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A Friendly Duel

OOC Date: April 22, 2020
Location: Hanna City. Chandrila
Participants: Aure Deserra, Ban Iskender, Tyrius Bodega, Lorana Adella, Qesteris Uvallian, Aryn Cole

The park is certainly one of the lovelier areas considering the reconstruction of Chandrila that is underway. It is here that Aure is standing beside the reflecting pool, datapad tapping her opposing hand before she takes a few side steps and watches the surface. A smile pulls distractedly across her lips. A light drum of her fingers upon the datapd sound once more before she turns her attention to her companion. "They are awaiting an answer, I do not think they will like what I have to say about their proposed trade route." She mmms thoughtfully and comes to stand still once more.

Ban Iskender enters alongside Aryn, the gentleman attired in light armor of pale grey, a decorative green half cape tied over one shoulder. A sheathed sword at one side and a holstered pistol at the other, his arm is offered to the Princess, toward whom he states, "I daresay you are correct. Though I'd not thought it viable, before, given the planet's harsh climate." A pass of green eyes about the park notes a familiar face in the reflecting Senator Deserra.

Standing besides the Lady Deserra, the blue skinned form of Qesteris remains in 'slightly relaxed but on guard' sort of stance. His staff in hand, sword sheathed and turning slowly to survey the area around her.

"Most people do not seem to feel so unless they are the sole benefactor. Compromise makes brats of many." commented as his eyes narrow and he stares at a pair for a moment - unsure of if they need a a stabbin' or not. They might.

No they're moving on.

"Climates are as fickle as we are. My mother once said /the/ Mother has sense of humor." Aryn recalls, her hand hooked into the crest of the gentleman's arm as they walked. For her part, she was a short bright blonde woman, wearing light armor that was both styled and customized to her body. Its additions, along with the ornate cape, spoke to having quite a bit of money. The sigil on her shoulder, the pin that kept the cape fastened, was white gold bearing the mark of House Cole. A lightsaber is brazenly stationed at her hip, in plain view and clipped in a manner that kept the ornate weapon from moving with each step. Aryn's gaze was out toward the orchard. She had not yet taken notice of others.

"But they are the Guild and I must answer to them and my people. I can only advise and then do as they ask," she remarks. Aure lets out an exhausted breath before she finds a pace that affords her the ability to speak with Qesteris and rove the reflecting pond. Her attention lifts at the sound of other voices nearby and the familiar faces cause her to slow. "I know them. Come Qesteris. Have you had the pleasure of meeting Jedi before?" This is asked as she offers him a smile and guides the way.

"Lady Aryn and Lord Ban..it is a pleasure to see you both. My guard. Qesteris Uvallian. I trust you are well?"

Ban Iskender gives a short, amused, "Hrm!" at Aryn's shared saying. "Your mother is quite correct." At the approach of Aure and Qesteris, he offers a short bow of the head and shoulders to, "The incipient Senator of Aurea, a fair day find you, once again." His eye passes to the blue fellow, to whom he adds, "And a fair day find you in turn, sir."

Not speaking, as they move into earshot, Qesteris only raises his brow and then dips into a formal bow (though he keeps his eyes on both), "Sir, Lady." said simply, moving to stand back to attention. His expression remaining pleasant, but generally bland while he studies the small woman and tall man with equal curiosity and well trained suspicion.

Not much to say, until Ban addresses him, "It has been an excellent day, Lord Ban, bit dry - but not poorly so."

Aryn turns her head to see the approaching pair and releases Ban so he might bow and greet. They four of them: Aryn, Aure, Ban, and Qesteris, are all near the gardens with a view of the distant white petal blossom orchard. The looming palace is beyond that.

Aryn bows slightly. "Well met, Qesteris. We met Lady Aure on Nar Shaddaa of all places. She was wearing a beautiful dress and glimmering jewelry, seated near a fountain at one of the gardens in the Starport District." Aryn says to offer some history. "I later accompanied her to Aurea; a truly beautiful and magnificent world to behold."

"I am quite well, thank you, Lord Ban. Doctor Cole saw to Janys on our ride home. This was before you were hired and the event that led to such luck." A fondness settles across her features as she regards her companion. "I am glad you enjoyed your visit, as short as it was. I would very much be glad to host both you and Lord Ban whenever you would so wish. I tend to have to return for my own work there at times so do reach out if you ever wish to once more see it." Aurea spoken of like that brings a warmer smile to her features, quickly dashing away the thoughts from moments before.

The datapad is clipped to her waist and though her clothes are still jewel toned and bright they are far more practical than the formal wear. "I suspect you have been all over since then."

Ban Iskender gives a short nod to Qesteris' response, though his eye lingers with discreet curiosity on the sword carried by the Squamatan. Not so impolite as to stare, his eye returns to Aure at her invitation. "A gracious offer I look forward to accepting, though of course the curse of duty- even the most rewarding duties- if that they never fully relent." As to their travels, "You have guessed truly, madam Senator: the Galaxy is vast and begs for exploration."

"Indeed, Lady Aryn, such circumstances of Nar Shaddaa are why the government of Aurea assigned me to Lady Deserra's company, to provide her armed defense and escort as needed, potentially or otherwise." Qest quiets when Ban speaks though, lips drawn into a line. Introduced to by The Aure, yes - but still unable to back down a need for extreme caution by the manner in which he focuses on each.

It, in fact, becomes the death of his speaking as he continues to investigate with his regard crawling finally on Aryn after a thorough look over of Ban.

Entering the gardens for a change of scenery, Lorana is in her traditional Twi'lek dress. A relative newcomer to the planet, she's still trying to get used to the relative peace, compared to Nar. As she walks near the group, She sees Qesteris, and offers him a lek-wave yet keeps her distance as she doesn't wish to intrude.

Lord Bodega is wandering on the stroll through the park, looking through the rebuilding and planting that's been done thus far. He has a pleasent smile on his face, wearing simple traveling cloths, and a short cape at the back. Tyrius had a cane which taps lightly with each strolling motion his feet take. Brown eyes looks towards some of the people in the park, noticing at least a few familiar faces he gives a wave or two in greeting but otherwise doesn't interrupt them currently.

Aryn is a demure thing, her hands clasped and sometimes fidget when she idly thinks. She is a narrow and nimble Lady, with a distinct scar over her left eye and cheek. How it was obtained was not immediately clear, though judging its depth and jagged nature, it must have hurt!

Aryn is armed only with a lightsaber. It is a slightly curved hilt, comprised of a smudged dull grey and black metal that had a discernable red activation stud. Her armor was not for show either, for it had the common black stain of carbon scoring and dents from close encounters.

Aryn meets the bodyguards gaze and does not waver or falter until Aure addresses them. <"Ban would enjoy the forges, I suspect. We come from a culture that values art in many forms. I imagine they do weapon forges too? Such fine trinkets, swords."> Aryn says in jest.

Her eyes catch the subtle motions of Lorana Adella nearby. She turns toward her to get a better look. She offers a wave to her, uncertain if the lek-wave was for /her/ or the others. A tap-tap-tap of a cane steals Aryn's attention toward the approach of Tyrius.

"We will have you then, certainly you must both join us again. Aurea does have forges for other things than art and the glassworks but they are not as numerous or in use as often," Aure expresses, her eyes shifting to Qesteris as he studies the other two. She seems about to comment on something to him when she notes Lorana. An inclination of her head is given in quiet greeting. The same is extended to Tyrius as well. "A beautiful day, is it not?" This asked in general to all within ear shot as the Representative smooths a hand to her colorful skirts.

"I am sure Qesteris would not mind crossing swords with either of you. I have asked him to train me as well, though I dare say I have a far way to go. But probably a necessary skill now."

"Trinkets?" Ban echoes Aryn, with clearly affected affront. "I will have the Lady know that swords are the very highest form of jewelry," he jests, deadpan. Mention of crossing swords earns the Senator a dip of his head a d her guard a fresh address: "At the very least, I should enjoy a moment to inspect your sidearm, sir," gesturing the Qestius' sword. "When it would not presume upon your duties, of course. Whether or not any blades are crossed, Her Highness has spoken true: I am a great admirer of the art of swordcraft."

Catching the lek wave, Qesteris's gaze moves to Lorana and he offers her a polite bow of his head in her direction and a small flick of a grin before Aure's comment on his sword-play comes up and he addresses it,

"Indeed - it would be good practice for myself as well. Only way to improve, practice and study, mmm?" his tone is polite and the smile that remains on his features is genuine. His eyes now studying Bodega, and the area surrounding. Unconsciously his tongue flicks, exposing the forked purple appendage that ever plagues him in polite society.

"Lord Ban, whenever you wish - as long as I've My Lady's permission to take time away, I would be happy to indulge you."

Tyrius gives a nod, a bow sort of, to those speaking. Arua, Ban, Qestius... though that bow lingures a little bit longer for the blond Aldaraanian. "Lady Princess..." He offers in greeting, a playful wink, as he turns so that he may start walking backwards back towards the city. He takes a big breath of air through his nose, letting his smile widen just a bit, a sparkle in aging brown eyes. "A beutiful day indeed. Good day to you all." He spreads his arms out and gives another nod/bow before turning and continuing along with his walk. Cane tap-tap-taping away. Bless that old man's heart.

At the question from Aure, Lorana's walk slows to a crawl. "Yeah, so much nicer than what I'm used to," she says with a bow of her head. "Then again, it's not exactly hard, given what I'm used to."

"Lord of Drik." Aryn replies, bowing slightly only to rise and watch him tap-tap-tapping away. Strange men, those Drikish. A glance toward Ban, then to Qesteris and she smiles. "Oh, a duel. What a delight! Shall it be among the orchard, beneath the white petal blossoms? To first blood?" Aryn seems eager to watch, though her fidgeting hands find a place at the small of her back while she edges away from Aure and Lorana's conversation. She did not wish to interrupt or impose.

"I do not see why you can not see to your swords crossing here. Within limits." Aure makes a motion with her hand as she lets her gaze sweep over Aryn and her view of how it could look. "I will give the freedom to my guard to do as he wishes." She steps back, moving to draw closer to Aryn though her attention shifts to Tyrius and Lorana. The representative of Drik is given a nod before she lets her gaze settle on the Twi'lek. "Ryloth, correct? I fear I have never visited. Enlighten me, would you?" A smile is offered as she motions the other female closer so that the three can watch the outcome of the sword play.

Ban dips his head to Qesteris, at the other's answer. "You are most gracious, sir." A look aside and word of, "Representative," serves as both greeting and farewell to Tyrius before his regard passes to the new arrival, Lorana. A polite greeting (short bow of the head) is given, though he does not command attention with any words. Aryn's excitement draws a raised brow and a small smile. "I lack enough knowledge of the good Guardsman or his culture to guess what he would find appropriate. I would need to inquire after such to ensure that respect and courtesy are observed." A nod aside to Aure. "Within limits, as you say."

Something about the way Aryn describes the duel lights Qesteris up now, "Oh! I know tha-" he pauses, looks sidelong to his charge and then continues more sedately towards Aryn, "Like in Tingle Arm Crusader, the second film, the big fight at the mid point - to trick into thinking it was the climax and not just a major buildup for the last half of the film..." looking side to side again, head ducking with a little grin on his purple lips.

"It's in my personal top five for my collection." holofilm buffs...

But to Ban he turns again, "I believe My Lady means no lasting wounds or real injury to one another, my lord." head canting, "I can assume anything would be to three touches, or accidental blood, and naturally no spitting - at blades or otherwise."

"Should injuries come about from the duel, it would please me to mend them. I /am/ a Doctor after all." Aryn says in a somewhat smug, but clearly trying to be funny, kind of way. She tucks her loose blonde hair back behind an ear and moves toward the tall orchard trees. Large branches stretch high overhead, the wind rustling the white petals beautifully. If the duel was to take place, she hoped they chose /this/ spot for it.

Qesteris' enthusiasm is noted with a hiked brow, and his reference of a holo-movie made her smile widen. "A good choice in entertainment, sir. I enjoyed the drama of that one. One could argue there was a bit of something for everyone in that."

"Technically yes, but actually no," the Twi'lek says to Aure's question. "I have, sadly, not spent much time on my people's homeworld. My parents were traders, so my fanily spent much time in space or other planets," she explains. "I am here on political business, but I'm part of the Iridonian representative's retinue."

"Yes, please do not harm my companion. Should irreparable damage be done to him I would be most distressed," Aure remarks even as that smile remains fitted into place. The holofilm conversation draws a soft chuckle from her. Amusement clearly seen as she listens to the group before her attention shifts to Lorana. "I see, that makes sense. Do you find your work with the representative rewarding? I dare not ask that of my own guard." A glance given to him as they work out the details of their engagement.

"I often wonder if they find an honor in it and if I am good enough company at times." She grins further before her hands fold before her right over the swirl of beadwork that is the minor decoration of her outfit. They catch the light ahd shimmer as her head tilts and she speaks to Aryn without removing her gaze from Ban and Qesteris. "I can not measure my guards abilities against my own so this will be most informative. I am glad you here just in case.'

Ban Iskender smiles broadly to Qesteris' response. "I had wished only to avoid any offense. I'm aware that many cultures regard bloodsged with deadly gravity. Mine is not among them," he adds with dry humor, "And if the good sir can give me a scar I shall thank him for it. Have we matched blades at hand? Alas, I did not bring mine.." Yes, he is lamenting the lack of foresight in not carrying matched dueling swords with him at all times. "But yes, sir: to three touches, or first blood. I would find such terms most agreeable. Set in the orchard, among the blossoms for my Lady's sake. A moment to divest myself of this armor, and I will be prepared at your leisure, sir."

Lorana glances to the pair planning their duel, before looking back to Aure. "I do, though I've not been doing this for long," she replies. "It's mainly using my civilian skillset in a different setting."

"No worries, my Lady. Lord Ban is a gentleman above all else. Duels are customary in our culture, and encouraged. To wear a scar from one is a point of court intrigue." Aryn smiles and remembers. "Ban, I will run to the ship and fetch my own sword, should Qesteris allow. So that the gentlemen may face off on equal terms." Aryn does not wait for an answer. She leaves briskly.

When she returns, she is carry a sheathed sword similar to Ban's, though its hilt is slightly curved as well. Clearly someone has taken the time and paid for the effort to preserve its exotic nature while awarding it with a practical hilt and ornate pommel. A duelist used this weapon.

Aryn offers the handle to Qesteris, should he desire to unsheath the crystal blade and make use of it.

"As you wish, I can go with or without armor." tapping at several release catches to drop his plates off and place them on the ground, giving Aure a raised brow for her wonder of his finding working for her rewarding. But he is left to stand in a fiber suit, more or less. Rolling his shoulders slightly and moving to test his body with the reduced weight. When Aryn returns with the blade, smiling, "I am actually more fan with the lighter blade, but I do appreciate the offer, I hope no offense given. Those are heavier use, I like a lighter swing myself." he bows deep to Aryn, letting his eyes drop before again his attention is back to Ban.

"At your leisure my lord." deferring to the higher station even as he dips into an old dueling posture similar as to what one might see in swashbuckling holos. Except his stance is correct, on the balls of his feet and when his expression become neutral he's looking Ban in the eye.

"I am sure they are glad for your experience. Politics is a language spoken amongst those who do not see exactly what is happening to those around them entirely. There is a big picture they must focus on so having the words and company of those who look at the finer details and remind us of other effects of our choices are most helpful. And much needed." Aure is content to watch even as another sword is quickly brought by the Jedi, a brow arches as she notes how very large when compared to the sinewy and fluid form of her guard.

"Thank you for the offer," is said to Aryn as the representative watches as each takes their place. "It is quite interesting how different societies and cultures view certain actions. You must tell me more about the Alderanians."

Ban Iskender removes his shoulder cape and armor with practiced swiftness. In what Aryn would expect, he also removes his swordbelt and undershirt, so that he'll not miss the impact of any touches, nor will any shed blood go by unnoticed. It is a time honored dueling tradition, but to those less familiar with the habits of certain Aldaraanian families the dude is just stripping to the belt waist under a fruit tree. He hands his own sword to Aryn with a short bow and reserved smile, so that his opponent might have his choice of weapons first, dipping his head to Qesteris, assuring, "No offense is taken." Recovering his own blade, with a lengthy look at the details of Aryn's own, he bows to Aryn, bows to Aure, and offers a precise salute to his opponent. "To guard, sir." With the words spoken, he settles into a familiar stance, and steps to begin.

Lorana nods as Aure talks. "Sounds like quite the complicated life," she comments. Looking to the pair getting ready to fight, she says, "If you'll excuse me, I'll take my leave. I don't feel too comfortable as I am to be near a fight, even if it is to the pain." With that, there's a bow of the head to everyone as she heads off.

Steps do begin and it is a clear sight that the blue skinned guard is either far outmatched by the Alderaanian or is having a hell of a day. Attempting to step and weave for position while attempting to get his blade past the guard of the other man.

Qesteris's expression intent but his ability to follow the movements of the other not up to par as he is struck twice, calling out "Hit!" fairly when he is struck and making no comment positive or negative when his attempts to counter are met only with either empty air or Ban's blade.

Aryn nods to both. "Very well! No offense is taken, sir. I wish you good fortune in the duel." Aryn's trip back to Aure is paused only to offer the same choice to Ban. When he claims his own sword, Aryn trades a silent look to the topless Lord before stepping away. Upon arriving at Aure's side, she smiles and weaves her arm through the leather baldric her scabbard has been fed through. It had been a long time since she held the weight of her weapon, but she seemed naturally accustomed to settling it against her side and resting a gloved hand upon the ornate pommel.

"I would be delighted to speak of Alderaanians. What would you like to know, Lady Aure?"

Aryn has not looked up to regard Aure. Her eyes are on the duel, following the movements in an odd reverence.

The strikes by Lord Ban are true adn thus Aure watches with a faintly growing tension as the pair dodge and weave. Her gaze narrows but there is a brief moment as her attention is given to the convrsation. "I am familiar that you have noble houses, but do explain. I thought you were a lady but I did hear Lord Ban call you your Highness earlier. I am very curious." A quick glance ot the side but her hazel eyes sweep once more across the two figures in their intricate dance. Her brows draw together in a furrow and her hands clasped together tighten upon one another over the spectacular beadwork presented across her clothing.

"Lord Ban is rather skilled," she says in an off hand comment.

Ban Iskender, despite the heavier nature of his blade, makes use of very swift footwork to employ the weapon. Taking a lunging step and turning at the waist to engage in a rapid series of edge strikes and parries with Qesteris, he is careful and precise to turn the blade in his hand before it lands, so that all impact is carried through the flat, or- in the case of his later blow- the blunt spine of the thin blade. Qesteris' counterattacks are swift and skilled, and in particular the later blow comes very close to landing, only a nimble twist of his torso, and sharp lean to one side permits it to pass him without contact. "A close thing, sir. Once more," he bids, returning to their contest. He doesn't smile, yet: far too focused on the sport of the duel.

"Indeed my lord, again!" his movements are altering, serpent like and operating in a mirror to the Alderaanian. The pair clearly long studies in the forms of swordplay and while he lacks the younger man's speed, making up for years of experience.

There are moments his mouth opens, instinctual moves - and perhaps those that have been about him most might understand why he tends to remain close lipped when the long fangs are exposed. Nothing else comes, but he thrusts and twists to a feint with the hopes of catching Ban unaware - but only manages to parry or be parried on the ripostes that come.

"It is not a far known fact." Aryn says softly, "Before her Royal Highness, Princess Leia Organa passed on, she decreed that I was to be her heir. Thus, in becoming one with the Force, I inherited her titles, duties, and responsibilities. I am the Princess of Alderaan." Aryn uses her free hand, the one not resting upon the pommel of her sword, to idly tuck back some loose blonde that was caught by a gentle breeze.

"I have many honorifics, Lady Aure. I'd say it is a tiring endeavor to keep up with all, or to correct someone in their address. I just answer to all for convenience sake. Leia was a wearer of many, many, many cloaks." Cloaks a metaphor for responsibilities.

"He is. Lord Ban is a soldier by trade, though her Excellency, Viscountess Iskender sought the absolute best instructors for his training.-- Your guard; is he a Knight? Do Aureans have Knights?"

"I suspect she trusted you with good reason," Aure remarks in regards to the late Princess and handing over her title to another noble. "We have no such honorifics, not in the same sense," she admits and then tilts her head, considering a moment as the two miss their strikes aand nods her head slowly, seeming to relax when her guard does not take the next two that come his way. She does however make a thoughtful sound. "We do not have knights, no. Guards are even a stretch for us. We do not have houses as you do on your own planet. I am the representative but in truth it is the Guild that oversees the well being of Aurea."

She turns her attention to Aryn. "I advise and speak for them but the decisions for what is to come is theirs in the end. Aurea flourishes in its arts and thus that is our focus. It may be time to consider developing other skills further if only to make sure we may be prepared for any other upset or imbalance of power."

Now that his opponent has faced a few of Ban's attacks, the Aldaraanian lord doesn't repeat his early successes, as the pair engage in a series of blows, evasions, swift ripostes and elegant parries. A breeze through the orchard stirs loose a drifting cascade of white blossoms from the trees above the pair of swordsmen.

"That is three." Declared by Qest as he takes the final strike and he hops back in an en guard posture, ready to parry if the heat of combat were to take Ban. No strikes for him, but at least he lasted a fair while.

"Good match to you, my lord. Perhaps at our next I will have improved enough to provide you sound competition. At least if My Lady does not cast me aside to look for better guard." laughing now as he puts his blade up.

"Yes." Aryn answered to Leia trusting her. "I was her pupil, and she was my dear friend. The galaxy is far more empty without her in it." Aryn notes in a tone of melancholy. She turns slightly whe Aure's attention shifts to her, but then glances back to the fight with a thoughtful expression.

"Such is the purpose of a Senator. A voice to represent the people, to act for the people. It is a selfless and thankless profession, I imagine. I do not envy you, but I respect the role you play in the Senate. Such a fragile thing as it is now, it will need the aid of the Aureans. It is my hope that one day Alderaan will reclaim its spot in the Senate."

"Well fought, gentlemen!" Aryn claps, her hands muffled thanks to the gloves she wore.

"And I must admittedly say that Aurea is unsure of its place with the Republic. With the Order and its remnant still around there could be dire consequences for joining too quickly. I must think of the safety of my people, of our world. We were untouched and thankfully so. We hope to remain so but that means navigating very dangerous and unstable waters at present. I am here, to show that Aurea wishes to work with the Republic but we must first know where are place is. We have no military strength at present to add to the safety of the fledgling government. It is nto an easy line to walk, Doctor. I agree. And though mostly thankless, I like knowing that my careful focus will give hope and prosperity to those who live their day to day never leaving out world."

As the match is called she lifts her hands and claps, a smile no longer tense spreads across her lips. "Yes, a good show. By both." Her gaze settles on Qesteris and she inclines her head to each, stepping closer now that they have finished.

Ban Iskender draws back a step, shoulders rising with a deeply drawn breath, and brings his sword upright in front of one eye, before executing a precise salute. "A fine pass of arms; I salute your skill and would welcome any future contest." He shares Qesteris' laugh at the notion of his being dismissed, turning to address Aure, "Madam Senator: your safety is in excellent hands." To Aryn next, he repeats his prior bow. Only then does he return his sword to its sheath.

"An excellent bout, I learned much, my lord." bowing to Ban as his blade is sheathed and he steps forward to extend his hand, Qesteris is grinning still, catching his breath and flipping his hair out of his face. The broad smile suddenly becoming a close lipped grin though as he realize he's exposed.

"I look forward to our next encounter as well, for certain." eyes turning to Aure, Aryn and then back to Ban in short order.

"Not many have a military to speak of. It will be an interesting time moving forward with this next experiment of democracy. My hope is we'll have a better go of it this time than the former."--

The fight is over, and Aryn follows after Aure to congratulate the gentlemen on a well fought duel. Aryn lingers a healthy space from Ban until he has stored his sword back in its home. "You did well, Lord Ban. I agree with your assessment; the Senator is well protected. My father used to say: You do not truly know someone until you've fought them. -- Who better to judge than the man who has crossed swords with him?" Aryn grins, looking between the gentlemen.

"Certainly a different pace and hopefully a more successful one as you say," Aure remarks, agreeing with Aryn as the two approach the armed figures. The representative studies her guard quickly as if to ascertain he has no lasting damage before she graciously inclines her head to Ban and Aryn. "Thank you for this display, you are quite skilled," she remarks to Ban and then turns her attention to Aryn. "Thank you as well, Doctor Cole. FOr the conversation and company. Always a pleasure," she remarks warmly, her hand going over her heart as she lowers into a curtsy to the royalty of Alderaan.

"I will step aside if you wish to remain and speak, Qesteris. Within eye sight but I must give my reply now after some thought. Good to see you," she bids of the other two before she stops near Qesteris to reach out and touch his arm, a nod give. The brief touch is removed as she steps away, drawing the datapad from her ornate belt.

Ban Iskender accepts Qesteris' offered hand in a brief clasp, bidding Aure, "As I must needs depart before long, I daresay this shall be farewell for the day, Senator. Until next time," he bids in parting, beginning the process of gathering up his previously discarded armor.

Bowing to Ban's need to depart and turning when Aure touches his arm as he restores his plates, Qesteris's brow raised as as he turns back to her, coming to attention with a plate held in his hands, silent to wait for her directive.