Log:A Light in The Dark

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Light in The Dark

OOC Date: March 25, 2024 (Optional)
Location: Unnamed World, The Unknown Regions
Participants: Nerys Greystorm, Poe Dameron, Saito and Qutha Buvu Pah as GM

The arm of the nebula that this world passed through for part of the year granted a boon to approaching craft for the havoc with sensors it played. Blues and yellows stained the sky in a perpetual dawn ambiance caused by the reflected light of the otherwise blocked sun. Messages relayed had directed craft of the Jedi and the Rebellion, here for reasons unspecified.

The landing field, tucked among stalks of what looked like ferns the size of old growth trees, the answering craft were gathered and their occupants unloaded and among them the Zelosian, Qutha, standing with a faraway look on his features.

"That way..." said when the others have gathered, motioning east, "Calamity can be averted if we go that way." Finally looking about to see if any are with him now.

Though she was an ally to the Rebellion, the Greystorm's interests usually kept her away from the main work of the still growing organization. Sometimes, though, she did manage to find her way onto their expeditions when the needs required it. Just now, though, Nerys moved in to fall in line with the Jedi, hands adjusting the backpack which was her own personal bag of holding. Bitty was maglocked to the pack, Numpty clinging to her shoulder. "Are we expecting a calamity?"

"Calamity's part of the job, kid," Poe said endearingly; the way all smugglers said kid. "They're like a bad case of the swamp cough; a gift that keeps on giving." Poe walked alongside the two, his own features hidden by an old flightjacket. The jacket had a high collar that was folded, and Poe's own long, wild dark hair was beginning to shoe its age with a bit of salt here and there. He walked with a distinct limp, favoring his right leg, the same leg Terex had blasted years ago with an exotic pistol; it had never quite healed right. "The better question is whether or not there's food. I'm starving..." The red-aired Jedi was hesitant to offer his help to the Rebelion. It took him some time to to decide to help. After all, he culdn't dwel on what had happened previously, it was time for him to move on Perhaps things would be different this time.

The red-aired Jedi was hesitant to offer his help to the Rebelion. It took him some time to to decide to help. After all, he culdn't dwel on what had happened previously, it was time for him to move on Perhaps things would be different this time.

He looks at Poe and Qutha, lips curving into a smile. "It's good to see you here, Qutha." Neriss receives a friendly, polite nod. He slowly starts to walk alongside the group, turning to Poe. "Well, general, that's what I wanted to talk to you about the other day, about being available to help again." he says with a chuckle.

"I's saw a world, where'n the foundations shook s'though in th'wake've the steps of a thousan' giants..." Qutha notes, as if no jests had been offered. Walking steadily between the masses of foliage and delicate looking stalks despite many being as thick as support columns, "They's ain' yet reached they destination. They sleep n'await t'rise n'draw fire where they's gazin'."

The path being led on drawing between the flora in a seemingly aimless wander that keeps them clear of thicker brush. Crossing a kilometer's march down a ravine and across marshy ground where green pads large enough that they support the weight of those walking on them bob in the muck.

All the while a noise grows closer, in the direction they walk, a rhythmic thudding and the grind of metal. A constant thunder with no rain nor clouds in the sky. Beyond the fronds of massive plantlife light stabs through until the quartet find themselves on a ridgeline with tangles of flowering bushes dotting it.

Beyond that a pair of structures. One quite sizable, comparable to a large town and several stories tall. An entire section of it a great set of doors that make the red armored troops moving on patrol look like insects. Close to one side of it, a series of half-disks jutting from the ground, with massive cables running from it to the larger structure.

Nerys looked, not over, as he was ahead of her, but towards the jedi, lips compressing. It was her Nerys is Thinking face, and not her Nerys is Annoyed face, as she listened to the vision, so she assumed it to be, as it was imparted to her. She kept her own counsel as they covered the distance to what, one would think, was their destination, attention shifting to the work area being guarded, "Could e drilling of some sort, that's disturbing the bedrock, or, there's something underground and their trying to batter the entry open."

Poe cringed at being referred to as General, but he didn't say anything to the contrary. It had become something of a namesake by this point giving credence to the fact that 'Generals never retired'. "There's no shortage of tasks needing help, just jump in and get after it," Poe comments back to Saito, remaining vague as to the point he was trying to make, but informative enough to say the Rebellion needs all the help it can get.

As they arrive to a new view, Poe squints to eyeball the large building. Knowing what he knew of Imperial military structures, he said, "Seems reminiscent of old walker factories-- but like.. bigger." The comment is made casually as he stepped, as if reconnaissance was something of a pass time.

Saito continues to walk with the other members of the group. He looks a head, eyes focusing on the smaller disk-like structures. "These appear to be power generators." Poe's comment earns a nod from the young pilot. "Whatever this is it looks big. I don't know much about the Empire's industry. Do they need to drill to build walkers?" he muses, as if trying to make sense of the information that they have so far.

Qutha's voice drifts from one side, "At least two've us are likely who'n I'us meant t'bring here, but where t'go from there, I ain' know." Brow creasing and something drives the zelosian to a kneeling position, one hand lifting to his brow. Head turning slowly side to side, "A cradle' f'the birth of terror."

In the wake of a shaky breath, a craft descends through atmosphere, a modular conveyor lowering to place its massive cargo containers on the roof, and out of sight, upon the massive structure. The creak and grind of metal doors and titanic hydraulics now added to the din while the troopers below continue to patrol, seeming otherwise ignorant of their observers.

"Well, I suppose you can be happy with the two you have, and settle for the other two." Nerys' tone did not change, as she settled in to give the facility a good looking over. "I think," she offered, as she watched the containers being loaded onto the roof, "We need to get in close enough to get a look at what they're delivering." A beat, "Might be possible to see if we can tap into their communications. They have to be talking to each other."

"I'll see if I can sneak in and take a look around. Big doors seem to be the only way in, and worst case scenario, a bunch of people shoot at me." Poe shrugged, then stepped ahead. His days as an infiltrator and special forces commando were shining through; he was an old man in a young man's profession. This was going to be fine! Moving on, Poe at least looked like he knew what he was doing.

Saito would nod to Nerys's suggestion. "I'm not too good when it comes to sneaking aorund. I don't want to geopardise the mission." he watches as Poe manages to sneak flawlessly, nodding in the general direction of the other man. It is then that the redhead closes his eyes and reaches out into the force, trying to understand the essence of this place. It is as if he was punched. He opens his eyes and looks around for a moment, seeming desorientated. "That place.. Is dark. There is fire, pain and fear in that place. Something terrible has happened or is about to happen there. The sense of fear is overwhelming."

"I ain' among the two." Qutha intones, watching the buildings and the troops. Hunkered and rubbing his brow while he watches ahead, eyes seeming glazed over. Remaining kneeling while Poe approaches.

The old man seeming able to find the right screens from view as he descends the ridge and grows closer to the structure. The Imperial Troopers on patrol moving steadily with one of each trio turning to walk backwards while the others alternate who looks forward and the other to the side.

The cargo craft's main body ascends again, its containers left behind.

For Poe, as he nears, there are smaller hatches built into the main doors, with a single Stormtrooper stationed at the split.

Nerys reached up, tapping the front of Bitty's chassis, the droid inlocking herself from her backpack mount and coming up over Nerys' shoulder, one of her hands accidentally on purpose nearly knocking Numpty off of his perch. "See? I knew he liked having you around. Bitty, see what you can grab of their comms and relay it to my helmet." The seeker droid made no sound, nor did she allow her eye to flash. She was in stealth mode, such as it existed for one such as herself. "Nothing useful on the wireless. General reporting and flight pattern confirmation. I'm going to need to get into the hardwired comms to see what's going on inside." Now to find an access point.

Poe continues to move closer, remaining mindful of positioning and possessing some situational awareness regarding troop placement in relation to where he was, and where he planned to go. Skilled infiltrators had to plan their approach, and Poe seemed to give it thought as he drew closer and closer to the loud building and its secrets!

Secrets indeed, the monolithic structure loomed over Poe, troopers passing close and narrowly missing sight of the man as the rumbling thuds continued to shake the very ground. The rising groan associated most often with pneumatics rising and falling like the wail of some doom herald.

From within an alert klaxon blares for several beats before it cuts out just as suddenly.

Lights begin to run along the structure identified as a power generator before pulses move up along lines running from it to the structure before they go out again and the clattering rumble of hydraulic doors shutting sounds like a thunderclap. The stage being set with three figures on the ridge and one dangerously close.