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Wookieepedia Togruta Art

Wookieepedia links: [1] and [2] What "Canon" is known about the Togruta is not much, so I Rheisa Dirleel have included some details from the "Legends" source as well as my own hypothesizing regarding some aspects of their culture for a little RP flavor. The examples of language you'll find linked below are likewise created by me. Feel free to use it in game play, or not.

Happy Holidays: Togruta 12 Days of Christmas

Species Summary

The Togruta were a carnivorous humanoid species from the planet Shili. The species exhibited head-tails which were similar to those of Twi'leks. Togruta were also distinguished by montrals, large hollow horn-like projections from the top of their heads, that gave the species a form of passive echolocation. In order to protect themselves from dangerous predators, and to hunt their own prey, Togruta banded together in tribes called “packs” and relied on their natural pigmentation to disrupt and confuse slow-witted beasts. Togruta worked well in large groups, and individualism was seen as abnormal within their culture, although it was also a necessary quality in leaders.

The Togruta were discovered by 25,000 BBY.[source?] At some point in their history they established a major pacifist colony on the planet Kiros. During the Old Republic era, the species orchestrated the Togruta Uprising, an event later pacified by Grand Moff Kilran. Togruta as a whole possessed a special affinity for the Force, and have contributed to the Jedi Order nearly as far back in history as its beginning. Turn to the Wookieepedia for more historical facts!


The planet was a long-time member of the Galactic Republic and Togrutas had been in the Jedi Order since its earliest years.

It was the homeworld of many beasts, such as the Akul, which tribes of Togrutas had to work together to defeat in order to survive. The planet was covered with turu-grass scrublands and valley canopy forests. Because Shili had colorful grasslands, the natives displayed distinctive skin patterns for camouflaging. The most prominent city on Shili was Corvala, which was the capital. Shili was located in the Expansion Region near the Hydian Way. Jedi Master Shaak Ti and former Padawan Ahsoka Tano of the Jedi Order were Togruta who hailed from this world.


Kiros was an idyllic world filled with vast green valleys and flowing waterfalls.

The world was host to 50,000 Togruta colonists. The planet was ruled by Governor Roshti, who was contacted by Master Yoda just prior to the Separatist occupation of Kiros during the Clone Wars. Count Dooku approached the Governor of the world to allow the Separatists to move the population to a secure location while they established a base there. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and Clone Captain Rex later fought a battle on Kiros, where they liberated the planet, but discovered that the entire population had been taken by slavers.

After the battle at Kadavo had ended and the Zygerrian slave processing facility was destroyed, the former captives were returned to Kiros, to rebuild their society. This included arming themselves and receiving combat training from clone troopers.


Togruta spoke the Togruti language, which had a few elements of basic. Dialects could vary from region to region, but the language as a whole was complex. The vocal elements were guttural, spoken with few syllables, and most words possessed many meanings which were differentiated by facial expression, tonal inflection, and subtle headtail movement. The headtails were not capable of the eloquent ‘speech’ exhibited by Twi’lek species’ lekku, but could contract their tissues, including specialized pigment cells (melanophores) found in the bands of color on the headtails. Between the headtail flexion, facial tics, and sometimes warbling overtones, a Togruta conversation could be an entertaining thing to behold, but less noise in the field means fewer opportunities for a predator to find you or a prey to hear you.

Because so much of Togruta communication relies upon eye contact and body language, and because untruths benefit no one but the teller, they tend to be terrible liars. It takes serious concentration and maybe practice for a native-speaking Togruta to sustain a ‘poker face’ during the full course of conversation. That’s what happens when your communication network relies upon wearing your every emote on your face.

I have assembled a list of 'words' I commonly use while playing Rheisa and when translating her folk stories that she tells. It can be found here: Togruta Vocabulary List


Togruta Biology - A composite of both Wookieepedia-sourced information and my own additives to fill in the gaps.

Togruta Culture - A composite of both Wookieepedia-sourced information and my own additives to fill in the gaps.