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Evennia "Evie" Leven Kora

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Empress of the Void
Profession: Combat Pilot
Homeworld: Kuat
Organization: Clan Kora
Ship: Outrageous Asteroid




Evennia "Evie" Leven was born the oldest of three, the daughter of a freighter pilot and an engineer on the planet of Kuat. She had a more or less happy childhood, spending a lot of time in space around the Core Worlds with her mother (and later, her younger brother and sister as well) as she'd make cargo runs, while her father worked for the Seinar Fleet Systems factory on the planet.

Evie was a typical tomboy, not afraid to get her hands dirty and often doing so once she was able to grasp the basics of mechanical work, taking to serving as an unpaid assistant on her mother's freighter whenever she was allowed. She wasn't a stranger to a fight, either -- having to step in and try to defend her younger sister from people they would occasionally run into at spaceports.

On the plus side? She never got into much trouble with the law as a result. On the minus side? It was mainly because she wasn't really /good/ with her fists, or even really strong enough to back it up. The girl certainly had guts, though. Due to spending a majority of her time in space, her education was mainly handled via a protocol droid the family owned, with plenty of technical education on the important aspects of spaceflight thrown in by a mother who saw a future heir to her work.

While Evie took to flight controls like a fish to water, it was her father's career path that would initially attract her, and in her teenage years -- with the help of her learned skills and her father's connections -- she was given a job working as a testing pilot, getting to work putting new crafts through their paces while being able to learn more about how they work, as well as getting the opportunity to learn more about how the various fighters were made. It looked like her future was set, until First Order returned and began seizing the galaxy by force. History -- and the chance to make a lasting mark in it -- inspired her to enlist and jump back in the pilot's seat where she belonged.

Evie made her mark known as a member of the First Order. One of the most visible 'faces' of the Order for a long time, she backed up her claims of being the galaxy's best with her skills in the cockpit of a TIE. She was a soldier who followed orders, but in her off-time, a personable girl with an unmistakable joie de vivre. She climbed through the ranks quickly, eventually settling into a role more behind the scenes as the flight instructor for the Vanguard unit.

She lived, she loved, and she made friends that could substitute for family any day of the week as part of the First Order, but as her unit suffered losses, each one weighed on her. Evie kept smiling, kept a show of strength for the men and women who served under her, and kept trying to bear the weight that continued to pile on her tiny shoulders.

She was shaken hard upon the departure of friend and Vanguard member Hadrix, but might have weathered that storm like the others if she hadn't been told the man was unfit for duty... only to see him looking genuinely the happiest that she'd ever seen him. For the first time in her career, Evie realized that the people she fought for, never questioned... lied to her. Then the very man who asked for that loyalty abandoned her and so many other adopted siblings. For the first time in years, tears invaded her eyes.

It was a perfect storm for a young woman who believed wholeheartedly in her cause. Abandonment by a leader who'd she'd thought of as a friend, so many losses that she hadn't allowed herself to grieve for, a new leader who, in the back of her mind, she knew didn't care about his people... and that was proven in her area of expertise. She had flown the old TIEs, and the new ones... there was a very clear difference.

So just before the battle of Exegol, Evennia Leven, supporter of the Empire and then First Order since her birth made a promise. A promise to make sure the very best pilots -- her people -- of the Order survived the coming storm. She conferred with her mentor, and rather than being rebuffed... was encouraged. As the Resistance Fleet was joined by civilians from across the galaxy, she made the call. There was no glory in this war, the Final Order was not the one she had volunteered for long ago. Weapons were turned off, and she led all who would follow to safety.

Old foes became enthusiastic allies after the battle. All sins seemed forgiven, but she had not forgotten them. Having thrown away everything she had cared for to give those who followed her a chance to live, she had nothing left and had lost all desire for life. Fortunately for Evie, she was not alone. Hadrix, who's departure had shaken her so, came back for her. Refused to let her give up on life, and together with some of her closest friends helped her put the pieces back together... even as they threatened to shatter time and time again.

Now, she seeks new purpose. The no-longer self-proclaimed, but recognized Empress of the Void is determined to prove her worth as a member of Clan Kora, and to repent for her sins. Head held high with determination, and standing as tall as a short woman can as an example of what can be.


Evie's the kind of girl who tries -- but doesn't always succeed -- to be an eternal optimist. She feels most at home when she's aboard a starship, with an ego a lightyear wide and frankly? The skills to back it up. On the ground, she's far more... well... grounded, and a little skittish. She does a decent job for a once-civilian when on-duty, putting her mission first and personal feelings last... but she jealously values her off-duty time, as well, and this adrenaline junkie knows how to have fun.


Season 1 (Skywalker Trilogy) Playlist

- Weightless by All Time Low [1]

- You Can't Catch Me by Noel Wells [2]

Season 2 (Post-Rise of Skywalker) Playlist

- Sad Girl Blues by Noel Wells [3]

Tonight, I'm gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world I'll turn it inside out, yeah
And floating around in ecstasy
So don't stop me now don't stop me
Cause I'm having a good time, having a good time

I'm a shooting star, leaping through the sky
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I'm a racing car, passing by like Lady Godiva
I'm gonna go, go, go
There's no stopping me

- Don't Stop Me Now by The Regrettes (Cover of Queen) [4]

Character Relationships

Array Consortium
Adhar Gann I'm willing to give him a second chance to make a first impression.
David Ironside One of my best friends. Always, always there when I need him. Thank you, Dave.
Saanvi Adorable little medic, always worrying about people, damn good at her job since Hadrix is still alive.
Sion Haven't seen her in a while, hope she's doing well.
Aryn Cole Led our little hunting party on D'Qar. Dances almost as well as I do. Almost.
Ban Iskender Lord Fancy McFancington sure likes that Aryn chickie. Pretty intense in a fight, though.
Berty Odessa What was his name... Mr. Floofypants? Think he can get as loud as I can. Can't dodge fire as well as I can, though.
Dosk A fellow pilot, and buyer of drinks! Always someone good to be around. Haven't seen him in a long time. Maybe he was with the other side too and didn't make it. R. I. P.
Emma Starflare I'm glad we both found our ways out. Now, we can live this new life together.
Juria Nexum Mine. I like the sound of that.
Lorana Adella A fellow freighter brat! We had a good chat.
Lowkeyyy A flirtatious Wookiee. Still waiting on that jetpack!
Mak the Hutt ...did have too many drinks, or did he really call himself the Masked Outlaw....?
Maireni I'm pretty sure she and Candyman are dating, and that he doesn't even realize it.
Merek Black Still don't know his name. So... it's Mr. BlasTech, now.
Nerys Greystorm Ms. Second Place. I wouldn't mind getting to know her better.
Sajin Rumor has it there's a bounty on non-Wookiees with bowcasters. Rumor has that doesn't matter much to me.
Sshylisk Brutal fighter, might want to stick to his bare hands though... blasters don't seem to like him.
Tarion Tavers Candyman? He's got to step up his game if he wants a chance with me!
Vena Don't know much about her, but she seems smart.
Vex I know she seems to follow Mak wherever he goes, but I haven't really gotten the chance to talk to her other than when she offered me a bit of work.
Wahl Pretty natural flyer, good student.
Yoska Lash He's a dealer, which turns me right off, but he's a hilarious fella, so I'm willing to hang out.
Zorii Bliss For not being Sienar, she has a niiiiice ship.
Zhu Yan Yan stepped up to help so many of my brothers when most others would likely have shot us where we stood. I'll never forget this, and I owe him.
First Order
Arvis Locke Fellow Kuati. Never really cut out for war, though. R. I. P.
Asiir Cuul He seems like an interesting guy. Not quite as intimidating as he was at first, if he doesn't want to be... R. I. P.
Colin Hope he learned his lesson before... you know. R. I. P.
Drath One of the true front liners, no fear in this one. R. I. P.
Duke Call it a hunch, I'm thinking you made it. If you ever need me, come find me.
Fuze I'm living on for you. R. I. P.
Grayson Oakfell Gray's a pretty interesting, and we're becoming pretty good friends. R. I. P.
HX-7636 A fellow pilot, and a brave one. R. I. P.
Kylo Ren Kylo... he was a good leader, and a good friend. Until he threw us away like trash. R. I. P.
Lioria Thrace I don't know her too well as a person, but she's pretty great when it comes to a fight. R. I. P.
Rhona Darrett Why in the galaxy did I listen to Gann? I should've gone after you. I'm so, so sorry. R. I. P.
Yang Thire A fellow volunteer, and a party girl. I don't know her too well, but she seems fun. R. I. P.
Knights of Ren
Domino She's always there to take care of me. I hope I can return the favor when she needs it.
Malik Ren I'll always remember you were showed me the light when everyone else kept me in the darkness, even if you don't remember me.
Aejin One of the newer Koras. I don't know him very well yet, but he seems capable.
Avery Ihala Kora One of my brothers. So happy that he made it out.
Hadrix Kora My big brother, and best friend. There is nothing I would not do for this man.
Hahtavi One of the newer Koras. I look forward to watching him prove his mettle.
[[Karys] One of my sisters. I will never forget you, but am comforted that you were surrounded by those who truly care for you. R. I. P.
Kirioth Kora A fierce warrior, and quite possibly better on the jetpack than I am. I have much to learn from her.
Lozen My sister-in-law. Protections on Hadrix extend to her by default.
Navi Kryze Definitely crushing on me. This will be fun!
Sumi Kora Alor of Clan Kora, and perhaps the fiercest warrior I've ever seen: even moreso than Kylo and Rey.
Tara Sur One of Hadrix's friends. Explained a bit more about the Mandalorians... I think she's building a droid army.
Terek Rosol One of my clanmates, and an interesting guy to hang out with. I want to help him out of his shell.
Valeska Jaivon The newest Kora. Looking forward to getting to know her better.
Zee'Roh Kora The most mysterious of my chosen family. I look forward to learning more about the one behind the mask.
Zelo Parrai One of the newer Koras, and a pilot like myself. I appreciate that we're getting more flyboys in the club!
Ektor Resistance Pilot. Black... sommatorother. Almost as good a pilot as me. But only almost. <3
Nova Korell Resistance soldier I met after Exegol, another Black Squadron person... I'd watch her six any day. <3
Poe Dameron As fancy a flier as they say. I would love to face off with him someday, ions only... or even just have a few drinks.
Triz Dermout Only know her by name, but have to find and tell her.
Kuolo Glad you understand it wasn't personal. I don't need to lose anymore friends.
Onys I'm still learning about you.

RP Hooks

Imperial History The Leven family has a long history with the organization that would go on to become the First Order, having supported the Republic, the Empire, and now the Order from their work with Sienar Fleet Systems. Want to know a member of her family from the old days? Let me know!

Sienar Brat Those family connections again! Evie and numerous members of her family have worked for Sienar Fleet Systems, and some of them probably are or have been fairly high-level. Those who know a good deal about the company could certainly recognize her last name.

Kuat When she lived on Kuat as a teenager, Evie was the kind of girl who made an impression on people -- she was loud, talented, and a grade-a showoff. Knowing her from those days is entirely possible.

Flight Instructor She's not the Order's Flight Instructor anymore, but she used to be, and she'll teach anyone who has the credits and is brave enough to come to her.

Empress of the Void Evie is known around Nar Shaddaa as a capable pilot. Independent, doesn't ask too many questions, and great at what she does. Need an extra air-gun? Look her up.

Yes, THAT Evennia Leven Evie made her mark on history on the grandest stage possible, in the middle of a battle between the First Order, Resistance, and what seemed like the rest of the entire universe. Anyone who was at Exegol probably knows her name and the mutiny she led. Anyone who wasn't still might. Use that as you will!

Ex-First Order Got a beef you want to take out with the First Order and remember her very public face? Bring it! Fellow traitor? The two of you have common ground now. Maybe you even followed her lead out of the Order at the Battle of Exegol!


<< "This... this 'Final Order' is neither my father's Empire and should be ashamed to come from my First Order. It's a pathetic man's attempt to steal what Lord Ren helped us build. Vanguard, you have new orders from your superior officer. The /true/ final order, which came directly from Lord Ren himself. Disengage now, and leave this foolish old man's battle. Leave, live, and find a reason to keep doing so. For Kylo." >> Pause. << "No, do it for me, and for yourselves." >>

<< "Ektor Apollyon. David Ironside, Poe Dameron," >> She uses the names of the Resistance members /she/ knows, even if her information is a bit outdated. << "I call upon you and your allies. Allow my people to leave this battle that is no longer theirs. Should you deny my request and fire upon those who attempt to depart... and this goes for you, too, 'General' Pryde?" >> Her voice hardens here, voice darkened by the memory of friend after friend lost to war. << "I will hunt you. I will find you, and I will kill you and everyone who's ever thought kindly of you. I've already shown you my skill, and restraint tonight. Don't make me be the bad girl... and good luck. Echo out." >>