Log:Array Consortium: Relay Prep

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Relay Prep

Location: Nar Shaddaa, Corellian District, Waywards Hangar
Participants: Qadira Suuryet, Adhar Gann

Having made his own decisions about Lok, Adhar begins the process of gathering information - enlisting the brilliant Qadira to help him get things going.

Kadi is seated in the hangar, relaxed and enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet. She is awake, not eating and there is gentle music playing. Her datapad is on a table beside her crate, but she's currently ignoring it. The usual guards are around, keeping watch on the hangar and on Kadi. At least it is an easy job right at the moment, unlike sometimes. There's a droid cleaning up a small mess over in one corner, but what it was or the cause of it is difficult to ascertain. Kadi certainly isn't telling.

And then there's an Adhar, who has manifested at the turbolift, without a stitch of blue upon him. In fact, he wears a dark red jacket, which - once he's done chatting up the guards for a moment - reveals itself to be made from some kind of reptile hide. He is also carrying a large bouqet of blue-violet flowers.

"Kadi," he calls, smiling at you as he approaches. "How's my favorite mother-to-be? How are you, darling?"

"How many mothers to be do you know right at the moment?" Kadi asks, amused. "Hello to you too, Adhar. I am doing well, thanks. How about you?" She doesn't mention the mess in the corner, which upon closer inspection does not look like anything that might have come out of a human stomach. Or gone into it. The flowers get a glance, and a slightly tilted head, though Kadi doesn't ask. "What have you been up to? And that colour looks good on you."

"That's what they tell me." He winks at you, holding the flowers out to you. "These are for you, naturally. They don't have a strong smell, so they're perfect for pregnant women. Thought you might just like to have some color around. And me? Wellllll, quite a lot, really. But I thought I might come by and see you, and also to see if you're busy."

"For me? Thank you, that's very sweet," Kadi says first. "It's always good to have colour around - where do they come from? Surely they don't grow on this rock, do they?" She tilts her head, and then she laughs softly. "Busy - well, sure, but what can I help you with? I am always willing to help if I can. Most of my work seems to be peeling off, cause folks don't want to worry me or something. I'm not broken, you know."

He shrugs. "Nobody wants to be the person who gives the job that has the pregnant lady falling and hurting herself or the baby," Adhar replies, though he smiles as he says it. "I know you're not broken, so don't worry, I won't treat you that way."

Adhar taps his foot a moment, looking at the great bulk of the Phanton Knight while wheels turn in his head. Then he looks back to you. "I'd like to get you to help me set up some droid relays. Inexpensive probes, ou know what i mean."

"Droid relays"? Kadi asks, with a tilted head. "Probably I can do that. Do you have details or is this still pretty early on?" She rubs her belly idly, gently, and then she smiles, remembering something. "I - we heard their heartbeats, Adhar," she says softly. "It was so very strange. It's hard to believe there's something alive - and it's supposed to be there." Kadi doesn't often let her bemusement and awe show, but right at the moment, it's definitely showing.

"Droid relays," Adhar replies with a nod. Compct probs droids who..." His words fall off and he grins a little more. "/Their/ heartbeats Kadi," hasks, his voce rich with surprise. "Do you mean hat you're having /twins?/"

It's a surprise, but then, Those rotten Echani genetics! "I am," she says with a grin at Adhar's reaction. "I didn't realize, but apparently Echani often have multiple births - twins." She takes a breath and then shrugs. "And I guess we got lucky." Or unlucky, depending on how you look at it. "We didn't realize until we could hear 2 heartbeats. Even the doctor was a bit surprised." T droid relays? Totally not so squishy as twins.

"Ohhh!" He light up, throwing his arms around your shoulders - taking care to bend over a bit so that he can only hug you around there. Must protect the babbies! "I'm so happy for you, Kadi, you have no idea." And watch how the man with the increasingly not-for-the-faint-of-heart reputation turns into a big sugar bear. "Oh, sweetheart. You two are /so/ lucky."

Kadi gets hugged by a big sugar bear. Which must make this a bear hug of sorts. Somehow. She laughs though, leaning in briefly. Hopefully nobody shows up and thinks Kadi is getting mauled or anything. "I - thank you, Adhar. You are very kind. I am still not so sure if lucky is how I feel. I think numb and disbelieving covers it better." She pauses and then she flashes a brief grin. "But I did set some robofrogs free in the park the other day. I wonder if anyone has found them."

"Better they jut get to have their own lives," Adhar says as he lets you go, still smiling. "Oh, what was I talking about? Right! Relay droids. So you're familiar with them, right? I have a number of them, inexpensive models but they do the trick. I need you to synch them up for me, make sure I know their capability, and then I'll go off and lay them out where I need to."

Why is Adhar needing you to set him up with cheap spy droids?

Kadi chuckles softly. "I learned a lot about droids from my dad, and I have been working with those robofrogs for a reason. I can do it, I am sure. It might take me more than a few minutes, but I am sure that I can. And it should be safe enough. No risk in me falling off a ladder right? Besides, I can get Lily to help out. Or Teddy if need be." A pause. "Teddy is a droid with a lot of arms - he's got a heart of gold and is a real sweetie, but the mobililty of a mountain."

"The time isn't the problem," Adhar says with a nod. "I just need them set up and properly synchronized. They're not intelligent, so don't worry if they end up being sacrificed on the field, so to speak. They just...watch, and report. Robots, basically."

Kadi nods. "Kind of like my robofrogs," she offers with a grin. "Sure, if you bring them over, I can synch them up for you." Seems like a decent plan to her, anyway, and it's something that will keep her busy for a bit. "And if you do need them back in a rush, let me know? Otherwise, a day or so should do it."

"A day or so is fine," Adhar says with a shake of his head. "I mean obviously sooner is better, but a day or two is fine." He taps his lips. "What do I owe you?"

Kadi shrugs at that, and then she grins. "More flowers," she decides with a laugh. "It's not a big job, Adhar. Wait - how many of them are there?" she asks as it occurs to her. "And do you need them all at once?"

"Ten or twelve," Adhar says. "And yeah, I need them all at once. They're going to be workng in multiple areas, and there's a lot of espionage data that needs to be gathered." Again, he's supposed to be a smuggler, right?

Kadi doesn't believe Addy is just a smuggler in the least. She knows better, even if she's not sure what he is. "Right, that's fine. I can synch them up. Couple hundred credits for my time and in case the babies decide to pitch a fit. Not that they do so exactly actively - but well, sometimes it happens."

"So be it," Adhar says with a faint grin. "I'll come by in a couple of days, then. Thanks, Kadi. I appreciate your help."