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House Kast declares war on Onderon

OOC Date: March 27, 2023
Location: Dxun the Demon Moon
Participants: Mandalorians, Hadrix Kora, Amaia Dara, Jallo Dara, Juria Nexum, Evie Leven, Terek Rosol, Sumi Kora

A small squadron of drop ships lift up from the staging area of House Kast's home upon the Demon Moon of Dxun. It's a mix-match of various vessels, but those riding with Talion Kast (aka Alor'Kast) find themselves upon a Mandalorian troop carrier. The floor is retractable, and the ship itself is shaped like a two pronged fork, allowing for yoked seats that are stationed the length of each prong. When the floor retracts, the occupants release the safety harness of their seat and fall into the open air, allowing their jetpacks to manage their fall.

At least, that's how it would work in theory.

FOR the moment, all parties are seated and strapped in, weapons at the ready. Alor'Kast's voice sounds over comms, his own accent a mixture of Core and Mandalorian.

<<"Onderonians have made a game of the Great Hunt; a mockery really. Some old cunt once wrote about there being no hunting like the hunting of man. He ain't wrong, but there is a difference between hunting a worthy quarry and slaughter. Onderonians allow their dungeons to fill for a year, at least till the season of the moon, then release them on Dxun to be hunted. They claim, if you survive the game, you earn your freedom and will be absolved of your crimes. It would be one thing for murderers, rapist, you know.. scum of the worlds, but we're talking people with minor infractions, or those who the guards did not like the look of.">>

Kast clears his throat and shakes his head. <<"The lot of them captured my son this way and held him prisoner for years. If it weren't for some bastard Alderaanian for sneaking him to the moon, I probably would have never seen him again. Today, we interrupt the games. We kill the hunters. No one comes to this moon unchallenged. Let them hunt true warriors.">>

<<"Should you come across those fleeing their lives, spare them. Clan Kast has made its weight in foundlings this way. No one has more reason to hate these Nerf milkers than those sentenced to die here; a fact the King, and his spoiled Princess will learn.">>

Sumi is seen walking down the two pronged wings where warriors sit awaiting their drop. She checks the yoke from each warrior, tugging on it then pressing down upon their shoulders. When all checks out, she offered her fist to rap against their own and moved to the next. Her voice eventually sounds over the local net. <<"All Helljumpers secured; cocked -- locked -- ready to rock, on your signal, Talion.">>

Talion, a massive Mandalorian in yellow and red armor rises up from his seat and takes hold of a battleaxe wrapped with the banners of fallen foes. <<"Stand by, Sumi. Thirty seconds from our drop point.">>

He'd been sleeping for much of journey, an old habit some might call a talent, from his old life. Sack time anywhere. Confident in his rig, and secure that they'll either reach the drop or he won't wake up at all. Head low, rim of his helmet against his chest until the briefing had begun to fill his ears.

The balor glow behind his visor blooming to life and his head rising in time to catch Sumi's fist with his while his still organic eye blinks the doze out of it.

"Mark, thirty." said to himself within the confines of his helmet, mics chin-tabbed offline and his hands unconsciously securing equipment. Hunt hunters, watch targets. The countdown superimposed onto his field of vision, a ghost of faint numbers in his bionic vision.

<"Wonder if there will be any skulls worth taking..."> not quite unintentionally speaking that loudly enough for his external vocalizer to pick up and emit.

Amaia Dara could have been on one of the gun turrets. Amaia Dara probably should have been on one of the gun turrets. Amaia Dara, was, however, seated at one of the jumpseats, jetpack on her back, rifle at the ready, fist-bumping with Sumi, marking herself as ready, as she waited beside her Alor. This could only go one way, yes? Just jump and gun, right? What could go wrong?

Jallo's leaned back in his jumpseat the straps holding him in place as they go his own jetpack on his back as he taps his weapons double checking to ensure they're in place and ready to go as they get closer to the drop point, "thirty seconds heard." And then back to checking his gear one last time to ensure it's secured and ready to drop.

This is one of those comical moments where Juria really has to wonder where her life turned upside down. She's sitting on a drop ship, very much not in combat armor like these other fine folk. She's got a hood on underneath a flight jacket topping a white/black onepiece flight second skin body suit that is made more for getting around inside a ships crawl spaces than running around a battle field. Blonde hair dangling around her small face.

A communicator is fixed behind her left ear so she can listen in, of course. No sense running around like a chicken-like animal with its head cut off... or antenna or bean stock eyes.. or whatever crazy nonsense exists on this planet. A blaster pistol that looks brand new and unused on her hip.

She's seated beside Evie.

And despite how obnoxiously out of place she looks amongst all these battle hardened killers. She is entirely too calm. Just blissfully unaware of how much crap she's in. Oh what it must be like to be a dense simpleton who has no idea the concept of danger and war. "Is it too late to pee?" Said after she raises her hand. "I feel like I should have peed first."

It's probably about time that Evie started getting her hands dirty again, and not from tthe grease that can be found in the various engines she works on. There's a part of her that's missed this. Missed the adrenaline rush of it all. She hasn't had the time she's wanted to, life largely consumed by her masterpiece-to-be, but that's starting to change. Slowly. She's starting to see the world again... and that means bringing her older and newer families together more and more often.

Clad in her familiar blue armor, one can almost /hear/ the grin in her voice as Juria speaks up. "Pretty sure it's too late for that, yeah. Don't think it'll be too long, though."

She knows her family, her clan, and some of the assorted others. She knows how good they are at what they do. The other-side? Well. They'd better have made peace with whatever dieties they worship if they don't surrender outright.

"Afraid so." Terek replies to the question about needing to pee, "You'll have to hold it until we're done." That is responded to without even a hit of sarcasm, which means that it is Terek being as sarcastic as he can muster.

The thirty second warning is noted, <"Thirty seconds."> He responds, making sure that it's acknowledged. He wouldn't want it to seem like he wasn't ready to go as soon as that count down reached zero.

They arrive above the point, a camp where hunters were caging their captured quarry for other uses; they were slaves now. It was night time, the hunters were not prepared for an ambush of this magnitude, so when the drop ship appeared above the treeline shining lights down through the canopy of green to see waving palm leaves and other foliage.

The interior of the ship had been bathed in a red glow, but when Talion hits a button near his location, the lights transition to green and the floor suddenly gives out leaving dangling feet and a drop of some 70 ft below. Sumi and Talion are seen stepping off their platform feet-first to fall below, both their jetpacks igniting to cushion their fall.

Flares begin to pop off the vessel in various locations, serving as illumination charges, the white-capsuled cannisters drift down as if wearing small parachutes while putting off a bright, blinding light. The smell of cordite is almost immediate, with flares going in every direction at once.

Hunters emerging from their tents are alarmed to see what transpires. Dark figures free themselves from the confines of the dropships all at once and descend like wraiths to the surface. One man screams an alarm, but is cut down by Talion who cleaves through the human's upper body with a single swing.

<"Now it is a hunt, outlander.."> He growls, yanking the ax from the corpse and moving on with heavy steps.

Some twenty hunters occupy the immediate area, emerging from tents, taking cover, and preparing for the battle of their lifetime. Cages in a staging area are filled with half-dressed organics captured and tortured for the sport of cruelty. They can be seen at the southern most point of the camp, hunkering down at the sound of blaster fire, VTOL engines, and death.

Sumi's voice is heard over the open comms, <<"Spread out. We kill all the hunters.">>

<<"Alor'Kast, this is recon station one.">>

<<"Send it Recon.">>

<<"Beast Riders have deployed and taken to the skies, Alor. We suspect them to be heading toward your location.">>


Drop hatch opened and restraints releasing - Hadrix lets gravity do the work. Krayt scale cape blowing out behind him the big man's gaderffi is drawn off his back in freefall and tipping forward to plummet head first, angling his body to adjust his flight path. Passively conscious of the altitude readout diminishing at speed.

<<"Don't take cover, strike and move.">> his input en route to the ground - a few scant moments before he would have struck slowed by the anti-grav in his suit, slowing his descent just enough for him to judge and manually cut it. Dropping the last three meters with the curved end of his staff arcing around but grazing only armor - the shock driving his first target back and cushioning the big man's fall enough that he can spring forward in a neat leap.

Carried past the Onderonian, the flanged spike head crashing against their throat, collapsing it and forcing the poor soul down and leaving Al'Verde Kora to begin walking towards his next target, pointing with his free hand.

Amal, having made certain to release her tethers, because...that would simply have been embarrassing to be dangling over the open air, stepped off and freefell for the few seconds it took for her jetpack to activate. She used the time...not well, to line up a shot on the hunters, but the wavering of illuminations beacons made sure that her shot went wide. But...go with me here, she was still jetpacking to the ground.

Jallo's helmet sweeps the area as he rockets down landing on the ground before he brings his trusty E-14 up snapping off a pair of shots at one of the hunters, <"It's not so easy to hunt when getting shot at is it?">

"Dang." Juria says to Evie indicating that there shant be any chance for her to relieve herself before the drop. She doesn't really look that broken up by it, all things considered, but it would have been a nice stress relief. Until the time comes for them to leap out of a perfectly good drop ship... "Oh, we're jumping? Why did we... you know this is fine." The tiny hooded woman pushes up and walks over towards the hatch, peering down into the jungle beneath with her nose wrinkled.

With a sigh, a big shrug, and a step forward.. she descends towards the jungle. Gripping branches, in a gloved hand, letting them pull through her grip to slow her descent until she crunches a landing. Warriors rushing forward to dispatch hunters... a little frown on her face as she reaches for the small slender object inside her coat, a glowing green blade igniting with a snap hiss.

She's not trying to sneak and, in fact. A big glowing beacon. Dodging quickly to the left, blade coming up in a cross guard above her head when her stance lowers, she twists around in a flaring glow when the blade slashes through the barrel of the hunting rifle the Hunter was carrying. She points it at him, tip inches from his nose. "Run along. Don't come back." Then sweeps it down and moves forward at a slow jog.

There was a time in Evie's life when she would've rolled in, blasted everything, and rolled out. The First Order gave orders, and she followed them.

Then as a Mandalorian, part of Clan Kora. More precise. Still overwhelming force, though. Giving and following orders. Her voice was heard. Her voice was angry.

Now? She wasn't the scared little girl wanting to make her parents proud. Wasn't the angry one with something to prove, either. So she'd give them a chance. The LL-30 was in her hand as she descended, her sights on the hunters quickly becoming prey. Her intent? To put the same kind of fear into them that they've put into the slaves. Hearts and minds. If she can make the bastards flee, make them see a better way? That would be the ultimate victory.

Three shots are fired in quick succession, one at each of three targets. Two angry red blaster bolts miss their target, but one... hits a little too well. Whoops. Some instincts die hard.

<<"Throw down your arms and beg for mercy, and you might yet live to see tomorrow!">> comes Evie's -- mercifully distorted -- voice through the vocoder in her helmet. Even after 15 years, her own voice was still more likely to make someone laugh then cower. But she knew the way the game had to be played.

As soon as the hatch opens, Terek falls free, not lighting his jetpack yet as he instead lets the momentum carry him. He fires his jetpack once he has located his target, the cathar Mandalorian dropping down with the rockets as he hones in on one of the Hunters.

He slams into the hunter's chest, knocking him backwards, where Terek then plugs him twice in the chest with the W-35, sending him tumbling off the platform and spiraling down into the jungle below.

For the brief moments the members of the strike force free-fell, the whistling of the wind rushed by them. Capes fluttered, jetpacks roared, and all of that noise was lost to the grumbling VTOL jets of the craft above as it hovered, disrupting the trees by forcing them to violently sway from the output of the engine thrusters.

Lights appeared through the gaps of the trees and canopy of leaves with crisscrossing 'godrays' that left the ground speckled and eerie because it was at night. The chaos that erupted in the camp could best be described as terror as Mandalorians descended in force, blasting mercilessly. It seemed to go one sided until one of the hunting party leader organized a defense and returned fire at the group. Several members of the hunting party were caught off guard by the glowing magnificence of a lightsaber, its hum heard over the engines as it moved with practiced grace through the dark, its wielder given healthy distance by the other hunters!

Open channels detail a distress call for help. <<"Help! HELP! THEY CAME FROM THE SKIES! THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM, SEND--YUGGGH!">> Cut down by a massive ax, the comms operator released the mic, and Talion picked up. <<"Send who you will. The hunters have become the hunted.">>

Sumi arrives with a heavy landing, her weight forcing her to a knee (thanks old-age). She fired into one of the fleeing hunters, setting he and his gear aflame from the incendiary blast. He screams, and she chuckles. Fourteen hunters remain, two of them are injured.

Blaster bolts raining all around, Hadrix continues in stride - adjusting the angle of approach to provide cover for some of those who have touched down after. One shot splashing against his shoulder and another surging past his hip; the big man keeps moving like a storm cloud for the hunters in camp.

His step arrested, momentarily - his assailant knelt and sighting down their barrel and the resulting shot catching him in the seems between the articulated cuirass. Forcing his step to reverse when a second bolt strikes his arm and twists his body - cheerily glowing metal heating the gambeson and flesh beneath.

When he begins again his pace is lumbering for the first steps, picking up pace in stride until he is loping towards the ones who'd shot him, hobnailed boots sparking off the platform and the spike of his staff driven into the gut of the Onderonian. Levering them up, at first barely able to raise them off their boots as his injured arm protests, the big man lets out a sound more bestial than human and he leans into a spin, hefting his quarry up and then back to the platform with enough force to push the staff through their body and into the metal below. All the while his eyes mark points on his HUD, feeding data to the other members of the assault team. Marking firing lanes and enemy position while tallying where his fellows are.

Now that her feet were on the ground. Which was not the same as on a deck, but one took what they could get, and the lights had mostly settled, the ship's gunner seemed to have settled into herself. Not into the roll, because someone once said, once, in some other world, 'I wasn't even supposed to be here!'. Mai Dara lined up a shot as she looked for a place of cover. Not in time, though, to avoid having her arm taking a beating, the shit sizzling the flesh just under her armor, but in time that she managed to return fire, downing one of the hunters as she made for cover.

Jallo watches as more and more of the hunters are getting shot and dropping left and right before his attention falls on one of them his vocorder volume going up, <"Lets make this more sporting on my end."> The E-14 goes back into it's holster before he pulls a cylinder out from a maglock on his left thigh toggling the switch on it the energy bow rapidly expands before he raises it up to draw back an energy arrow aiming at the Game Hunter he'd singled out earlier. <"Run.">

Hey, does everyone remember that time Juria was walking around carrying a Lightsaber into the middle of combat with a bunch of Mandalorians and drawing a whole lot of attention to herself? The hunters sure seem to remember. The Jedi, because let's be honest nobody is fooled that she's not a Jedi anymore, positions herself in a place to offer the most advantagious deflective position. Centering herself, she calms her emotions and stares down a bunch of blasters. All of them letting loose their barrage.

The green glowing blade dances and whirls, WHRRR WHRRR... While Juria herself spins like a dancer in a club. Pivot this way, her body bends and a bolt flies over head, twirl that, and another glances into a tree when she jerks her shoulder to the side.

The blade dances outwards infront of a bolt aimed for Evie, trying to send it back towards the intended target. Hyper extending, it hits her across the forearm. Sizzling the body suit and leaving a gash in her upper arm. Still she spins her blade, reverse gripping it as it spins around and dash it forward to block a shot aimed Jallo... again taking it in the arm. Altruism is not her friend today! But at least neither of the two were hurt...

"This is the way." She heard that somewhere.

Moving forward, she's ducking and weaving, twisting her blade over her wrists as she approaches one of the hunters. Who backs away from her. This is a GORRAM JEDI. THEY HAVE GORRAM JEDI! Even if she doesn't hit him...

He's gonna tell his friends.

Remember that time there was a Gorram Jedi with the Mandalorians?

Blaster bolts everywhere. Coming from their side. Coming back against their side. A lightsaber standing among them. It really was like old times, in more ways than one.

It was just like flying a starfighter. Some of the moves you don't really lose. The body remembers, adapts, survives. A blaster bolt comes for her! ...but that green blade knocks it aside. <<"Thanks, ba--">>

Then she notices that it didn't exactly knock it aside. The bolt /hit/ Juria.

There's a flash of anger that crosses the pilot's emotions, though it's quelled after a moment. She's okay. She's still dancing. Just like Evie does in her void. So the Empress fires again; this time two more bolts find their targets! Screams of pain are heard, but they don't go silent. Will they get the idea and /not/ shoot back again? Well. It'll probably depend on just how well she hit them, won't it? She'll give them the chances. Whether they take those chances before one of her clanmates -- or she herself -- finishes the job? That's up to them.

You know what will throw off your aim? Getting shot at. Terek turns and snaps off a shot at the first guy who shot at him, turning towards that hunter only for a second to shoot him in the arm from the other side. Terek fires again at the first hunter he'd shot at, getting himself under motion so maybe they'll STOP SHOOTING HIM.

<"You heard the lady, give up and you might not end up like your buddy!"

The man crawling away from Sumi screaming blood murder is pinned to the ground by her boot, a mercy shot discharged to the back of their head. The sound makes a loud thunk, and their flailing ceases. Sumi moves on, firing toward another as they run for the jungle, but the shot goes wide because she's firing and walking at the same time. Rip.

Meanwhile, the hunters have begun to move further out into the woods whilst the Mandalorians from the other dropships descend, landing around the cages and freeing those captive. This was but one of many camps House Kast was attacking simultaneously. The dropship that had been hovering over the immediate area has finally moved off, but its discharged illumination is still slowly cascading down over the jungle, providing ample light in the ship's absence.

There is a loud screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech noise though as warriors from the famous Beast Riding War Parties begin to arrive in response to this ambush. One heavy winged beast arrives, landing harshly near Juria and Evie, its large head lowering to show rows of teeth as it roars at both!

Another lands near the prisoners, the drake-like beast using its arms to help charge. One of the escaping prisoners is caught in the maw of the beast, the jaws clamping down over their mid-section and squeezed to the point the animal begins to tremble from the sheer force. The body of the victim trapped in the vice is split in two, their lower half flung off toward the trees as the upper is tossed up in the air, then gobbled with a wet, sickening crunch.

<<"Kill the beasts,">> Kast says, <<"and give me the heads of those riders.">>


Looking up at the arriving riders and their fell mounts, one hand goes to his belt, turning to run under fire and flipping the staff in the other - the hooked over end now held upright.

<"Hate those damned things."> Hadrix could use his jetpack, if he could be bothered to lean on instincts as he sprints, head lowering and shoulders leaning forward to push his weight forward. <<"Doing something stupid, danger close.">> growling out over comms as he closes the distance. Right hand bringing around the staff to hook into the bridle of one of the creatures and heaving himself upward.

Left arm coming around with a single sphere already engaged and toning its countdown - intended to go into the beast's mouth when it tosses its head - sending the big man flying and tumbling across the deck moments before his detonator is sent airborne to detonate above the platform. Stark bright light illuminating his sparking slide to a halt,

<"Kriffing thing.">

Oh, now they were bringing out the big guns. Sadly, Mai Dara did not have a bigger gun. She should have brought a bigger gun. Like a twin turret. Guys, she knew where we could get one. Alas. There was no time to go and retrieve it. It was neatly packed away on a ship in a hangar---nevermind! Mai, pivoting from the hunters, turning to the two incoming beats of burden, aiming, not for one of the animals, but for the rider mounted on one of the backs. Alas, once again, she only allowed them a taste of what pain they were not feeling.

Jallo watches as the hunters begin to run off firing as they flee... Then a bolt strikes him square in the chest before the Beskar deflects the energy off to the side slightly. He starts to sight in on one of the retreating hunters when he hears the call for the Rider's heads and his attention swings over towards the one that Amaia shot at his energy arrow going screetching away from the bow before it slams into the rider with fairly devastating effect, <"There's no surrender for you so die well.">

A moving target is very difficult to hit with a hunting rifle, these are just truths. Juria continues to position herself betwixt anything aiming at herself, her compatriots, but specifically, her wife. She doesn't even have to bring her blade up in this instance, however. They're shook. And rightly so. This is working as intended. The Jedi in her really does not want to kill these individuals. She wants them to run away and not hunt other living beings. Because that's disgusting.

She tries not to think about what Evie does as a Mandalorian. The war, the fighting. These are not things that Juria enjoys, which would be hard to realize given how well she seems to be doing at it currently. But when she was made aware other sentients were being hunted? Well, that's just not okay at all is it?

So when they flee, she doesn't chase them.

There are beast riders, afterall.

So into the fray show goes, along side her armored Amor! Whirling her blade over her wrist, she leaps forward over Evie's shoulder and slashes at the beasts legs. Back and forth in a sweep, then shifts back behind her when the barrage of blaster fire she fully expects to come from Evie.

Evie was just getting used to having the battlefield under normal conditions. She shoots at them, they shoot at her, it's all good.

Foot on foot? She can handle that. Being the bird, fighting those on foot? She can handle that, too.

When the winged beast lands in front of her and Juria and roars, she's shaken a bit.

...but then she remembers herself. She remembers what she's fighting for. Who she's fighting with. She screams back in that distorted vocoder-voice, and then drives forward in that kind of way that she and Juria have likely practiced over the years. Juria may be a pacifist, and Evie a pilot, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to defend themselves... and more specifically, one another. That practice pays dividends, here. Lightsaber and blaster working in harmony to take down a fearsome foe.

She can't help but smile beneath the helmet when the creature hits the ground. She's not a murderer, not the way she once was... but sometimes it takes an offense to come to the defense of the helpless.

The arrival of the beasts scatters the hunters, making Terek dive for cover, landing with a hefty thump and grunting in pain. <"Hells!">

At least he managed to avoid getting shot by diving for cover from the creatures. Small things. Terek's attention now turns towards the beasts, or more specifically the rider on the back.

Raising his left arm, the whipcord activates, firing the cable upwards through the air, only to get smacked aside, "Damn!" He shouts, moving quickly to try and put some space between himself and the creature, to try another shot.

First thing's first. BOOOOOOOOOM!

A mini-thermo-nuclear blast lays WASTE to the immediate surroundings causing trees to fall, and a portion of the camp to become incinerated. The blast is so loud it echoes for a fifty-mile radius with a blast so bright it can be observed from space as a pale-blue dot.

When the smoke and concussion settles, the beasts and their riders produce a new level of chaos to the war party, but the Riders had not anticipated fighting Mandalorians and a Jedi rekking Knight. Unaware to the error of their ways, they attack the war party full force, but before the riders can even demonstrate the command of their beasts, one animal is brought to heel and dismantled by an onslaught of blaster fire and the swing of a lightsaber.

Its Rider rises in their saddle only to take an arrow that hit so hard and distinctly square that it carried him backward just off its kinetic force alone.

That rider landed harshly in the dirt, rolling until he was on his back, dizzy. Sumi steps on his throat with the tread of her boot and up-nods. <"Don't bother rising up,"> Is all she mutters before sinking a death bolt into his cranium and ending it for him. She forgot Talion wanted heads. Whoops!

Sumi hears the whip-crack and whistle of a whip-cord being fired and glances over to see Terek trying to yank the rider from the saddle of the second beast. <"Good thinking!"> She calls out, then takes aim from the off hand position, her foot still propped up on the recently departed beast rider. A single blast from her carbine renders the rider of the second either dead or disabled, either way, the beast moves in a circle inadvertently slinging them from the saddle to land on the ground, unmoving.

Talion Kast releases a war cry and charges the remaining beast, swinging his ax and missing. <<"KILL IT!">>

There hadn't been much time to think before his spine began hollering at the abuse being levied to it. One leg caught up in the creatures jaws, iron hard teeth shrieking against beskar cuisse - the pressure of its jaws pressing the metal of his armor into his leg hard enough that he can feel the contusion that will be present well after... assuming he lives.

Whipped back and forth, trying to remain loose to keep his back and neck from snapping, Hadrix's hands go to cross-draw from holsters at his sides. The chunky form of his disruptor in one and the heavy cylindered Morellian revolver in the other. The first shot creating currents as molecules in the air are rendered asunder, with the blasts flight ending in a section of a nearby tree simply ceasing to be.

Heavy caliber slugs travel on similarly wild paths, smashing into stone or jungle wood before Al'Verde Kora is flung again. Curling up as closely as he can when branches rush up to meet him, smashing through foliage and descending through branches that snap under his weight or tumble him into a new direction before ultimately depositing him face first on the ground.

<<"You're getting too old for this...">>

<<"Shut up... Gripper.">>

Well, on the positive side, they were mostly down. On the negative, there was still a big stonking huge beast with literal wings failing around the battlefield and trying to trip her up with its tail! Right when she was trying to shoot it and all. The nerve. The actual nerve. Mai, using what little shipboard knowledge she could put to use on the ground, rocked when the ship did and leapt over the tail, but it sent the shot wide and bare;ly glanced a slug across its hide. That would show it. A taste of things to come. But likely not from her.

Jallo's visor sweeps the battlefield once before his attention focuses on the beast before he preps and then launches the rocket from his JT-12 flames firing off from the jetpack as the rocket flies over towards the beast slamming into it before it explodes causing significant damage but the thing is still standing, <"Well that could have gone better... Think I made it mad?">

Juria is working in conjunction with everyone, to be sure, but specifically with Evie. With whom she is keeping close proximity. Moving beneath the Empress' arm to sweep her blade around in long sweep to severe one of the aerial creatures legs. The blade whirls around her palm, sweeping back in another long arc. Blaster fire, rains down over her shoulders at this monster the whole of it.

Until the tip of her blade cuts through its belly. Spilling content down upon the jungle floor in a gush of viscera that bathes her in gore because, seriously, she's not a fighter. She's a pacifist.

She pants heavily, holding her glowing green blade. Covered in terribly disgusting and not so good smelling insides. "I really have to pee..." Eyes over on Evie. Face smeared in blood. Hood back, hair all matted to her face.

Juria's a sight to see in combat, Evie has certainly said it before. She thinks it again today. She was getting ready to join her beloved in another flash of Blades n' Bolts... but the blonde doesn't need her help, this time. Jallo's rocket did her job. More importantly, though, the beast was down, the battle was over -- for now -- and other things can be taken care of.

<<"You're breathtaking.">> Evie comments to the gore-covered Juria, before glancing around... and pointing off in a direction. <<"I think I see some brush over there. I'll watch your back.">>

The visible enemies were beaten. Some dead. Some driven off. That doesn't mean there won't be more. Which is why that LL-30 stays in Evie's hand. She'd rather be ready than not.

<"Every little bit helps."> Replies Terek, getting back up to his feet a little slower than he used to. He does let out a sigh faintly, only to himself. The Jedi eventually makes work of the last beast, leaving him standing there for a moment or two, before he holsters his blaster, "That is why we wear fully enclosed helmets."

Sumi watches from her current location, foot propped up on the chest of the slain rider she had killed. When the final beast is slain, she makes a snorting noise that's conveyed from the voice emitter on her helmet, probably a sinus issue. <"Landed in the wrong god-damn camp is what that is."> The comment is toned for humor, but her dead pan silence is what sells it.

Kast chuckles. <"It is only the beginning."> Pulling a flare gun from his holster, he orients it to the sky and fires a single red flare into the air. For a few seconds, it's the only one they see. Then, others begin to fire off all around, signaling the defeat of the hunter camps. <"The night is ours."> Though, in truth, it was only the beginning of the assault.

Sumi is seen tilting her helmet back to light a smoke. When she breathes out, it's a contented sounding, "..that was a good rekking gun fight..."

Kast motions for warriors to rally. <"Put the rest of the camp to the torch. The hunters fled, they have what they need. Let them hunt the beasts of this moon and prove their mettle.">