Narsai Ordo

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Narsai Ordo

Title: Narsai Ordo
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Former Independent Pilot/Mercenary, Current Leader of the Mandalorians
Profession: Mandalore the Reforger
Homeworld: Mandalore
Organization: Mandalorian Revivers
Ship: Thunderheart


Narsai Ordo is a Mandalorian-born young woman, Captain of the Thunderheart and the younger sister of the 'Ordo Siblings'. The little sister of Mandalore the Reviver, she has recently been forced to take up the mantle of Mandlore herself after the disappearance of her brother. While she's perhaps less abrupt and intimidating as one might expect for her race or her position, Narsai remains a passionate soul dedicated to healing and 'reforging' her shattered people and their home.


At 5'2, this human isn't exactly tall. The pale skinned figure's deep red hair sits messy at her shoulders and the tips are often done up in some bright color or another. She's got bangs that could obscure her vision if not for her constantly brushing it away from her face. Her eyes are a soft green, with a hint of wild light in them. Lithe and toned the woman has the body and grace of a dancer with the light footed skill of a warrior.

Perhaps the truest evidence of her femininity is her slim perfectly shaped figure, enough to make one look twice. A toned and flat belly blends into a slim waist and then gives way to the curvy flare of her hips and long, powerful legs. Commonly She wears a fitted suit of body armor almost reminiscent of a 'shadowsuit' but clearly formed to function as a flight suit.

The outer surface of the armor is comprised leather-like fibre weave with beskar'gem plating that offers a greater mobility at the cost of some protection. The blue-black armor fits perfectly against her body's major areas, figure hugging to the point one might wonder how she moves so easily. While the suit clings to her form like a second skin secured to her hip in a holster her pistol commonly rests along with a few other items on her belt.


You might think with the fact I made a life of flying away means I had a terrible upbringing or something like that. Not at all. A 'traditional' Mandalorian upbringing is tough, but it isn't -bad-. We'd been told of the past history like it were fairy tales, legends of great and honorable warriors of our clans that could set the galaxy trembling in their boots at just the sight of their armor and how over time and a misfortune they'd become known know as little more than thugs you could get better work out of for a little more cash. Over and over we would train just to catch a little glimmer of that faded honor.

Blasters, marches in heavy armor, even training in the vibro-blade filled so many hours of my day that most would be forgiven for thinking I'd want nothing more than to fall down and sleep till it was time to do it all again. It wasn't a bed I'd fall into though for my downtime though, it was a pile of scrap and tech manuals. Diagrams for freighters and fighters, interstellar charts, speeder blueprints. Anything about something that could be made to go somewhere and go there fast? I wanted to get my hands on. It was more than a 'knack'. My parents said they could swear machines actually talked to me and I'd just somehow worked out how to listen. By the time I was 14, I was the one people would go to for tweaks on their speeders, tuning of their blasters, repair of their Jet packs. If I wasn't putting something together upgrading it or tearing it apart? I was pushing it to its absolute limit. My 'siblings' and I would race speeder bikes over open plains and through trees, but my reflexes always seem to know the right way to turn and my gut always new just how close to the edge the bike could come before it would give up. Never lost a single race.

All in all I had a good life, a hard one physically, but a good one that I probably could have happily resigned myself too until I was too old and decrepit to ride a bike or put on armour. I would have too, if I hadn't made a hell of a discovery while plundering the scrapyards for parts. She was a wreck too, a frustration dumped like a lump of iron freshly mined by someone too dense to treat her right or to realise the treasure before them. Scrapyard owner actually told me it was the wreck of one of those old YT's. Didn't even know what he was looking at. Cost me my bike to even start on her, to get the ship out of the yard and somewhere I could work on it. Donations, fabrications and even a few nights working whatever jobs could get credits in my hands for the parts I needed. There was few things quite like her out there in the galaxy when I started I'm sure, but by the time I was done? She was shiny, sleek and unique as a snowflake. I'd been all set to name her too till I managed to find a drive in her that hadn't been stripped out. Model YT-3450, designation: Thunderheart. '

The Mandalorian Revivers: Mandalore the Reforger

The Mandalorian Revivers began when a group of similar minded individuals decided to actually act on their thoughts, the support of their brothers and sisters giving them the drive to attempt something not done in a millennia. Unite the Mandalorians under a single banner. After Russ Ordo declared himself "Mandalore the Reviver" The group has found some traction with individual Mandalorians and warrior clans flocking to the banner, many of them realizing that all the times their people have been truly great is when they are together. Even so, there are many who still hold onto grudges and 'bogey men' tails of the Mandalorians from ancient history and have met the Mandalorians with fear, distrust or overt hatred. Even so, Narsai has persisted to work alongside others and be an example of all the good her people could do in the galaxy and for themselves.

At the disappearance of her brother, Narsai found herself forced from the position of 'kid sister' and Mandalore's champion, to the role of Mandalore herself. For Mandalore to be a young woman was hardly the norm and there were plenty that doubted or outright rebuked her right to lead. Even Narsai herself was not immune to doubt, but support and duty have lead to her taking the mantle and declaring herself 'Mandalore the Reforger', intending to 'reforge' the Mandalorians into something stronger and greater than they have been; a force for good.

Somewhere in the Middle

"Peace", said the Jedi. "Passion", said the Sith. I tried to heed them both. When I felt anger, I smothered it with shame; when I felt peaceful, I drowned it in guilt. And in so doing, I had neither. Then came the clarity like a great storm. First the fury, and then, the eye. And I realized I need not choose between the calm and the storm. Indeed, to truly have either, I must be both.

RP Hooks

  • Ace Pilot. If one were to ask she would tell you she's the best this side of the galaxy and probably the other two.
  • Mechanic: If it can be taken apart or put back together, odds are Narsai can repair it or upgrade it.
  • Recently based on Nar Shaddaa most of the time.
  • Talented blade fighter and decent marksman.
  • Mandalorian: Narsai is of the clan Ordo and younger sibling of Russ Ordo, the now-deceased former leader of the Mandalorian Revivers. Narsai has taken his mantle, leading her people.
  • Speaks several languages with varying degrees of fluency.