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Rua Winiata

Title: Miss
Race: Pantoran
Sex: Female
Occupation: Farmer
Profession: Farmer
Homeworld: Concord Dawn
Organization: Mandalorians


Rua was brought to Concord Dawn when she was still just a baby. The man that brought her to Concord Dawn was a human man named Atama Winiata. The story of how the clearly Pantoran child ended up being whisked away has been shared with those who needed to know, plus no one has really cared given the man had the documentation from wherever she came from. Rua is for all intents and purposes a child of Concord Dawn, the Winiata family and a Mandalorian Foundling.

Though there is a big difference between her and most others, she is light blue, with golden facial markings and her hair is a pastel violet color. Which caused some children to avoid her a bit when she was little. Her mother, Kauri, told her that she wasn't any different and that was all that she needed to hear to make her forget about things. She didn't have trouble with her schooling, she just wasn't the top star student. Pretty average when it came to academics.

Rua was an outgoing child when it came to hands on training, wanting to prove that she could do everything that her older brothers could do. Training, farming, dealing with dangerous animals? She was always in the thick of it. She had a knack for dragging home stray animals...and she abducted a Fanned Rawl on one trip to Mandalore.

His name is Slinky and she loves him, while she can handle him, most others can't.

Her father was a member of the Journeymen Protectors until he was injured and had to retire. Her oldest brother trained and eventually was able to become one. It was a dream of Rua's, but it was not meant to be. Her destiny lay with making sure that the family farm prospered, she always had a way with the land and she had a head for business. That doesn't mean she gave up her training or her weapons. They are part of her religion after all.

Rua has also had to learn from her mother the routine of dealing with the farm and those that they have business dealings with as well as friendships. She's traveled to Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine and Kashyyyk for this over the years.

RP Hooks

  • Farmer - Rua is very good with agriculture.
  • Animals - Rua knows how to handle them. She has a Fanned Rawl by the name of Slinky.
  • Mandalorian - Rua is a member of Clan Winiata.
  • Concord Dawn - Rua lives there with her family.


  • Atama Winiata (NPC) - Rua's father, former Journeyman Protector and owner of Winiata Farms.
  • Kauri Winiata (NPC) - Rua's mother, Mandalorian and mama bear.
  • Keoka Winiata (NPC) - Rua's oldest brother, current Journeymen Protector. Dad's pride.