Log:A Steal at that Price

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A Steal at that Price

OOC Date: April 7, 2020
Location: Trash Strewn Alley, Ko Hentota District, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Eriu Jynx, Mujiji

...< Trash Strewn Alley - Ko Hentota District, Nar Shaddaa >..................
The alleyway is dark, and somehow persistently damp with the constant drip of murky water heard here and there so that there are unpleasant, squelchy puddles of something one can only hope is water. The dark passage has no helpful lights on the exterior of any surrounding building, so the only ambient light that ever pierces the dim space is that from the mouth of the alley, and what little manages to filter in from above. There is trash everywhere, no care taken about where it was dumped, and only occasionally kicked to the side to create a passable footpath for those brave enough to move through. A rickety staircase opens up in the space where one building ends and another begins, though this passageway does not go into either building, it leads into even darker places that exist beneath Ko Hentota.

Few beings have very good reason to find themselves loitering around the back alleys of the Ko Hentota district... At least, none with noble intentions. It would therefore track that Mujiji finds themselves loitering around the back alleys of the Ko Hentota district.
The white and armored kushiban stands with her back leaned up against one slimy wall, one paw-like hand idly scratching at her ear. "Yeah, uh, next to a - uh..." The pocket sized logomorph mutters into a comlink, pausing to scan her surroundings. "...Big pile of rubbish. An' a, uh, dumpster-lookin'-thing? What? No, I'm nay sure if it's /actually/ a dumpster it jus'... Blast, I'm sendin' my coordinates." She kills the connection, rolling her eyes at the empty alley. "Fraggin' moron."

There is the sound of feet slapping the ground as a figure enters the alley. The dark outlined figure of a humanoid presses up against the wall and breathes heavily as mere seconds after a rush of figures passes by the mouth and past her, all in a hurry after something and obvioulsy missing their target who is now taking a breather. EJ watches cautiously, edging down the wall now that they have passed so she can move deeper into the confines of the alley and hopefully sanctuary - for the moment. She chuckles breathlessly and tosses something up in her hand and catches it mid air while looking rather pleased with herself.
That is until she notes the white armored figure and her smile fades.
Wariness settles across flushed features as the female arches a brow and stares down at the Kushiban. "UHh, well hello there. Sorry to intrude."

The intrusion, perhaps to her new companion's surprise, earns a wide grin from the kushiban. "Took ya long enough!" Mujiji laughs, eyeing the Hapan up and down, noting their seemingly breathless state. "Wha', ya run here? Think ya woulda made it a little quicker, then. Ain't no matter, now - ya bring it, then?" Though the tiny alien lacks any notable eyebrows, one ridge unmistakably rises.

"I am sorry..." EJ begins to reply but quiets as further information is given. She blinks a few times, glancing behind her as she clears her throat. "What exactly what I meant to have brought?" She puts on a wary if not skeptical look as her arms fold before her. Voices ring out again in Ko Hentata but when is that not a thing around here? Violence and shady deals abound on a regular basis stealing is most definitely one of the most frequent low end crimes. "Just need to make sure we are on the same page." She upnods a bit as she shifts her weight from one foot to the next, whatever was palmed is still there in her fist unseen thanks to the lock of her fingers around the item.

Mujiji's eyes narrow, and the kushiban tilts her head. "We spoke naught two minutes ago..." She begins, the inklings of suspicion leaking into her mind, now. But... Credits. As always, credits - even the suggestion of them - win out. "Th'information we agreed upon - th'transponder codes of a certain spice runner, an' when said runner might be passing through locations of... Questionable defensibility?" She crosses her arms. "Lessee it, then! Don't got all day."

"A spice runner, of course. Let me see if you have those coordinates and did we not settle on five thousand?" She suggests. Glancing back over her shoulder she pockets the item that was caught in the air. EJ smiles faintly though its not a pleasant thing, rather something more practiced than genuine. "How much is he supposedly supposed to be running as well. I need to pass this on to the man in charge." She glances back down the alley as if preparing for something or someone to find them as she lowers down a bit to converse with the smaller alien.

"Five -" The Kushiban's eyes light up. "Aye, five thousand. Five, an' not a credit more!" She fishes a datapad loose from her satchel, a little skip in her figurative step. "Though, runnin' information - yer guy told me was anywhere between 50 an' 150... Dinnae got exact tonnage - you lot had a communication breakdown?" But she waves away the inconsistencies - after all, these gangs just hire anyone, these days. These things happen. "So, you got th'coordinates or what? Soon as I see 'em, I input yer bank codes an' press send on this."

Huffing out a breath as the deal falls through and she realizes she needs to supply the coordinates she chokes a bit and grumbles. "Right uhhhh lets see let me pull them out for you." EJ clicks her fingers together. "He will be passing by the Wheel in two days time. Position yourself on the far side from the moon and you will manage to catch him." She tries very quickly to summon up the lie that will earn her five thousand on the spot. Her gaze narrows, "Do you have it?" She arches a brow and then extends her datapad to show the bank account for deposit. "Here." She murmurs and waits.

"Wheel. Far side." Mujiji nods, gleefully making a note in her datapad, before swapping programs again. Bank transfer. It happens without question, suspicion, or pause - she trusts this back alley scum, after all. Trust them with her life, by that roll.
"Five thousand should be in yer account now. Pass my compliments onter ya boss, aye?" The tiny sentient beams, buck teeth flashing in the wane light from above. "An' it was an absolute pleasure doin' business with ya."

"Look forward to future transactions, I will let him know it was accomplished. Look no further for your under handed information." She brows then, sweeping her arms out to her side as the datapd dings to tell her that the money has moved. She takes a step back, then another and finally rises to turn on her foot and start for the alley exit. If she does not make her way out now she is likely going to be found out and then have to dodge more than her fair share for the day. "Happy hunting!" She calls back and pulls her hood up to hide her thick hair and make her blend in that little bit more.
Back alley scum no more as she starts to merge with the foot traffic and head up towards the less questionable parts of Nar.

The kushiban watches her "contact" leave with a grin. The information is hers, and at a price that just can't be beat. Whistling through her large teeth, she tucks away her datapad and turns to follow EJ out of the alley. Ready to pass along this information and make preparatons... But a noise at the opposite, dark end of the alley stops her in her tracks.
"I thought I told ya t'come alone, eh? Who was dat?" This voice... Is more familiar to the kushiban than the one with which she's just done business.
"Relax, Djurn, yer lackey jus' took care of everythin'. Creds've been paid."
"Lackey?" Djurn, an absolute brute of a bothan, approaches. "I didn't send no lackey, Ji, an' didn't get no credits in my account, neither." It takes a long moment for realization to dawn on the kushiban, and when it does, her fur shifts to an angry, jet black. "Looks like I'll need some additional information, Djurn. Need ta know th'name that goes with this account number..."