Lioria Thrace

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Countess Lioria Thrace is the product of a Human father and a Zeltron mother. Her father was Count Caron Thrace, from the Noble House of Thrace on Coruscant. Lets just say that her mother died not long after her father married her. Lioria was educated and cared for by an army of nannies and her grandmother. Her grandmother groomed her to become a Politician. Teaching her different languages, texts and how to keep her ears and her mind open. Her father was also around as she was his only daughter, already having two older sons from his Mistress. He would remarry when she was 5, and to the very same Mistress. Mainly just for public show though, the man doesn’t seem to love anyone but himself. Her step mother was Chiss and Lioria took to her as if she was her own mother. They can be seen around Coruscant together when she isn't working.

RP Hooks

  • Archaeology - Need a relic of the past dug up?
  • Anthropology - She has a good grasp on the past and the present.
  • Psychology - Lio's pretty good at it.
  • Gathering Info - One of her good points.


The Knights of Ren

  • Dreman Bryce - Do you realize I exist outside of things?
  • Asiir Cuul - Big Kitty, Scary Kitty, Big ball of anger. But now he's dead...
  • Kylo Ren - Supreme Leader. Terrifying. Though I've grown to see why.

The First Order

  • Grayson Oakfell - Commander and Doctor. Kick them if they give you grief.
  • Rhona Darrett - Storm Trooper. I'll take her on a mission any day.
  • Arvis Locke - Commander. An OG Imperial.
  • Cade Treisas - Commander. An OG Imperial. Wants to poke me. I'll poke back.
  • Evie Leven - Tie Pilot. A good shot. Good to have around.
  • Colin - Tie Pilot. Did you have to kill the dog?!


  • Brand - You are probably not going to be happy. Surprises are in store.
  • Corr Waldin - Head of the Explorers Guild. He's a good guy.
  • Robert Goodner - Friend I made on Nar Shaddaa, guess he's wanting to find his dad.
  • Hazar Jast - You're so young. Please don't get hurt out there.
  • David Ironside - King of the Nerf. Seems to be a good guy.
  • Kasia Ashkuri - One part of the Blue Light owners. Seems like a wonderful person.
  • Hex - Kasia's husband and another solid person.
  • Sajin - King of Drik and...janitor. What an odd fellow. But a good one.
  • Vraag Rengh - Mandalorian. Very tall and intimidating. Glad he's not had to pull a gun on me.
  • Tarion Tavers - *aggressive screaming* He's alright.
  • Luka Krante - Geff. Ugh. Hex hits you for us.
  • Elycia Krieger - Blue Light regular, pretty nice.
  • Rosh - Alright. You're a total weirdo.
  • Zuhj - New face around Nar Shaddaa.