Log:Resistance: Exhalation I: Transports

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Exaltation 1: Transports

OOC Date: April 3, 2019
Location: Falleen
Participants: Kare Kun, Callax Dalso, Tallissan Lintra as Lester and Thunn, D4-K4 as Bygg Maclarghuge, Rial Het as Nox

The docks of Falleen slow down at night. It is the dark of the three moons and only the occasional light before a ship being loaded breaks the night. Guards walking the rows of docked ships seem scarce, especially when slipped a little extra incentive. A long low moan echos along the rows of shipping containers; there are four shadows walking between them. Three appear to be human or something approximating human, one is a humped shadow. A low thrumming sound emanates from him. Thunn Wen grumbles, "Shut him up Nox! You're supposed to keep him in check till we get on board then let him rip."

Nox, a human, with a mohawk and what appears to be the tattoo of a power socket on the side of his scalp- mumbles back at Thunn, "...'ll shut *you* up," in the sort of 'I'm saying this so I can claim I said it, but I hope you didn't really hear me' sort of way as he lugs the mostly unconscious body along the docks.

Callax, too, has a mohawk, and though it is braided instead of shaved it is prettier than Mox's - it is perhaps the superiority of his hairstyle that allows him to sense out the undesirables creeping among the cargo containers this side of the docking fields. "You know, darling," he murmurs to Kare as the two carry a vital component to a hyperdrive motivator between them, his pupils shuddering into strange, goatlike bars across blue-gray irises. "I do believe we are being stalked."

Green hued fleshed near-human mutters as he hulks along with the others, resisting the urge to snort as his tiny eyes look from Nox and Thunn as he creeps along, another body tossed over his shoulders.

"Oi, trap'it both'a'yas or I'll do yas worsn what we did with this lot yeah?" Grumbling as he tries to keep an eye out for the marks, thin lips screwed up in a scowly sort of grin.

Civilian clothes for a civilian outing and Kare is dressed in a pair of fitted brown breeches and boots, the blouse of pale blue is overset by a darker vest. Her pistol strapped to her hip she walks with an ease as she holds the part they came for. "Nice to get out and about sometimes, right?" There is a crook of a smile that drives a dimple into her right cheek and after a day out and about her blonde short hair is tousled and falling every which way. "We should have gone for a drink but best to get back." She expresses and as they near the transport slows at the voices and Callax' observation. "Keep walking...but maybe ...just be ready."

Greed drives them but they have been having a bad day, only two in tow and the two they marked as particularly juicy for their masters. Two beauties meandering through the city and walking home late. Nox has picked himself up what he calls a 'pretty' along the way which makes their sneak down the row less than auspicious and less than unseen. Bygg has also bagged a quarry. The t'landa til is grumpy wanting his female who they left behind, no reason for him to be singing the Exultation on a 'business trip.'

"Quiet the both of you. They be looking 'round like they seens something. Nox put her down and get on behind over behind those containers, see if we can pincer them like."

Nox hisses back at MAGLARGHUGE, "Eh stuff it, I still don't think think that's your real accent." Turning his eye back to Thunn, he grumbles, "Can't we put em on the ship, first? What's so special abouyt them two?" he mutters, stealing a sly (but not sly enough) glance at the pair of Callax and Kare.

"Well, onesa lady, unlike youse mum, get the right bits in the right portion, theyse makes f'gud pleasure types eh?" Bygg and settles into cover as directed, pulling his carbine and flicking the setting to stun as he gets himself settle up, "Like y'aunty and y'sista." the green man grins, an upper grill of chromium teeth shining.

Bygg Maglarghuge sweeps his arms upward bringing his BlasTech EE-3 boomstick up to an aimed and readied position!

"Well, so much for them being wayward tourists, darling." From his belt, slender fingers ease the pistol from its place, and Callax takes a deep breath. "Cover." He makes to step behind a cargo container to give himself a fighting chance...

Not good. The part can be scavenged for later but as Callax makes his move out comes her own pistol and she is hurrying after him, choosing another reinforced durasteel crate not far away, but allows them both some space and more vantage points. She breaks off at a dead run, feet beating the ground as she slides without hesitation along her hip and leg, body following in a smooth transition with that slipping movement. Cover is found and she keeps her head down, still able to see Callax but then she leans out to try to get a better look.

"Drekking spawn of bantha filth!" Thunn shouts all pretense of sneak left behind."Nox, stun 'em good. Put a stun on the one yo' carryin' then get that tall bantha spawn with the white hair. Bygg you get th' one run-in' like a loth-cat." Thunn's bald head shines with perspiration as he pulls his gun out. "I'll cover the two of you."

Nox snorts back at Bygg, "You clearly never been round m'auntie or m'sister, if you think they'd be any kinda pleasure." Still, he sets down the unconscious prize with a grunt of exertion, and pulls a heavy blaster pistol as stealth is abandoned. "Good, I hates being sneaky." Stealing a brief look to see which one has the white hair, he verifies his weapon is set for stun. "Keep their heads down, I gonna get round the cover." Firing off a shot for effect, he slips out from around the crates the nefarious trio are near, and sprints across a stretch of open ground to slide into cover behind a parked speeder to the left of Callax and Kare.

As a round of blaster fire zings harmlessly past them both the next volley slams into Callax and Kare follows that line of fire. She leans up and over her cover to try to squeeze off three rapid shots a little blindly to try to pin the figures down and keep them from advancing on the two. "Princess?!" She calls out over towards Callax, "Sound off." She urges the other as much as she can from her spot, gritting her teeth as she tries to slip back down into cover.

Like a delicate butterfly or some junk, Callax manages to leap long-legged and graceful between a pair of cargo boxes, stun bolts splashing the metal surface - one connects, however, and as the pale pilot ducks into cover he lets out a soft and ladylike grunt as he slumps heavily to the ground. "I'm all right," he calls out, "But these bastards aren't going to be!"

Which is demonstrated when he fires out from between the boxes to tag the running Nox - her mohawk-rival - and excises the better part of his liver with a single well-placed blast.

"Get the hell out of here or we will kill you all!" Oh! Princess has poison in his mouth! Also a little blood, cos he bit his tongue. For shame.

Nothing is easy today. Nothing. The two beauties have guns and maybe even brains from the way things are going down. Left behind in the fight, hunkered to the ground since the guns started to spit at one another the t'landa til growls, its little hands making fists.

Thunn looks back, "Drekking drek drek," he spews as Nox, his keeper, takes a hit. "Put your plugs in boys," if we don't get 'em now, I'm letting Lester out after them"

"OW," Nox howls as what was intended to be a sharp, badass slide into cover behind a landsoeeder becomes more of a crashing, cursing tumble upon being SHOT. "You call that giving cover?!" he hollers back at Thunn and Bygg, wincing in pain with his back to the speeder. A slow exhale, gripping his pistol, the brigand drags himself back around, breathes a few times, and comes back up to fire from his (painfully won) flanking position.

"Carkin' frood!" Snarls Bygg as he continues to lean from cover, firing in bursts while blaster fire hails all around. "I love and hate this job! HAHA!" The big green continues to fire, cackling like mad the whole way.

It's a short blaze of glory, its Callax's; having severely wounded the mohawk-pretender, he prepares another salvo...only to take a stun bolt square in the chest. Emitting a sound that sounds like a growling dog shaken around in a rock tumbler, the beauty goes down, unconscious. Traumatized nerves begin to patch almost before he hits the ground, though. Won't be /that/ long...

More fire is exchanged and Kare keeps her eyes on Callax when she's ducked and as he spits his venom and leans out she watches him take a bolt dead on. She sucks in a sharp breath and holding it begins to train own on the injured as he moves in on their position. Her first shot hits hard and she lets off another two a bit more blindly as she is already pulling back into cover. She curse below her breath as she checks her power cell and then readies for another round. Two to go.

The odds start to even which is to no ones liking. Thunn decides to do what he should have done from the get go. "Lester, big boy. You remember that little ol' gurl you got waiting for you to home? Well, I want you ta sing a love song to her. A really lovin' tune. Cause we need to round these fellas up and get that ship of theirs outta here. Sing for me bro."

Lester hates gunfire, Lester hates to be under stress but if singing his love song will get them out of this fire fight then he will croon them there best.

"Protectors on!" Thunn calls out to Bygg, he's gonna let it rip!"

A thrum rolls through the corridor of canisters, laps against the containers and climbs a level in intensity. Even with ear protectors on, knees get weak and the desire to walk to the source of that deep throbbing that mounts in your belly is stronger than any idea of self protection. Lester puts on the volume and walks towards the woman that runs like a Loth cat.

Nox sends another stun bolt arcing toward the remaining target, to little effect. "Well ain't that just the drizzling dreks-" he growls, ducking back into cover. Or rather, starting to. Slowed by the first wound, Kare's bolt slams into him, sending the thug to the dirty duracrete in an unmoving heap.

Both Mohawks down.

Ducking, jamming plugs in his ears and shoving protectors over that, Bygg grumbles as he feels the thrumming touching the pleasure centers of his brain, eyes squeezing shut and teeth gritting as he tries to weather the storm, his entire body shaking and drenching in sweat with the effort of it.

There is something in the air as the song reaches her ears, her breath faltering for a moment and then she hears no more blaster fire and she shakes it off. Rising up the pilot continues to give a shake of her head before a song begins to hum from her lips. Now out of cover in an attempt to quiet the singer of that alluring toon she narrows her gaze. Her hand is still shaking a bit and the shot goes wide, the second is a bit more on point and compensating just a bit more Kare moves her sight inward and holds her breath. Her own humming eases as she squeeze the trigger so as to compensate for any tilt of the gun with the move of her finger. She hits and then lets out a breath, starting to hum all over again, her eyes narrowing. "GO NOW!" Or she will hunt you down.

"Why that bitch!" Thunn screams as Lester takes a wound and purple ichor flows down a shoulder. Lester roars. Full volume but it is not the love call which they need right now. The woman has come out into the open thinking that her attackers were down or playing the heroine. The bald headed man aims low at her, going for her legs. The stun blaster whines and a blue bolt says hello from Thunn to CatLady.

"Lester, you okay, bro? We need your love song, bro. Loooove."

She's gotten a bit too sure of herself, addled slightly by the weird feel in the air. Kare narrows her gaze and watches a blasters lift her way buts he is not quick enough as she tries to move to the side. As the stun bolt connects and does it's magic through her system Kare shakes and goes to her knee as the strength is sapped from her limbs. Her blaster clatters to the ground and and she braces herself against one arm while trying to get a foot beneath her.

Then that song hits and her already unfocused mind is gathered up in the embrace of it. There is a moment where she lets out a soft sound before managing to shakily get to her foot and then drop to her knee. Her world is spinning and something is drawing her closer like a warm embrace.

Her hand drags against the ground and she shuffles forward on one knee and hand as she lifts her head to look at Lester - the expressions says the crooning is working.

Callax, meanwhile, avoids this fate. Cos he's unconscious. Womp womp.


Despite the ear protection Thunn sits splay legged in the middle of the canister corridor while Lester bleeds beside him singing his love song to the stunned woman. Clumsy, stupefied by his own weapon he clambers to his feet and goes over to the supine high woman. "Bygg make sure Nox is dead. Get his weapon if he is. Then you drag the girl, double time to their ship. Don't forget yours and check on the one Nox had. I am goin' drag the white haired drek in."

The bald haired man's bulk is sufficient for the deed. He rolls the white haired man over and starts to drag him towards the ramp. He stops mid-way. "Get the boarding code off the dame. Tell her how good she'll feel if she gives it to ya. But no funny business. Boss wants them fresh."

"Yeah, I'll make sure." Bygg notes as he moves to Nox's body, casually putting his foot on the body's throat and applying pressure as he sweeps up the thug's weapons, and credit purse.

This bit of work attended, the green skinned near human leaves the body, with its crushed neck, and moves to recover Kare before he grabs his other charge. Humming cheerily to himself as he gets to following Thunn, "Yeah yeah, fresh and wrigglin' an all that. Whatever, s'long as I get paid."