Log:Courtesy Call

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The Black Sun and the Creation Consortium talk business.

OOC Date: March 20, 2016
Location: The Ether
Participants: Xizor, Moergog, Black Sun

A courier package preceded the transmission, with time brackets of availability, frequencies to listen on, and keys for decryption and encryption. At the appointed hour, a signal comes through, protocols shake hands, and when the call is answered, it is a holo focused on Xizor's head and shoulders, much like a bust statue. His skin is green, his head clean-shaven except for a top-knot in the back, and his calculating eyes are blue. As soon as a return signal is sent back, he says in a low voice, "I am Xizor." He runs one clawed finger along his cheekbone. On it is a signet ring with a styled nova in gold. "I represent the Black Sun."

The holocom in Moe's ship is one of the better on the market, but due to the cramped quarters of the cockpit where it resides, it requires the operator to be seated in either the pilot or co-pilot's seat.

Moe was seated in the co-pilot's seat, the Verpine's face and chest the centerpoint of his own holo-image.

"Greetings, Prince Xizor. I have heard stories of you before. It is an honor." There's a pause as the Verpine gives a bow of the head. "To what do I owe the honor of your call? What can I offer Black Sun?"

The Falleen smiles and returns a fractional nod of his own. "Moergog. It is always a pleasure to be able to bring business to a master craftsman. On your moon, you have become preeminent in your field." Xizor tilts his head to the side. "And your reach now extends beyond the confines of ship restoration and modification. Tell me about this Creation Consortium."

Moergog would smile if he had lips to do so, instead he just gives a quick chitter of his mandibles. "Thank you for the kind words," he says. "As for the Consortium, we are just getting off our feet. We're a group of some of the best engineers on Nar Shaddaa, representing multiple fields. We're set up to assist each other and fill in gaps of expertise. Currently, we have a droid, computer, and cybernetics engineer. An expert in small arms and mechanical engineering, and ship engineers and technicians with specialties in capital and space transports, with dabbling in starfighters. While that doesn't cover every area, it covers a majority of them. Are you interested in securing our services, Prince Xizor?"

"I look forward to the opportunity, Moergog." Xizor's smile is smaller, but he is listening with an intensity belied by his casual body language: a tilt of the neck here, a flick of a finger there. "I am not on Nar Shaddaa presently, but our business on the moon and in the region is growing."

"There are contracts I can push your way." Xizor's shoulder moves, indicating movement of his arm and hand as he presses a button. At the bottom of the holo, a few foundations and corporations are listed. "Many businessmen seek to take advantage of the excellent business environments Hutt Space, the Rim, and the Unknown Regions can offer, but they still want the reliability, security, and amenities of the Core."

"With our help, this is something you could provide, Moergog. Our business and our affiliates' would also go to you when we are in the system - should you be willing to meet our rather distinctive needs." Xizor holds up one finger. "And I believe you can. I can provide capital for more rapid expansion, as well." He smiles broadly. "In return, I ask three things. That when I need a job kept off the books, you do so. That when you have need for loans or security, you come to us, as we we will come to you." He raises a third clawed finger. "And that you come to us for any exotic elements, parts, or personnel you have need for. Our discretion is guaranteed," he says smoothly. "I am sure you would extend the same courtesy to us."

"Of course, discretion is key to any jobs done in Hutt space," Moe says. After all, one of the keys to his profitable ship business was providing illegal modifications an such to smuggler ships. "I have a working arrangement with one of the local Hutts, but as you can understand that is always a fickle thing. Their clans compete with each other constantly, and such an arrangement is fleeting at best. But when operating in Hutt space, it is good business to stay on their good sides as they come and go." There's a slight pause as the Verpine shifts in his seat. "I am always on the lookout for rare or difficult to find ship components, either military grade or prototypes. It is good to keep my options available. Black Sun has a very long standing reputation of being in the shadows. If half of it is true, then I believe that we stand to benefit off of each other. What is it you would like from me, Prince Xizor? I assume that you have something in particular in mind for this call."

"I do. Two of them." Xizor's image disappears, replaced by a rendering of a tall building with landing pads around it and atop it. "First, a joint enterprise in which I have an interest is finally putting down roots on Nar Shaddaa. 'Reach' is dedicated to helping Core businesses take advantage of opportunities in territories outside the New Republic. I want to know if your Creation Consortium can help them turn their plans for a corporate headquarters into a reality faster than any other firm."

"Second is a refit of a favorite ship of mine. Technology marches on, and I believe it can be far more than it currently is, with the right technical expertise applied. Yours and your cohorts'."

"I believe the first can be arranged. I assume that it will be something that you want to appear as an interest of another party," Moe says. "And unknown to the Hutts. I recommend the Corellian District for that, as the Hutt influence doesn't expand well into that district."

"As for the second," Moe says. "That is quite doable. Might I ask as to what class of vessel you are talking about? Starfighters are difficult, though not impossible to modernize, unless you just rebuild one in the same basic design with all modern components. Transports and capital scale vessels, however, usually have room for such things."

"The Corellian District does seem best." Xizor's face reappears as he nods once. "And it will need to be handled under their auspices. I will put you in touch with one of their corporate team later."

He smiles at the second question. "This is a private transport. I will either have it rebuilt as a courier and business transport, or buy a new one and see what you can do to it."

"It depends on what parts I can get as to what I can do with it, but being a transport that makes things a lot easier," Moe says. "I will have our team start working up some plans for a state-of-the-art secure establishment that will abide by the building regulations in the Corellian district, just as some rough drafts to be adapted later to fit your exacting needs and location." Moergog says. "I assure you, that whatever your needs are, Prince Xizor, we can meet or exceed them in one fashion or another. I do hope that your ventures into Nar Shaddaa are fruitful."

"With your help, Moergog, I'm sure they will be. Working with you will be a pleasure, I think." Prince Xizor nods minutely. "I look forward to seeing your proposal and wish you good fortune. For now, I bid you farewell."

Moe gives a nod to the Falleen's image on the holo display. "I thank you for your patronage," he says, leaving it at that. One simply doesn't ignore a dismissal, no matter how polite, from one of the most powerful leaders of the underworld in the galaxy. He clicks off the holocomm and leans back in his seat, taking a deep breath.