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The Master's lead the Padawan's through lightsaber forms.

OOC Date: December 30, 2019
Location: Jedi Temple
Participants: Lysindria Thrace, Meetra Surik, Brianna Kae, Bastila Shan, Syralana Kymeri, Resmi, Gabriel as NPC's.

When Jedi Master Lysindria Thrace is not on the frontlines, she can be found around the Jedi Temple training Padawans in different areas of the force. Tonight, there is Lightsaber Training on the schedule. That means the tall black haired woman has removed the black other robes that she usually wears and she's in pants and tunic this evening. Her hair is down and left finger combed as to give that just woken up look. With her scarred face it doesn't amp up beauty any. She stands at the center of the classroom on the shiny floor and waits for everyone to come in. "Good evening, everyone." she woman gives a wave of her hand.

Brianna Kae is seated near the back of the room. She is dressed in the traditional garb of the Jedi Order, and wears the sash of a Master Jedi. At present, she is seated alone, content to observe the training of the evening, and perhaps help a few of the young learners with their lightsaber motions. Bri is most distinguished by the bright white color of her hair. Brianna crosses one leg over her other and bounces her foot idly. "Good evening," she replied, perhaps in unison with the others.

Another Jedi, another Master usually found on the frontlines, the former exile turned controvertial master that was Meetra Surik had moved into the classroom. Resting to one side, she was similarly dressed in a grey tunic and black leggings, her hair tied back and her eyes fixed on Lysindria as the lesson began. She might be just as common a teacher here at the temple, but even she wasn't going to turn down the chance to learn from another.

"Good evening."

"Good evening Master Thrace." While the reply to Lysindria's is quite generic, it is by no means less authentic. A throng of students are here, all of different ages, sizes and skillsets. Lightsaber training is a very good session to attend, after all. Advanced younglings might attend, or even some slightly more mature padawans that are just looking for a refresher.

One padawan in particular is a dark skinned human boy known as Esava. Looking to be around ten years old, his black haired braid hangs down by his ear, swaying too and fro. He's a bit lithe, meaning that he padawan robes he wears is about one size too big. "What sort of lightsaber training are we doing today?" He asks curiously, dark brown eyes looking about at the others as he tucks his hands beind his back.

"Beginner training, dummy." Another, older padawan chides with a snicker.

"Oh... okay." Esava's face contorts a bit in embarrassment. (Gabriel)

Syra was relatively new to the order, compared to others that is, the Nagai had been a Mercenary prior to someone discovering her. And... it showed. She still was not, uh, the most obvious of Jedi. She tried to work with the traditional garb. The Robes wrapped over, long flow of skirts with leggings that were tucked into boots underneath. But... she lost her tunic, and so there was instead a mock-turtleneck, it at least mostly looked like a black tunic... sort of.

Her hair was pitch-black except for the ends that were dyed a pure white that rivaled the blanch of her skin. She glances over at Meetra and fidgeted a little before glancing off toward Brianna, and then around for her friend Resmi.

Bastila arrives quietly in dark earth colored tunic and leggings and her long hair pulled back away from her face into a braid running across the front of her right shoulder. The Knight moves to a position off to the side and finds a place to lean, greeting familiar faces with a clipped nod as she settles her arms across her her chest.

And here comes Resmi! She's not well a new Paddawan, more like a Padawan who's really 'close' to graduating as it were... Still she's at the class, soon enough, she's next to Syra and she winks to the other before glancing around at everyone, as she takes a kind of standing resting position, hands held behind her back for now as she keeps her feet spread shoulder width apart and knees juuust slightly bent...

"Master Brianna and Master Meetra are going to be visiting us this evening, so be on your best behavior." Lysindria states. But to the boys that are chattering and teasing she gives them a death glare. Then she looks to the others and there's a smile, "One of the best parts of life will be building your first lightsaber. It is something that will be apart of you for a long time. Unless you like losing things." she muses to that. "And I won't lie, I've lost one so it can happen." she adds to that. "So, who wants to go first?" she looks around the room as she stands next to the training dummy.

At the mention of her name, Bri glances around to catch the stares of a few of the young learners. To them, she waves but makes no effort to stand at current. When her land lowers back to her lap, she clasps it with her other, then glances toward Bastila who holds up one part of the wall, then Meetra. Both were offered silent greetings before she turned her gaze back to those training. "Don't be bashful." Bri says, hopefully encouraging some to move up."

The mention of losing a lightsaber or two? It does bring a tiny flicker of a smile from Meetra. She was certainly familier with it! Crossing her own arms over her chest, the woman nods her head in agreement with Brianna's comment and then gestures with a raise of her fingers at her elbow in some small greeting. "Training is the best time to make mistakes and learn from them."

With all of the masters gathered, some of the padawns look a bit nervous and on edge. For them to be so many here wasn't too unusual, but it was always difficult to perform in front of such venerable figures within the Order. Despite this however, there are still those who clearly DO like the attention and are able to rise to the challenge.

"I will." The voice is assertive and strong, as is the expression on the girl that has volunteered to go first. There's a murmur that goes around the padawans gathered. Some whispers, some snickers and snide remarks. The volunteer is the resident padawan 'ace'. You know the type - the one that just progresses faster than anyone else. She works hard for her skills, mind you.

"Did you want me to use my own lightsaber, Master? Or do we have training sabers?"

Syralana gave another glance toward Meetra as she commented on mistakes, and she resisted to give an eyeroll. Really resisted. Like... Almost successfully stopped it. And she was considering giving it a shot when someone else decided to offer their abilities first at attacking the dummy. And so instead she just looked over toward Resmi, her mouth pulling into a wry-expression. She turned to watch the Padawan, curious if she lived up to the reputation she heard, since she didn't find herself at the Temple all that often lately.

Bastila knows very little about losing sabers, but she knows a great deal about padawan 'aces'. While she returns Brianna's greeting with an upwards jut of her chin, her attention turns towards the volunteered padawan with a knowing smirk curling one corner of her lips. Her position remains stoic, even if her expression is not. Arms across her chest, posture rigid and her shoulders just back enough to touch the wall behind her as the lesson begins.

Resmi tilts her head to the right, or to the left then back to the Right as she watches the goings on curiously. She tilts her head left, then right again and clasps her hands in front of her torso at this point, before crossing her arms under her chest, the green woman curiously watching the Padawan with the Dummy....

Lysindria turns on her heel as she hears the voice of their 'ACE' padawan and there's a moment to motion them through the crowd, "Ah. There you are." she muses. "And your own if you have one. Training sabers are fine, but, I wanted you all to get used to the feel of having an actual one in your hands when dealing with the dummies." she admits. "If others don't have one I have an extra that can be used." she adds as she steps back from the dummy. "Just go through the forms. Nice and easy. There's no rush." she states as she watches from a few feet away. Apparently a padawan losing a lightsaber doesn't scare her.

Brianna rises after getting a wave from Meetra, and a nod from Bastila. She crosses the expanse of the room and pauses near the control panel to trigger the manifestation of another target. This one was a bit more imposing in size. "I'll take another eager learner here." Brianna shares a look with Master Thrace, nodding, then turns her attention to the learners and the dummy.

Another step to the side, Meetra moves towards the dummy pannel and adjusting the controls until a third dummy manifests. "And one here," she speaks up before glancing towards Lysindria, tilting her head to the side with a quirk of her lips. "Just the forms, as Master Thrace says." She might not have been the 'Ace' back in her time as a student, rather she'd been a bit of a 'trouble maker' and then some, but hey! She'd made it!

The white-haired, pale skinned echani 'ACE', predominantly known as 'Emma' ascends to the dummy in front of her peers. At about thirteen she stands a good head taller than the human boys (which she often informs them about). Reaching around the belt that secures her robes, the young lass thrusts out her blade with a practiced movement. The snap-hiss of the weapon ignites, displaying a bright blue hue that lights the room. "I have my own." She answers quite dramatically.

"So coooooool~" The murmurs and admirations for Emma were well placed, if a bit over the top. It's easy for kids to be impressed by stuff.

Without a moment more, Emma begins to practice her forms and movements. The blade whizzes and swishes near the dummy, occasionally getting near but never cleaving it or touching it. It's an expert display, one that demonstrates just how hard she has worked over the past few years on her craft. Doubtless she will make an excellent Jedi Guardian.

Approaching Brianna is Esava. Much shorter than Emma and much more introverted, the young lad seems to concentrate hard on the dummy as he pulls out what looks to be a training lightsaber. The focus on his face is clear, so much so that he nearly starts sweating! "H....Here I go, Master!" He stammers, trying out the various forms that he knows in front of the dummy. The gap in skill level to Emma couldn't be more vast, yet the effort is there. A couple of times the dummy is singed, and the form loses its shape. But he eventually manages to get it back on track.

A zabrak youth of much bigger size than Esava rushes up to Meetra. Standing at an inch or so smaller than Emma, he still TOWERS over Esava. "You pipsqueak, Esava! Let me show you how it's done!" Igniting his yellow blade, the horned boy swishes his blade down in one, HUGE motion - attempting to cleave the wooden dummy directly into two parts! No form, nothing. Just brute force grunt. "ORIYAAAAAA!" He cries out aloud, voice and volume matching the effort.

Syra looked about again, glancing toward the person who when toward Lysindria, and then back to Resmi. But then several others moved up to activate training dummies and -- well -- she was a bit lost. Syra looked to Meetra, then Brianna, a couple times really, "Err." She wasn't clear if she should head toward the person who was her Master or the one who wasn't. And so instead she just waffled back and forth -- except then other Padawans ran up and so she was left standing there. The Padawan not able to approach any of the dummies.

"Well." Syra shrugged and glanced toward Resmi again, "Guess we have to wait for a bit."

Bastila nudges herself off the wall with the roll of her shoulders and steps forward through the Padawans, "One here." She says quietly, but her voice carries. Confidently tapping commands into the console to bring up another training dummy, impishly singling out her target with two fingers pointed directly at Syralana, hand turned over to flick the learner forward. "You have your own saber?"

Syra nods her head, glancing toward Resmi with a wry smile drawing across her, and so she started off towards Bastila. A hand slipping into the sleeve of the other to bring out the lightsaber, it wasn't her's in the traditional sense. She hadn't assembled her own yet, but it was her's in the general sense, "Yeah -- err -- yes, Master, I have one."

Resmi tilts her head again and looks down at her saber, then up at the others and down at her saber again then she glances back at the dummies and tilts her head curiously...

Resmi then smiles and watches Syra and gives an enncouraging wave, or slight push and all.. Noodge..."Go get em!" she whispers encouragingly!

"Alright, remember not to run over your other Padawan fellows. Everyone will get to smack the dummy this evening." Lysindria states in her mothering tone. The one that means 'be good and remember your manners!'. She wasn't an ace. She was just old and cranky at this point. There's a smile and a grateful look to the others as they offer to take up Dummy's and give training as well. She gives a look to one of the other padawans that are waiting and then back to the one attacking the dummy, "Try to straighten a bit more as you go through that final form." she states.

Eager Zabrak is eager, if not picking a little at other students. It's met with a moment of consideration, perhaps if she was training one-on-one or if it were one of her own Padawans, Meetra might have picked at it a bit harder. This -was- Lysindria's lesson after all. "You've got plenty of power," she speaks, even as her glance drifts up past the student to Knight Shan and her summoning of a second dummy, but her gaze drops back to the horned boy. "But the trick with strength is learning how much to use at any one time. Too much and you leave yourself open for someone faster, or with better technique."

A press of the button to reset the dummy, "Practice the form properly, the rest will fall into place."

Brianna raises her hand and stops one of Esava's swings before it connects. The sudden manifestation of the force is an invisible display of Brianna's mastery over influencing it. "Stop." She says, stepping between he and the dummy. "Your form fell, and you recovered, but it's lacking confidence. You know the form," Brianna states firmly.

"Remove the doubt, and worry not what others see. Focus on finding /your/ center and convey to me the movements you have spent countless hours practicing. When I step aside, my influence over your weapon will fall. Return to your stance, find your center, and do not proceed until this is achieved." Brianna makes eye contact with the youth, her eyes piercing blue and her expression carved from stone, but this changes when she manages a small smile. A subtle nod, and Bri steps aside, lowering her hand to give Esava full agency of his blade again.

"Do you know how to turn it on?" Bastila asks with a withering stare, that doesn't quite make it into her voice. She /almost/ sounds encouraging, understanding, even sympathetic. If it weren't for the way she's effortlessly standing judgementally to one side of the training dummy, anyways! "Work through your stance." She doesn't actually reach for the long saber running the entire length of her left hip, but holds her hands up demonstrably, "Posture straight-, but keep your grip loose until the the appex of your strike."

A look back at Bastila, a sort of quirk of one eyebrow, a thinning of her mouth, and a cant of her head. A sort of 'Really?' expression as she held it in a safe direction before activating it. "/Yes/." Her words on the flatter side, "I know how to turn it on, and even how to -hold- it." And, with that, she starts to move into the forms that she's practiced (far more lately because of her Master).

Resmi tilts her head and tugs out her saber curiously, she looks around, and being really one who is rather studious some times. -especially- in the various lightsaber forms. So Resmi doesn't have a dummy, it really doesn't halt her in picking up a practice helmet with of course the blast shield down and occupying an empty space off to the side for indivual studies as it were. Resmi is now working through the forms blind folded.... She's rather startingly practiced in them, seeming to go through the various practice drills and cadences.

"Hell yeah! Power!" The zabrak chortles somewhat concerningly, before throwing his head back to laugh loudly. "I'm way better than everyone here. Even Emma. I'm going to be the new ace of the class, just you watch." The sagely advice from Meetra isn't hindered. It may have been, but he's already lost his place in the line as others swarm the dummies to have their go. Lightsabers light up the room as excited chatter rings through the hallway, as students of all sizes and abilities have goes at swinging their much-vaunted weapon at the wooden figures. Most of them have pretty poor form. Others have practically NO form and clearly just enjoy hitting things.

Yet still, there's a few diamonds in the rough.

Lysindria focuses on the Padawan's that come up and practice. But the Zabrak gets her attention, "Your pride is going to smack you right in the face, young one." she tells the Padawan. "That's not the best footing to have." she adds. "We're here to teach you control. So you don't go into a situation with all of that pride built up. You might surpass Emma, but, remember, the lightsaber is a tool, an extension of ourselves. It is not the end all be all for a Jedi." she explains.

As the training commences and padawans are soaking in what they can glean, Brianna begins to step back to watch in observant silence. For those who end up being the diamonds in the rough, Brianna watches them until a memory of her own youth is triggered. Moving through the disciplines of Echani combat made her miss the 'dancing.' Lost to nostalgia, Brianna makes for her departure and quietly exits through the back corridor.

"Is that what you're doing?" Bastila wonders, perking a brow of her own as Syralana goes through her practiced forms. Making quiet noises that could run the full spectrum, huh, hmm, eh all interchange throughout the first round of drills. "You know how to hold it and you absolutely 'should' hold it... but little else..." To be fair, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Syralana's form by any metric other than Bastila's. This is unfair judgement... but unfair is not always wrong either. Ultimately anything learned from her is ... hard won. She is not the easiest teacher, or so the rumors go. "Perhaps I could get you a broom, by how you swing your arms so.. There'd be cleaner floors at least." It might even be they she's intentionally being obtuse. Standing there with her arms folded over her chest, staring judgementally at her learner who, again, is doing just as good as any of the others... even better by most standards. "Perhaps a fan.. you can cool the training dummy off after the heat of your flailing."

"No, that's okay, pretty sure you're doing enough for the both of us." Syra glances in the direction of Bastila, and otherwise goes back toward the training dummy. Of course, she was also starting to regret her choice of clothing, it was heavier than the standard tunic, and she didn't think she'd be practicing all the different forms.

Then again, she wasn't really sure what exactly she would be practicing, except that it would be practice. Another step, another strike, further moving through the forms.

"Hmph!" The Zabrak appears none too happy with the advice from Lysindria. He just sort of hangs out at the back, clearly satisfied with his demonstrated work.

"Don't be such a dill, Aaaron." Emma chides quietly, also standing nearby. "The Masters are here to help guide us. What good will it do if you just rush at enemies like that? A toddler could counter it."

"Who asked you, anyway?" Aaron the Zabrak remarks with a sneer.

"Fine. Flunk out and go back to whatever sewer they picked you out of."

Grumble grumble.

Most of the other students are still having a great time. Flinging around lightsabers is what being a Jedi is all about, after all!

Form 1 cadences soon form into form 2 cadences, Resmi seemingly just as practiced in the second form as she is in the first...

Soon enough, while still blindfolded, Resmi is working her lightsaber through the third form's Cadences with really no falloff in form or grace. Someone's -really- been practicing with the saber. Resmi's blue saber flows from one motion to the next then to the next, there's really almost no break. If anything, Resmi is picking up the speed...

And then she's into Ataru, the 4th form and now really moving fast, there's of course Ataru's normal flips, flourishes and saber whirls as Resmi seeems to just be litterally flowing from one Cadance to another.... Yup, someone's been practicing saber work!

Meetra had been working through with students as they came up, mostly a pointer here, a reassurance there, but they were clearly going to be having far more lessons than just this one. Sure some excelled, but there was a reason most of them were far from finishing their training. Of course, her eyes do flick up to the exchange across the room between Syra and Bastila, but it earns littlee more than a raise of her eyebrow.

Lysindria points the lightsaber towards Aaron, "I'm watching you." she tells the young Zabrak. Then she turns her own saber on and continues with teaching those that are needing more help than Emma and Aaron. There is a look over towards Bastila and Syra, but she doesn't get in the middle of that. Once she's down, there's a soft squeal and then she reattaches the saber to her belt, "Alright. End of class for today. We will see you tomorrow for more. May the Force be with you." she states to the class with a respectful bow. Then she's moving to have the dummy removed that students were working with.