Alluria Dane

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Alluria Dane KA: Ria Velos

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Smuggler/Pilot
Homeworld: Kuat
Organization: Rebel Yell


Alluria is slim and trim, standing about five foot eight inches. Shoulder length dark curly brown hair often held back in a pony tail. Her eyes a peircing blue though at times muted to a stormy grey. She looks to be in her mid twenties, yet something in her eyes makes her look older sometimes. A person who has seen more than she should for her age. Out of uniform she oft seen in baggy cargo pants and bomber jacket over a sleeveless shirt that gives a barest hint of midrif as she moves.


A child of diplomats Markus and Amaya Dane from Kuat, though their work took them traveling about the galaxy. While not mean parents, they were clearly focused upon their work and family life often came second. The family never truly settling down long enough to make connections. Alluria was mostly taught by tutors and looked after by nannies with her siblings. She had a full education , her favorite courses in the sciences. Also she had singing lessons, while her siblings learned instruments, given she was found to have a good voice from early on. Often trotted out with her siblings should they have diplomats over for dinner. While there was some resentment to this, the praise she received often soothed it over as well as the enjoyment of singing. She would also write some of her own pieces, though these she oft kept to herself in a journal.


When she was sixteen her parents were sent to Coruscant for a time. It was a time of frustration of the young Alluria and the usual teenage dramas. Too young to be an adult, too old to be a child. She started sneaking out of the house, first to the nearby areas then taking taxi's further afield. During these outings she met up with some other disenfranchised youth. She could just be herself, not the proper little girl her parents wanted her to be and she met Jendi, an Orphan who grew up on the streets of Coruscant. She was surely drawn to him as well as the life that he lived. It rang with Freedom. Within a few months she made the decision to run away and join the gang for good. Disappearing on the planet of billions of inhabitants.


By time she was seventeen she and Jendi had found themselves as crew on a smuggler vessel, completely leaving her old life behind. She was known to them as Ria Velos. These were both hard and exciting times. A privileged girl learning about the rougher side of life. She had to learn a few life lessons during this time though Jendi helped her through protecting her and teaching her the 'tricks of the trade.' During this time they lived from cargo to cargo, often narrowly missing capture. She went from loading cargo to helping out in the cockpit, being taught the controls and how to pilot. She found she liked this nearly as much singing and would have take over the piloting on easy runs, then as her skills progressed on the harder runs as well. At times their runs took them in contact with members of the Rebellion and more and more she would listen in on these meetings and more and more she found herself wanting to do more just run illegal cargo. Jendi had been killed a year back in a bad escape, or at least so she had been told and so the decision may have partly to do to escape that memory as well. So she grabbed her sack and left with the Rebellion contact. She quickly found their regimented lifestyle didn't suit her and through happenstance found herself in another organization, the Rebel Yell.

RP Hooks

  • Daughter of Kuatian Diplomats, have been on many planets. May be recognized as Alluria Dane
  • Singer
  • Been flying on a smuggler vessel for the last 6 years or so.
  • Accomplished pilot
  • Has a few scars from close calls
  • Boyfriend killed in a bad job about a year ago, or so she was told
  • Has a couple of siblings (Feel free to ask about RPing them)