Log:Attack at the Hideyhole

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Attack the at Gallery

OOC Date: FEB 22, 2016
Location: Art Gallery
Participants: Suoh Yume, Raim Shah, Rheisa Dirleel Shadow Syndicate

A sound of crashing can be heard from the main room and a few rough voices."Oh man....."The voice is thick with rage and then it is all quiet out there again. The sound of a few footsteps can be heard and the sound of something beeping is also heard. The sounds can be heard clear to be from the main room and the beeping is getting louder."Honestly why is this the job it's so weird." The sound of another vase or something topples over with another loud shatter. Whoever is out there gives no care if they are discovered and might even be hoping for trouble.

Raim makes it halfway across the art display room with the series of occurrences causes him to glance back. First is the entrance of Suoh, which earns the man a dipped head in greeting. "Suoh, good to see you," he rumbles to the man. And then there is the series of crashes coming from inside the gallery lobby. Raim glances back over his shoulder toward Rheisa and then back toward the lobby, his hand slowly slipping inside his jacket.

Rheisa, on the other hand, is briefly taken back to a time when the 'hurt' came /after/ a sudden crash and shouting. She shoves Vin-Vul aside, towards the safety of a side wall and reaches to her robe's belt, finding...her knife isn't there. But the /real/ Togruta is already slinking aside to the doorway, around the awkward Echani, around the master of cybernetics, to press a montral against the wall there. Her toes press flat against the coolness of the floor, trying to feel through its lack of soul and into the essence of those tromping around the lobby, while each and every vibration they generate feeds her more and more information about their size, number, and rhythm of movement. Her eyes, meanwhile, are fixed back on the two men behind her. The look within them isn't quite fear. It isn't quite anger. It isn't quite...anything. Resignation, perhaps, to the reality that life's about to get ugly.

The crash doesn't even a second after Suoh ventures in, to say hellos. He tenses and motions them to get down. He crouches low in that nice suit and it looks odd. Nice luxury suit and shoes and he is creeping around like a Monkey lizard trying to avoid a hutt. He snags the blaster it's holster in his jacket and dares a peek, shealthy into the gallery to see what's up. Weapon drawn out just in case there is some shootin' a foot. Suoh's demeanor even changes, less pansy more mansy.

As Suoh peeks into the other room four Rodians are walking around with a large objects and backpacks on scanning the walls of the room. Blaster rifles at their sides and a little hand scanners in their right hands. They are scanning everything they see not caring if they bump into anything or break it. They seem to be searching for something in the room.

Raim's hand remains inside his coat, as he steps sideways across the room, coming up on the opposite side of the doorway from Suoh. His scarlet eyes watch the Echani, a brow lifted in a silent question of what is going on. BB-2232 rolls along in Raim's wake, rolling to rest stealthily against the wall as well.

Kee'tch'ka, meanwhile, spends some time standing in the middle of the room, unable to decide where he ought to be going. Protocol states he greets the visitors, but immediate insistence from one of the 'bosses' gives a contradictory command. In the end, he click-clacks over to Raim and Rheisa's side of the door, chrome shinyness standing out like a beacon in the night.

Squeezing her eyes closed, Rheisa swallows back the lump building in her throat and drums a very low, barely discernable vibration in the lower span of her headtails. It's a warning, but maybe too late for the well-meaning Kee'tch'ka. Then, a new beeping sounds - from her wrist.

Suoh eyes scan up to Raim on the opposite side of the doorway, makes the microexpression of 'Hell if I know. I just co own the place!' He teeth grit, he tries to figure out the number of the Rodians bumping around in his art gallery. He lines up his shot and waits for one of them to make a move he doesn't like. His eyes motion to the statue in the gallery to Raim's attention.

The invaders are now make their way towards the mailbox and the tubes leading the mail to the dropbox under the floor. They start to hold up their little scan guns and they are about to do it as they shake their heads."Such a boring job." They frown and that is when they hear the sound of footsteps leading towards the stairs as if someone is coming downstairs and that is when they book it out of the gallery and one of them drops his backpack though.