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A Fatal Mistake

OOC Date: January 15 2022
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Sumi Kora, Nora Frayus


After a night of gossip at the Smuggler's Den, Lady Nora Frayus was offered a heavily-armed escort home in the form of Sumi Kora. Nora's predilection for chatter and lack of subtlety proved to be a touch dubious, however, when the pair was ambushed by a group of criminals who thought they'd scored an easy, albeit talkative, prize. Underestimating Sumi Kora is a fatal mistake and it's a lesson that the Mandalorian never tires of teaching. The situation proves to be far more precarious than the ambushers had expected, especially when come to learn that it wasn't just Sumi they underestimated.


¤¤¤< Anywhere Room 004 - Anywhereland >¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

A back alley in the Corellian district of Nar Shaddaa. Steam vents through exhaust ports, belching clouds of vapour up towards the night sky. Though the sky itself is cloudy and pouring rain, the neon lights bathe this alleyway in a moonlit glow that might be intimate if it weren't so dingy. Still, there's romanticism in the garbage strewn about, and the homeless that have found some refuge from the rain that sleep in outcroppings and awnings. The alley is fairly wide here, which is why it remains a popular spot to shortcut the long walk from the Entertainment Plaza to the Starport.


[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 16:58:25 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Sumi Kora had offered to escort Nora Frayus from the Smuggler's Den to where the Lady has been staying on Nar Shaddaa. The Corellian Sector is CorSec patrolled, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous. Though Lady Nora has seemed, for the most part, entirely aloof about the walk thus far, the two's path through the dimly-lit alleyway connecting the entertainment district to the starport is as choking of an ambush point as any. It's entirely possible that Sumi's honkles are already up, even if Nora Frayus' appear to be, in this moment, down.

"And you would not believe what she was wearing, it was simply appalling. You would do better at picking matching colors by throwing them into a bag and scattering them across the floor," she says, "And, of course, she became the victim when I pointed it out. As if it is a crime to spot an eyesore instead of being on--oh, hello!"

The 'oh hello' is spoken to a group of rather... rough looking sorts that abruptly step out from a nearby awning. There's a good number of them in front and, once they'd stopped Sumi and Nora, more pile in from the back, surrounding the pair.

"Excuse us, but we would quite like to be moving in the direction in which you are standing," Nora says. The only response that her words earn is three of the men drawing their blasters from their hips and pointing them at her.

"Don't want you, Mando," says one from the back of the group. His voice is rough-hewn and leathery.

"Just want the Princess," he says.

[ Sumi Kora (Sumi) | 17:16:12 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Sumi is often accused of being a great listener. Her silence through out the entire story regaled to her by this Lady Nora certainly leans toward Sumi being the considerate type. Their path took them through the alleyways of Nar Shaddaa, but Sumi wasn't surprised to find that the little Noble had drawn attention to herself and now they were paying the price. Ambushed and warned, the Mando releases the Lady's arm and glances from the front then the back, before orienting her self so that the groups were on her left and right, and this 'Princess' was behind her, their backs to a wall.

True to her word, Sumi responds in kind, <"You want the Lady, then you want me. The first man to move towards us dies."> Sumi brushes back her cape to reveal an assortment of tools for her trade.

<"Who is ready?"> Sumi asks, amused and sounding so through the voice emitter on her helmet.


[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 17:26:37 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

There's a murmur of laughter from within the crowd. The three Threatening Thugs standing before the pair of them have their blasters drawn and trained. The warm red glow of their condenser matrices cuts through the dark with a menacing light, and the whining sound of the powercells humming to life lifts up and above the ambient sound of the Nar Shaddaa back alley. Lady Frayus ought to look terribly afraid in the face of this, but instead, the little Noble cocks her head at an angle, catlike, and drops the sunglasses from her face. They're tucked into the little pouch at her midsection, and she pulls her hood from her head to let that pink hair spill out in all directions.

"Askin' around for the Hutts with a pretty face like that. Pretty rekking stupid of you," the man at the back says. He turns his eyes to Sumi now, and make what is perhaps the most common cause of death in this particular edge of the galaxy.

He underestimates her.

"Kill the Mandalorian, but don't scuff the pink one," he says.

[ Sumi Kora (Sumi) | 17:34:40 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Sumi steps into a Mandalorian battle stance, one that was mimicked and practiced since she was a barefoot six-year-old youth under the tutelage of a ruthless blonde warrior. The agile motion that followed accompanies the manner of their attack with the snapping motion of a cape as Sumi stepped in a way that prevented harm from befalling her. When she twisted into an ideal position to respond, it's like a viper that was poised and launched in the same instant.

From her side, a heavy enforcer slugthrower was tugged out from leather, clearing it in the blink of an eye. A practiced pull of her thumb saw the single-action weapon move from safe to fire effortlessly, then the gunshots followed. The smell of cordite followed in gusts of grey gunfire 'smoke' as Sumi fanned and fired her weapon in quick succession. She may have missed one of the three, but he stood witness to his companions taking their last actions in life. Sumi gunned them down without a second thought, then locked the hammer back to resume aiming at the middle one. His choice was made, now came the consequences.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 17:42:02 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

The three men standing before the pair of women train their blasters on Sumi and fire. Plasma bolts screech through the air and towards their target, but Sumi's subtle movements see them harmlessly impacting the duracrete walls behind them. When the -crack- of that Enforcer rips through the air, two of the men collapse into heaps on the floor, the last Threatening Thug standing, eyes wide, as the Enforcer's slug sings past his ear, near enough that he can -feel- the air that it displaces.

Behind him, one of the Intimidating Thugs' head snaps back as the slug enters his skull. The impact to the back of it is hard enough that it jerks his head forward, a red mist splattering the wall behind him with blood and bone as he too collapses. What ensues next is chaos. Three more Threatening Thugs draw their blasters in confusion and fear, but these are not trained men. There's shouting and confusion.

"For kark's sake, I said -kill- her!" the man yells.

Lady Nora has tiptoed away amongst the chaos. The man who was narrowly killed by Sumi has abandoned the corpses of his fallen companions. When she had earlier surveyed the crowd, she'd spotted that one of them was armed with a sword. An ugly, crude thing, but an ugly and crude thing she could -work- with. She retrieves it from his body and hoists it aloft, feeling its weight and balance in her hand with a scowl.

"Amateur work at best," she laments in the chaos.

[ Sumi Kora (Sumi) | 17:50:43 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

The last sound the man heard was the clikCLICK of the hammer locking back, then the loud bang. He saw darkness, but the others saw his head transform by explosion of impact, its gorey contents on display in the alleyway. Sumi turns her ire toward those drawing weapons and demanding she be killed.

Locking the hammer back, she fires and misses, mainly because she was in motion to move closer to the noble who had gotten away from the wall to find a weapon of her own. Sumi stays close to her, willing to step in front of incoming attacks if it meant Nora remained unharmed; the noble was not wearing Mando-iron. Sumi is.

Sumi fires another shot, winging a man with a terribly painful slug that will require amputating the appendage she hit. He screams and Sumi chuckles. Two shots left until a change in tactics. Sumi locks the hammer back again and takes aim.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 17:55:43 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

NPC Pose

Screams erupt in the formerly-quiet alleyway, punctuated and interrupted by the loud cracks of the Morellian enforcer. In the chaos and confusion of their initial confrontation, a few more bodies drop as those surviving scramble to arm themselves. Two of the Intimidating Thugs, big bruisers, are finished with bothering to draw their weapons and simply charge towards Sumi with the intention of crashing into her. Of the three Intimidating Thugs that remain focused on Sumi, only one of them is able to line up his shot from between the charging bodies. With one eye closed, he squeezes his finger on the trigger and rips a bolt of plasma through the air.

The two remaining Threatening Thugs have broken from the pack in an attempt to secure Lady Frayus. With Sumi likely engaged by the two charging bruisers, Lady Frayus is, at least momentarily, left to fend for herself.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 17:59:27 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Nora Lin tips that sword from side to side, its reflective surface catching neon in its hammered pattern and distorting it. She smiles, tipping her head towards the two men that crack their knuckles and approach her. "Don't wanna bust yer face," one says, "But there's plenty more of you to hit."

"Ah, so we are to dance, then," Nora says, stabbing the point of her sword towards the floor between her feet with a smile. Her stance shifts as Sumi's had, and she takes three steps to her left, the tip of her sword -draggggging- across the ground with a scrape. She cants her head and bites her lip as the two men make their approach.

"Very well," she says, and lifts her sword. Her left hand fans out and away from her body and her right hand lifts while her head lowers. Palm up, it is as if she is offering her hand for the man to take. Only, in this case, that hand also extends the business end of the sword directly towards him.

"I accept your request. Please do try to not step on my toes, mmmh?"

The two men exchange a glance, and the leading one charges towards her.

[ Sumi Kora (Sumi) | 18:08:57 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Sumi fires in hasty succession toward the two foes coming for her. She misses, then hits, the hit so devastating that the round tears out the back of his head casting a mist of red pulverized blood in his wake, where he fell heavily to the ground. Sumi is not so lucky as to avoid the other man. She's hit in the process of his closing in, the bolt repelled by the beskar on her torso, but the impact jarring the breath from her lungs. Sumi grunts and is caught off balance when the guy collides with her, pushing her back.

KAACHooooonk. Sumi's magnetized boots stop her retreat and lock her in place preventing the man from pushing her any further. She head butts him back just long enough to free her own arming sword from her back, the glistening metal glinting off the light as she brought the singing blade up in preparation to attack.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 18:13:42 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

NPC Pose:

The Intimidating Thug attacking Sumi and pinning her against the wall makes it difficult for the three remaining to level a shot on her. With such a narrow window and angle to attack, only the man with the steady-hand's blaster squeezes off another round towards her. The larger thug pinning her to the wall is hellbent on keeping her there, but his plans are interrupted when the Mandalorian headbutts him across the bridge of his nose, sending him recoiling and howling in pain. The two remaining thugs, seeing their window, level their blasters and fire upon the Mandalorian.

The Threatening Thug attacking Nora throws his fist forward with the full weight of his body. Despite his promise to leave her pretty face undamaged, he's swinging it recklessly towards her head, with the intention of impacting the side of her skull.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 18:16:19 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Step, two, three.

Nora Frayus steps to some rhythm heard only to her, and that thrown punch simply sails over the top of her head. Her blade sings through thin air, carving twice with a resonating wine on either side of the man's head as his punch finds no purchase. His momentum carries him forward and he stumbles, turning abruptly to throw another. Nora is standing there, smiling, and drawing the blunt end of her blade down and across her body in a 'backhand' motion, cracking across his skull with a loud -CRCK-.

"Clumsy," she says as he screams in pain.

The second Threatening Thug charges her from behind.

[ Sumi Kora (Sumi) | 18:25:37 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

The Song Blade of Dargul, the gladiator sword Sumi has produced, sings with a metallic tune when it's moved. The song it sings is a duet, one with an abrupt ending where its partner loses their head. Sumi had dragged the weapon in a weighted manner, using the weight of her body and armor to cut through her foe's torso, then follow up with a side-step spin that concluded in removing his head from a bite of the blade through his neck. The sound the sword makes is beautiful, muffled in its passage through bone and meat, but the percussion of the body dropping with the rolling head sets the stage for the next duet.

Sumi charges forward, sliding across the the ground and slicing across a man's stomach, the blade passing through with a vibrating song that whines and whistles as its held out to the side, post attack. Sumi drags it back, adjusting her stance for a coup-de-grace, poised to drive the Song Sword through his chest.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 18:33:21 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"REKKING HE--," the Intimidating Thug says. He never finishes his sentence as that blade draws across his neck. The screaming look of anguish is forever fixed upon his face, though his eyes do bulge a touch as that skull is loosed from its spinal column and both drop unceremoniously to the floor. The three remaining Intimidating Thugs with the blasters are helpless to defend themselves against Sumi. She's charging forward and, to one unlucky soul amongst them, drawing her blade across his stomach.

"ARRARRGGH!" is his howl of pain. He drops his blaster in shock, and the remaining two men exchange glances. This isn't the movies. They've seen how many of their friends these two have dropped. That glance exchanged, they turn tail and attempt to -sprint- down the alleyway and away from danger.

The man attacking Nora from her blind spot likely feels as if he's got her. Lunging forward, both arms up in the air to tackle, his body falls forward, like his friends, under the weight of its own inertia. That feeling of confusion is the last thing he feels, because Nora Frayus' sword is singing a tune of its own. A duet of durasteel between Sumi Kora's Song Blade of Dargul and Nora Frayus'... peasant blade of poor balance. She plays that song beautifully, despite the cheap composition of her instrument. Three rapid cuts, and then a gush of red arterial spray misting Nora's face. She sighs, and turns to look at the wounded Threatening Thug that has collected himself.

"Your form could use some work," she says, and lifts her feet.

"It's... step, two three, step, two three," she says, stepping to the left in a half circle towards him as he helplessly swings for the Noblewoman.

[ Sumi Kora (Sumi) | 18:42:21 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

The Song Blade of Dargul tastes of blood once more when Sumi drives it through her dying opponents chest with a /perfect/ lunge. Her balance, her form, everything about the way she performed the attack was a text book killing stroke. She leaves the sword in his chest and leaves him to die on his knees, head lulling forward to drool blood.

Sumi's chest rung again from a fleeing shot, taking her a step back from the impact, yet her armor, once again, repelled the blaster bolt. She observes the cowards running and casually appends a grenade from the molle loop on her bandolier. Pulling its fuse, Sumi allows the spoon to fly off with a metallic sound 'klINK' before holding the live grenade a moment, counting.. before hurling it with a perfectly angle arch.

The item travels the distance before exploding. The ensuing blast and chaos consumes the view of the fleeing pair hopefully, leaving no witnesses to return to their employer. No message was message enough.

In the wake of the explosion, Sumi turns slightly to look back toward Lady Frayus, her helmet tipping slightly as the young woman's likeness appeared in the reflection of Sumi's T-shaped visor.

[ Nora Frayus (Nora) | 18:49:50 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

The explosion that rips through the alley is just percussion to the music in Nora's head. The remaining Threatening Thug's hapless swing towards Nora is his last. She steps into him effortlessly, as if he'd drawn her in close towards his chest. She twirls her back to his chest and draws her sword beneath her arm, across her side, and into his belly. The impact of him against her back knocks her forward a touch and she does stumble, but that deep puncture pushes her blade through his belly and out through his back. It's then that Nora lifts her head to look at her own reflection in Sumi's visor. Her red lips are meticulously painted, and those big blue eyes done up with ornate, pink-and gold eyeliner. Her face is a bored scowl, as if this had all been some just... awful inconvenience.

The second strike to the man is done almost in tandem with the third. In one fluid motion, she twists her blade within his guts and carves it outward. Blood sprays out in the direction her blade and body moves. She's spinning away from him, both hands out, though one is drawing her sword down and across her body in that same back-handing motion as before. This time, however, it's with the sharp end of the sword that she slices down and across his throat. A mercy, given the stomach wound. He collapses onto his belly, and Nora flings that sword down into the base of his neck.

The sword strikes true, piercing the root of his spine, his throat, and chipping a quarter inch of duracrete with its tip.

"Well then," she says, and dusts her hands off while inspecting her fingernails for damage. Success! No fingernails chipped. Nora smiles.

"That -was- an eventful walk. And here I thought all this talk of Nar Shaddaa's dangerous streets was gossip," she singsongs, tipping her head back to let the music fade from her skull and the acid rain to wash away what's left of the blood on her face.

[ Sumi Kora (Sumi) | 19:00:57 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Sumi turns to observe the final execution all whilst emptying the cylinder on her handcannon. Spent shells clang against the duracrete as they're shaken out, and one by one, Sumi feeds in new slugs until all eight slots are full. To conclude the process, the old warrior spins the cylinder generating a loud series of clicks that stop when she orients her hand in a short gesture that sends the cylinder into the gun, locking it in place. She cocks back the hammer with her thumb, then seats the revolver back into its holster without a glance to see it home. <"Ready to return home, then?"> Sumi asks in cool tone, her helmet thankfully hiding the fact she's winded from being shot. With her adrenaline fading, the dull pain against her ribs and chest began to manifest.

She felt it most when she yanked the Song Blade free from her earlier foe. She used her own tattered cape to clean the blade, then sent it home with a succinct motion, clicking it back into a scabbard along her lower back. Sumi offers her arm again.