Log:A Small Rumble in Bunker 21

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Zerna is teaching Sion how to mingle as a persona but it doesn't end as planned.

OOC Date: January 22, 2019
Location: Bunker 21 Lounge
Participants: Zerna Ka, Sion, Bar'duur, Siya

Zerna had decided to just invite Sion out to the Bunker for a nice little trial and error sort of deal. Her instructions? Come on her own, have a persona in mind, and don't acknowledge that she knows her unless it's needed. Her mission? Find a mark and gather some information out of him or her. That Togrutan? Well she was already there and waiting, dressed to the nines it would seem. A teal blue dress hugging her form, matching heels, that ornate Togrutan head jewelry hanging on her montrals and a ring on her right hand. A drink in hand, she was simply waiting with bright blue eyes looking around.

Sion arrives a bit later. She's dressed differently, for sure: A cropped red leather jacket, a short skirt that perfectly matches the jacket, and a white synthsilk blouse, along with cuffed, wedge-heeled black ankle boots. Her normally witchy black hair is done up in a graceful bun, pinned in place by two wooden sticks, with two locks left to frame her face. She pauses in the doorway of the club, as if getting the lay of the land, giving the hem of her skirt a self-conscious tug downwards.

Zerna doesn't react but she does see Sion and simply continues scanning the crowd. For now she keeps herself situated at her table, legs hidden away. For Sion however, the bar is busy. Time to find someone alone and the like ti would seem. Nothing is obvious just yet....save for a Twi'lek girl dancing on her own on the floor in the crowd on the edge, a human man at the bar, and then a Devaronian seated at a table a couple away from Ze.

Not acknowledging Zerna, as they'd planned, Sion notices the dancing Twi'lek girl quickly. Taking a moment to note a couple more possible marks, she ventures onto the dance floor, slowly working her way towards the little crowd. The Socorran is a good dancer herself, making her way easily across the floor. It's only a couple minutes before she's close enough to address the Twi'lek. "Do you mind if I join you? I hate to dance alone!"

The young Twi'lek woman looks over to Sion and grins a bit. "Oh hi!!!" Letting out a giggle she just nods as she bounces back a little to allow her some room then. "Of course not! I normally don't either but I figured why not tonight, right?"

Sion giggles in return, smiling back at the Twi'lek. "You must like dancing very much," she replies, bringing her own dancing in line with her new partner's. "It takes some courage to come onto the floor alone, and be noticed for it." The song ends, and Sion self-consciously tugs her skirt hem down, smiling at her partner. "I think I chose the wrong outfit. This keeps riding up. I'm Ula, by the way."

"I do! I'm normally with someone but....." The young woman trails off then giggles a bit. "Anyway....." That's when her eyes take in her outfit then chuckles a bit. "Oh you look great! Just enjoy! Maybe you'll get lucky, huh?" A wink is given to her before she exhales a bit. As the song comes to an end she just nods then. "Thanks for the fun!"

"Oh, don't go just yet. They should start another one in a moment," Sion recalls, and blushes becomingly at the compliment. "Thank you! I love your look, too. That's a good color for you. I just hope other folks are as perceptive as you." She offers her hand. "What may I call you? You know my name."

"Oh goodness I'm such a ditz. I'm Tann. Nice to meet you, Ula!" She shakes the woman's hand and just like Sion had said....another song starts. "And thank you. I thought the hot pink shorts were a bit much....oh well!" Laughing a bit she then nods as she starts to move to the music again. "So what brings you here tonight? It's my first time here shockingly."

"Well, Tann, it's a pleasure to meet you, and you do have the legs to pull off the look. Are you fond of that color?" Sion asks, once again matching her dance moves to Tann's. "I'm on the moon on business, but that's tomorrow. I like to unwind before something like that. What about you, Tann? Just seeing what the place is like?"

"Oh!" Blushing a bit, young woman then chuckles a bit. "I am. I feel it makes me stick out a little more than I want to at times." Shrugging as she dances she giggles a bit. "That's smart. Go in with a fresh head, huh?" Winking playfully she then takes a deep breath. "And I'm looking around to see if I want to stay on this moon. I'm a dancer but looking for something a little more....upscale if you know what I mean. Nothing....too sordid."

"I'd suggest a softer pink... but that's just my advice," Sion replies cheerfully, and giggles at the comparison. "That's the idea, yes! No point in going in tense from the trip." She gives that idea some thought. "Well... if you stay on this moon, you might try the Corellian Sector. There are some nice spots there that might be looking for dancers. Do you have much experience professionally? Danced in many places?"

"A softer pink....hmm....might be smart." Tann then exhales a bit. "And Corellian one, huh? I just may do that next. That's what I'm doing tonight....hopping from bar to bar." Turning around a bit, she starts to sway her hips before looking over her shoulder with a grin. "Only for about five years. I used to travel with someone doing features but....now I'm going it solo."

On the dance floor in an outfit that doesn't look familiar and a hairstyle that's way too classy for anyone who knows her, Sion is dancing and conversing with a Twi'lek girl in hot pink short-shorts. "Five years can be a long time to work with the wrong person," she says with sympathy. "I hope you do well, Tann." She turns as well, swaying her hips in unison. She has to reach down every few sways and tug her upriding skirt down.

"Thank you!! I hope so too!" The Twi'lek then giggles as she turns back to face her again. "Thanks for the hints!" Reaching into her pocket of her shorts she then pulls out a car with her name and contact info. "Feel free to contact me if you ever want to hang out. But I really need to move on to the next place if I'm going to get through this night." And with that....she dances off through the crowd.

Bar'duur steps into the establishment wearing normal streetwear, nothing too fancy, he's got his blaster and a pair of black gloves are tucked into his pocket, and the horned man makes his way toward the bar through the crowd, looking around but not seeing any familiar faces right off, he passes a Twi'lek coming from the dance area and may spot Sion there but he looks at her to ensure it's actually her, before he'd offer a wave to his old friend.

Sion, still swaying with the dance, accepts the card with a smile. "Best of luck, Tann," she says, slipping the card into an inside pocket on her jacket, then hurriedly pulling down her hem yet again with a faintly annoyed grimace. "Mind the weather!" She continues dancing, though, carrying through her persona as a girl who loves to dance. The sight of Bar'duur waving at her, unexpected as it is, tells her that her new look apparently nees work, if people are seeing through it even from a distance. She smiles and waves, though, glad to see an old friend. Feeling her skirt riding again, she glances down irritably, grabbing the hem and pulling it down... too far and too hard. The zip-seal pops open with a *ping* of breaking metal and the skirt ends up around her calves. And there she is on the dance floor in her bright white athletic briefs, staring down at her legs. Ditzy Socorran.

Well seems that wasn't terrible as Zerna sits at the booth, smirking a bit to herself as she watches Sion. Exhaling a bit she then sip at her drink until....there goes her skirt. The Togrutan just sighs as she fights everything in her to facepalm right now. Exhaling a bit she then goes to stand up until she feels a hand on her shoulder. Looking up, it's the Devaronian that was seated next to her. "....dance?" She watches him before snorting, looking back to the dance floor. "No thank you. I'm good......maybe later, handsome."

Bar'duur was right and it was Sion, he thought she looked different but there are people in between them so he's sort of looking over them at her head. He continues up to the bar for now, he doesnt dance very well, at all, like he's horrible at it. So instead he just arrives at the bar and orders a drink, turning back in time for some people to settle down and Sion's skirt to fall down. The horned man's eyes go wide in suprise and he sets his glass down at the bar to try and get to the dance floor, taking his coat off he moves to wrap it around Sion's waist to tie the arms of it around her. "Heeeeey." He offers casually.

Sion, for her part, blushes and reaches for her skirt, only to find it won't stay up. Fortunately, Bar'duur's there to rescue her from her own bad temper. "Heyo," she replies, not without relief. "Thanks, Bar. Here to unwind?" she asks, stepping out of the skirt and carefully folding it up. The zip-seal can probably be repaired, but not here.

The bar was still hopping it seems while Sion and Bar are talking about her now non existent skirt. Meanwhile that human man that was sitting at the bar now slips from the bar and heads towards Zerna and the Devaronian. Zerna, dressed in all teal with that dress and accessories, is still sipping her drink.

The horned man now dressed in just pants a basic shirt and his blaster holster smiles a bit at Sion and looks her over. "Uhh, yep." He says, eyes turning back up to meet her own. "Just enjoying my time away from work." He says with a shrug. "What about.." And then he spots Zerna sitting sort of behind Sion from where he stands, if she looks at him he offers a nod to her, but only if she looks at him, otherwise his attention returns to Sion. "WHat about you?" He asks and seeming to catch on to something, he smiles a bit dispite his obvious curiosity about.. all this.

Sion shrugs. "Just unwinding... and doing a little homework for Zee," she explains, lowering her voice and leaning close to Bar. "I'm not supposed to acknowledge her unless I get into trouble, and she has to rescue me. I'm learning about working undercover."

Zerna does see Bar and Sion but doesn't actually physically acknowledge them as her attention is drawn by the man heading her way. That Devaronian then looks to Zerna, sitting down next to her abruptly before speaking in her native tongue. "Please don't make me cause a scene here....the humans got tired of dealing with you alone....soo....." He motions to himself with a smirk. "Here I am to assist....." Zerna cuts her eyes over to him, looking him over then smirking a bit. "You can try....I'd rather not start shit in my boss' place is all...not out here."[Language: Togruta]

The Zabrak feels a bit out of place where he is on the dancefloor, Sion's leaning against him as she speaks and he emits an 'ahh' sound, smiling a bit in understanding while his eyes drift briefly around. "That makes sense." He says, his voice lowered somewhat. "Should I move on? I dont want to interrupt your mission." He says but he moves a hand to Sion's hip to make it appear more natural, also she could feign frustration with him over it if she wanted. [Language: Basic]

"I think my mission's pretty much over," Sion replies, sighing softly. "It's hard to mingle without half your outfit. I should go myself." She gives him a quick hug. "She didn't say anything about you not knowing her, though."[Language: Basic]

That's when a yell is heard, a male's voice as she seems to fly through the crowd slightly. There on the floor is a human man, frowning a bit as he slowly pushes himself up. Meanwhile Zerna stands there at the end of the path with a hand on her ship...shoulders rolling. Lazily those blue eye cut over to the Devaronian that's now staring at her with a brow raised and then laughing. He speaks to her then once again her tongue as he pulls out a knife. "I'm not human, girl...." That's when she smirks and says back as she eyes him than says back. "I'm no girl...." [Language: Togruta]

"Yeah I'd imagine that." He returns Sion's hug and nods a little. "Well maybe I'll go over and say hello.." And that's when the Yell is heard and he stands up straight to look in that direction. "Or maybe sooner than later." He says, his brow knitting as he makes his way closer, eyeing the human for a moment and then as the knife makes it's appearance his green gaze turns to it directly and the /other/ horned Alien in their proximity. "What's going on?" He asks in a calm, deep tone, volume raised loud enough to be heard over the music.

"And that's my cue to exit, and alert the bouncers," Sion says, wincing. Not that she can't fight this way, but it'd prove troublesome in a hurry. Jackets only make good makeshift skirts if you stand still and walk slowly; they fall off if you do anything more intense. She's had about enough of that kind of thing for one day. "Be careful, Bar..."

A groan could be heard from the human that just decides to stand up and move off to the side. "Screw this...." Zerna goes to say something until she hears the voice, blinking as she then turns to look over at Bar'duur. "Oh yeah....just peachy.....just another asshole." Zerna smirks as she looks to the Devaronian that licks his lips, looking her over. "Mind your business, dude...." That's when he points the knife at Zerna. "This lady has been nothing but trouble....and they finally brought in a professional."

"Nice to see you again." Bar says with a warm smile to Sion, after she mentioned leaving to alert bouncers. His attention is then squarely on the acitivity going on with Zerna. He nods a little to her when she speaks, before his eyes turn to the Devaronian. "I'm not very good at minding my own buisness, dude." He says gruffly, resting a hand on the back of a chair he leans against it a bit. "Who, that guy?" Asks the Zabrak with a nod to the human.

The Devaronian looks over at Bar than laughs. "Uh...no. He's part of the group that hired me....." Zerna then rolls her eyes as she simply....sits back down. "Can you guys go away....?" At that the 'pro' looks over at Ze then. "Well....you did escape them when they took you to teach you a lesson....but I think you had help. And....a birdie told me you had a nasty run in with an Echani that didn't like your no.....but you got out of that too."

Bar'duur looks between the human and the Devaronian for a moment, Zerna sits down again, closer to the red alien with the knife, but he's silent for a moment, frowning just a little bit, a thoughtful sort of scrunched up look that he gets sometimes when he's uncomfortable or thoughtful, it's just a brief look that passes over his face. "How about you put that away, and scram." Growls the Zabrak, looking.. mildly irritated.

Well that human just blinks then picks up whatever drink he had at the bar, chugs it, then leaves. Zerna looks over to Bar, blinking almost in....shock as she picks up her drink. Was she annoyed? Yes. Glancing to that Devaronian, her hands simply moves to her thigh, parting the fabric. Oh look....a slit....with a gun. With that she pulls out the blaster and aims it at the man. "You heard my friend....."

The muscular Zabrak dressed in just pants a shirt and the blaster belt, doesnt even look at the human as he scrambles away, his green eyes are fixated on the /other/ horned Alien. He was still holding on to he back of the chair for a moment, but when Zerna manages to get her pistol out and pointed, he releases the back of it and stands up straight and tall. Most people dont know that his blaser is his backup, usually he can trick people into thinking he's some sort of gunslinger or something and then just kick them in the face instead.. right now it seems Zerna has the red skinned alien under control, so he's fine looking as intimidating as possible.

The Dev blinks then frowns a bit as he looks to Zerna, who simply smirks and wiggles her fingers of her free hand. "I told you...." Winking she then points to the door. "Now out! Find me next time /not/ in my boss' place of business. You're going to get me in trouble....so try again, asshole...." With that she grins then lets her gaze follow the man who holsters his knife and starts to walk. However he pauses and looks back at her. "Your friends are going to find you dead one of these days....." Zerna stands up, taking a more accurate and less lazy aim as she responds. "....but it won't be today....now get!" It was almost a roar as the man then turns and rushes he way out the door. "....well then...." Sighing she just puts that gun back on her thigh and pulls her dress' slit closed. Looking to Bar she grins a bit. "Want to join the table?"

Bar'duur glowers at the Devonorian, listening to the exchange between them, he looks as if he's about to kill the other horned alien as he moves past, but he restrains himself. He's still a bit riled when Zerna offeres him a place to sit. "What was that all about?" Then his voice lowers only a little. "We should kill him now." He says gruffly, and he even hits the table a bit with his palm, before he releases a huff, looks around and nods. "Thanks.. you're alright"

Siya arrives in the mood to have a good time! It was a stressful time the other night, so she has to make up for the stress with good drink, dance, and whatever mischief comes her way! She enters the establishmen with a large smile. It was super easy for her to find the orange Togruta in the crowd and she perks up even more! Though, she stops as she looks to the one harassing her and Bar'duur. Hmmm.. Feeling a little naughty, she waits for the Devonorian to stomp by and a slender, golden heeled foot slis out, catching the man at the ankle! WHOMP! She lifts her hands immediately to her cheeks in faux surprise. "OH NO! Are you alright?!"

Zerna licks her lips as she watches the man walk away then looks back up to Bar. "Where's the fun in that? I'm going to at least make him work for it....." A snort of laughter leaves her but then she shrugs a bit. "Same stuff as before. Things have happened between now and that day on my ship on Parmac." Picking up her drink she sip as she then hears a thump. "Yeah...." Her gaze cuts to the door. The Devaronian yells out something in his language as he scrambles up then storms out. Grinning she then looks back to Bar. "Oh yeah even better now."