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Jedi: Digging

OOC Date: April 17, 2024 (Optional)
Location: Tatooine: The Dune Sea, near Anchorhead
Participants: Yuun, Zev, Saito and Qutha Buvu Pah as GM

The hum of vaporators echo in the scoop shaped wind catchers that redirect Tatooine's air currents to blow past the machinery. A cooler breeze from the focused breezes that enhance the, minimal, humidity to be captured. Echoes ripple in the force, faded, faint, but casting a shadow in the blazing sun that dims even the midday brightness under the twin suns. Echoes that call to a former resident of these parts.

Humanoid form droids move in measured perimeters between the vaporators while desert robed figures keep to what shadows can be found, datapads in hand. Some are making their way to, or from, a centralized structure painted in maroon and teal with a logo reading TWC showing proudly on broad sign panels at each compass point. Its structure designed to emphasize triumph, but in the same breath it seems to loom like an obelisk over the entire compound.

Repulsor engines rumble from a vehicle bay at the structure, where collection pipes are pumping collected water towards.

The red-haired man that stands under Tatooine's twin sunss isn't exactly happy to be here. Still here he is,, being followed byy Figly, hiss faitful Astromech companion. He can't help but to remember the last time the force called him to this planet. Things were different back them. It was here, in this planet, that Saito had started to build his lightsaber after being called here, ust like now. He standsin a slightly shaded area, simply watching his surroundings, curious to know the reason for this calling. "Hopefully it'll be allright, Figly." he pats the droid's domed head.

Yuun is also here, it is hot, yet Yuun lets out a sigh. He looks around for a moment, he doesn't mind visiting planet, but wow it's hot. Sentinel the Id10 droid that accompanies Yuun floats nearby him, and he hears the droid and nods, "Yeah it is." he chuckles. He glances to Saito then looks over at the vaporators. It's always a mystery when the Force guides them to places, but it's something that comes with the territory and Yuum is here and ready for it.

From the vehicle bay a repulsor truck begins to pull out into the sun, massive liquid storage tanks affixed too its cargo bed being checked by droids - inspected, seals examined and then they begin to disburse so the craft can make for a packed 'road' leading towards the edge of the compound.

Qutha, drifting near the rear of the group, is unperturbed. Hood back, face lifted into the suns after a canteen has been tucked into his robes - the green undertones of his skin seeming much more prominent here.

The group, as they were, are noted by workers and droid alike, especially when the cargo hauler moves past and a pair of humans accompanied by a protocol droid advance on them - the android calling out via vocalizer amps, "I say there! This is private property! We have no use nor need for vagrants!"

The humans keep quiet, the sentients monitoring the droids keep to their own and the synthetic beings going about their business seem to pay no mind at all.

Saito smiles warmly when he notices Yuun, Qutha and Zev. "Well, whenever we are called like this, things are aways interesting, so let's see." He rolls his shoulders and tries not to think too much about whatt can happen to them He turns to the droid and, even tough he is addressing a droid, offers it a smile. "Me and my friends were only curious." he glances to the TWC logo and turns back to the droid. "We saww the logo from a distance and were curious.. If you turn us away, you might be losing potential customers."

For his part, Zev has been keeping his head, and particularly his ears down, having his hood still pulled up over his head. When the truck rumbles past, he keeps eyes on the droid as it approaches, shifting back on his feet a little bit. It's not like they're there to cause trouble.

He moves around behind Saito as he talks, keeping focus on the humans and droids, and giving a slight wave to the closer of the two humans. He is just wanting to be friendly!

"This is private property of The Wells Company. Purchase is not gained here. A meeting to set up delivery can be attained by contacting the Home Office." The droid states, flatly, the pair of humans with it gazing between Saito, Yuun and the others. One with a board with a sheet of flimsy held and a stylus in his other hand. The other human, dressed in finer clothes but still with the faded qualities of Tatooine garb looking on with one hand on a pistol butt and the other holding a commlink.

The droids and small handful of organic workers just keep to their tasks, if anything the organics seem to put a bit more effort in with all of the official speech going about.

The protocol unit, though, simply draws a small card from a panel in its arm, extending it towards Saito.

Saito reaches out with a hand to gracefully accept the card from the droid. "That's not the issue. Me and my good friends here have never heard about the Wells company. I simply am asking that you tell us more about your company and give us access to this area, at least. After all how can we be sure of the quality of your product?" he asks, smile gentle. He seems to ignore the other two humans, atention fully on the droid. "Look I don't have to tell you how to do your job. If you want to lose customers, that's fine, we can go make buziness elcewhere."

Yuun is quiet and he looks very relaxed as if awaiting for adventure or something. Looking relatively young, the Jedi Knight smiles as he glances around looking at the sand dunes around them. He does get the sense of oppression coming from the workers and he glances over to them non-chalantly as not to give himself away that he's looking.

The Lepi does take a look over at Yuun, and grins back his way. He knows he hasn't been around a lot lately, a lot of his time spent out scouting lately. As Saito talks to the droid, he does finally speak up, "We're simply curious wanderers." He says after a moment, "We do not mean to intrude."

After giving his piece, he turns away from the man, closing his eyes and trying to focus. He senses something cold, nearby. It stands out through the heat of the desert, but he's not sure where. Something bad happened here, maybe long ago. Maybe recently.

"Samples of The Wells Company are available at the regional office in Mos Espa." The droid notes before Clipboard cuts in,

"Look, we don't do direct dealing here, this is a moisture farm for the TWC, if you want to purchase water, you go to the distribution and sales office in Mos Espa. We don't care about you trying to 'hardball' us by threatening with a loss of sale." The one with his hand on the blaster grip gives a chuckle, shaking his head slightly.

"If you represent someone, they can speak with the head office. If you're trying to move water off world, then take it up with the Hutts."

Clipboard now cutting back in, "Now we have quotas to make before the next shipment."

"Oh, a moisture farm? That is interesting. My parents used to be moisture farmers." Saito's tone is casual, his shoulders rolling in a shrugh. "Thank you for thee help, we appreciate it." He takes a few steps back and, as he walks, he opens himself to the force. He can sense fear, pain and confusion. He hears screams in the force. Saito closes his eyes for a moment, a hand clutching his chest as the echoes overwhellm him for a moment. "Terrible, just terrible.." he murmurs.

This whole area is dark. Zev can feel it as he reaches out through the force. He still can't tell what, but it's all over, "This place is..." He trails off a little bit as if he's trying to find the right word for it. He looks over at Saito as he seems to be picking it up too, "You feel it too right? I don't know what.."

Allowing Saito to continue the conversation, Yuun looks around at the workers, having that uneasy feeling come over him. Yuun didn't like it, there is a reason they were called here. He moves his hands into his pockets, he wasn't allowing the heat to bother him, though his mind is focused and as he looks around the perimeter from wehre he is standing, he notices loaders loading a crates onto a cargo truck. So nothing out of the ordinary for the time being.

"Yeah, moisture farm." said as if that should have been obvious, by the apparent guard. "So now you know, you have the contact location. You can visit the regional office in Mos Espa, they can do questions from there. We have quota." The trio stand, watching, clearly waiting for the group to leave.

At the cargo bay another cargo truck rumbles to life and starts to drift out into the open. Another clipboard carrying figure approaching when the vehicle slows. The driver reaching to tick something with a stylus before the pair exchange words then a brief laugh before the cargo hauler starts for the compound path that leads towards the desert.

"If there is nothing else, sirs, we must ask you once more to leave, or we will need to summon security..." The droid says at last.

Saito continues to stand still. He closes his eyes and atempts to calm his heart and emotions, trying to let the currents of the force calm him. It works only a bit. He is too affected by what he justt sensed. Without moving his lips, he sends his thoughts to the other Jedi that are with him. |Something terrible happened here. I heard blaster fire and screaming.. Felt pain, fear and confusion. This.. Really echoes with me| Slowly, he motions for the others to approach.

Yuun's attention focuses in on the workers, he allows his smile to fall just a little bit. His eyes focusing on the workers, he quirks his head ot the side. He looks up at the twin suns and back down on the workers. He then hears Saito in his mind and he slowly begins to approach his hands out at his sides and he looks at the droids and beings in the craft near them.

There's a lot of noise, the sounds of the truck heading away into the desert away from them. He looks between the various organic workers, they all seem to be keeping up with their work. He hmms faintly to himself. The Force wouldn't have sent them here if it didn't have a reason. He digs one of his toes into the sand below his foot, "Buried, maybe.." He muses as he thinks about what they could be looking for.