Fjord Alden

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Fjord's childhood was rather interesting from what he could remember. His mother used to be a smuggler and his Father always said she stole his heart which was the last thing she ever stole. There was a particularly hard year where the crops all died and the storms were relentless. His mother had disappeared one night while trying to fix the vaporators. They both assumed she'd been taken by Sand People. His father grieved for his lost love and Fjord got angry. However, a week later money and a lot of food showed up in their house throughout the night. Each month they received a shipment that seemed to come from nowhere. Fjord felt in his heart it was his mother\, so when the shipments stopped that's when he grieved. He knew after a year without any shipments that his mother was truly gone. Perhaps not dead but she was gone from their lives.

He was educated in Mos Espa. He'd go to school for the week and go home on weekends to help his father at the moisture farm. He enjoyed the stories of all the men and women who came into the port. He always wanted to be like his mother and what he learned from those people started to put him on the path. Something he'd use just as he turned 16. His father and he had been working outside early in the evening when a large Sandcrawler pulled up and a horde of jawas came out and started to try to pick apart the farm. Fjord jumped into action and started trying to fight them. In the end, in trade for his life his father offered them to keep Fjord but leave the farm\, promising Fjord he'd find him and break him free.

Fjord was used in the Sandcrawler for a short time before being sold to a relatively unknown family, the Hutts. After years of using his talents in appraising and computers. He was good at getting information and using it. Finally, he paid for his freedom. He immediately went home to find out his father had died of starvation. With no one to help him upkeep the farm\, his father didn't stand a chance. He decided to leave Tatooine and ended up being a stowaway to Chandrila's Hanna City. Similar enough to home at least.

What's now?

His goal in life right at the moment is to stay off the radar and continue his little business. He's been able to talk his way out of each little encounter well so far. He wants that to keep going. He wants to find a family and a home. It's not going well so far.


  • Hadrix - Mentor - He's a good man. He does what he needs to for his family.
  • Mandl - This person is so cool. I'd talk to them forever.
  • Tamsin Cas - Doc, good person. Hasn't killed me yet. A good resource for me.



Popular Monster - Falling In Reverse

I think I'm going nowhere like a rat trapped in a maze
Every wall that I knockdown is just a wall that I replace
I'm in a race against myself, I try to keep a steady pace
How the f*** will I escape if I never close my case?