Odessa Dym

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Odessa Dym

Race: Togruta
Sex: Female
Occupation: Courtesan + Mechanic
Profession: Courtesan
Homeworld: Kiros
Organization: Looking
Ship: Dym View


  • Born on Kiros.
  • Worked with her father in the spaceport as a mechanic's apprentice.
  • Left Kiros at 18 to see the Galaxy, discovered Courtesan Lal D'jbaren. and fell hard.
    • Started second apprenticeship, this time as a Courtesan, for two years.
    • Traveled the galaxy with Lal. Could have been anywhere your background hook wants her to be.
  • Eventually found herself contracted to a pirate lord.
  • Rescued by Lofnik
  • Serves as Mechanic abord the Irrational Opposition.
  • Arrives in Nar Shaddaa in 5 ABY.


  • Barefoot Despite the rumor about Togrutas go barefoot all the time, Odessa elects to wear shoes quite often! She even has a large collection of...
  • Shoes Yes, she has a lot of shoes and you can buy her more! Courtesans love gifts.
  • Courtesan Oh yeah, she's a courtesan. Provides pleasure for pay. Can be a song, massage, dance...
  • Mechanic She knows how to work on a starship.
  • Linguist Knows several languages, including Wookie.