Mandalorian Revivers

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History and Background

The Mandalorian Revivers began when a group of similar minded individuals decided to actually act on their thoughts, the support of their brothers and sisters giving them the drive to attempt something not done in a millennia. Unite the Mandalorians under a single banner. The group has found some traction with individual Mandalorians flocking to the banner, many of them realising that all the times their people have been truly great is when they are together.

The Crew

Mandalorian Command Team


An army without structure is no army at all, it is a directionless assortment of rabble. The Mandalorians are no different. Surrounding Russ the figurehead and leader of the Mandalorian Revivers are a slew of more than capable commanders and advisers. They often have sway on the ultimate direction of the Mandalorian Revivers and often command respectable forces in their own right. They take care of much of the day to day running of the organisation as well as heading the various different commands and special forces teams.

The Executor.jpg

The Mandalorian fleet

The Mandalorian fleet currently consists of a Dreadnaught, a Marauder class corvette and a small horde of fighters including several firesprays and the mighty Ha'rangir squadron. The Mandalorian fleet is currently understaffed after the aquisition of the Dreadnaught won by a hard fought single combat over the fate of the Mandalorian people. However since that great victory a rallying cry has gone out, and more people have began to flock to the banner of the Mandalorian revivers. The fleet grows day by day and the Mandalorian Revivers are looking for talented deck commanders and pilots.

Ha'rangir squadron, the squadron personally led by and trained by Narsai Ordo. This squadron is the counter to other factions top gun units. They are equipped with the best ships and equipment the Mandalorian Revivers can get their hands on. Every pilot is a master of their craft and experienced in at least several high impact combat operations. They are the tip of the spear when it comes to Mandalorian space/air combat and are often the only ones crazy enough to pull of the missions sanctioned by Russ and Narsai Ordo.


Mandalorian Knights

A name dating back to the Mandalorian wars, when several jedi believed so strongly that the republic was corrupt beyond redemption that they joined the conquering Mandalorians. Believing that they would be the ones to reset the system, that their culture and society may be the answer. That is not what the Mandalorian knights are anymore however, now it is simply a name to lend the unit of some character. Specialising in close quarters combat and serve as one faction of the Mandalorian special forces. They hold by far the most blademasters out of any faction of the Revivers, are incredibly well equipped and rumour has it they are even trained in anti-jedi techniques.

Mandalorian Reviver.jpg

Mandalorian Reviver Armour

Once someone proves they follow the resol'nare, that their skill in battle is superior and that they are loyal and committed to the cause they get presented with a heavily modified set of Mandalorian armour made specifically for and by the Revivers. It offers a multitude of features including a jetpack and various hidden weapons amongst it's unparalleled defensive capabilities.