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Things Don't Go Smooth

OOC Date: September 4, 2017 (Optional)
Location: Nar Shaddaa, Tanalus
Participants: Adhar Gann, Sion, Meep, Si Olorar

<< At the Array Consortium base, CoreStar Spaceport... >>

Emerging from the exit lift, Adhar looks like he's about to collapse into a chair and fall asleep. "Suns below," he mutters, "Bloody work fair out there." He proceeds to drop into one of the old folding chairs over in the little semicircular wall of crates that serves as a sitting area near the entrance. "I need to get this place fixed up."

Si has took one of the crates and is using it for a baking for a dice game. The peice of carboard forming the different zones to lad on it. One of the R2 units running around was playing with him. The pile of bolts in between the two being used for score, "Captain? That a bad thing?" He looks around. "There are worse places to live."

Stepping down from the /Voidhome/, Sion stretches and yawns. She could be feeling less weary herself. "Hey, Cap... mister," she says, realizing there's someone playing with the R2 droid at dice.

There's just the one R2 unit, but Wiz is probably very happy to shoot craps, because it's /mathematical/ and he's very happy just to give it a shot. Adhar slips out of the chair and peers at the game, saying, "Wiz is off-limits to betting. He's too young, so you aren't going to get any money out of him. Just be aware."

Oh, and there's Sion. "Sion," he calls, "Good evening. I want you to come over and meet your fellow spacer."

"Captain, you are an evil man. No fun. Besides he's winning." Si looks at the droid, "You heard him, just for fun." He looks up at the burned Cinnamon haired woman. He brush a lekku over a shoulder and it wiggles a bit, "Si Olorar. New crew member, The captain believes I am trouble."

"You're betting with Wiz?" Sion has to ask, blinking as she moves to join the two. "I'm not sure you're not contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He believes something similar about me, so we have something in common."

"I'm the worst," Adhar says. "And you're all trouble, that's why you're here. I'm trouble too, though nobody seems to believe it yet." He gestures to Sion. "Sion, this is Si Olorar. Si, Sion. I'm going to mix that up and yet I don't care because I'm the Captain, and I am trouble."

Si shrugs, "Fine fine, You're Captain Trouble." Si stands up and grins at Sion, "Well I'm glad to get in trouble with you any time you like." He looks to Adhar, "What was going on out there?"

"You are? I don't know if I'm flattered or not," Sion muses, smiling a little. "And I'm curious too, Cap. What was going on out there?"

"Just a bunch of people massing up," he says. "We have a large web of friends, and sometimes they just all meet at once. Couple of other people showed up too, looking for work. Think Waywards snagged 'em though." He shrugs. "That's all right, they're good people."

Si Olorar shrugs, "I meant it to be." He says to Sion. "That alright they can have the good people. We're trouble."

"Well, if we must be trouble, we should practice so we're good at it," Sion suggests, tongue-in-cheek. "Though I hate to think what this might do to poor Wiz..."

"I meant that the Waywards were good people," says Adhar with a short. "Besides, you lot are my people. That makes you better by default." He rolls his shoulders and screws up his face. "All right, we gotta go pick up ten tons of blaster carbines. Saddle up."

Si Olorar laughs, "I like the way you think, Ms. Sion." He shrugs, "Well if he doesn't like it he has the chance to work for somebody else." He looks to follow them. "Ten tons of blasters? That's more like it." With that Si goes to head up the ramp.

"Well, I guess somebody's gotta fly us there," Sion agrees, nodding to Si and the Captain. She moves to follow the former up the ramp.

Adhar Gann marches up the deck behind you, frowning faintly. "So all right," he says, "You said you were armed, right?"

Sion glances back, nodding. "I can go strap it on and change into my armor if you want. Think we'll need it?"

"Absolutely we'll need it," he replies. "This kriff-eater we're buying from is -not- a good sort."

"Will I have time to change on the way? It sounds like we should get there early," Sion says, frowning thoughtfully.

"They'll be there before we are," Adhar says. "Just go get changed. I'm suiting up now."

"On it," Sion replies, hurrying for the crew area.

Meep pants as he scurries aboard, having brough his sleeping-sock, bits of tools.. he even managed to grab his propellor hat and fanny pack!

Adhar and Sion are in the lounge; Adhar, expression a bit grim, is speaking to Sion in what could be considered a fairly intense manner. He too goes into the crew area after her, ducking into the men's dormitory block...and emerges a few minutes later dressed in a full suit of battle armor. Well well.

Sion, having tried to get suited up in a hurry, reappears from the back in her underwear, hopping on one foot as she struggles into her recolored Wayward scout armor. Her blaster belt is slung over one shoulder, just so she could keep it with her. "I don't suggest hurrying with something that has this many buckles and straps," she murmurs, her cheeks noticeably pinkened. "How long do we have? And where are we going?"

Meep sees all the armor and... preparations.. and so prepares himself as well. He scampers to the lounge area and returns, having donned a cooking pot as a helmet, and a rolling pin to use as a blunt-force weapon. "vaen!" he declares, zipping up his fanny pack and standing at attention!

"We're leaving now," says Adhar, who looks very different now clad the blue bodysuit and heavy gray plates of his armor; apparently he's more than practiced enough to pull off the donning of heavy armor, so maybe 'trouble' isn't such a poor descriptor at this point. "We're going to a rock called Tanalus. It's very cold, so make sure you get a thermocloak out of the survival locker when we go out." He looks to Meep there. "Don't worry, we're just getting prepared. Going to do some business with a fellow who is a bit of a question. No emergency yet."

Sion gets her suit straightened out after a few moments of pulling and adjusting. She stifles giggles, watching Meep prepare. "I guess everyone's getting in on this one. Join us in the cockpit, Meep?" she asks, buckling on her blaster and turning for the hatch.

Meep ohs, false alarm. He takes off his armor and disarms himself, returning his propellor-hat to his head. "fethijad.. jygol..." he says, relieved that he doesn't have to boop anyone on the head. DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "Well.. ok..."

"We're a crew," says Adhar. "We do everything together." A shrug, and the Captain leads the way up the stairs to the cockpit.

After a few hours, the ship drops out of hyperspace into a little-known, rarely-visited system on the edge of the Outer Rim. This is Tanalus, whose blue star burns incredibly hot...except for this far out at the borders of the system, where its fire cannot scorch away the tiny planetoid that shares the system's name. A frigid wasteland, it is not far away from the ship as Voidhome leaps into existence; after all, its gravity well is pretty thin.

"And there we are," says Adhar. "Bring us into an approach vector, Sion - a gradual one. I want to make sure we get there on time, but I want to make sure we're not jumped."

Looking over the control board's sensor displays, Sion nods and takes the /Voidhome/ into a shallow dive, angling for an approach to the planet. "Looks like a lousy vacation spot, unless you're into cold," she comments, angling shields and cranking up sensor power. "Keep an eye on the long-range sensors."

Meep doesn't have much to say.. or add. He finds a chair that is about his size, strapping himself in. It is then that he figures out the chair can rotate freely and... well.. being him.... he begins to spin in circles, "kosa..."

"Roger that." Adhar leans over the support console, playing co-pilot for perhaps the first time in a number of years. His armor, lit by the glow of the console's projected displays, seems almost ghostly. "Long range sensors read clear," he says. "See if you can pick up the beacon."

Sion nods, adjusting the sweep angle of the sensors. "There... I'm taking us in for a flyover," she says, pulling /Voidhome/ into a sweeping bank and turn. She glances back at Meep and grins.

The ship comes down through the rock's thin atmosphere; tinted by the horrible blue light of the distant, angry star, planet's surface is a field of jagged mountains, steep canyons, all covered thickly with snow. The air is breathable, but barely. What a place to make a deal!

And there, beyond the next bank of flinty rocks, a brief field of flat rock stretches toward another band of mountains; here, a ship is parked, the ugly but well-armed shape of a Muurian transport, bristling with guns.

"There we are," says Adhar, looking over Sion's shoulder as the ship swings into view. "Bring us down within two hundred feet of the beacon. Lus'vaar doesn't care for ships that get too close to his." He grunts. "Frankly speaking if we can give some space between this ship and his guns, I'll be equally happy."

Meep waits for the ship to settle a bit before unbuckling. He slides out of his chair, checking his fanny pack to make sure he has everything he needs... string, snacks, his favorite ball, thumb tacks and chewing gum... all set!

"Color us separated," Sion replies, bringing the ship down well shy of the beacon, angling to give the ugly Muurian ship a head-on shot rather than a look up their vulnerable stern drive tubes. "I guess good taste isn't one of our guy's prominent attributes..."

"Don't knock it," Adhar says with a snort. "Even stock, that ship's faster, more maneuverable, and twice as well-armed as we are. However we..." He gestures to the status display. "...are much better protected. The hull and shielding on this ship are something like a hundred thirty percent of baseline." That seems awfully specific. "So bring her down gently, but firmly. Don't want them to think we're nervous."

Meep trundles his way up to the piloty spots. "ady, kosa fevierh hi femamu ghevaethie if tireselaa... ifaavakev tireselaa hi daevoogiw!" he declares in a loud squeak from down below. He needs one of those small fake flying control stations like... Maggie from the Simpsons.. beep beep! DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "Plus, we gots Miss Sion to fly us... makes us much better!"

Sion brings them down easily, but with flair. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Meep," she says, with a grin for the little guy. "We're down, Captain. Leave power on standby?"

"He's not wrong, you know." Adhar gives Sion's shoulder a light pat. "Smooth sailing all the way in. If we have to get out again, I'm glad to know we'll have a good hand on the stick while I'm blasting away on the turret - and don't forget, we have ion guns to fore. You can fire those in a pinch."

That said, he rolls his shoulders and pulls his helmet on. "Right," says Adhar, voice made slightly tinny through the helmet's voxgrille. "Thermocloaks on, you two. Let's go meet the natives."

Meep blinks, looking up at Adhar and Sion, "pigeasoodu atyfoo? poogiewod? uhefevus ghevaethie? tearh aedi tearh fufurh aewofevood... sae ha tearh seph hageav?" he looks down at himself, trying to figure out how he can fit a thermos on his vest. DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "Thermo what? Thermos's? For tea? I mean I could but... where would I put it?"

"Thanks, Captain," Sion replies, smiling at Adhar. She catches up her thermocloak from the back of the command chair, pulling it on along with her gloves. She stifles giggles at Meep's question. She gives him a quick scruffle behind the ears. "Thermo-cloaks, Meep. For protection from the cold," she explains. Loosening her blaster in its holster, she prepares to back up her captain.

Meep ohs, nodding to Sion's correction. He sort of wuffles as he is scruffled, wandering to find a thermocloak. He finds one, wrapping it around himself. It's far too big for him though, and it sort of drags behind him like a child's safety blanket as he ambles towards the ramp.

He leads you down the stairs and out the back of the ship, pausing to pull a thermocloak out of a gear locker and affixing it about his armored form. "This is going to sting," he says, "So get breath masks if you need 'em."

That said, he marches down the ramp into the swirling cold beyond.

Sion takes the advice, strapping on a breath mask. "Right with ya, boss," she says, careful not to step on Meep's trailing cloak.

Meep dons a mask as well... he looks pretty goof now... hat, cloak.. mask.. fanny pack. He descends the ramp and into the cold. He pauses at the end of the ramp, giving a tenative step.. not wanting to disappear into any snow and be lost forever.

The field beyond is made of hard black stone, dusted with an inch or so of drifted snow; though the wind does not blow, when one steps out into this blue-litten world, the immediate impression is that its teeth are but moments away from one's throat.

Across the way, a knot of people emerge from the Muurian's boarding ramp. The ship - whose name is marked out as 'REDFANG' in Aurabesh capitals along the nose of the command section - keeps its guns trained on Voidhome. The people who approach are a motley crew of folk, dressed in armor, wonter gear, breath masks of their own if needed. Humans and aliens, several of them moving repulsor-pallets of crates between them. At the head, however, a tall, hulking figure in a long cloak approaches, body hidden. It looks...furry. Perhaps.

"There he is," says Adhar. "Don't stare."

"Not staring," Sion agrees, looking the group over so as to avoid that. "Trusting folk, aren't they?" she adds softly, seeing the weapons trained on their ship. "But it looks like they came prepared to move product. Maybe that's a good sign?"

Meep is cold! He wraps himself up in his cloak a little tighter. He looks just like a statue.. wrapped in a big cloak with a rotating propellor above its head... like a radar site. He sort of teeters over to stand next to Sion, the snow starting to gather around his knees.

"They're gun runners," Adhar says lowly. "They're not supposed to be trusting. Just...get ready to move on my mark, if need be." That said, he steps forward, breaking from the two of you to approach the tall figure, who also reaks to meet Adhar in the middle.

The other man is a tiger.

Well, he has the head of a tiger, or some angry, felinoid face; he wears bones in his whiskers, finger bones turned into braid beads, fangs piercing his ears as jewelry. One eye is baleful yellow, but the other is the glowing orb of a cybernetic replacement. This terrifying fellow looks Adhar over, and growls.

"Adhar Gann." His voice is present thunder.

"Lus'vaar." Adhar's voice, though filtered, isn't flat due to a bad vox.

Sion nods politely, seeing no need to make introductions. She's not in on the dealing, here. She does stay close to Meep, moving to slip her cloak a little around him, to keep the snow off.

Meep shelters next to Sion, using her cloak as a sort of umbrella to keep the snow off. Both little arms wrap about her leg... he's like a big fluffy foot warmer by now. He watches Adhar approach, giving Sion's leg a firm squeeze of nervousness.

Lus'vaar looks past Adhar at the two of you. "Your crew remains in flux, I see," the alien says, snorting derisively. "But your ship has improved. Did you sell a few crewman off to fund it?"

Behind Lus'vaar, a few snickers.

"Very clever," Adhar says, voice as cold as the snowy air. "Do you have the cargo?"

"That depends." Lus'vaar keeps his eyes turned past Adhar, boring into Sion's face. "Do you have my money?"

Sion looks away from Lus'vaar's stare, a little unnerved. Seriously, why's he looking at /her/ when it's /Adhar/ doing the dealing? She reaches down and scruffles Meep's head, drawing some comfort from the gesture.

"Here." Adhar produces a box from inside his cloak, moving his hand slowly, but with confidence; he undoes the lid, revealing the golden glint of credit chips within.

Lus'vaar takes the box from Adhar and regards a moment before /sniffing/. "...very well," the feline alien replies, then lifts his hand; the men at the carts stand away from them. "You may inspect."

"Sion, Meep. Go make sure everything's all right."

Ten tons of blaster carbines in sealed factory packaging. That's what should be in the boxes.

Meep just watches and listens to the conversation. Why is he staring at Sion indeed! But... he is a giant... tiger looking thing, which keeps Meep well in his place, trying not to draw any attention at all... looking more like someone's left their thermocloak behind.

"Right, sir," Sion says, glad for the chance to move away from the looming alien. "Come on, Meep. Your nose'll come in handy." She moves to, not the first or second palette, but the /third/, looking the cases over. She finally moves to open one, to verify the contents.

Meep gives a good sniffing at all the pallets. He raises his head and signals the alarm with a shrill chitter, "yphoof as ovi hevukoogh rhu." he declares, placing a hand on the third pallet and giving a few short hops to draw attention downwards to his concerns. DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "Dis one not smell right."

Sion pauses in her inspection, frowning at the third pallet. "This one's off-balance... but it looks to be stacked perfectly," she says, frowning. Meep's pronouncement only makes her look at it harder. "The load's light, Captain."

It's a moments like these that Adhar hates his job. "Come back over here, you two," he commands, and it's likely a good thing that Adhar's wearing his helmet - his frown is hidden by the helmet's odd, pseudo-skeletal mask. "What is this, Lus'vaar? Are you trying to short-change me?"

"Me?" The alien's lips draw back, baring a a few millimeters of fang. "You know better than that."

Adhar stares at the creature for a moment. "You're right," he says. "Yes, I'm sure it's a mistake. You can load it."

Meep hops down off the pallets and returns to sticking to Sion like glue, wrapping the cloak about him a bit tighter. Just that little venture to inspect the pallets has turned the tips of his fur to little icicles!

"It's no mistake, Captain," Sion replies. "Blaster carbines don't shift in their cases... but ball bearings do."

"Is that how we deal, now?" Lus'vaar takes a step back, baring his fangs a bit more now. "There's no trust between us, Gann? No brotherhood?"

"I'm sure we can work something out," says Adhar; his voice is flat still, which is good, because he is certain that something very bad is about to happen.

Sion lets her thermocloak fall shut, frowning at the turn this ripoff is taking. Beneath it, she carefully draws her DH-17, letting the garment conceal the action. This does not look good, and she has a feeling it's going to look even less good momentarily.

Meep is totally oblivious to all the tension. He sort of scampers behind Sion nonetheless, moreso as he detected something amiss and... well.. he doesn't want to be the focus of any questions let alone any blasters!

"It doesn't have to happen this way, Lus'vaar," says Adhar, not yet moving. "We can walk out of here without a single problem. You're paid, we've got what you've given us. We can both walk away here and still make a profit."

"You know what I don't understand, Gann," snarls the surly feinoid, "Is how you've been able to make a living. You're weak, and your woman has more spine than you do. I'll tell you what's going to happen. What's going to happen is that my men are going to take you - they're going to take your ship and everything on it, and they're going to sell you, and your crew into slavery. And you know what you're going to do about it? Nothing. Because what can you do to stop me?"

From out of the cloak comes Adhar's hand, and in his grip, the gleaming, elegant form of a Soccoran blaster pistol. "Let me show you," he says, and thumbs the safety off.

Meep does the old 1950's version of duck and cover as blaster bolts fly! He cowers on the ground, hands over his head, cloak covering him... and a nice dusting of snow so he looks like a quivering lump of fresh snow.

Those words send Sion into action. Up comes the blaster, and two shots go flying at Lus'Vaar. She doesn't waste time seeing if they hit or not, instead ducking behind the short-loaded pallet of blasters. At least /some/ of them won't be able to blast her unless they reposition for the attempt!

This time around it's Lus'vaar who is surprised; one moment he's got Adhar talking about leaving, shortchanged or not, and the next moment a blaster's in his face. He manages something like "Wait" or "Stop" or the like, but the sound dies in his throat; the combination of Sion's salvo and Adhar's point-blank shot to his chest drops the gun-runner on the spot, leaving the small group of beings beyond gaping at their leader's sudden and violent death.

"You can go," Adhar proclaims. "But go now, or more of you die."

Meep is still cowering, no mind him!

Sion withdraws, moving to join Adhar. She does keep the bunch covered, just in case. After all, their boss got stupid, and they worked for him. Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

Now there are several armed beings beyond, but their leader just got dropped and they are /not/ happy - nonetheless, one fighter, a burly Trandoshan with a blaster rifle in his arms, steps forward. "We don't go without business done," says the lizard.

"Are you the first mate?" Adhar keeps his gun out, this time held on this new speaker.

"Was," says the Trandoshan. "Captain, now."

"You have the rest of my blasters?"

Brief snap of scaly jaws. "Yes."

Adhar fixes the slit lens of his mask on the apparent captain. "Bring it out. Once it's loaded, we leave. You can take the money off of....this." He nudges Lus'vaar's corpse with his boot.

Meep looks up as the shooting ceases. It seems things are at a standstill, the little Teek standing up and hurrying back to the ramp of the Voidhome.. moreso to be closer to the exit than anything.

"I guess this incident /can/ come to a happy ending," Sion says, not smiling but still sounding a little less annoyed. Not that she isn't watching to make sure they get all of their blasters.

The Trandoshan looks between the crates, his fallen captain, and you. Some mental mathis done. "Done," he says.

And that's it. The crew falls in behind their new leader, and the crates - with the addition of a few more boxes - are loaded in the hold. In twenty minutes you are aboard and ready to take off again.

"Suns below," Adhar rumbles as he pulls off his helmet. "Come on, then, we can talk about all this once we're very far away from these idiots. Hit it Sion."

Meep walks up the ramp.. looking like a gian snowcone... the snow has just piled up so much he's a walking snow-Teek! He can't even see... walking towards the bridge.. he walks straight into the wall just left of the hatch, bonk.

Wincing, Sion guides Meep into the cockpit, strapping him into a jump-seat. "I think I'd better get the hair dryer for him," she murmurs, sliding into her own seat and firing up the converters. Within a minute, the /Voidhome/ is lifting off from the surface and heading for space with a cargo bay full of carbines. All's well that ends well?

Meep is removed of his cloak and lifted and strapped into a seat. Sion is indeed correct, all the snow has melted and he looks... like.. well.. a wet rat? At least he is strapped in, otherwise he might slide out of his seat entirely, he's pretty slippery! His nose is bright red from all the snow, and he just sits and stares.. floppy ears droopy and dripping water.

All's well that ends well. "Hit the shower, Meep," he instructs the Teek. "I'm going to cover the rear in the turret until we make hyperspace." He is angry, your captain, that much is clear. At what? Well. To be seen.

"So far we're clear, but I don't blame you," Sion says, inputting the coordinates and punching up the calculations. It does take a few minutes to get clear of the planet's gravity well, but they're soon on their way.

Meep protests, "tearh ofiraaphaa hevukoogh!" he declares, lifting his arms and waving them around. Settling back, he reaches into his fanny pack, taking out a red lollipop, plopping it into his mouth before offering Sion one, all wrapped up in its wrapper still of course. DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "I don't smell!"

"No, you don't," says Adhar, "But a hot shower will warm you up. S'up to you." Adhar slips into the reverse gravity well and keeps his eye on the planet, hands on the trips of the turret controls, watching the scopes. But...nothing.

Soon the ship is clear, and ready to head back to Nar Shaddaa.

Sion has to smile at the offer. "Hands full, Meep. But once we get into hyperspace," she promises, reaching for the little magic levers. There's a hum, a whine, and they're GONE.

And so, hyperspace. Adhar has left the turret, and since Nar Shaddaa is a few hours away, has dropped into the table at the lounge and....sighs, glass of something strong inhand.

Meep looks away as they enter hyperspace, it makes him queezy.. and sure enough he's covering his mouth and just holding on... no.. no pukey this timey!

"Okay, we're on the way... ooh. No Meep in the cockpit in the future, for sure," Sion murmurs, seeing the look on the Teek's face. "Let's get you to the crew lounge. No windows in there."

Adhar Gann is, of course, down there, frowning into the face of his helmet as it looks back at him from the table. He takes as firm pull from whatever's in his glass - something golden brown and very clear - as he does so.

Meep manages to unclip himself from his seat. "thaa jygol.. thaa jygol.. fadewaetoo... ghiethivoow ma.. ghevaethie sigh thaa...." he says as he heads out of the bridge. He seems to be able to walk straight.. he just makes his way back towards the lounge, where the world doesn't seem to be spinning so much. DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "I'm ok.. i'm ok.. just... a lot.. to take in...."

Sion follows, having set the autopilot and leaving Wiz to keep an extra eye on the ship. "Hmm... something bothering you, Captain? You look... down."

"Yeah, it is," says Adhar grimly. "Come have a seat, old boy." He pushes the glass over to a spot next to him, so that Meep can get a big ol' dose of Corellian whiskey.

He looks up at Sion. "I don't like killing people," he says. "Obviously I won't hesitate to protect my crew, but...I tend to like for them to draw first." Which did not happen in this case, alas.

Meep teeters over to Adhar. He climbs up into the seat, standing there as the glass is slid to him. It's.. amberish, looks like apple juice or... something. "apywootierh ehaa!" he chirps happily as he takes the glass and tips it upwards, glugging it down eagerly. This is... not juice... nope... nope nope nope, I've mad a terrible mistake. The Teek pales, sputtering and coughing, "adorh oorhih eapeadaefa as uhefevus!" he shouts, clawing at his throat as he falls back onto his seat and writhes around, "ghiethivoow hageav sas!" DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "Oooh juice! MY THROAT IS ON FIRE! AHHH IT BURNS!"

Sion blinks in surprise. "He stated his intent. What was going to happen next was obvious," she replies. "I think you did the right thing." She glances aside to Meep. "Cold got to your nose?" she asks, wincing and reaching for the bottled water in the cooler.

Adhar Gann slides out of the chair in a hurry, rushing behind the bar to grab a bottle of cold water and bring it to Meep. "Suns below," he mutters, opening the bottle and hanging it to Meep. "Sorry, buddy," he says, grabbing the whiskey and handing it out to Sion. "And just because it's the right thing don't mean I like it."

Meep takes the water and chugs it down. He clutches the bottle with both hands and feet, holding it as he just leans back into the rear of his seat and sort of.. slumps.. doubled over like a tub. "aphooteaghod.... kosa liem kosa py ifa ij if oge gafoonu ghevaethie oon? atyfoo hiseafo if vaga if ajamun on if efog okaamoo?" he inquires. DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "Nnnngh.... why can't we go somewhere nice and tropical like the pictures? With sunlight and beaches and palm trees and blue ocean?"

Sion pulls her hand back just in time as Hurricane Adhar gets to the cooler and the bottled water first. Accepting the whiskey bottle, she glances at it, then sets it on the table. "I've got to fly soon," she explains. "But for the record... I don't like it either. I'm just not going to waste grief on that thieving, slaving hairball. He had it coming."

"We can eventually," says Adhar with a snort. "But this is what we do. At the very least, the people buying the guns are rock-solid and boring. I don't have to worry about killing anyone else today." So there's that, right? "Well, at least you know I'll kill a bastard for trying to hurt you lot."

Meep takes another glug of water. "ghiethivoow kosa ivu py as yvomirhieth?" he chirps, "farhiva ajuw naeth if yrh?" he asks hopefully. DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "Then we can go on vacation? See real tree and grass?"

"I had that feeling about you, Captain," Sion replies, nodding. "I wouldn't have worked for you if I hadn't. Which I know sounds weird, but I guess that's how I am." She has to smile, hearing Meep. "Sounds like someone wants to go to Naboo. Know anybody who needs any aquaculture-based medicines or dyes, Captain?"

"...yeah, soon," says Adhar, considering this possibility. "I don't see why not. Maybe an overnight on Rion or Naboo proper. Maybe in another week? Still got a few more runs have to be made over the next few days, though nothing dangerous. Not like..." He frowns. "Well, you know."

That said, Adhar gets to his feet. "I think I'm going to take a nap before we get back. If you don't mind."

Meep nods to Adhar, "ofiraaphaa.. az... thaa ghiethivoow aewofevood..." he murmurs, looking around the interior of the lounge and just sighing. "atyfoo eapeadaefa ehoz?" DBS-L1C ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "I'll.. sleep... in a bit... What is Naboo?"

"I'll keep an eye on things, then," Sion replies, putting the cap back on the whiskey. "Should be smooth sailing from here. Sleep well, Captain, Meep."