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Nobody's Prisoner

Location: Serious Business, In Orbit Around Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Razia, Atria Foster

With the successful clash against a Kandaka Blades attack group yielding a prisoner, Razia and Atria do their jobs as the Serious Business's security heads to question the man. But what will they uncover? And who is this Chiss who insists that he is nobody important?

Perhaps unexpectedly, the detention area has been christened - by a pirate, and a Chiss, no less.

The cells in the security block are small, bright, and /very/ spartan; no fancy force fields to keep people in, just thick durasteel slab-doors that keep people in through weight and magnetic seals. The pirate, whose name is 'Nobody Important' (file that down, haha) is a quiet, sullen man who just sort of sulks in his cell - Adhar's requested that he be allowed to essentially stew in his own juices for a couple of days, and that seems to have started to soften up this teenage rebellion thing he's doing; holocameras demostrate that he's looking a little twitchier. Looks at the walls a lot more. Doesn't sleep as well.

Adhar's requests are simple: He wants to know everything that can be extracted about the Kandaka Blades. Who they are, where they're based, what their purpose in the sector might be (aside from obvious profit motivations). Psychological terror is permitted, violence is not. Torture is most /certainly/ not permitted. Bribes are also allowed, assuming it seems it'll work, but nothing crazy. That being said, he doesn't need to know what the rules are.

Have fun, ladies!

Razia has not interacted much with the prisoner. Her only prior interaction was to hold a somewhat brooding presence as he was forced into the cell and the door slamed shut behind him. She had locked eyes with the Chiss, her cold, steel grey eyes meeting his red gaze. A wicked smile had crossed her lips as she locked gaze with the prisoner before he was isolated within the cell. She is not currently in the cell, instead, she has asked Atria to go in first to 'negotiate' terms with the prisoner. So, for now, she watches the monitor carefully.

Nobody looks up at Atria in her full armor, his red eyes watching her carefully. "Yeah," he says in reply, sitting on the flat slab of his 'bed' and attemptng - very poorly - to affect his usual sullenness. He's spooked, that's for sure.

Atria crosses her arms over her chest as she looks down at the sitting Chiss. When she speaks, she maintains a pleasant tone to her Coruscanti accent. An accent an Imperial cell like this is probably no stranger to. "I'm sure you know why I'm here. I need information. You have information. Now, we could sit here and torture you until you're begging to tell us everything down to the name of your favorite childhood pet, but to be honest the thought wearies me. So, how about you just tell us everything about the Kandaka Blades and we'll cut out all this nasty business that will leave you scarred for life. Assuming we don't accidentally kill you in the process, of course."

Razia cannot help but to chuckle a little at the desk where she watches the monitors. For now, she is biding her sweet time. From a pocket, she pulls out a golden coin, glancing down to it and flipping it around in her fingers, back and forth. She waits to hear the response of this Chiss before proceeding.

Nobody looks at Aola for a long moment, then grunts. "That sounds pretty canned, lady," he replies, shaking his head. "You guys really try too hard at playing scary, you know that?"

Oh, resistance! How amusing!

Atria actually laughs at this, a strong, hearty sound. "Playing? Oh, you haven't seen anything yet, my little Chiss. My CO...you remember her, right? The one that oversaw your relocation to your current accommodations? Well, she's practically chomping at the bit to get her hands on you and, frankly, I don't know if you'd survive her tender ministrations." She shakes her head, frowning a little, "It'd be so much better for you to do this the easy way. We'll start with an easy question: Who are the Kandaka Blades?"

He's about to open his mouth when Razia appears, doing her flicky-flicky; he peers at the Rattataki woman with his luminous eyes, which seem to harden a bit as he looks at her.

"Yeah, you know what," he says, looking back to Atria, "I'm not all that worried about it."

Atria frowns a bit at his response, "Oh? Well, that's too bad." The pleasant tone of her voice is gone completely. It's gotten a bit darker. She unfolds her arms and cracks her knuckles. "I really wanted to do this the easy way, Nobody, and you're making this difficult. I. Really. Don't." Each of those last three words is punctuated with a step forward until she's standing within arms reach of him. She then slams her gloved fist into the wall next to his head. There's a small discharge of energy as the punch activates her thundersilk gloves. "Like difficult," she finishes, her helmeted face looming over his.

Razia finally breaks her gaze from him, looking towards Atria. "Actually." She says in a soft, nearly molodic, yet icy tone. "I was thinking we should let him go." Her gaze looks back to 'Nobody'. "We could give him a bit of cash, some goods to survive on, m.0ake real nice by him." She steps a little closer, her gaze fixated upon that red glow, "I wonder how long it would take for the Blades to catch up to him?" She smiles. "Surely, they are much kinder people to perceived traitors. Hmm. It makes me wonder. Do you have loved ones, Chiss? Do you think they are safe from the Blades? It sends a delightful chill down my spine just thinking of the glorious times they might be experiencing at this very moment. What do you think? Would the Blades treat them well?"

Whatever stones Nobody was summoning at the moment vanish when Atria gets in his face - and Razia does /not/ help. It's clear he's aware of the good cop/bad cop, but the punchy cop/scary cop is not something he was prepared for. "All right," Nameless says, holding up his hands. "All right! Just...step back a moment, krif." Assuming they do so, he continues. Well, regardless, really he continues. No punching for him!

"So I mean...I've been with them a few years, all right? The Blades are just, you know, like any other pirate outfit, just they're seeing the profit you can get now with the Order in the Core and the rest of the galaxy basically giving up or hiding under rocks. There's a lot of money to be made! And I mean, they've already made a lot just coming in from the Rim. All those scared civvies." There's a momentary flicker of pleasure on his face. "I mean what do you want to know?"

Atria does step back when he starts being cooperative. She continues to frown and flex her fists a bit while she listens to him. She tilts her head to one side, the dark tone remaining in her voice. No more pleasant Atria for now. "So they're just in this sector to make a profit? Are there any other reasons? Something specific they're after?"

Razia pauses in her approach, eyeing the man. Though, she does oblige by stepping back to give him a little space. Well, she can't step back -too- far as the space is limited, but the effort is made. She glnces to Atria, nodding to her question. Then, she looks back to him, "Where is their closest hideout?" She pauses, looking to him, "If you have loved ones, I am sure we can mount some sort of rescue mission as a reward for good information. A mother, sibling, child, or lover perhaps?"

Eyeing Razia warily for a moment, Nobody looks to Atria in mild disbelief. "What kind of pirates are you people used to dealing with? We're not criminal masterminds, we're just in it for the money. We take people's ships, take their stuff, sell them into slavery, have a good time, and maybe get a little rich at least doing the whole thing. Pirates are simple people, you scan?"

Atria chuckles, but it's not a cheerful sound this time, "You'd be surprised what we've seen. But you didn't answer her question." She jerks a thumb in Razia's direction, trying to make the gesture as startling as possible.

Razia takes a brief moment to look towards Atria, then looks back to the man. She seems to relax a bit, though not so much to loose her icy demeanor. "I scan." She replies in a cold tone. "Perhaps, simpler questions should be asked. How many of you are there and who leads your ragtag group then? Where do you sell your slaves?" She smirks at Atria, "No, you didn't. You didn't answer my original question."

"I...what?" He looks back at Razia, momentarily bewildered, then blinks himself back into reality. "Oh. I uh, I don't have any family or anything. And they don't care about a little bitty nobody like me, all right? I'm just a pilot! They've got plenty of those. Who cares?"

Razia shakes her head slowly. Her eyes narrow into thin slits. "You keep avoiding our kriffing questions! Your tactics of diverting us will not work." The last comment is spoken in a much angrier, darker tone. "Do not play games with me, prisoner. I -will- make your life a living hell."

"But you keep asking different questions," the Chiss almost pleads, looking frantically between the two of you. "How the...okay! Okay! Fine!" He closes his eyes, then, taking a few deep breaths. When he lets out that breath, he looks up at the two of you, and his sulleness, though returned, has a definite edge of resignation.

"The Blades are out of the Outer Rim. There's...I don't know. Couple hundred of us, mostly in transports, but we've got a bunch of fighters that we use as well. You guys have been paring those back a bit, but with the money we've been raking in, we can buy up more ships pretty easily in the Rim and send them back here. Lakassh says if we can get the station, we'll /really/ be in business, but I don't know what those ideas are - Lakassh doesn't go around telling his plans." He pauses. "Oh, Lakassh is the boss, by the way. Big damned Trandoshan. Eats pretty much anyone who isn't Trandoshan himself. And as for the slaves, we just sell 'em to the Hutts."

Atria nods sharply as he answers the string of questions she threw at him. "Now, that wasn't hard was it?" She looks at Razia, "Have anything else you want to ask our new friend here?" 'New friend' is definitely tinged with sarcasm.

Razia smiles faintly, the blackened lips twisting at the corners. "Very good. Very good." She says to him. "This is a fantastic beginning. You will be rewarded for your cooperation." She looks to Atria, "We need more information about which station. I will leave you in charge of continuing this conversation." She glances to the man, "I will be watching." She turns to depart.

A few moments after her departure, a guard arrives with a comfortable mattress, a pillow, and a blanket for the prisoner as well as a very nice meal as a sign of good faith.

Nobody blinks at this sudden change of strategy, but all the same, he nods. "ll...right," he says, blinking atfter Razia as she makes her exit. Then he looks back to Atria. "I heard you guys were crazy," he says, "But, I mean..."

Atria leans against the wall next to the door, arms crossed over her chest again. She grins at Nobody's comment and nods, "Yeah, well, you have to be to do what we do. Now, which station were you talking about earlier? The one that Lakassh says will really get you in business."

"The one you're defending," he replies. "I mean it's full of military weapons, isn't it? I mean they might be from the Clone Wars but they're still worth money, they're still good. If they weren't, you guys wouldn't be protecting it, would you?"

Atria uncrosses her arms to shrug, "Who's to say? We're crazy, remember?" She pushes herself off the wall and takes a step closer to where he sits, "Do you know anything about how he plans to take the station?"

"I don't," Nobody says with a shake of his head. "I, uh, I mean like I said, he doesn't tell us his plans. The gang's run by a little group of Trandoshans, and the boss is at the head. They're the ones that give the orders. Rest of us - I mean the rest of us that aren't Trandoshan - they're the ones who know things. They pretty much look down on anyone not of their own race, but they pay well, so nobody cares."

Atria nods again, frowning a little. "Alright. Well, you enjoy your rewards for now. We may be back to ask you more questions. At least until we decide what we ultimately want to do with you." She smirks, then turns towards the door. She steps outside and turns back to face him, giving him a few moments to reply if he so chooses before tapping the controls to seal the door.

"All right..." He's quiet for a long moment, and then says - oh so very, very quietly - before you go, "...just don't send me back to them."