Triz Dermout

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Triz Dermout

Title: EX-Captain
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Private Contractor
Profession: EX-Resistance Fighter Pilot
Homeworld: Corellia
Organization: EX-Resistance Starfighter Corps
Ship: T-65c X-Wing "Revenge", U-Wing "Reprisal" & YT-2400 "Outlaw Cat"


Name is pronounced as Dermou (the t is silent).


Born in a very wealthy family on Corellia, Triz showed her intelligence at an early age as well as a highly developed independent streak. She never went with out anything. Any thing she wanted she got, went to the very best of schools, had the best food and wore the lastest fasions. To say she was spoiled a spoiled brat is an understatement. Some say she still is to an extent. All she had to do was ask Daddy for it and it was as good as had.

She was accepted into flight training for Corellian Defense Force (CDF) and she showed a natural talent for flying that others could only envy. She served in CDF for a number of years and left the CDF for reasons not publicly known. She went out on her own, and joined various Merc groups. The rep on her was she was a hot head but if she agreed to a contract she saw it to the end. Protecting transports, planets or what not she made sizable gains in her experience. She always skirted along the edges of the Resistance, crossing paths now and then with their other pilots but never thought to join them. Always on good terms with those of the Resistance she met it was more the credits and the freedom of being a Merc that kept her as a free spirit rather than joining a cause.

This all changed the day when the First Order came to be in her world in the form of an attack on an otherwise boring escort mission and the wholesale slaughter of innocents that were being transported to help a fledging settlement grow. Men, women and children were blown out of existence once the fighter escorts were eliminated. Triz and one other were the only survivors who while evading overwhelming forces finally escaped.

Corellian Through and Through

Triz is definitly Corellian. Impulsive, hot headed, and Independent. Here is pretty much what the make up of Triz is:

Corellian Social Concepts

But for a people often thought of as self-centered lone wolves, in Corellian society the most valued concept was considered family ties with loyalty being a prime factor among Corellians. Honor and fidelity are universally valued among them, and a Corellian's word is his bond. Though it is said there is no honor among thieves, even the basest Corellian criminal possess some sense of honor and moral code that guides his actions. This led to a great number of traditions and occasions to observe ranging from simple family meetings to more important events such as the ascension of a Corellian Force-sensitive to the rank of Jedi Master. Such a facet of Corellian culture made it a curious oddity to some sociologists due to the fact that their society produced a large number of smugglers and pirates yet still revered family loyalties. Corellians considered it most dishonorable to involve innocent family members in a quarrel held with one family member. Conversely, great courage was seen as highly honorable, deserving of outward recognition through traditions such as the Corellian Bloodstripe. The color green also seemed to hold special meaning for Corellians in the galaxy, the Corellian planetary flag was green, and it was also considered the traditional coloration for wedding gowns, Jedi robes, and CorSec markings

Corellian - A society of Daredevels

One trait, seemingly shared by nearly every Corellian is a particular fondness for piloting fast ships. This characteristic has has translated to the Corellian philosophy of shipbuilding: faster is better. Nearly all Corellians are capable pilots by maturity and swoop and speeder racing are popular pastiimes. It is generally accepted wisdom that Corellians have naturally good instincts and quick reflexes, explaining their ability to push vehicles and starships to their limits (and survive), though evidence for this is often more anecdotal than scientific. In addition to their piloting skills, Corellians are renowned explorers, traders, engineers and tinkerers. Corellians pioneered many of the trade routes that crisscross the galaxy, and their ships are nearly ubiquitous. They also have a not-wholly-undeserved reputation as smugglers and pirates.


Corellians have a reputation for being individualistic and pragmatic, with a recklessness that causes them to act impulsively. Often possessing a deep-seated rebellious streak, the Corellians tend to view themselves a a breed apart from other humans in the galaxy, whom they consider somewhat staid and spiritless. The combination of enterprising individualism and confidence can easily be taken for arrogance (which in some cases it is) but Corellians generally prefer determined resolve and immediate action to any perceived indecision or vacillation. While thoughtful reflection and sagacity is considered a virtue among Corellians, it is not always a quality they posses.

Description - Flight

Average in height and stature, the woman before you has brown eyes and dark brown hair. A nice fitting nose, full lips round out her face. She is definitely a woman and her curves show this. Everything is well in proportion. Even if she is slight in frame she carries herself with confidence as well as a swagger.

She is wearing an orange flight suit. A heavy duty belt encircles her thin waist and from it hangs a BlasTech EL-718 pistol. A Guidenhouser fastens to the belt and drops down to her lets. Flexible flight gloves cover her hands and half-way up to her elbows. A white flight vest with it's associated life support equipment tops her suit. Leather flight boots go up half way to her knees and the suit covers them. Topped overall with an insulated flight helmet. Emergency flares are secured around her lower left leg along with two spare power cells for her pistol. On her right thigh is strapped a pad with an attached pen for her to take notes or hold mission specs and available to be read easily while in flight.


Having become disillusioned with the Resistance, Triz has left the organization. Though she has little to say about the specifics she is ready to move forwards and onwards.

Having limped her craft to Nar Shaddaa she found her self with out a job, broken ass ship and no prospects. That is till the fateful day when she happened to go into a bar and run into Gren Delede who recruited her into joining up with The Resistance and specifically with the Kath Hounds in their secret base hidden on Nar Shaddaa.

She now flies an X-Wing named Spark 4 and has recently been promoted to Lieutenant JG.

Taking a leap of faith, Triz and her best friend Sabella have gone in together and found an old YT-2400 in a Nar Shadda junk yard. Together they were able to scrap together enough credits to buy the thing and get it to the CoreStar Spaceport where they plan on refurbishing it. The old freighter who's name is long forgotten has a new name. The Outlaw Cat.

Triz was in the right place at the right time and was able to purchase a refitted Incom UT-60D U-Wing that she has named Reprisal.

RP Hooks

- From a wealthy family on Corellia
- Flew with various Merc groups as a fighter pilot
- Built a good rep with many Mercs and other pilots
- Was in the Corellian Defense force

Combat System I like to use

The following is the combat system that Fuze and I have used in our combat scenes. It works very well and gives some structure since there is no real space combat system in place:
Here's my suggestion for small ship-to-fighter ship/swooper/speeder actions when we don't have coded ships/swoops/speeders. It's not intended for freighters or capital ships. It's a bit rough and ready but designed for speed and ease of use. Feel free to suggest ways to adopt/adapt/improve.

1. Both pilots roll Pilot at 100. A success means you can get into a firing position that round on the other. A fail means you can't.

2. If you succeeded in your pilot roll, then take a shot by rolling the appropriate ranged roll for your craft. If your ranged roll success is greater than your opponent's pilot roll success, you hit, and they take <margin of success> "hit points" from their ship. If their ranged roll success is greater than your pilot roll success, they hit, and you take <margin of success> HP to your ship.

3. Rinse and repeat.

4. Before the shindig, give your ships (say) 50 "hit points" in shields, after which (say) 50 "hit points" in structure is then available before the ship becomes a flying brick.

e.g. Fuze's TIE is up against Triz's X-wing. Fuze rolls Pilot vs 100, 23 SUCCESS. Then she rolls Ranged: Fixed Mounts vs 100, 12 SUCCESS. Triz rolls Pilot, 46 SUCCESS, and Ranged: Fixed Mounts, 88 SUCCESS. Fuze's attack misses (12 < 46). Triz's attack succeeds (88 > 23) and Fuze's TIE takes (88-23 = 65) damage, wiping out all the shields and a further 15 points of structure damage.


Outlaw Cat.jpg
Outlaw Cat
Spark 4
Spark 4 splashes another
Triz helmet.png
Triz's Helmet
Short break between missions.
Triz's Incom U-Wing Reprisal