Sumi Kora

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Sumi Kora

Title: Alor of Clan Kora
Race: Morellian
Sex: Female
Occupation: Mandalorian
Profession: Bounty Hunters' Guild
Homeworld: Morellian Commonwealth
Organization: Clan Kora
Ship: Old and Busted (Rep SFS Marauder Class Corv.), Kyber Heart (CEC YT-2550), Rotworm (KS BTL-A4 Y-Wing), Frogdog (FreiTek E-Wing Escort), Stompa (Incom T-70 X-Wing)



Sumi Kora is a humble bounty hunter that patrols much of the Outer Rim. She is among the last of her long-lived species and has all the indications of a professional soldier with the humility of someone who has lived a /hard/ life.

Armor Image

Sumi Kora's armor is Mandalorian by design with presence and practicality in mind. Comprised of a tight bodysuit and paired with armor plating, this suit is highly protective and functional in almost any climate. The plating is custom fit to the shape of a female, and it provides protection to all vital areas by way of thick light blue tinted plating. Sumi has added a personal touch, a silver sash that is tied at her hip and pinned beneath a thick weathered gun belt; the sash bears the sigil of the BHG guild, drawn in a blood-red color. The most visibly intimidating element of her armor is the helmet, an iconic T-visor-designed helmet with a reflective silver-washed visor that can glow in various colors when activated by the user. (Image altered by Hadrix)


Sumi Kora is an aloof and stoic individual. She is not quick to jump to emotional responses, but she is no stranger to violence. Sumi is a century-old warrior who has fought, killed and clawed her way through life. She understands, better than most, how cruel the galaxy can be. Arguably, she has lost everything and everyone she loves. While Sumi is not one to broadcast what she feels and is far from one who 'wears their heart on their sleeve', there's no denying the sense of melancholy that follows her.


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