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"Next year, Sajin got recruited into the Army, but never came back home. Ryo became a father, and well; nobody knows what happened to Yan, but that was the summer that three friends, and one guy who lost his finger, really learned what it meant to love somebody," remarks the narrators as the camera pans down level with the streets of Nar Shaddaa to stop on a freeze frame of Sajin, Ryo, and Yan in a mad dash away from the hijinks they just got into.

A smile, and more elaborating on the nature of the guy at the window, while he deals with his droid. "Sajin is the best janitor who can definitely kill a person." - Hex

Sajin, what a champion. "How come Sajin never does anything nice for /me/?" - Tarion Tavers

"I ain't pretty messed up, /you're/ messed up pretty, like ..stupid pretty, you know? Like so pretty stupid." Hurr hurr. Pet. She pets his helmet, "Pretty Saji. Saving your stupid baybee." She's in shock! Get her to the clinic stat! "I'd peel your face off and frame it on my ship." Creepy shock. - Siha Archer

"Grom finds all humans smelly, your disguise is most effective," the Houk congratulates Sajin - Grom

"Grom does not understand why finger oils are important. Little four armed man has many fingerprints and already holds Little King's mammal milk." Like Siha he glances quizzically to Sajin, shrugging. Murder or no murder? - also Grom


Sajin Kovo Kah-Verrni

Title: [[King of Drik, Employee of The Month, Beastmode Janitor, The Hung Hapan, The Raging Hapan, Stupid Sexy, Hairless Wookie.]]
Race: Hapan
Sex: Male
Occupation: Janitor/Security/Pilot/King
Profession: Mercenary
Homeworld: Hapes
Organization: [[Defiance, Explorer's Guild]]
Ship: Yellow 13




Standing at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 280 pounds of lean well built muscle is a brooding near-human male. His face rests in a perminant sort of frown or scowl. Despite his rougish demeanor he's rather handsome, almost unnaturally so. Hazel eyes glean about with a hawkishness that only could be attributed to someone with a hard life. He has a few scars here and there but nothing to take away from his natural beauty. Short and trimmed brown hair. An angular chin and sharp nose. He looks almost noble in a way. His brows are immaculate, perfectly shaped, and he's shaven clean except for what stubble grows between now and the next time he shaves. Lips press together and look soft and plush while still masculine.


Oriana - Love of his life. Wife, Queen.

Hex - Boss

Kasia Ashkuri - Mom

Tarion Tavers - Ass... but brings food.

Naelyn - Freaky contortionist prostitute? Likes glitter too much.

Tess Ul'Datha - Likes big guns. Has a mean right hook. Hope someone doesn't shoot her jet pack.

Quentin Haslett - Just horrible. But effective.

Zhu Yan - Corellian Butt-Pirate.

Siya - Best Friend.

Siha Archer - Battle Bro, Sweet Gluts. Keeps me alive for Ori.

Grom - Big King, maker of ugly Hapans.

Darius Wildes - Fiance of hot Twi'lek.

Vasani - Hot Twi'lek.

Trillian Taim - Killers are Quiet.

Rheisa Dirleel - Groat Milker

Domino's Peaches

Jehni'va Cihn - JUICY


Sajin.png Sajin2.jpg Sajin3.jpg Sajin1b.jpg

To Vasani and Darius on Game Night


Sajin and Oriana at a Drikish Holo-drama Premier.



King of Drik

Hapan, unnaturally handsome

Defiance's own Scruffy Scruffington (Janitor)

Gets lunch like Clockwork at the Blue Light. Nurf Patty-Melt with Space Fries.

Is a very messy and sloppy eater.

Not much for words. A bit of a dullard.

Was a Pirate for a spell.

You may or may not have seen his Adult Holotapes he made has a broke young man. He just recently acquired the rights for them from his old Sleazy boss and they are now for sale at The Shop of Wonders on Tatooine and Coruscant.

OOC Funnies

Trillian Taim (Tril) pages: Hahaha. I realize I don't know nearly as much about Sajin as I should. I just know that you like eating nerfburgers and uh... Something something Orianna.

<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri has no idea what's going on, but is into shirtless Saj

-(OOC)- Zhu Yan says, "YAY"

-(OOC)- Darius Wildes says, "We have a progressive wedding"

-(OOC)- Vasani says, "no no its gotta be sajin and siha"

-(OOC)- Zhu Yan agrees with Ve.

-(OOC)- Darius Wildes says, "Sajin and YAN IS MORE MY FANFIC"

-(OOC)- Zhu Yan says, "And then televise it."

-(OOC)- Zhu Yan says, "So I can put it on the holonet again."


<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "Hex/Sajin otp"

<Defiance> Darius Wildes will write that yaoi

<Defiance> Daebryn Reth draws fan art.

<Defiance> Vasani hides

<Defiance> Naelyn says, "Naelyn even ships that"

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "You did this, Vasaline"

<Defiance> Naelyn says, "but that is because Sajin is pretty"

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "You did this to yourself"

<Defiance> Darius Wildes says, "It is Ve's fault"

<Defiance> Darius Wildes says, "I believe"

<Defiance> Vasani says, "how did I do this"

<Defiance> Darius Wildes says, "The hero said so"

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "I call 'em how I see 'em"

-(OOC)- Yoska Lash says, "MAIRENI LOOK WHAT I FOUND"

-(OOC)- Yoska Lash says, "It's so pretty can we keep it"

-(OOC)- Maireni Lash goes bug-eyed. "So pretty. MINE. Where's my pen, I need to write my name on it!"

-(OOC)- Yoska Lash says, "NO I FOUND IT FIRST"

Sajin unsheathes his massive Ryyk Blade, bringing the heavy weapon to the ready.

-(OOC)- Sajin says, "Oh god, it's so massive"

-(OOC)- Jehni'va Cihn says, "And that's how Sajin lost a foot"

-(OOC)- Tarion Tavers says, "Sajin is secretly a Wookiee and this is what they look like shaved."

-(OOC)- Jehni'va Cihn says, "Baby got chewbacca"

From afar, Usha (U) snugs you, ya big dumb beautiful boy.