Log:First Order/Resistance: Requiem for the Not Dead

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Fuze jumps to a conclusion

OOC Date: January 8, 2017 (Optional)
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Fuze, Jax Greystorm

Mapping sectors and security patrols are never done it seems for Jax Greystorm. The pilot was on patrol in part of the under dark known as the Duros sector. The lights of his A-wing illuminating the abandoned artifical valley that the pilot flies through. The A-wing indetified as Corsair Lead goes zipping along at break neck speeds nearly missing an abonded power coverter. Though a skilled pilot can tell it's skill and not luck that kept the little craft from crashing.

Around a corner ahead whips a TIE/sf on a collision course! Entirely unintended, it seems, for even as the TIE comes into the view of the A-wing and vice versa the pilot stands it on its tail and rockets upwards to avert the collision. In her cockpit, Fuze lets out an obscenity. "Was that an A-wing?" she snaps at her gunner, "Sonofabitch nearly killed us!"

Jax's proximity alarm goes off as the Tie appears on his scopes. The last time Jax got this close to a Tie, he inverted his cockpit and in the name of diplomacy gave the Tie the intergalatic hand sign of fornication. This time the A-wing pilot dives as the tie pilot goes rocketing up. Then Jax goes speeding along the bottom of the canyon's bottom. "Well the First Order is patroling down here too. Primary objective for this sector's sensor sweep confirmed."

Whipping the TIE round in a stall turn, Fuze's craft hangs in mid-air and then dives again, accelerating to try to catch the A-wing. "Do you recognize it? I don't recognize it," she mutters to her gunner who is craning her neck to look forwards over Fuze's shoulder. "Is it Resistance?" Edie asks in return. Fuze is jockeying her fighter through the grim concrete undercity, skimming under a walkway and around a corner as she tries to get the A-wing in her sights, her firing lock dancing across the screen.

Jax's sensors announce the target lock. "Lovely. They're nosing around." Jax starts to dance around the target lock zigging when he should be zagging. He's hugging the curves and trying to put beams and other things between him and the tie fighter. Then he broadcasts, <<Hey First Order Bucket head, This is Red Corsair territory. I got a right to be here. You trying to start something with us get those crosshairs off me.>>

FZ-4792 snorts as she receives the transmission, a gloved hand reaching to flick off the targetting computer. "Asshole." She's speaking just to Edie, "Who the hell are the Red Corsairs?" She flicks on the comms to Jax and says stiffly, <<This is Aurek One, First Order Peacekeeper Patrol. Identify yourself. I've shot down better pilots than you so keep your weapons deactivated.>>

Jax chuckles, "Lets see how far I can push this." He leaves his guns they way they were. But he doesn't make an attempt to rotate his blasters or break his corsair. <<Maybe in your dreams, you have. I'm the best pilot on this moon. This is Corsair Lead on Red Corsair business. Now what do you want? Your wasting my time. Unless you're wanting to waste my time. I know a nice hotel a few levels up. Your gunner can watch unless she's a she too.>>

FZ-4792 laughs. "You hear that?" she tells Edie, "He's coming on to me from that pile of junk." She sounds tired, despite her laughter, weary, as she flicks to the hailing frequency again. <<Best pilot on this piece of shit moon? You're talking to her right now. There was one other pilot as good as me, but she fought for the other side and now she's dead. You will be too, if you keep up the wisecracks.>> She sighs heavily, breaking the connection and staring bleakly ahead of her at the exhauts of the A-wing; she's seeing not Jax's ship, but Triz's X-wing's final descent, the disentegration, and, when she visited the wreckage some hours later, the total destruction of ship and droid.

If Sabe could hear Fuze talking about one of her fighters crafts. Jax lets out a sigh of relief as she seems to buy his story for now. He's hugging tight corners and doing a roll showing off jsut a bit as he dodges an old walk way in his path. <<Better than you have tried baby. I am the best.>> Jax turns off the com, "What the hell? This Tie pilots got a thing for Triz?" He then flips the com switch, << Sounds like some deep shit. I can take care of you. Your old Uncle Landrus got some real prime grade Glit to make you forget all about her.>>

FZ-4792 snarls, slamming her fist on her thigh. "Edie, I'm getting out of here before I shoot the fucker down," she tells Edie, and without re-engaging with Jax, pulls up, ascending through the gloom, the smog, the haze and smoke, trying to leave her depression behind in the depths of Nar Shaddaa. It doesn't work. Her gunner is silent, peering back through the murk to see if they're being followed.

As the Tie/SF breaks off, Jax changes courses and just as the TIe gets off his scope. He opens open channel again, Jax's voice slightly differnet and taking a more military tone, << Aurek 1, I pulled her out of the wreckage and brought her home.>> Does Jax say if Triz survived or not? He's not feeling that generous.

The effect on Fuze is instant. She stares ahead of her, frozen for a long moment. "Fuze! Break right!" screams Edie, only just in time; the pilot refocuses on the building looming before her and whips the TIE around to avoid the almost-inevitable collision, so close that the shields spark against the concrete. For a moment Fuze is wrestling with the controls, but as the crash is averted and she regains command over the TIE she breathes out. Another long pause. Then, <<Corsair Lead, Aurek One.>> But she doesn't know what to say. She doesn't know what to ask. Finally, jumping to the wrong conclusion, she mutters thickly on comms, <<She was the best damn pilot I've ever been up against. I'm sorry.>>

<< That's high praise, I've dueled Red2 in the sims.>> Jax is keeping an eye on his scopes and his distance from the Tie/SF. He make sure he had plenty of lead time to book it. If she << Look you seem pretty broken up over 'Resistance Scum.' You sure you're in the right line of work or on the right side of this? Ain't nobody better than Spark 4. She drank Corellian Whiskey if you want to think about her proper.>>

<<She was the one on the wrong side>>, Fuze replies thickly, but it's forced. Edie mutters, "Are we engaging?" Fuze is silent long moments, so long that Edie repeats her question. "Are we engaging, Fuze?" So the pilot has to reply. "Not today. We continue our patrol and report back that the Resistance are patrolling Duros sector." Then she flicks a switch, <<And if you think I'm broken up you're deluded,>> she tells Jax forcefully. <<We fought and she lost, end of story. Now get the hell out of here before I change my mind and shoot you down, too. Nobody left to pull you out of the wreckage.>>

<< If you say so. Enjoy a Corellian whiskey, I think she may have liked that. Don't got to tell anyone who it's for. As for the threat, I've flown against you many times. You haven't got the job done yet. But today ain't that day.>> Then the A-wing hits his after burners leaving the Area of engagement.