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Force Maneuvers

OOC Date: July 21 2020
Location: Tiberius 2
Participants: Jessika Pava, Tallie Lintra, Elrych Cometburn, Jax Greystorm, Crash Tommaz, David Ironside, Nova Korell,

  • CH* *CH* *CH* *CH* The tell-tale signs of multiple aerospace fighters coming out of Hyperspace are detected as those who decided to be apart of the training scenario arrive (in them ofcourse) . Unlike in other trainings, these are not the standard X-wings that they generally fly in - but specially modified ones. The fighters, by all standards to the eye, appear to be like any other vessel. After only a few moments, a beacon up ahead activates - The lights on it begin to pulse, changing colors intermittently and the communications pop up. An electronic voice can be heard.

<<"Welcome to the Force-One Training Excercise. This excercise is meant to challenge your ability to handle unexpected events that could occur in battle. There are eight trials. The first X-wing to get to the final Trial, and survive - will be considered the winner of the Excercise. Each Trial will have three difficulties that you can choose.">>

Black Difficulty is the hardest, but will get you there fastest.

Red Difficulty is moderate and will allow you to arrive quickly but not as fast.

Green is the safest, but slowest path.

<<"It is possible for your vessel to be considered destroyed. Any Vessel destroyed will take a penalty and be forced to repeat the trial again at a lower difficulty.">>

After the break down, the computers of the ships light up with the choices for the first Trial.

<<"Once you have selected the difficulty, please enter into orbit at the specific locations provided.">>

Exiting hyperspace is as simple as adjusting the lever back on the left side of her cockpit. There's a subtle lurch, transforming the blue tunnel in front of Jessika Pava into the dark vacuum of space. "Sensor range to maximum scan, Ailee. We may be here for exercise maneuvers, but let's not be complacent." An affirmative warble and a change on the display indicates to Jessika that her astromech is taking care of it faster than she herself would be able to switch over the displays. Her hand adjusts itself back to the throttle, while her right shifts it's grip on the flight stick. Her index finger rests low of the trigger, and her thumb against a blank spot underneath the array of buttons available near the top. Once the orders are run through, Jessika adjusts vector for the black difficulty beacon and throttles forward. <"Good luck, Rogue.">

In Rogue Twelve, (The A-Wing variant, not the X-Wing) Crash may stand out in his choice. But it's the craft he feels the most comfortable in, and the one he simply prefers for a variety of reasons. But as the craft drops out of hyperspace, he checks in, "Rogue Twelve. In position." he says as he rolls his neck and cues up his personal music player to pipe some songs into his right earbud. He finds that he flies better when he has a rhythm going. The problem is, he is also -quite- confident to the point of cockiness in his own abilities. Of course he's going to think he can do the toughest difficulty possible.

“Ready to do this." he says into his comm as he twists the control stick, tiny thrusters lifting the starboard side of the fighter, and then the port. Basically, waggling as he makes sure everything is functional.

This new X-Wing is taking some getting used to. Normally Nova can feel out a fighter within a few minutes, but not this time. Even the drop into Realspace feels a little different. "Jammer, everything okay back there? Including you?" R2-J4M blats irritably at the apparent afterthought, but the text on the display screen says that all systems are go. All four engines are running hot and true, and maneuvering systems are fully operational. That's the important stuff, right? "Don't forget sensors, full ahead and focused," Nova reminds him. "Looks like we're just about to the starting point." Her thumb hovers over the choice button, but she finally chooses Red. Unlike some of the squadron, she's only been flying for a little over a year, and she lost that sense of youthful invulnerability before she was thirteen. <Rogue Eleven, heading for the orbital rendezvous. See you all at the finish.>

Elrych arrives in his usual X-Wing, apperating into realspace. A smooth tune played through the cockpit, relaxing and calming. Eggsy brough the volume down a bit as comm chatter picked up and the instructions were laid out. <<"Rogue Four... going black.">> He angles his ship towards the most difficult course and pushed the throttle forwards. Eggsy lets out a yelp of concern. "Why, what's the problem? Go big or go home right." He took a deep breath, Eggsy giving him what for once more. "I know I can use the Force... duh." His brows then narrow, "Wait.. is that considered cheating? Stang...">>

Not since the academy had Lintra run a course like today. The war had been much too busy for the last five years for the various squadrons she has flown in to take the time. Sims and actual flights, both patrol and battle, had been considered sufficient for her collegues.

Drop out places them high to the other fighters positions. "Fiver, check on what is coming up, I want everything you might consider an obstacle and double scan for oddities. Put it all into targeting," she says on internal com. Fiver quietly (for once) goes about its business. "Select for Black difficulty on this first run. Let's see what they have for us."

<<"Sunshine copying you. Good luck everyone.">>

David had been pondering these ships on the way over, blipping out of hyperspace with no answers. <"So.. I've been trying to figure out what's different about these fighters, but I can't put my finger on it."> he comms, adding a simple, <"Rogue Eight, ready."> because he can't just not check in. His fingers release and re-grip the stick one at a time, the pilot focused on the beacons denoting the trials and their difficulties. <"Let's see these trials, Captain, and good luck.">

Jax reverts back to real space and adjusts his sensors as Exine starts to fill up his cockpit with questions and comments. Jax following in towards tthe Black Course. "Might as well fail with the best of them Exine." The droid saying something chipper, "What do you mean, You're taking bets against me from the other astromechs? Thanks buddy. Well which one has the quickets time on the pool. Wow that's really exact." Then jax checks through everthing, <Rogue nine, Ready to go black. Everything is operating within parameters except Exine. But I'm use to that by now.> THe channel fills with the R2 raspberring Jax.


The starfighters begin making their descent into the planet - those who choose the various difficulties being given seperate coordinates - though they are close to eachother. For those who utilize their scanners, they detect a brief surge coming from the general area of the coordinates that Black Difficulty is heading. The power surge activates and shoots out what appears to be a signal.

Those who chose Black Difficulty

BWOOOOP. BWOOOP. BWOOOooooop. As the starfighters descend, all of a sudden sensors and navigational systems completely shut down. The starfighters still have their systems but the pilots will not have to eyeball it and utilize their skills to ensure that they don't burn up or go down to quickly. Also in the distance, black metallic objects can be seen - flying towards them.

Those who chose Red Difficulty

As you make your way down, your sensors pick up multiple bogies incoming. The robotic voice from the beacon can be heard coming up through your comms only.

<<"You must score two direct hits on incoming drones in order to proceed to the next Trial.">>

Warning lights begin flashing in the cockpit. Two of Jessika's displays go dark. "Ailee, start repairs on those subsystems!" The snubfighter begins to rumble and twist off its descent. "What the.." Using the horizon as her indicator, Jessika removes her hand from her throttle to join its twin on the stick. Her feet immediately began playing with the rudders in tandem. With her sensors and navigation down, Jessika has no clue that there are objects flying at her at the moment. She has no clue where anything is. All her focus is on controlling her descent. Honing her focus on the transparisteel cockpit, it's with her naked eye that Jessika is able to see the black specks that are starting to head for her. Ailee bleeps about not being able to get the systems back yet, but Jessika can only yell out a "Keep trying!"

Having selected black before he could even think about it, Crash isn't really worried. He tends to fly based on pure instinct. It's not that he expects to win here. But he does know one super important thing... if you don't push yourself, you don't get better. While some folks go to their droids to get things working, he just hits... PLAY. And a beat begins in his ear... His throttle is shoved forward to the stops, and he twists the fleet little fighter as he arrows into the BLACK course… The alert of failing nav systems makes him grin and his left knee bobs to the beat of his music as he weaves through the course. This is -fun-! For those especially observant, some of his maneuvers actually -look- to be following a rhythm, but only for a moment before he breaks his own pattern because, flying in a pattern can get a pilot killed.

"Target practice ahead, Jammer. Just keep watching for surprises, I'll get us through," Nova says, rolling and juking to throw off any shots the drones might send her way. She brackets one and gives it a burst of quad-linked laser fire. It's almost anticlimactic the way it goes up. Then again, that True Gunner patch on her shoulder isn't there for show. "One down... one to go."

Suddenly alarms go off in Elrych cockpit when he hits atmo, the ship shaking violently. His navaigation goes out along with a number of the other glass instraments with no analog to back it up. <<"Woah ho ho, Eggsy we're in the blind. Fix that, would you.">> His music was gone too. Though, this was not Elrychs first time experiancing instrument failure while reentering atmo. His piloting is a little rough but he maintains the right angle and proper heading until the instraments are restored. The shaking stops and his music starts to play once more. "that was close, huh?" His droid whines.

"What fun!" There had been an odd moment of silence and darkness on the cockpit readouts before a tone started its monotonous sonority telling Lintra navigation and sensors were out. A little unusual without a shot being fired, but it's not like she hadn't been here before. Fiver beeps anticipating her, red Aurubesh letters scrolling in her HUD, telling her precisely which subsystems where affected.

In the distance, something eclipses an obstacle, and Tallie knows that she has incoming. "Get targeting up, Fiver, we have incoming!" She angles the nose of the X-Wing down angling for a better view while waiting for systems to return.

David swings his fighter into a path leading to the Black trials, at least for the first round. Can't determine whether it'd be too difficult without experiencing it, the pilot reasons. Of course, that's when his systems go down. Not the first time this year, and at least this time Ones didn't go with. Nor the stick. David half-turns towards his trusty astromech casually. "Hey, see what you can do to get those systems back up, alright? I'll make sure we don't smash into an asteroid or anything." The query is answered with a cheery string of beeps and whistles, and before long the panels light back up. "Thanks, buddy." David replies with a grin. <"You guys suppose that's what was altered, remote system shutdown?"> he offers, before aiming a course towards the drones.

Well the sensors and navigation go dead but unlike Exgol, Jax still has Exine, the stick, and his leg. There's no alarm from Exine but a grumble as the R2 unit simply goes to work restoring Navigation. He doesn't even wait for his pilots request but already at work. Jax does have to fight the stick much as he keeps the nose up. "Thanks Exine, at least you're awake this time." The droid says something rude. "What last time a Sith shot you with lighting. Hit me too. Fine fine, a sith lord shows up, I'll dodge 'em better or shot them. You happy." He hears David, <You bet, I'd expect some more surprise too Rogue 8.>


As the descent occurs - whether it be bumpy or not - the planet comes well into view. The ground is a beautiful array of blues, purples, greens, and yellows. The vessels getting close enough to identfy objects on the ground show various different obstacles coming quickly into the distance. Everything from ruins old ruins, to what looks like battery installments, and all leading to a giant triangular monolith - at the top what appears to be some form of spinning generator encapsulated in a weird shielding that sparkles ever so often.

Black Difficulty

As the starfighters scream and whine against gravity - multiple drones begin making their way towards the crippled starfighters. All of a sudden there is a *BZZZT* In each ear piece and all pilots lose connection with their Droid. The Drones were now on top of them and as the saying begins.. The fun would begin.

Red Difficulty

As you see your squad mates about to have some fun on their track.. The other drone makes its way towards you - dipping and weaving firing and attempting to get a hit. The spherical object is fast and mimics that of a Tie/fo. There is also some buzzing in your ear but everything still seems to be somewhat copacetic.

Breaking through the atmosphere without losing control, Jessika darts her left hand back to throttle control. It eases forward, giving more power to her thrusters. A brief deviation from that location and the edge of her hand bumps the switch that toggles her s-foil configuration. The foils part, moving into their spread state so that all four weapons are distinct from one another. The static in her ear makes sense when she tries to tell Ailee to bring sensors back online. What's restored, instead, is navigation. She's able to see her attitude directional indicator and horizontal situational indicator now, and is able to level out towards where the drones are blitzing forward. These, however, are to the naked eye. Jessika knows where to point her starfighter, though. Aim the nose. Use it as direction. That's why when she squeezes the trigger, a quad of red lasers spit towards one of the drones. Only it's snappy movements save it from being turned into scrap.

Lost connection with droid? What droid? Crash is in his A-Wing, disabled, blinded... and he is having far too much fun. He has no droid with him. R2-C4 was all upset about being left behind... again. But Crash's hands move on his controls without any conscious thought from him. He moves the stick, feathers the throttle, and with his foot-pedals, he fires his thrusters all ased purely on instinct. His twin laser cannons begin spitting red bolts of energy in repeated bursts... rapid fire really... as he uses their own tracer images to line up his shot. Moving to his right just a bit, and then up as he ranges on his target, and then spins out in a snap-roll after he gets that last shot in, already looking forward for a new target. The kid is -all- about going with the flow now... and it's a good thing his mic is off, because he is singing (badly!) in his cockpit, along to a popular song he has playing. Behind him, he leaves the drone that appeared in front of him as an expanding cloud of gas as his rhythm doesn't fail him... yet

Nova becomes conscious of some kind of buzzing in the cabin as she angles for a shot at that second drone... just as it fires at her! Fortunately, its aim needs work. Nova's doesn't: She hits the drone with two lasers as she pulls the fighter back on course, sending it falling into atmo to burn up. "Two down... Jammer, run a quick diagnostic, could you? Something doesn't sound right in here," she murmurs. "You know what reentry's like." The diagnostic comes back: Something to do with comm units that connect all the fighters. Not the standard ones, either. "Strange... keep me posted, okay?"

With Navigation now back, his instruments now in working order, the flying is far easier for the Jedi Knight. He bobs his head as he looks off towards the incoming bogies. "Alright, alright, alright. Party time." He turns hard, heading right for the flight of black drones. Suddenly his music cuts out again. "Hey, what gives Eggsy?" There is no responce from his droid. "Eggsy?" He turns his head around, just barely able to hear the wirbles of immediacy from the droid through the cockpits thick transparasteel. "Kriff..." He looks over his targeting computer, "That's gone too..." he usually used retical anyways. Taking a deep breath and letting the force flow through him, he feels his way to his target. He lines that retical up and squeezes the firing trigger. The bolts slam into the drone, sending it crashing to the planet's surface. "I am not vibing without my jams, man..."

The purple of the planet's outer atmosphere glows in the distance as Rogue 7 makes its descent downwards. The red crawl of ongoing repairs abruptly stops in Tallie's HUD. Silence. With scanning not fully repaired, she resists the urge to turn around in the cockpit to see what is going on. It's a creepy sensation to be without its constant warbling and tactical readouts.

Shrugging and reasoning with herself (no different than an A-Wing, right?), Tallie keeps her attention focused outward-looking for whatever eclipsed her view earlier. It's on her faster than she would have expected.

The firing trigger is depressed, and two red lasers stab at what she thinks is a targeting droid. There is a brief scintillating explosion, the colors telling her of a thickening atmosphere.

Speaking into the silence on coms, "Fiver, you'd better be repairing, my friend. See? I miss you already."

David is quick to reply to Jax when Ones stops warbling, and it doesn't sound at all like the droid was finished. <"There's your surprise, Nine."> he offers dryly, raising a hand to tap the rear panel of his canopy. "Still with me, Ones?" he asks. The sound of the engines, so close to the pair, drowns out whatever reply is made, and David shrugs. There's drones to shoot, and just as Jessika had done, David uses the nose of his craft as a center point between the four cannons. A quick squeeze of the trigger is enough to disable a drone's stabilizers, sending it careening downwards out of its own course.

All of a sudden Jax and Exine's communication goes dead, and the pilot draws a bead on an incoming drone. The targeting computer miss identifies it in the electrical clutter. That's Jax's excused and he's sticking with it. As the cross hairs glow gold, Jax pulls the trigger and hits nothing. "Going to be one of those days." He says to air. Then begins to try to track the drone. He was relaxed as the brings 'Rogue 9' around trying to land a shot. '

TRIALS UPDATE The trials are starting out with a pretty major twists and turns. All of the pilots recovering from their perspective difficulties fairly well. Currently Crash has a pretty solid lead - but is being tailed by Tallie, who will take advantage if he makes even one mistake. However, that is not to be outdone by David who has both of them in his sights. Nova, even though taking an easier route - isn't far behind Elrych.. Starting to give him a run for his money.

Everyone broooOOOOOM. The Communications between the droids and pilots is instantly restored - as are full navigation controls. However, sensors are still down and non responsive.

Jax and Jessika - Both of the Pilots are hanging back as they continue to fight the drones - giving up little ground but already having an advantage.

Black Difficulty

For those who have defeated the drones, Your nav computers come completely back online and you are advised to begin following way points that cause you to weave up and down - from high altitude down to near the ground. In the distance you can hear *Bwoosh* *Bwooosh* Droids (those who have them) scream as incoming ordinance is detected and the skies begin to instantly be lit up with bright white and blues.


Roll a Pilot at 130 to succesfully do the maneuvers.

Pilot rolls to avoid getting hit by ordinance will be at 140.

Sensors still are non response.

Red Difficulty

Just like Black Difficulty, Red Difficulty is given way points. However, these are on the ground and between ruins. The orders are to move at super sonic speeds and move inbetween the ruins themselves. As you start ducking and weaving, you can see a drone moving up on your right. Your orders are to beat the drone in the ruins.. Get there before it does.


Three Versus Rolls of 100 against the drone.

Despite her sensors coming back online, Jessika finds it almost impossible to track the droid with her sensors. She attempts to line up another shot on it, but all she succeeds in doing is filling the air with useless laser cannon fire that streaks off into the distance.

Up down up down. Whatever. Crash noses into dives, and pulls out at the last possible moment. But when artillery begins raining in, he uses that to his advantage.... timing a dive to start -just- as the explosion would have hit where he was. The explosion goes off, and for a moment he can't be seen.. but then he comes rocketing downward, letting the force of that explosion help propel him towards the deck. If anyone could hear his voice... there would be -such- a scream of success... more like a whoop, that happens to be timed flawlessly with the heavy instrumental rock in his ear. That A-Wing isn't supposed to be able to do that, is it?

And down Black Eleven and its crew go, down into the thick air near the planet's surface and following the world's curvature, throwing up shock-wings of dust in the swift starfighter's wake. It's not Nova's favorite place to be, but it's certainly exhilirating flying! Even the waypoints aren't that difficult... until she catches sight of that drone pacing them on their way into the course. "A /race/? In /this/?" she has to ask, trying to throttle up. The drone's not as big as an X-Wing, though, which gives it an advantage in this kind of close-quarters flying. It's pulling ahead of her!

Elrych pilots his way through the marked out and defined course headings. The twinsting and turning causes him to smile, the challenge welcomed. He pushes the engines, going as fast as he possibly can, though he dosn't much care if he wins or looses. He's just along for the ride and experiance. Suddenly warning start going off again. "Waoh waoh... where's that coming from? Surface to air! Holy!" He pulls hard on the stick, avoiding the missle shot at him by a rather large margin. "THey're not kriffin' around with this Drek."

The eerie silence continues as Tallie trims the wings for the descent. Once in the mirror of the canopy against space, she sees Fiver's image swiveling as it continues to make repairs. Twice, by sight alone, Tallie sees incoming and twists the nose of the T-85 to drop them into a position to shoot. They pass another waypoint. She blinks, "You did it!" Thumb over her head she congratulates the droid. "Okay, now we are operating with a full suite. Let's see the worst they can give us."

Over general coms, <<"This is Sunshine. Status report: how's it going?">> A smile can be heard in her voice through the crackle of the coms.

David nods. "We're doing good, Ones. Mark those waypoints for me, alright?" he instructs, having marked the first one quickly. The stick is moved forward, sending the fighter careening down at high speed. Real high speed. He's a fighter jockey, alright. Maybe to his detriment, though, because Ones' alarmed screech is too late to stop David from altering course away from incoming ordnance. Rather than, well, the usual explosion and flash of heat, all that happens is a panel blinks briefly, directing the pilot back to the start of course. <"Got hit, it's making me go back, Rogue 7. Don't worry though, I'll be back in the lead before too long.">

Still no Exine, and still no targeting system. Jax reaches out to the force and finds himself feeling crossed eyed as a result though even without the force, his r2 unit, and his targeting system, Jax was a good pilot. So he did what does and flies. Chasing the drone down and sending it to whatever maker the drone believed in. He keeps heading to the next navi point as things begin to explode up ahead for those ahead of him. "Emperorers Black Bones, What has Captain Kun got us into?" Jax hits the com as Tallie's request, < Rogue Nine here. We had a slight weapons malfunction. But, uh, everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you, Sunshine?>

TRIALS UPDATE - While still being in the faster vehicle, Elrych edges past Crash (Just barely) - and it looks like Tallie is coming on his tail..The three racing towards the Monolith.

Everyone. - BSHOOO! The monolith arcs with blue and white lightning as the generator with the odd spherical shield begins to spin faster and faster.

Jessika - With Sensors, Weapons, and Navigation back online.. Time to blow that Drone to hell.

David and Jax - Same as before, Piloting at 130 for the maneuvers and then 140 after attacked.

Black Difficulty - Crash, Tallie, Elrych

As you get closer to the monolith - your computers begin sending you data. It seems an algorithmic data stream comes through and code starts appearing infront of you. Then at the very end - it asks you to input the final designation and destroy the generator to win.

1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 3 1 1 2

  1. # # # # #

Red Difficulty - You see the ending with the Monolith in sight, all you have to do is beat the drone.

Once her sensor display comes back up, Jessika maneuvers into position to get a firing solution on the drone. A squeeze of the trigger sends a quarter of laser cannon fire into the drone and makes it explode. Jessika aligns her vector with the next black obstacle and continues forward.

Pattern recognition... huh, Crash looks at his display and snorts. That's totally there to throw him off. You don't do puzzles when you are in a fight. You fight... you fly, survive, and fight. He flips the switch up on his console, pressing the firing stud for his missiles without any lock from sensors. He's trying to snap fire them at the base of the monolith, but they strike the ground to either side of the thing because he forgot to account for the fact that the tubes are on either side of his fuselage.

His lasers are zeroed up ahead, but missiles don't zero. Or at least the simulated missiles detonate in a simulated fashion doing no damage to the area he intended to hit. "Well. That's slagged up." he mutter

"Jammer, see if you can get a little more power out of the engines!" Nova snaps, her hand tight on the control stick. Her other is dancing a fandango over the engine, weapon, and deflector power controls. "We won't beat this little creep if we don't pour on some more speed!" Pour on Jammer does: The droid's adjustment sends a thrumming whine through the cockpit as the engines crank up the fueld consumption. It's dangerously close to the safety margins for the drives, but the speed increase is incredible! It's also hard to control! But Nova banks hard, standing the ship on its wingtip to shoot a narrow gap between two ruined towers, leaving the drove wallowing in her afterblast! "Nice work, Jammer! Just keep it up for a few more seconds!"

Elrych blinks as he eyes the monolith, "That's one creepy looking... thing." He keeps a safe distance as he flies around it, the data for the code coming through on his main computer display. "Well... that's an intersting math problem..." He shakes his head, "Eggsy... can you crunch this with me." The two go to work, working on the first three numbers. "One... Three... Two..." His lips form into a tight line as he concentrates on the problem /and/ flying evasivly.

A realization hits Tallie with a wallop. Silence in the cockpit is too much like waking up after an unknown passage of time to a fighter drifting in space. Too close to the bone for comfort. With a little shimmy of her shoulders, she shakes that off, too busy to maunder in the past.

"Fiver, math time! Give me those numbers. We are lining up to fire at the top of the structure, then we will work our way down."

Jax goes through the Ordinace as flames wash over his ship, emerging out of the fire like the phoneix that adornes his fighter at the last minute turning a cork screw. "I hope your enjoying this buddy. I had forgotten how nice it was to fly in silence since my A-wing days." Exine was probably going to strangle him in his sleep. He looks up at the Monolith as it comes into his field of view. "This might be the weirdest training I've done ever."

TRIALS UPDATE - As Rogue Squadron continues and moves to finish their trials - Most all of the pilots are there.

Jessika - Continue moving forward with Piloting at 130 and avoiding the ordinance at 140.

Black Difficulty - The Monolith continues to arc with lightning and spin faster and faster - though the hits appear to be doing some damage. Another specific number is sent out.

  1. # 2 # 1 #

Red Difficulty - You've caught up on the final stretch and now have the same task as your squad mates.

After performing the maneuvers through the next obstacle, Jessika feels the rocking impact of the fake ordinance striking her snubfighter. The next marker for the beacon doesn't appear and she loops back to begin that section of the trial again.

Angling the A-Wing, Crash curses himself, "Come on Crash. Get it the frell together." he mutters as he shakes his head and switches back to lasers. It's a good thing A-Wing lasers can pivot a bit. So he angles them downward as he arcs about and flashes overhead, his twin cannons boring into the monolith. "Die you mathematical monstrosity.." he mutters in the privacy of his own cockpit. Then he notices... "On schick.." The transmit light is on. He just said that over the squadron frequency.

"I see something ahead... some kind of tower?" Nova peers through the vibrating windscreen. "Jammer, can you get me a visual?" Jammer beeps in alarm, bringing up something else instead: A bewildering series of numbers. "What the /Hell/? Seriously?" Nova exclaims, wide-eyed and slack-jawed. "We're flying a combat mission and now we're taking a /pop quiz/?" At least she can see her squadron-mates firing on the tower-thing. "So much for coming in anywhere near the front," she mutters, taking aim. Trouble is, she's still coming in hot from the energy rerouting of earlier. Her shots only glance, barely scraching the surface, and she pulls off hastily to avoid a crash. Sighing in relief, she begins re-rerouting power.

"Targeting solutions for the base of the spinner, Fiver." The computer tone sounds in her headset as she aims the lasers. Red lances out the laser cannons, molten splashes marking their passage down the monolith. <<"Good shooting. We are nearly home, folks.">>

Jax comes flying towards the monolith, <Nice Mathing Elrock. You didn't learn that on Corellia. Rogues, It's powering down and dead. We don't have to destroy it. I think Elrock just won.> THen he breaks off wabbling his wings in salute to Elrych.

After only a few moments, the Monolith/Obelisk thing completely powers down. Full controls return to all of the Pilots and the robotic droid comes back.

<<"Rogue 4, Elrock, Wins. Congratulations. Please Return to Chandrila for Debrief and Hot Chocolate.">> The system shuts down and the entirety of the trials and course themselves seem to all just instantly shut off - allowing for Rogue Squadron to return.. Perhaps opting to never go through one of Kare's challenges again. Or throttling her.. Maybe both.

"Well, leave it to weirdness to have a fighter pilot training course combine with a crossword math puzzle." mutters Crash, this time truly privately. "That last part had nothing to do with any training any pilot will ever receive for any mission they'll ever do. Awesome to give a trophy for that." Yeah, he's a bit bitter about all of that as he turns his fighter and eases back up out of the atmosphere.