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Easy Mission, Right

OOC Date: October 31, 2016
Location: Skies over Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Wodi Corcer, Gren Delede, Triz Dermout

The Undercity. It's crowded with old buildings, pollution, and traffic. Mostly swoops, and cheap speeders, this low. A number of groups have set up illicit bases across the Moon's depths, and the Resistance's target for this operation is no different.

The Horned Rats are a swoop gang turned half-assed pirates, and they've been preying on the locals for the past few months. Captain Delede has taken it upon himself to put an end to their shenanigans, and deemed it a milk-run of a mission for Spark 4 to earn combat activation.

The pair of X-wings are headed for their target, an old warehouse that's best days are a few thousand years in the past. But, they have a while to go, so for now...it's just time to chit-chat. <<<Can says we're still 10 minutes out, Four.>>> Gren's voice crackles over the comm, and he glances over his shoulder, checking visually on his wingmate. <<<We should be in, and out. Recon indicates that they've got a handful of airspeeders, at most.>>>

Triz nudges the X-wing she is flying a little closer to Gren's so that her closed S-Foils are tip to tip of his. Probably just showing off at this stage. A quick check of the flight status before she keys her own com <<Roger that, 1. /Right/ with you.>> Comes her reply. A quick glance over to see his helmeted head brings a grin to her face.

<<Pretty stupid of you, flying around in that ship...whoever you are,>> begins the Kessel-tinged voice of Wodi Corcer, piloting the Firespray-31 Patrol Craft that has managed to use the jagged architecture of the Undercity to shield itself from Spark Leader's sensors. <<Pops up in every Wanted registry on the moon.>>

The meaty heavy fighter rumbles along behind the X-Wing and releases a burst from its cannon barrels.

And just like that, the Dynamo's Cartel escort swoops in, as well, posed for action.

<<<Just trying to draw assholes like you out of the woodwork...>>> Gren replies over the open comms, as the attacking craft makes itself known. The X-wing's pilot throws his starfighter into a quick evasive manuever after snapping...<<<Break formation, Four!>>>. The old X-wing manages to evade the first burst fired his way, but the second one knocks down his aft shields. He keeps his cool, but the throttle is pushed to the red-line, and he's looping around to try for a deflection shot on the Firespray. His quad-linked lasers do not impact their target. <<<Get to work on those shields, Can!>>>

As soon as the voice comes over the coms unit, Triz spreads her S-foils to the attack position and pulls back on the stick while the throttle is pressed to the wall <<Going vertical.>> She explains calmly and Spark 4 starts it's climb up and loops around while her head cranes around trying to find a target. Spying one she makes minor adjustments just as the bolts strike Gren's ship <You okay?> comes her calm voice as she brings her craft to bear lining up her sights and pulls the trigger. But the blast miss the target which causes her to cuss inside her ship.

<<Well, congratulations, bud; you did something right,>> Wodi responds, whipping the very large fighter out of the way of the Resistance fusillade. <<Advice for next time, though. Wait to call me an asshole /after/ you manage to hit me. I'm in a Firespray, man. Big target.>>

The Cartel support, two Z-95s and two Starchasers break apart and turn the whole area into a hairball, sending shots very much in the direction of the two X-Wings, but failing to hit.

<<<Lovely. Friends.>>> Gren says cooly over the Resistance tac-net. <<<I'll stay on the obnoxious bastard that started this. Keep my ass clean, Girlie.>>> He grunts, as he pulls some hard Gs, manuevering to avoid the incoming fire directed his way. The spiral is re-directed, and his bird's nose crosses the Firespray's path, but yet again, the brief burst of fire isn't on target. "You've go to be shitting me..." He complains quietly in his cockpit, merely nodding his assent as Can announces that his shields are back on-line. Still, the carbon scoring on his hull indicates there was some internal damage.

A slip as she slides Spark 4 ship to the right to get a better line up <> Triz responds. <<By the way, Boss, you gonna hit anything any time soon?>> She gets the angle she wants and once more pulls the trigger sending bolts towards the Headhunter. A smirk as they strike <<Like that.>> She kicks Spark 4 back to the left, the ship whipping around as she looks for her next target.

<<You're trying really hard in there, aren't you? You new?>> Corcer asks, lazily moving the Dynamo out of the X-Wing's sights. He may look like a dummy, sitting suspended from the top of his cockpit because of the Firespray's silly design, but it seems to be paying off. For now.

He fires another burst.

One of the Headhunters is struck, and its engines burst into flames. The old bird isn't out just yet, but it's not long for this world, unless it thinks of something quick!

And, Gren is able to neatly avoid yet more incoming fire, but for reasons known only to him...the Starchaser that crosses his bow manages to avoid his snapshot....very handily. "Can. Did you fuck up my targeting computer?" An offended sounding bleep and boop would indicate that he in fact, did not. <<Nice shot, Triz. Atleast someone's lasers aren't all fucky.>> It certainly is not user error. No way.

Not finding a target right away, Triz kicks Spark 4 back to the smoking Headhunter <<Right Boss, it has to be the lasers.>> And yes there is a smirk as she lines up the crippled bird and pulls the trigger <<This is almost to easy>> She says over the open coms so that the attackers might hear. <This the best you got?>>

Things are going well for...The Cartel? No. Resistance? Not really. Wodi? Definitely.

The scoundrel is having a heck of a time putting the Dynamo through its paces for the first time in a while.

Once Spark Leader breaks away to engage another target, he does, too. And this is how it just so happens that the Firespray finds itself very squarely behind Spark 4.

He flicks the weapon selector nub on his yoke to missile, and sends one screaming towards the young girl's X-Wing just moments before...the Dynamo begins climbing at a 90 degree angle. The heavy fighter? Looks to be making a retreat.

Comms traffic increases drastically as the remaining fighters try to figure out where their fearless leader is running off to.

<<<Fuck. Are you still with me, Four?>>> Gren snaps into the comms, and heels his X-wing over, as if to pursue the retreating Wodi. But, when Can informs him of the severity of Spark Four's damage? He sighs, and snap-rolls back to port, coming up behind a Starchaser that just lined up an accurate burst on his stricken wingmate. He presses down on the firing stud, and sighs. His laser fire does impact the R-41, but the damage is negligible. Shields go down, at least. <<<I've got your back, Girlie. Just keep flying.>>>

Just as she was pulling up Spark 4 gets slammed which strains her belts and her head hits the side where the canopy is at "Son of a..." Triz fights to regain some control of the ship but again she is slammed "R2, get me shields, quick," she calls out as she continues to fight the controls of the stricken bird and spitting out blood where she bit her lip. <<Two hits, I got this. Still here, Boss.>> comes her voice grunting with the fight she is waging in side the cockpit as alarms sound in the background. <<Anyone on my tail?>> Triz calls out as she has both hands on the stick "R2, how we doing back there?" The droids beeps continuously as Spark 2 gets some what stable and Triz kicks the bird as best she can to the right trying to clear her tail if there is anyone back there. Gren's words about being on her tail cause her to stop the turn as she begins shutting down systems that aren't really needed <<Good to go, Boss,>> she says with confidence over the wail of alarms.

<<Gotta bail, guys. Hey, gorgeous? I'm sorry to wreck your tail and head out, but I've got work in the morning, and you know how traffic is. I'll call you. Promise,>> he remarks into the open comms. <<Booldan, wax these guys. I've got somewhere to be,>> is remarked, just before the Dynamo's engine wells flare up and the ship speeds away faster.

Booldan Mitrahni, father of four, GCW veteran, and member of the local church sits behind the controls of a Starchaser, dark eyes fixed on the retreating Wodi. "Corcer, you son of a bitch," he mumbles to himself.

Corcer is voodoo. As soon as Dynamo has skipped out on the engagement? Delede remembers how to shoot straight. His second quad burst at the Starchaser chasing Triz? It doesn't miss. It tears through the old starfighter's engines, and starts a tiny fire in the drive reactor. A tiny fire that turns into a moderate sized explosion. Moderate sized explosions on the inside of an R-41? No more R-41. Debris rains down into the disgusting darkness. <<<Two left. Let's vape these assholes. Just don't die on your first mission, Four.>>> He hits his rudder and is already searching for another scrub to ice.

With enough systems shut down Spark 4 isn't flying half bad. But not good either. She catches the fireball behind her and smiles <<Thanks Boss>> Triz says over the coms. As for the departing ship <<Sure sure, typical, shoot and run,>> she mocks. All the while she is scanning for another target <<Nope, plan on bringing this ole guy back to the barn on my own,>> she tells Gren. As she completes her turn there is one of said assholes. She gives a slight flick of the ship to line it up just right and pulls the trigger again. Bolts leap from Spark for striking the ship which goes up in another fireball over the darkness of Nar Shaddaa.

Since Wodi's departure, things have taken a decidedly poor turn for the Cartel support he brought along with him. In a few short moments, the Resistance have dispatched three out of the four of them, leaving one lone Z-95 Headhunter, piloted by your run of the mill pirate trash. He doesn't go to church and he hit his wife, once. Years of therapy have started to rebuild their relationship, though. Coruscant wasn't built in a day, you know?

Anyway, he swings the Z-95 around and begins climbing after the retreating scoundrel, following his lead, despite the fact that Wodi is long gone by now.

<<<Oh no. Don't even think about it. Two guys don't survive fleeing from Gren Delede.>>> He sounds a little annoyed, when he speaks over comms. But, he doesn't have a wingmate under fire to distract him, now. He punches the gas, and hauls up on the stick. He follows the older model starfighter up into the slightly higher levels, and finally lines up a nice solid shot. The four laser blasts converge on his cockpit. Bye Cartel trash. <<<RTB, Four. We'll hit the Horned Rats another day, I suppose.>>>

Triz keeps her eyes on Gren as he rockets after the other Headhunter. Her own fighter is responding but sluggish. <<Nice, Boss>> she says as the last of the ships still here goes down. Turning the wounded Spark 4 towards the base <<Roger that, RTB>> repeating.