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Gate Crashers

OOC Date: September 9, 2017 (Optional)
Location: Ord Mantell
Participants: Xuut, Adhar Gann

The Bronze Krayt Intergalactic Sabacc tournament. A game of cards that has been advertised to grant the dreams of one lucky winner... Fortune... Women... WOMEN. Such a tournament was bound to draw the eye of one particular Clawdite, and seeing the holo-advertisement was all that Xuut needed to hop a transport out to the Bright Jewel System. Adopting his Chiss identity, the man had gone one step further and pulled on a gigantic black velvet hat with a huge purple feather, and an immaculate suit and fake mustache.

The tournament had been going well. Xuut managing to make it into the last round where one desperate Dug had tossed in the title to his ship. When the cards fell, Xuut was the winner, though outrage met his win rather than the ownership of a new vessel. Dragged from his chair and out into a back alley, the Chiss was beaten silly and left with strict instruction not to reenter. One comm call later, and Adhar Gann had been notified of the whereabouts of the recently mugged Chiss, and will soon find him seated in his now torn suit, seated on the dirty duracrete with his hat over his face.

"So." Adhar arrives, standing before you, throwing his shadow over your beaten figure. Arms crossed over his armored chest. "You look like hell." It's not being funny, it's a plain observation.

The hat, so spectacular in its wide brim and huge purple feather'd glory, is currently hiding the face of the slender little Chiss. When that cover is removed, the bruised and swollen face of Adhar's newest hire can be seen. "I won," he says, his voice a growl of determination. "I beat him, and he ripped me off."

Your captain nods, crouching down next to you; from under his cloak, he detaches a medkit from the small of his back and unfolds it across his knees. "So I heard," he says, taking out its scanner and running it over you. "Did you win fairly? Or at least cheat in a way that can't be proven?" Putting away the wand, he begins to apply bacta bandages to the worst of the wounds.

Xuut does not draw away from the bacta being applied, but the glowing red of his eyes symbolizes the fire of his determination. "I'm going to get what I won," he says with a growl, leaning forward to push himself up to his feet. "He is going to be sorry."

"You're right," says Adhar, pulling you up. "You're going to come with me, and I am going to get it for you. I'm your captain, after all. I'll be damned if someone rips you off and I don't have something to say about it."

He draws from his belt a gorgeous pistol, fitted with scope and an expanded barrel - a real professional's piece. Charging it with a flick of a thumb, he then switches it over to stun. "Just follow my lead," he says. "And here, I bought this for you." As he slides the pistol back into its place at his side, he produces from under his cloak a gunbelt and holster with a smaller, but rather vicious-looking blaster slid home. "DL-30. Special forces favorite - just like I promised."

Xuut reaches out to take the offered blaster, pulling open his suit coat where a vibrodagger is revealed, to slide the blaster home under the cover of his suit coat. He smiles to himself before he says, "Maybe you should be following my lead on this one." When he turns away, it isn't to head back into the front door of the Casino, but on down the road. His stride is fast and when he spots one, he flags down a taxi, leaping in and giving instructions to head to the scrap yards before looking back for Adhar.

The captain shrugs; he slides into the cab with you, draping his cloak around him. "All right, Nuuru," he says, "You're the injured party. What do you intend to do for compensation?"

In classic buddy cop style, Nuuru turns glowing red eyes on Adhar as he says, "I'm going to send you in as a distraction, while I steal my winnings from him." He says it rather matter-of-factly, nothing can go wrong with this, right?

Now it's at this time when you might think the Captain would grump, or complain, or talk about stealing being bad for business; instead, he looks at you for a long moment before shrugging. "Sounds fair to me," he says. "What do you need me to do?"

"Drunk," Nuuru says, turning his eyes back forward and looking out of the forward view port of the taxi. He leans forward to point toward a towering pile of scrap metal which is one of many surrounding a building and refinery. "You are going to pretend to be drunk, walking into their compound asking to speak with the boss. Tell him you want to join up with his crew." He holds up a slender finger as the taxi slows to a halt and the Chiss climbs out. When Adhar has joined, Nuuru turns back to Adhar and says, "I'm going to go around this side and sneak in."

"All right." The captain pulls on his helmet, and - as he climbs out with you, advises you to be careful. Then he begins stumbling toward the compound, looking like a death-god that can't hold its liquor.

As Adhar starts stumbling toward the compound, Xuut turns on his heel and runs around the other side of the huge scrap pile. He finds a fence there, stretching between this scrap pile and the next. He crouches there, peering through the fencing and eyeing the different goons under the Dug's employ. Eying those present, he settles his attention on a shirtless Nikto, just as the alarm goes forth to signal the approach of an intruder. With a groan of pain, Xuut's appearance shifts, flesh distorting and changing in color, melding to a near perfect likeness of that particular Nikto, just as it begins running toward the gate. Pushing himself to his feet, he climbs the fence and drops to the ground on the inside before starting to run across the compound, trying to stick to the shadows.

"AY!' He yells at the gates, the Captain, pulling his pistol and firing into the air. "AY! THE KRAYT DRAGON WANTS TO TALK TO YOU KRIFF-EATERS! I'M HERE! T'TALK TO YOUR BOSS! AYYYYYYYY!" He stands outside the gate, pistol now back in his belt, voice amplified many times over thanks to his helmet's voxgrill. Pew pew, y'all, pay attention.

The goons inside the gate are indeed running in that direction. It would appear that Adhar has gained the attention of all of those inside, and soon he can see them stepping up onto the walkway over the gate. One even calling out, "You've done done it for yourself this time!" The gate begins to move, and soon enough the shadow of a dug can be seen as the alien walks on his hands across the ground.

Meanwhile, inside Xuut the Nikto creeps along, eyes scanning the inside looking for his prize. And then... there... a gleaming straighter resting on a small one vessel landing pad. He creeps along, and when he reaches the vessel his fingers begin to slide across the surface of the ship, then find and pull open an access panel.

"I AM THE KRAYT DRAGON!" Adhar roars through the helmet, making a show of shooting into the air again - and holstering his gun once more. "I, THE KRAYT DRAGON, SEEK TO JOIN THIS GROUP, OR LEAD IT BY WAY OF COMBAT!" This is a man who is used to making drunken spectacles. He's clearly done it before. "MAKE Y-MAKE YOUR CHOICE!"

Reaching inside of the open access panel, Xuut pulls out a few wires, then begins to unplug them and replug the terminals into different ports. Rerouting power, he manages to disable the ship's security system and soon the cockpit opens with a hiss of hydraulics allowing the man to slip inside. Pushing a few buttons, the engine begin to hum to life as they ignite and begin to come up to full power. With a joyous yell, the ship rockets from the landing dock with a roar.

The Dug laughs, eyeing Adhar dangerously as he reaches a foot for the blaster at his tiny waist. "Oh, I think we can manage a fight," he says with a laugh that trails away abruptly as the dark night air is lit up with arcing red bolts of fire from the zooming Belbullab-22.

The impertinent Dug, who doubtlessly thinks he's being scary, is promptly shot in the face by a pistol-wielding Adhar; the 'Krayt Dragon' drops all pretense of drunkenness, drawing his gun once more in a flash and putting a hole square through the Dug's long neck, partially severing it and leaving the alien dead in the dust even as his second shot tags the ground right behind it. All this as the Belbullab's cannons light up the night around him, providing a darkly cinematic tableau.

"NO! YOU DON'T DESERVE THE KRAYT DRAGON," Adhar barks at the now-dead leader, and looks up at the rest as the fighter wheels about. "YOU MEN! WHO IS YOUR SECOND IN COMMAND?"

Wheeling about in the fighter, Xuut puts on a burst of speed with a loud roar of the ship's engines. Opening fire in a wild barrage, Xuut fires on the walkway where the troops stood watching over the gate, caving in the gate in a crash of rubble and screams. Soon after, Adhar will see the ship pivot and begin to fly leadingly toward the city and starport.

Well, so much for that. Having aided in managing this mischief, the 'Krayt Dragon' marches into the complex, perchance to see for any choice goods before returning - and to put down any man unable to be saved by the medics he'll be calling in before leaving. Mercy duty and any compound thieving done, the captain starts the long walk back to the spaceport.

And that's why you don't steal from Adhar's people.