Log:As Promised...and More!

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As Promised...and More!

OOC Date: January 27 2017
Location: Wayside Medical
Participants: Eevy Kal, Rheisa Dirleel

Oh hell, she's back. Walking though, no blood, no corpse trailing behind...just Rheisa. And a protocol droid, that presently serves as pack mule with a laden knapsack hooked to his back.

"Truly, I find the probability of Master Raim's intent to use me this was to be very low, given both the quality of this material and the contents therei--"

"No care," Rheisa dismisses the roboservant's complaints as they click-clack and pitter-pat into the clinic lobby.

"I could do the calculation," Kee'tch'ka offers unhelpfully.

As ever in that front office -- because no one ever has weekends on Nar Shaddaa -- is Nima. She looks up at Rheisa, one of their frequent fliers, and automatically picks up a datapad, clearly assuming the woman has been hurt again and needs help. "You know what to do, just fill this out and the doctor will see you soon."

"No," Rheisa dismisses Nima as casually as the droid. "Am no..." she pauses, then reconsiders suddenly and takes the datapad. Name: Kee'tch'ka (which she probably spells as jibberish 'ketka'), DOB: requires a moment of consultation with the droid that dates back only to his reprogramming and overhaul performed 'threee years ago, Chief complaint: do not lik carree bag.

Smiling, Rheisa hands it back over the counter and waits patiently with a loaded credit chit burning a hole in her ...where she's stashed it.

Nima takes the datapad back when it's offered to her, scans the information, and gives a soft 'um' along with a glance up, but she doesn't question it beyond that. Because Nar Shaddaa is weird, and if people waste Dr. Kal's time, it's their funeral. She simply buzzes back to the doctor to indicate that a patient is here, and then they're told to wait. It's really only a couple of minutes before the door opens and they're called back by Dr. Kal herself. "Ket-kah?" Eevy tries to get the name right, has no idea if she is, eyes lifing from the datapad in her hands to the people in the waiting room. Of which there are few, which pretty much puts Rheisa in Eevy's crosshairs at once. "Is this you?"

Kee'tch'ka may actually empathize with Nima and Dr Kal in this instance as 'he' swivels those unblinking, glowing orbs to and fro between his mistress and the end result. "I am Kee'tch'ka," he finally responds and toddles forward a few shuffling steps to tip into an awkwardly stiff bow of introduction. "Human cyborg relations, translator, and general assistant to Mistress Dirleel at the Muse." And around town, evidently. "I am -terribly- sorry, my Mistress seems to have become confused or perhaps lost. I was unaware she had a cache location other than on Lehtera street."

"Am not lost," Rheisa eyes Kee with just a little edge to her tone. Seems she's tired of hearing it. "I am here, because my word is as good as I say. Always." A pause and she twitches her head toward the bag. "Also, have too much meats left over from undercity 'demon' and will go bad soon if someone do not eat. Need room in cold box to put Rrraim's...tube food." she indicates dog-sized things.

"Doctor Eevy Kal," she makes the introduction to the droid, since she already knows the Togruta in question. "A cache location?" She has on idea what the droid is talking about, giving the pair of them a sort of look, as though they were crazy, but then Rheisa explains. Somewhat. "Ah. So this is about--" a pause. "Meats?" Undercity. Meats. This all sounds like something she wants nothing to do with, so she turns her head. "Nima. Come take this bag and give it to Valko." Who she presumes it's for, because she's definitely not eating undercity meats. If Nima can take it, if she can't, if it's too large, well, that's what the hoverchairs are for. They're handy for many things, from people, to dog sized slabs of meat. Mmm.

"Thank," Rheisa detaches the sack from Kee's back and muscles it over to Nima's joyously awaiting arms...it's not that heavy. 20-25 lbs. Mostly slabs of rib and marrow bones with meat chunks still attached. Few globs of frozen, wrapped fat. Good stuff. Then, for Eevy's share. She reaches into her belt band, draws her knife, then slips a finger into the sheath and produces a little banking chit. "Five thowsaand." And holds it out to the doc there in plain sight.

Eevy allows Nima to handle the bag of meats while she remains right there, somewhere in back Valko is no doubt wondering wtf. For a change, though, their freezer will be full of meats. For him to eat, anyway. The knife is drawn, and she watches the Togruta warily, though when the chit is pulled out, that concern eases back into her usual expression. A hand is held out to accept the money, eyes lowering to it, and then back up to Rheisa. "Thank you." The words are soft, and she sounds like she means it.

Kee'tch'ka is astoundingly silent. No analysis required.

Rheisa holds her gaze for the count of a solemn nod. "Some of us were not meant for this moon. But because we are here, maybe even a dead rock can heal." A barely perceivable smile touches her lips then she beckons Kee'tch'ka to follow with a little chirp. The odd duo departs, shuffling droid having no problems matching her tender gait.