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Originally part of an ill-fated Imperial special forces operation on Rori that ended with the death of her unit, Jinx remained for decades following her last orders. Lurking in the swamp and stealing supplies as needed, she was able to keep herself operational, while developing more than a few quirks by remaining in constant operation without a memory wipe for so long. By the time she was found by the Resistance when they made their base on Rori, she was capable of overriding many of her original Imperial programming (through some creative rationalization). There she met the other droid that would become her counterpart, Kayfive. When the Resistance was disbanded, through a clerical oversight the two droids were left off the list of Resistance equipment. Striking off on their own, they chose to join one of the Resistance's successors, the Permlemian Ranger as independent droids. Following the Rangers disbanding, she struck out on her own, taking with only her personal fighter as she tried to determine what to do next...return to the Republic, or go truly independent?