Sumi Kora

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Sumi Kora

Title: Alor of Clan Kora
Race: Morellian
Sex: Female
Occupation: Mandalorian
Profession: Bounty Hunters' Guild
Homeworld: Morellian Commonwealth
Organization: Clan Kora
Ship: Kyber Heart (CEC YT-2550)



Sumi Kora is a Mandalorian bounty hunter. She is among the last of her long-lived species and has all the indications of a professional soldier, and the humility of someone who has lived a hard life. Those familiar with Sumi may say she is a very private person, but a loyal friend.

Armor Image

Sumi armor.jpg
Sumi Kora's armor is Mandalorian by design with presence and practicality in mind. Comprised of a tight bodysuit and paired with armor plating, this suit is highly protective and functional in almost any climate. The plating is custom fit to the shape of a female, and it provides protection to all vital areas by way of thick light blue tinted plating. Sumi has added a personal touch, a silver sash that is tied at her hip and pinned beneath a thick weathered gun belt; the sash bears the sigil of the BHG guild, drawn in a blood-red color. The most visibly intimidating element of her armor is the helmet, an iconic T-visor designed helmet with a reflective silver-washed visor that can glow in various colors when activated by the user.