Log:A New Assignment

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A New Assignment

OOC Date: December 26th, 2015
Location: Resistance Base - Hangar Bay
Participants: Nym Landala, Leia Organa

Nym Landala has been with the Resistance for almost a year now. A young, eager pilot usually in the company of a sassy and cranky R2 unit that goes by Artie, she tends to work late and stay in the hangar longer than the others. Often, she shadows the older pilots in an attempt to learn tips and trick - something she also did back on Naboo with her father's squadron.

This evening, she's sitting hidden a bit inside one of the berths housing an X-Wing, scrolling through a data pad. For once, her faithful R2 unit is nowhere to be seen. It's quite possible she's hiding from him to get a moment's peace from this endless lectures.

Tired. That's the biggest part of it all. War has lasted in the galaxy in one form one way or another for a very long time. Longer then republics, empires or orders. There's always another war to fight...and here she was again. Her parents war had become her war when she'd been a young woman, a war fought in politics and then open rebellion now taking a turn into a combination of both. Now here she stands, once a princess of a world long gone now General of the resistance. At times she was tired of it...but this was what she did best. Walking through the hangers there's a sting of nostalgia, even back then she'd tried to know them all. Every man and woman who'd fight for the rebelion and risk death for the freedom of the galaxy's people, so it's not so strange for the woman to be walking through the hanger. Her hand traces the nose of one of the X-wing's fondly as she makes her way through the mostly empty structure, pausing as her senses seem to narrow in on Nym's refugee. "Looking for peace and quiet?" Even now after all these years of fighting, there's a warmth to her tones.

From her seat, the young woman has the resting face of someone determined. Her eyes are intense as she studies whatever it is on the pad. Despite that, she slouches, however, against the wall. In a makeshift chair, balanced precariously against the wall, she leans in a position only comfortable to the young and pliable. She doesn't even hear General Organa coming. The voice startles her and with a start, she scrambles upward. The toolbox she was sitting on wobbles precariously behind her.

Nym immediately stands up straight and purposeful as she's addressed. "General! Is there something I can help you with? That is, I was just--" The tool box finally gives in and crashes loudly behind her. She winces, giving Leia an almost worried look. "Or, well, I guess I was." She takes a breath, looking behind her expecting disaster. "I'll...clean that up."

The general herself gives a laugh. Down here? The former Princess doesn't even seem to have a bodyguard beside her, just the blaster pistol on her hip. Confidence perhaps...or trust. Giving a little wave the woman just nods. She even leans down to pick up one or two of the tools herself, holding one out to the young pilot. "I wanted to speak with you Nym." She knows her name? Of course she does. It's just something that seems to be natural for the woman. "And your assignment into red Squadron."

Nym quickly sets the data pad to the side and starts to gather up the spilled tools and various bits and bobs that scattered when the tool box flipped over. She may not be putting them in the right order as the mechanic would like, but at least they'll all be there. She'll apologize and find whoever's it was later to help fix the organizing damage she did. As Leia hands her a few of the tools to help put back, she gives the general a grateful smile. "Thanks."

At the direct name drop and mention of needing to talk to her about the red squadron, Nym visibly perks up. "My--my assignment? //Into//?" Her eyes widen. "//Really//?"

Leia's lips quirk into a slight smile. Excitement on the pilot's face is pretty clear even without her words and questions, but the general continues, turning her attention to the X-wings of the squad. "But I need you to understand what this means. This isn't escort, security. It's real missions, real danger. You'll be headed into combat, people will be trying to kill you." A pause and Leia looks at the young woman. "You're young...I was too when I got involved in all this, but out there your wingmen, Black leaders...Poe. All of them will be counting on you. Do you understand?"

This is serious. Nym knows this is serious and yet she can't help but be excited - there's no nervousness there. "I know." While she is trying to sound solemn, there is still the underlying enthusiasm. "This is all I've wanted. I flew with my dad on Naboo." It's not the same scale as what's happening here, but it's something. "I know it's dangerous. I understand that." She's been through some danger before, after all. Not quite so directly as what she's facing now, but this is how she proves herself. "You can count on me. Everyone can." Her earnestness is easy to see and hear. "I know I'm young, but I'm a good pilot. And I want to help."

"In that case." Leia stops, holding out her hand to the young pilot in an offer of a more formal handshake, her other hand patting the young woman on the shoulder. "Welcome to the squad, Red Two." A squeeze on Nym's shoulder and she smiles. "There'll be more pilots joining you soon enough, but look out for yourself and the others. We don't need to be replacing any of you if I have my way."

At the hand extended by Leia, Nym looks at it for a moment, stunned. Then, she quickly reaches her hand forward, unable to stop herself from grinning. "Red Two!" she repeats, practically brimming with excitement. She has a designation and everything! "Thank you." Her words are filled with pride and warmth as she meets Leia's gaze. "Thank you! I will! I won't let you down. I promise."