope she finds a league that will appreciate her skill and do well for her." she states as she smiles to that. "My stepbrothers usually aren't on planet. I was sent to get my eldest brother last week. So it's nice to have him home for a bit. But once family business is concluded, he'll go back out." she admits. And then suddenly the drink is gone. Maybe that was the best drink she'd had in awhile? "Thank you, for buying the drink for me...and for the company." she tells him.

"I would be surprised if you couldn't afford your own drinks," he says, off-handedly, "But the appreciation is welcome all the same. I figured it would be easier than waiting for a second check. And who doesn't enjoy buying a drink for an attractive woman?" He asks, regarding her for a moment with a slight bow.

The comment makes Lioria chuckle, "I can afford the drink, but it was nice all the same." she tells him. "Been awhile since a gentlemen has bought me a drink." she chuckles. Then there's the comment of her attractiveness and it catches her off guard, but then she smiles, "Glad I wasn't dusty after all then, Bryce." she teases him softly as she reaches out to give his hand a warm squeeze and then she releases it.

"I wouldn't be so quick to call me a gentleman," Bryce offers with a chuckle, "I'm still probably not going to pass any tests with the brothers back home." He offers the warning playfully, before offering her a continuation of the chuckle. "But, still. Worthy spending of currency," he adds.

Lioria gives him a quirk of an eyebrow and then there's a bit of a chuckle, "Well, gentleman or no, you've not been ontoward to me this evening. And given where we are, that's rather strange sometimes." she admits. Then there's an amused chuckle, "No one said you have to pass tests with anyone. I'm not one to let my wants and desires be cowed by family. And well...my brothers aren't really going to get involved unless someones holding a knife to my throat." she points out. "They're Chiss. Kinda violent only when they need to be." she muses as she walks. Alchohol made people brave. "We could talk more where I'm staying this evening? Unless you need to get back to cargo." she offers.

"As I said, I'm free for the evening," he reminds her. He didn't seem to consider overly what exactly that might mean--He simply took it for face value. After all, he didn't exactly spend his time playing casanova. "Where are you staying?"

And apparently Lioria didn't spend her time playing fair maiden, so they were both out of sorts. "Great. So we'll go to my place." she nods to that as she heads down a twist in the path that leads them away from things. If Bryce's warning bells were supposed to go off, they didn't. No set up. It was just a walk to a hotel room of sorts with a white haired woman that was odd. The night was still young and who knew what was in store for them.