Setel Kanirri

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Setel Kanirri

Title: Lieutenant
Race: Togruta
Sex: Female
Occupation: NSec Pilot
Profession: Combat Pilot
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Organization: Hutt Cartel


Lt. Setel Kanirri is now flying fighters under the NSec Banner, flying across the skies and space of Nar Shaddaa keeping everyone safe and sound. Did your ship land on Nar Shaddaa without being molested by pirates? You're welcome! Did your cargo make it to your warehouse? All in a day's work, ma'am/sir. Oh, you've seen my vids? Sure, I'll autograph your droids...

Setel is going through her life as an NSec officer, one that's now important enough to receive bribes and shady offers. She's learning which ones she should take and which she shouldn't take, while mostly just looking forward to her next flight or getting into that shady dive bar where she had that fight last time.


  • Holovid Actress': Since her teen years, Setel has been an active actress in the holovid scene. Going back as far as her grandmother, the Setel name is one that's known around the industry. She's done mostly action movies and is the kind to insist on doing all her own stunts and flying. Maybe you're a fan or seen her in something? Maybe you know about some of the other videos that she doesn't want her parents to find out about.
  • NSec: She's a pilot and junior officer for NSec and keeps Nar Shaddaa safe. She may also be able to tell you patrol routes, gaps in defenses, or get you information... for the right price.
  • Bribery: NSec is notorious for its pay-to-play nature. Maybe you want to pay for some info or get some help smuggling? She might be your gal!
  • Dives: Setel likes a good dive bar, some cheap drinks, and a good ol' fashioned fist-fight.

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