Sloane Azarin

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Sloane Azarin

Title: Pilot
Race: H.R.D.
Sex: Female
Occupation: Imperial TIE Pilot
Profession: Combat Pilot
Homeworld: Wendol
Organization: Sith Empire
Ship: Echo


Fire. The choking of thick smoke. A ringing that beats out all other sounds, leaving the screams of neighbors and friends a distant second. When Sloane thinks about her childhood, these are the first images that come to mind. She remembers the Resistance terror attack on her homeworld, Wendol, in the Unknown Regions. She had grown up among idyllic citrus groves. Her father (Bondoi) was the colony governor for the Empire, and her mother (Zel Azny) was a farmer supplying delicious Guera Fruit to the Empire. It was a peaceful colony, working in the harmony of order that the Empire had always promised its citizens. And the Rebels took it away with their cowardly attack, just to weaken a supply line. Of fruit.

Digging deeper, pushing past the anger and hate, Sloane can remember things like swinging on a swing hanging from a grove tree branch. Or going to school in a small schoolhouse where a protocol droid taught them maths and sciences (mostly agrarian sciences). She remembers her love for helping her mother cook in their kitchen, always vegetarian. Always spicy. Sloane recalls paddling her kayak with her father, going out into the ocean and taking lessons in free-diving as he said his people once did on their world.

Then there was the attack. Sloane's resolve hardened. She went off-world and joined an Imperial Academy. She studied hard, harder than most. She pulled extra hours in the simulators. She talked people into extra combat practice. Sloane wasn't going to be just another graduate, she was going to be *the* graduate of her class. The one the instructors remembered and wrote letters of recommendation for.

Sloane became an Imperial combat pilot and mostly flies newer TIEs. She doesn't know her entire history is made up, or that she's part of Project Solar Flare, an Imperial project for creating HRDs to increase their skilled combat pilots.


  • Foodie Sloane is a total foodie. During her off-hours, she's frequently found searching up new recipes, following up on new restaurants, or cooking for friends and acquaintances.
  • Pilot Nothing beats the freedom of flying. She can be found in her TIE on official missions, or in some other small ship otherwise. Need some lessons?
  • Pew pew Want to get together at a gun range?
  • H.R.D. Sloane does not realize she's an H.R.D.
  • Rebels Let's hunt them together! Or, you know, convince her that the Resistance isn't so bad after all and might have a point.