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Resistance: Hunters Assembled

OOC Date: September 7, 2017
Location: D'Qar
Participants: Triz Dermout, Jax Greystorm

It's raining on D'Qar the morning you're summoned to Starfighter Command, sent to see a new officer - one Colonel At'aani, an Arkanian (yes, Arkanian) hybrid officer arrived from one of the Resistance's other operations in the galaxy. By the time you arrive in the spacebarn currently used as Command's center of operations, you've already gotten the picture that people are more than a little spooked by this fellow.

The Colonel awaits you in the briefing room, standing behind the podium by the big holographic tank. Pure white skin, pure white hair, dark-lensed goggles over his eyes. The lighting in the room is low, but the tank is on, revealing an operational map in bright holographics. He waits for you.

The door slides open and in steps Lt. Jax Greystorm. The flying Greystorm was a good 5 minutes early. He was wearing the brown tunic and pants of the Resistance. HIs rank on his chest. He carries with him a data pad. "Colonel At'aani?"

"Ah, yes. Captain. Please come down here, I have something to show you." He does not look up from the datapad on his podium.

Jax moves down to the podium. "Yes sir?" Not taking the time to point out his rank wasn't that of a captain.

The almost-Arkanian looks up, smiling at you - it's a bit off-putting, that smile, with his skin, hair and teeth about the same color; he gestures to the holotank with one long-fingered hand. "Captain, effective immediately, I am removing you from your current squadron."

Jax returns the smile. Then he crosses his arms at the Arkanian's news. "I had just been assigned to it and promoted to Lieutanant, Sir. Is this a temporary re-assignment or more permanent?"

"You are to lead a new squadron for me, Captain. You are to take Lieutenant Dermout and select a few other pilots that you think can do the job, and then you are going to be my pet project." Because Arkanians, even half-bloods, love their projects. "Congratulations, Captain. You are now the leader of Hunter Squadron. And, a hunter you will be."

Jax geninuely frowns, "Project sir? If I may what will be our base of operation, mission paremeters, and resources issued to us?" He says studying the Colonel a bit more closely now.

"You'll have what I can give you," says the Colonel, looking back down at his datapad. "This is a bit of an experiment, so the jury's still out, mmm? You'll operate from here, of course. Now, Captain..." He pauses. "You're called Hunter Squadron because that's what you'll do - range across a number of mission areas, many of which will be distilled directly from Intelligence, and cover a number of roles. Recon, raiding, and of course frontline duty as required. Essentially, you go where I send you, Greystorm, because you've demonstrated that you can do the job."

Jax Greystorm nods, " Thank you for the compiment sir. I will try to live up to my reputation. Are we being assigned T-65, T-70s, A-wings, B-wings, or another situation?"

"As needed," the Colonel replies. "What were you flying before?"

Jax Greystorm moves to parade rest, "I have flown all four and y-wings. I will look for pilots that have checked out for all of them or looks to have the potential to do such. Are we to have support staff or will that be drawn from whatever area we're in?"

"Materials and support will often be procure-on-site," he says. "Oh, and, at ease, Captain. I don't stand on ceremony all that much. Too much of the scientist, you know." The Colonel looks at you. "Do you have any recommendations as to staff? That is, beyond Lieutenant Dermout, who has been given the promotion sufficient to serve as your second in command."

Jax Greystorm crosses his arms, "I have a certian for Dr. Greystorm. But I doubt having her under my command and as a ground operative, there's where her tallents lie. As of right now I don't have anyone I want to be re-assigned to me."

"Then I'll make the rest of the decisions for you," he replies. "Are you familiar with a certain Ra'akksi Monn?"

"Chief? He's a scout but no figher pilot. Damn good one. He's an old timer. Lieutenant Colonel Greystorm often works with him. " He shrugs, "He often works Atlan E'ron. Kind of an odd team of scouts knowing their race."

"That's the point," the Colonel says with his disturbing smile. As if he were a machine attempting to approximate the gesture. "Tell me, Captain - do you get along with the Colonel?"

Jax Greystorm shrugs his shoulders, "You get along with your mother, sir?"

Another long patrol, burning holes in space if that were possible, and Triz was so looking forward to a hot shower, something to eat and to put her feet up and give her sore butt a break. But noooo, this was not to be. No sooner had she climbed down from her fighter was she informed about the meeting. None to happy with her well thought out plans for the rest of the night, plans that she worked on and perfected for the many hours she patrolled, dashed as she tosses the datapad with the reports from the flight to the Crew Chief "Bird worked great, no problems at all." Still clutching her helmet, she makes her way to see what the hell was so fired important to interrupt her idea of a great evening.

She doesn't knock, even announce her presence except a questioning look to Jax "Boss," and then finds a seat to look at the Arkanian. Her helmet is rested on a knee and fingers are dragged through her sweat soaked hair before loosing the band that kept the now ragged pony tail in place. "Lieutenant Dermout, reporting," she says as a way of introductions.

"Ah, Lieutenant." The Colonel looks up at Triz, blinking faintly behind tinted lenses. "Effective immediately you are promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant, and you will stand down from your current assignment. You will serve in Hunter Squadron under command of Captain Greystorm, here."

That said, he looks to Jax. "Quite well, actually. I take if you can work together when need be?"

Jax who is wearing ground duty uniform of a brown tunic and pants. "Girlie. Don't get comfortable we don't have permanet berthings, ships, or support" He shrugs, "I can work with her if there's a need." He says with nod.

"Wait, what?" Triz blurts out, confusion plain on her face as she looks from the Arkanian then to Jax "What's what, Boss?" The words still not fixed in her head that the Colonel said. "What the hell is the Hunter Squadron?" Blinking " And all I wanted was a long hot shower, something to eat and a glass or two of wine in my berthing with a good book." The last muttered to herself but possibly overheard by the others "Wait, a new squadron, no berthings, no ships and no support?" She turns her attention to the Arkanian "Care to explain, /sir/?"

"Instead, you get an exciting new assignment in the service of the Resistance. Being a good pilot can be a /terrible/ thing, I'm sure." The Colonel smiles at her. "Yes, I've heard about you, Lieutenant. I'm glad you can speak plainly - now, the Captain isn't quite correct. You have permanent quarters here on D'Qar. The ships you currently fly will be assigned to you when necessary, but it's true that you'll be spending a good amount of time flying what I put you in. Before you get terribly upset, however, why don't the two of you take a seat and I'll explain."

Jax Greystorm moves to take a seat as instructed. "Yeah yeah... We all want to be in our quarters drinking a glass of wine and reading a good book." He says looking to the Colonel. "Go ahead, sir."

Taking a seat next to Jax, making sure her sweat filled flight suit is zipped open allowing her T-shirt underneath to show and that her hours long cooped up in an X-Wing cockpit sweat is close to him, Triz smiles not so innocently at Bossman. Turning to the Colonel, brows raise questioningly, along with a shrug of her shoulders as if saying she has no idea what he means which fails completely to fool anyone "Sure, go ahead, /sir/."

"Take it up with the First Order," says Colonel At'aani. He never goes above a pleasant tone, but there is iron in his words that tugs at the back of the neck before one is aware of it. "Now. You are of course aware the the enemy is responsible for a rash of kidnappings and strange occurances throughout the Unknown Regions; the Regions, while mapped, are largely unexplored. It is using this cloak of information - or the lack of it rather - that the First Order is able to expand as it has.

"Now, what I'm about to tell you is a matter of secrecy. We are aware that there are a number of places along the border of the Unknown Regions involving previously unknown military buildup. We don't believe this to be an invasion force, as over the last thirty years the Republic Fleet has grown powerful enough to counter any attempt by the First Order to meet it in traditional combat. However, the kind of activity we are seeing suggests something else may be in the works." Saying this, the Colonel calls up a map, demonstrating a number of sites as he described.

Jax Greystorm nods, "Yeah the General herself has said as much. Though I thought they were trying to find Skywalker or force artifacts. They seem to be working that angle. They did appear on Nar Shaddaa. for poltical purposes." He stipples his fingrs to listen.

"Something else, sir? Like what?" Triz asks. She thinks back at her time as a Merc as she studies the map displayed "Been near there but not into that region," she says softly. She falls silent as Jax gets serious so she leans a bit forward to pay attention as well.

"It very well may be that simple," the Colonel says with a nod. "In any case, we are going to deny them."

The Arkanian hybrid gestures to the map; a point lights up, and the map zooms in. "This is System 332-1124-4. A bright star, the only contents of the system is a belt of asteroids that ring the far fringes - a vast area, but somewhere in the belt a First Order task force has been detected. Doing what? Well...that's what you're going to find out."

Jax Greystorm nods his head, "Yeah alright. I'll I get us a spy crew ongoard."

Triz nods "Sure, we can do this," she affirms. "No problem." She looks to Jax then to the Colonel, "Any idea what we will be going in?"

"Tomorrow," says the Colonel. "You'll be using Longprobes, which I know will just make you -terribly- excited, however the conditions in in the system warrant the use of these craft. Get some rack time, say goodbye to your current wingmates, and be here tomorrow at 0800 hours. Be ready to fly."