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RedFire and BlueIce United

OOC Date: June 10, 2019
Location: Tridek System
Participants: Zandra naMuriel, Rey, Yuun, Aryn Cole

It is back to Lady Redfire's Cantina for the group.

There is a security point at the huge blast doors to the next section of the station, showing that it has been built in a modular fashion. In a pinch, it's possible to close the blast doors and lock out a section of the station if the environmental controls are compromised. Once through, and into the station core, it's more like a techno wonderland. The ceiling and floor are all glass, as are the walls that look out over the rest of the station. This is more or less a bubble just over the edge of the refining equipment which looms out there - cranes, pullies and conveyor belt - like some sort of rusting nightmare scene. It's kind of charming though, backlit by the pale purple light that can be found in this main entrance to the club. After a few moments, with adjustment to the lighting in Lady Redfire's Cantina, it becomes noticeable that they are on a balcony - the control room really, and that the club itself is down a flight of steps, large marble looking staircases on either side of the control bubble, curving to meet in the middle below. There's a band playing across the way, right by the window with the refinery equipment as a backdrop. A long bar at the center of the club and beings dancing on the ground, in the air, and on dance pads that are at a variety of levels.

Dressed all in reds and oranges, looking much like a flame, from the top of her red-orange fiery hair to the tip of her toes, Lady Redfire is immediately there, as soon as our heroes arrive. She is wearing a long dress, with a plunging neckline and a slit up to there. It's red and glittery, giving her a very sensual look, like she's the epitome of fire ... and not so much ice. "Well?" she demands imperiously. Zan was pretty quiet from blue sector back to red, back to the cantina that had impressed them all so much on their arrival. And as Lady RedFire greets them, Zan wrinkles her nose and shrugs. "I think Lord BlueIce is going to come meet us here." She stops there, as much as that's probably not the best spot to stop, and lets the others take up the tale.

Yuun looks around as they made their way up to Lady Redfires club, he moves off to the side and is sensing out through the force and he is also just looking around to keep an eye out for things just in case Lord Blueice tries something or Lady Redfire tries something and catch the group off guard. He does take a nice long look at Lady Redfire and he smiles, "You look good." he says to her and moves to blend in.

Rey moves with her friends to this meetup location and she specifically aims toward whre Lady Redfire is. At the 'Well?' questioning, Rey glances to her companions before she looks back to the woman.

"Your establishment was put upon their race course because... somehow... a Rathtar had gotten loose upon their original course." She says this with a particularly glum tone to her voice. "We've..." She glances to the others. "Dealt with it." She states dryly before showing a faint smile to the Lady.

"Hopefully this means that they can return their track to its original pathway... which, in turn, should free your people of the burden that which they had brought upon you." And with that all said, Rey nods to what her others may add. "We can Hope, at least."

Aryn climbs from the speeder after landing it and follows the others in. She remains at the rear of the group, finding a wall to hold up while she listens. Her arms cross and she watches the band in the distance, wondering if another race was going to take place above, like it had last time. Aryn has come to expect the worst in most cases. To that regard, she's never surprised.

In fact, at the moment, there is no sound of pod racers at all. It leaves the thrum of the station in the background almost a soothing sound. Lady Redfire's gaze goes to Zandra as she speaks, but there are others jumping in before she says anything. And so she stops, almost visibly pulling herself together for a moment. Metaphorically speaking. "I see," she says, with as much dignity as she can manage. Which is a fair bit. She smiles at Yuun for the compliment, acknowledging it and preening somewhat. "I am better than good," she says, before she then turns to Rey, just ignoring Zandra. "Did you say a rathtar? That does not seem like - how did one of those get on the station?"

"That is what I want to know," comes a voice from the entrance, and there he is, the man of the hour, Lord BlueIce. On his flying chair, of course, and he flies over to have it hover just high enough to put him at eyelevel with most of the people here in the conversation. Some of this folks have come along with him, security more or less. "We have proof though - a corpse to clean up, thanks to these fine folk you hired."

Zan is happy to be ignored, and she steps back, taking a breath. Okay, she does say, "We said we could handle it. I'm not sure what all happened in the past, but - we keep our promises."

Rey glances to Aryn and then to Yuun after the Lady recognizes his compliment. Upon hearing her response about 'how' the beast had gotten there, Rey turns back to the woman and speaks through her mask that is up over her nose again. "We didn't have an opportunity to ask it." She quips, a bit of dry humor from the Jakkuan girl?

Any reactions to that quip are likely lost though as BlueIce hover-chairs his way into the room and Rey's brown eyes sweep over toward him. "Your broken monitor showed it to me, it has likely harmed a great many people... but that is only a guess. I've seen Rathtar's up close and personal. The ability that they wield to cause harm onto others? Its not something I care to have in my mind's eye, but its there regardless."

Rey shares another look back to Lady Redfire. "They're terrifying creatures. To be sure."

Aryn stays where she is, sharing a gaze with Rey who spoke up after Zandra and Yuun. Anything they had to add was from first hand experience. Aryn had stayed above the conflict. Given her luck, or lack thereof, she'd have joined that list of hurt people, or even eaten people! Aryn does think about the possibilities of just how a Rathtar could've gotten to the track. Perhaps it began as a domesticated pet of some kind and escaped into the venting systems? Illegal animal trade gone wrong? Hmmm.

Yuun is still out of sight keeping watch like he said he would do. He's wondering what will happen next and he's happy that Lady Redfire liked his compliment. Though now he's on the clock, he does hear about the Rathars and he shakes slightly, he didn't like those kriffing things, and if there is more they will need to take them out as soon as they can.

Lady RedFire smirks a bit at Rey's quip, showing a bit of friendliness, now that the story is coming out. She too is distracted by BlueIce's arrival. "Surely you don't think it was me," she exclaims. "Why would I ever - considering all the damage your podracers caused by flying over my cantina? I'd much rather you did not have - why did you not tell us?" Her conversation now seems to be focused on BlueIce.

BlueIce shrugs a bit at that. "At first, we thought we could handle it, but obviously we were wrong. Then we weren't sure how it got there, and everyone was - is suspect. Maybe your friends here can help suss out the guilty party who brought a Rathtar on the station. I'm fairly sure that's an illegal species as per the accord."

RedFire smiles, and looks to the group, each one in turn. "Are you able to assist in this matter, since you're here?" she murmurs.

Zan thinks, and she says, "Well, it had to either grow here or be brought in. Any mad scientists who might grow one? Wealthy children whose parents might think it a fine pet until it ate poor little whosit?"

Rey's eyes flutter back and forth, here and there, to the various people who speak up before she gently nods her head inside of her hood to follow-up what Zandra speaks of. "I would suggest finding out what sorts of cargo have been brought aboard as well. It might simply be listed on a manifest that never saw an outgoing shipping contract. That could easily lead one to know who it was that brought it here... though... that person may be long gone in that case, if they were a trade merchant with their own starship."

Rey wasn't a fan of having to wear this mask to talk and interact with people, though the reasons for it were ones she couldn't really fight against.

"That being said, if you have any names of people we could speak to, we're... more than able to do so. We're all very charming when we need to be." She states, with a smile, though of course that smile is hidden behind this darn mask!

[PASS ( +28)] Aryn Cole's Knowledge:cartography @ (100) diff.

"I suggest looking at where it made its nest. There were only a limited number of places it could go, a limited number of places it went. Up, Down, and through those tunnels. It may be why there's a lack of rats?" Aryn shrugs, stepping up beside Rey now and brushing her own cape aside to gesture. "More importantly, the matter of whom is a fruitless chase. It should become more about how to prevent it in the future. You have the technology here to monitor freight, and you both have the power to regulate what people bring aboard your station. Use that, use your influence. Lastly, I recommend sending some scouting parties down into the nesting area to make sure there are no little Rathtars. It's not entirely science on how they mate and reproduce. A good incendiary grenade might go a long way."

Yuun has made a circuit around the group and he moves to stand next to Rey. Listening to what's being said, taking in the information he nods his head a little. "Yeah, there are ways to check for this, so it would be a good idea instead of going against one another, but helping each other so that something like this doesn't happen again can benefit both parties."

Lady Redfire listens to the comments, and then she gives a rather wry smile to Lord BlueIce before she turns back to Aryn. "I do think you misunderstand," she says softly. "We run our areas of the station, certainly, but we do not own the entire thing. The onboard/offboard is owned by Engineering and Maintenance, not Amusement and Entertainment. We are not - " Lady RedFire gestures gracefully, "the sort to do anything heroic, surely you must see that." A hint of disbelief and then she says, "Of course, you are correct there are only a limited number of places such a beast can go, could go." She pauses. "But suggesting to the customers, "Please don't bring any rathtars?" -

Before she can finish that sentence, BlueIce barks out a laugh. "We'd have two a week, for months, given the clientele here," he offers. "No, dont' get me wrong, it's all good advice, young lady." To Aryn. "It presupposes a level of civility that isn't generally found out here though." He glances at Rey and adds, "Nothing like that should be on any manifest or the ship should be denied access. So if there was one that arrived on a ship, plainly someone in engineering or maintenance was not doing their job."

Zan is quiet, eyes widening as she listens to the conversation going every which way as well. "What about repairs?" she asks, softly. "You've a broken track, bleachers, the camera screen, probably more. Who is responsible for that?"

It's possible the answer can be guessed, as both BlueIce and RedFire say, "Engineering and Maintenance" at the same time.

Rey's eyes sweep over to Aryn then and after hearing the logic that her companion speaks she has to think there's a level of agreement to doing just as she'd sugges--- No? Her eyebrows lower a bit, furrow you might say, before she is softly shaking her head back and forth inside of her hood.

"We were sent here with the explicit instructions from our leader that we were to garner a peace agreement between your people, your 'factions' or whatever you'd like to call yourselves."

She looks between Redfire and BlueIce. "Has that peace not been achieved yet? The race track is back to an operational status... we did look down below and saw no other Rathtar's infesting the area's beneath the track... but thats not to say there aren't... offspring, lurking in the darker corners. All the same, we're willing to talk to others if you need further help, but you'll have to tell us specific whom and where they might be."

"I see." Is all Aryn replies back with, turning a few shades of red before turning around to walk back to her perch. A thoughtful stare goes to the floor for now as she considers the words, while her fingers gently tap on her belt.

Lady RedFire looks thoughtful. "The way I see it," she says, her gaze over on poor Aryn. "that young lady has some very good points. We do want to send maintenance down to clean up the nest, one way or another. I mean, even if you want to make it a feature - oh. Rainbow."

Lord BlueIce cusses for a solid minute and then he nods. "You're right. We can deal with those two. And since there's no longer anything eating guests and racers, we will return the swoop racing to the original track." He nods once, and then says, "I'll be in touch, Red. You still owe me a bottle of whiskey, I haven't forgotten." And then he's off.

Zan watches with some bemusement. "I don't understand."

As Aryn passes her by, Rey reaches out to softly pat her friend's left arm, showing support for the talented Doctor and ever strengthening Jedi. A breath is taken in then as she looks between the two station curators and she seems to see a resolution grow between the two of them.

Once BlueIce starts to make his hover-styled retreat, Rey turns to look directly upon that of Lady Redfire. "I hope this helps." She tells the other woman. "I hope that... there are no more of those things down there, and if there are? And if your people can't handle them? Just contact us through our mutual friend. We're here to solve problems like this... its our duty."

Another look is given to Zandra and Yuun before she looks back to Redfire. "You should've seen our faces when we realized what we were up against though. Not exacctly a common place enemy, or one we'd hope to confront again. But... we make do with what resources we have."

Aryn appreciates the support and validation from Lady Redfire and Rey, but she doesn't voice it. There's nothing to suggest that Dr. Cole is upset by their statements, or that she was possibly wrong in her judgment of the situation. Aryn had learned over the past couple of months that it was easier to stay quiet and appear the fool, than open her mouth and remove all doubt. This was a situation where she had said her peace, but like in politics, sometimes a resolution had to be reached by the parties involved, and not imposed by those asked to help. People tended to support their own ideas more. Sometimes, all it took was a little nudge to walk in the right direction. A trick she had learned from her Lord father.

Yuun seems to smile a little as things seem to be settled. Politics isn't Yuuns cup of tea but he is listening quite well and making sure that everyone is on the same foot. Yuun rubs the back of his head a little bit, "I don't like Rathars." he says simply. Though once he says that he moves closer to where Rey is standing and he grins, "You don't want to see them up close at all." he laughs.

Zan's confusion is easy to see, and Lady Redfire manages barely to not pat her on the head. Instead, she walks closer, given BlueIce is gone, baby, gone, gone, gone, and her attention is now back more fully on the group. "Rainbow - is new and up and coming. They - they're twins, I think, or so they claim, have recently arrived, saying they're with the company that owns this station, and they're trying to - I don't know, make more money. It's possible they thought a better attraction might help, some new feature with a safely enclosed monster only the rathtar escaped." She shrugs, and then says, "But those two, we station dwellers can handle. This just becomes the usual politics, and there's nothing outrageous in that." She pauses to look at Aryn, and she says, "Mind you, with verything else, I'd forgotten they were here. They've been quiet the last while." She heads past everyone and comes up with a a small box, sealed, made of some sort of blue wood and silver metal, mixed together. Or at least it looks like that's what it's made of. She brings the box over and drops it into Yuun's hands, with a cheery, "Here you go, handsome. Best I can do, just like I promised."

Of course, what's in the box? That's a good question, but Lady RedFire then adds, "Now take that collector's item and run before I change my mind."

Zan at least looks a little bit less confused, as the Lady speaks. "Oh, uhm, Right. I guess we should be going now?"

Rey watches the exchange of the box to Yuun and then she looks back to Redfire. "Thank you for the help, any and all help is greatly appreciated." She has an idea of whats in the box, but she can't be sure until they've gotten away and had an opportunity to open it.

Once more, Rey looks about their area before she returns her gaze onto the Lady. "I hope things recover here quickly and... yes, again. Feel free to reach out to us should any new leads arise so that we can be here to assist you once more."

With that said, Rey bows softly, respectfully and she then turns to her friends and then toward the way back that they'd come, back to where their ships eventually are located.

Aryn stays to issue her farewell, bowing slightly to the lady in a practiced gesture. When she turns, its to the silent rustle of her cape, and she steps off. Hands clasped at her lower back, Aryn seems content to depart the station and threat of rathtars for the safety of the Helix Interceptor she'd rode in on. That'd been enough excitement for one day.

Yuun is watching the others and he seems to agree with the outcome. "Alright, well if things are good lets head on out." he says as he looks to the others. He begins to head to the door with the others.

Zan pauses to offer a smile and a nod to Lady RedFire. "Glad we could help," she says softly. "I hope things go well for you here, and like my friends said, reach out to us, if you do need more help." She then turns and heads over to follow along after the others, as they head off back to home base.