Log:Ever done a B'n'E?

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Ever Done a B'n'E?

OOC Date: January 8, 2019
Location: Hosk Station, Kalarba
Participants: Maireni, Yoska Lash, Sajin

Sajin literally just bought this place but the idea that the security team was going to take forever setting up the necessary things... not to mention the Royal Guard didn't like this one bit... He was little perturbed. Returning from a mission he was back in his leg boot and moving up the elevator, a bag of groceries in his hands. He was still getting the place ready for Oriana and their gestating child. The elevator doors open and he steps into the place.

The first thing that's wrong is the SMELL. It's a musky, skunky, very alien smell, the kind of thing that doesn't bother its host species at all, but does bother humans quite a lot.

The next thing that's wrong is the mess. Lamps? Knocked over. Food wrappers and containers? Everywhere. Couch cushions? Upended and made into a structure like a fort. Crumbs? Ground into the rugs. Curtains? Askew.

There are noises in the kitchen.

There is a fort, it's made with blankets. Is that the blanket from the bed? Why yes, yes it is. In addition to clumps in the carpet, there is glitter. Good luck getting that out. "No, I want that one," comes a voice from the kitchen, a little whiny, a little demanding, most likely female. "I want the green one, I like that one better."

Sajin almost hurls as the elevator doors open. Either way he drops his bags of groceries onto the ground and he gags. Hazel eyes glance around, he's just in his coveralls and wearing hidden armor. "What... what happened here? This..." Then there are voices and he crouches just a bit. Sounds from the kitchen. A hand hovers over his DL-44 but he doesn't draw it. Instead, he sort of recognizes one, the only voice speaking. Brows narrow in confusion and he hobbles his way over towards the kitchen and fort, making himself visible.

"MAIRENI SHUT UP!" These instructions would be so much more helpful if they weren't so loud. Something follows, a strange string of language like singing, bird song, or something halfway between. <<Get in the cupboard! Get in the cupboard so he don't see us any!>> The banging of cabinet doors follows, along with the loud clanging of pots and pans falling out as a Ryn goes in.

Maireni didn't even notice anyone else was here, she was way too busy trying to pick a fight with Yoska over literally nothing. But then he's yelling, and there's an alarmed little 'toot-a-loot' before she's also trying to scramble into a cabinet. Out go pans, and some sort of dish, SHOVE, in goes the Ryn. She's petite, and accustomed to having to hide in cramped spaces, so she manages it, and then she's quiet. Which would be a LOT more successful if they hadn't made a metric crap-ton of noise to achieve this hiding place.

Sajin makes his way into the kitchen, minding the noise, and now the mess that's all over the floor. He grimaces and looks around the kitchen, catching that trade marked tail slipping into a cabinet. "Guys... I know it's you... Just get out here before I have to try and DRAG you out." He crosses his arms over his chest and taps his booted foot.

There are Ryn here. Somewhere. There are definitely Ryn here, evidenced by the fact that the refrigeration unit's door is open, it's humming, there are dishes and pots and pans all over the counters and floor. Total disarray. Half eaten food. Fruit with literally one bite taken out. Wrappers. Trash bin knocked over. But where are they? Wheeeeere are they? One is perhaps easy to spot... but when is there ever only one?

Maireni clearly thinks she's a lot better at hiding than she actually is, because she failed to tuck that white puff at the end of her tail back, so there's some fail fluff that wiggles back and forth a little as Sajin speaks. Schlooop, in it goes, though she never notices that it was sticking out to begin with, she's just pushing herself back into the cabinet further. Looks like he's gonna have to drag them out.

The handsome Hapan grimaces, instead of searching for them, he goes right for the cabinet he saw the tail slip into. Opening it he reaches inside and attempts to grab a hold of whatever it is. Presumably Ryn, and drag it out. "Get out here you little... bugger. Have some respect for Private Property!"

Yoska Lash stays SUPER HIDDEN and also possesses the presence of mind not to bust out laughing at the concept of Private Property, Which Ryn do not acknowledge at all, thank you. He does not come to help his big sister.

Maireni is caught. SO CAUGHT. She tries to hunker harder, like it'll help, but no. She's caught, wriggling like a fish on a hook, flail flail, it's like a certain someone, but way less anime-like. "You get yer hands off me! RUDE! I'm a LADY!" She's not. "I got rights to be here like anyone else!" she doesn't, unless you're going by Ryn laws which is pretty much 'go anywhere you can get into, take whatever isn't bolted down, and even then try to take it to test the strength of the bolts.'

"You... YOU... The cute little Ryn that's with the Guild. What is your problem?" Sajin asks. "You may be a lady but this is just beyond... lady-like, come on." He shakes his head as Maireni wiggles around in his strong grip. "Is it just you or is it... Is that brother of yours here, the one Obsessed with Netep?" He glances around the kitchen once more as he holds Maireni.

TECHNICALLY, Maireni has two brothers obsessed with Netep. Fennix is obsessed with her because he's a delusional pervert, and Yoska is obsessed with her because Fennix is. He's hiding much better than Maireni is, having chosen the tallest cabinet he could possibly shove himself into... but it's not enough, no matter how still! The door is slightly ajar, and a glint of jewelry within...

"YOU BETTER--" Hey he called her cute. The thrashing stops and Maireni looks up at Sajin properly for the first time, having not actually looked at the owner of the apartment that they invaded. "Heeeey," she grins at him real big. "Heeey, I know you!" One hand reaches out to poke him right in the middle of the chest. PLINK. "Naw, no one else is here, don't worry about any of that. You gotta tell me though, what. is. your. name. I need ta know that, yah." She's been told before, but she paid no attention.

Sajin looks to Mai and gives her a smile back. "Yeah... we work together. Don't you remember?" Though the glint of jewelry causes him to go into ultra fast mode and drive his hand towards the slightly ajar cabinet and grab hold of the other Ryn. "Yoska!" He announces... "The both of you really? I'm going to be talking to Corr about this..." With both of them in hand he starts towards the door. "Listen. I like you guys but just, next time ask to come over. I really don't mind!" He was genuine with that. "I mean... at least then I can get some candles burning." For the smell. "Oriana's nose is sensitive."

Yoyo gets hauled out of his hiding place with a high pitched wail like the top note on a recorder, flailing helplessly as Sajin hauls him out of his hidey hole more or less by the scruff of the neck. "Uuuuahhhhh!" he whines, FLAILFLAILFLAIL, ineffectively protesting the march toward the door. "No stop it's not FAIR!" This absolutely is fair. "It was unlocked!" Was it? Or was it just 'not sufficiently' locked? "It's finders KEEPERS and you're infringing on my RIGHTS and -- oh, what, do we know you? Yoooo Maireni, do we know him?" They do, they're just retarded. "You're the best looking homeowner we ever got thrown out by. Like, by far. What're you doin later? Who's Oranananana?"

"Yah! We know him!" Maireni is dangling from one hand as her brother is hauled out by the other, but Sajin is pretty, and she's noticed, so she's stopped minding this. At least until he starts marching them toward the door. "It ain't right! We finder kept it!" And now they've been finder-kicked-out, time to loser weep. "Yah, what you doin' later? You wanna party? We can go hit a cluuuubadubadubdub!" She can't do her usual dancing around as she says it, but her eyebrows bounce as she says that long, not word.

Sajin looks to the both of them and frowns, "Listen guys. I'm too old for that stuff now. I got a family on the way and like... responsibility." He looks a little nostalgic towards them as he literally tosses them into the elevator. He reaches into his his coveralls and pulls out two data chips. "Here... in place of what... things... might have happened if I said yes. My adult Holo's... on me. enjoy." And then he presses the button to close the door and send them back down. Now he had a whole mess to clean up.

Yoska Lash gets exactly what he deserves, which is thrown unceremoniously into the elevator. "OW! Rude! Ouch! Ow!" he complains as he and his 30 lbs of bracelets jangle-clank-jangle. He ends up sitting on the floor, seditious crop of white hair sticking up at every angle. None of this stops him from deftly snagging porn out of the air. He grins, a big beaming grin, big bright golden eyes. "Yooooo so can we come over later when Oranana is there or --" Clank. The door mercifully closes.

"AaayyyAA!" is Maireni's protest as she's tossed into the lift, followed by a whistle through her nose. She too is quick to snatch dat data chip right out the air, SNAP. "Look tho, you think I'm cute, I think yer real hot, why don't we--" The doors close. She's saying this at the same time that Yoska is trying to hit him up too, so there's a lot of cross talk making it hard to understand, but Sajin is saved by the lift not caring that they weren't done talking. "Do you still got that green thing? I want it."