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Moe grew up in the Roche Asteroid field as a member of the collective there. Like most of his insect-like species, maturity and work came at a very young age in comparison to humans and other races. From the time he could remember he worked as a member of the collective, as a technician at Slayn & Korpil.

Upon reaching full maturity, Moe was assigned to R&D at Slayn & Korpil. It became a passion, an obsession, but it wasn't meant to last. Unfortunately, an accident damaged his antennae, leaving him near deaf in terms of the insectoid race. Exiled from the collective, he took it upon himself to secure a severence package and depart the asteroid belt. His severance package, an old and stripped-down freighter that they'd been using as a target decoy for fighter development. It was with this ship that Moe made it to Nar Shaddaa, where his new life will begin.