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Jedi: Saber's Edge

OOC Date: April 22, 2024 (Optional)
Location: Tatooine: Near the Corporate Sector
Participants: Yuun, Saito, Qutha Buvu Pah and Rey as GM

The 'Star's Heart' Station sits on the edge of the Corporate Sector Authority's southern borders. A once bustling hive for industrial cargo shipping, the 'Heart' has lost its shine in the past several decades. It began a steady decline when the First Order closed a major shipping lane during the conflict with the New republic, and it never recovered. Following the fall of the New Republic, and the rise of the Sith Empire, the Star's Heart Station became a cesspool of piracy and illegal cargo hauling.

It has thusly become a target of the Sith Empire, and its forces have recently arrived to begin a long standing order to clean the place out... by whatever means necessary. For the past month, Sith Forces have been digging their boot heels in deeper and deeper within the station that rests between two massive asteroids.

Civilian starship traffic is still being permitted to leave the system, while limited arrivals are allowed in once cleared by Sith forces, under the pretense that the newly arriving ships are only here to help cleared citizens leave the station, while the Sith Empire continues to search for pirates, smugglers, wanted criminals, and Rebel sympathizers.

The Jedi were here for the latter. Word had come to the fledgling Jedi Order that sensitive information was under threat of being taken by the Sith, and a group of would-be-rebels have asked for Jedi aid to get what they have to safety! A ship of mercy was contacted, and the Jedi stowed away board it, ready to infiltrate the station, and recover what their contacts had waiting for them...

The Mercy's Hope, a medium cargo transport, had been the Jedi Order's ride in to the space station today. It was a fine enough ship, with a crew of kind hearted spacers looking to lend a hand to those in need at the Star's Heart Station. It had taken a simple mind trick to convince the Mercy's crew to allow the Jedi aboard, and a bit of help ingratiated the crew to the Jedi members even more. Sorting out cargo, and medical supplies for the Star's Heart was a good way to earn a bit more respect on the trip in.

Now, after a tense passing of clearance codes with the Sith Empire fleet in perimeter orbit around the Star's Hope Station, the Mercy's Hope crew is disembarking inside a bustling hangar filled with other ships, filled with civilians of countless species, all being herded around by Sith Imperial forces in black and red armor. They are being sorted, inspected, and prepped for either arrest, or assignment to a ship here to ferry them away from the station.

Sparks fly from repairs being performed in haste on a bulk freighter, as steam shoots out of the freighter's underbelly. A cacophony of noises fill the hangar, as the Jedi disembark the Mercy's Hope right in to the heart of a major Sith operation...

Dressed in flowing black robes, accented by dark brown leather strappings and trappings, Rey keeps her hood up over her head as her boots touch down upon the scuffed and dirtied hangar floor. Her eyes are quick to take in the suroundings, with loose brown locks of hair framing her face within the shadows of her hood. She steps off to the side, her eyes darting back to those who'd come with her. "We have their general location, but we need to find a computer terminal to update our maps on how to reach them..." She tells the others over the sounds that dominate the backdrop of this hectic location. "We need to get a general idea of the safest route to the corridors behind the engineering sections." She adds in a soft voice, soft enough to carry to the ears closest to her, but hopefully no further.

A small nod to Rey's instruction while adjusting how his battered, earth tone, cloak hangs and the hood drawn over his head - Qutha frowns some while his head tilts to one side with his brow beetling.

"S'a lot here... Makin' aught a jumble..."

The Zelosian's frown grows as he tries to look one way, then another, hands folding behind his back and bunching up the cloth around him.

The black tunic and deep red cloak of Narsai's "hod ha'ran" robes didn't exactly scream Jedi. Indeed, they could easily enough be taken for the guise of a more colorfully minded Sith. With the comfortable click of her vambraces secured in place she moved, following behind Rey and letting her gaze sweep over their surroundings.

At her back, the floating 'disc' of her droid hovered, earning a glance from the woman.

"Subtle would be best, until we have found those we are looking for at least."

When Saito heard of a mission to help the Rebels, he was quick to volunteer. Recently he had started to very slowly make ocntact with the Rebellion, offering hiss help one again. He split his time in the Mercy's hope between meditating and helping the crew with sorting their cargo. As they leave the ship, the redhead is followed by his Astromech droid. He wears a black tunic, his clothing similar to thee clothes being worn by the other Jedi. He offers a soft nod to Rey, opting to remain cilent. he closes hiss eyes for a moment and shakes his head. "Too muchh happening here, it is hard to sense anything." the redhead comments, offering a friendly nod to Narsay as he continues to walk with the other Jedi.

Yuun follows in with the others, his clothing like the others. The Jedi Knight moves lazily though keeping an eye out to make suer they're not being noticed as they move. Yuun is always willing to help, and the Rebels needing help, he hopes this new group of the Rebel Alliance is better then the New Republic. His thoughts continue to focus on the mission at hand as he continues to scan the area.

The crew of the Mercy's Hope are tending to their ship services after the flight out to the besieged space station, while the Mercy's Captain is already engaged with the deck officers of the station. Rey watches the exchange from a good twenty feet away, while she takes in the words from her companions. Her eyes sweep back to Qutha, Narsai, to which she nods past Qutha's shoulder. "I see a computer terminal bank just over there." She notes, a bulkhead of the station's hangar wall cluttered with old machine parts, and deactivated droids in hibernation mode as they prepare for their next on-duty shift later tonight. "I can't tell if its functional or not." She states, handing Qutha her datapad. "See if you can get this linked in, and updated with the current status of what is happening within the station, so we might... know what to expect ahead?" She asks, as her eyes dart toward Saito and Yuun. "Come on, we're going to head to the station interior hatch, see if we can get a preview of what is out there..."

The black robed Jedi Master turned on her leather clad heels, and began to move toward the throngs of civilian traffic that were by-and-large trying to leave the station, rather than enter it.

But a moment there-after, and a pair of Imperial Sith Troopers appear near to the Mercy's Captain, as they begin to question him as to the nature of his arrival here, as though the questions had not been thoroughly asked by the fleet operator that cleared them to land outside.

The sounds of repair work echo through the hangar, with chittering voices in all manner of languages. Six main lines of civilians all form at the doors to the interior of the station, with each line ended by a trio of Sith Troopers in their black and red armor, their unit officers questioning the civilians in line, scanning them with personal scanner devices, and motioning them toward already prepped ships, ready to take the civilians off of the station and out of harm's way of the Sith takeover operation ongoing throughout the massive industrial mining and cargo depot port.

"Ayuh..." nodding as the datapad is taken and tucked within his tunic, the old Zelosian starts on his way indicated by Rey. Expression impassive and letting his movements be guided by instinct whilst making to cross the distance. Eyes half lidded, and moving like someone with years of familiarity while tapping into the currents - keeping aware of his surroundings and the throngs about them as the go.

Head tilting fractionally towards Narsai and casting forth his thoughts, **"Ma'am... y'us is able t'talk to machines, ainchee? Or are we gonna be needin' to dig out the ol' tech kits, reckon?"**

How better to not be overheard than nary speak aloud?

It's just like tracking a certain face in a crowd, a certain voice in a conversation. The more 'interferance' the harder it was going to be, but it wasn't impossible. Mandalorians had always been notorious for making some of the most dogged bounty hunters, and it seemed Narsai was at least somewhat representitive of that reputation. "Have they left us sign or signal?" she asks, even as they begin to walk, map updating

The question her way brings a subtle nod, though a tilt of her head indicates the droid beside her who can 'talk' just as well as she might.

One close of her eyes later and Narsai reached out her senses, will to wire, to see what she might grasp.

Saito watches the captain of the freighter with the corner of his eye, sighing and shaking his head. "Hopefully things won't be as intence as they were when we were called to that planetoid." he starts to walk alongside Rey and Yuun into the depts of the station, Figly, his Astromech, rolling behind them. He looks ahead and sees nothing but the station's corridor and beings of all shapes and cises atemting to get entry.

Yuun nods his head as he moves up with Rey and he takes the left side letting her stay ahead of him. His hands are in his pockets as he moves causally, not bringing much attention to himself but keeping an eye out as they move towards the main entrance. Yuun rolls his shoulders a bit, and as he does he glances up the hall noticing a group of Sith Troopers guarding that end of the corridor going into the medical wing. He glances up seeing the holographic sign of the entrance denoting it's the medical wing. "Hopefully." Yuun says to Saito. "We have a party near the med area." he says in a lowered voice to Rey and Saito.

Rey, Yuun, and Saito find a place just to the right of the main hangar entrance in to the station interior corridor. The sight outside of the hangar is one of pure chaos, and as Saito and Rey both take note of the massive cluster of bodies being ushered their way, she shares a glance with him. It is Yuun's words that draw her eyes toward what he's looking at. "The medical wing was one of the access points we were given. But it looks like the Sith have already occupied it..." She states with a hint of glum undertone touching her words.

As she scans her eyes past the Sith stationed on guard outside of the medical wing, she spies another holographic indicator further down. "Engineering." Rey states, with a nod toward it. "That's our primary point of entry. I don't see any troops there..." She comments to the two companions with her, glancing to them both before she looks back over her shoulder toward where Qutha and Narsai were...

The Captain of the Mercy's Hope had just finished his talk with the two Sith Troopers, who were now tipped off as to the additional 'monks' who had accompanied them on the journey in to the station. The Sith Troopers, spying Narsai and Qutha, are moving toward them.

"You there." The black and red armored trooper on the left speaks out to Qutha. "What business do you have on this station?" He asks through filtered helmet vocalizer, as the two troopers come to stand just a stone's throw away from the two Jedi at the computer terminal.

"Us? We'se just the tech-relay and data-coordination inspection team, we'se been hired by the local commander t'take a look 'roun' an make sure that your info-flow is unhindered. All these influxes of commands is bound t'gum up the works, some... 'specially without a droid-brain primary in'erface matrices..."

Looking then to Narsai, brow raising, Qutha notes, "Tech-Officer here kin tells you precisely where we done need to be led, reckon."

Tone casual the entire time, fingers flickering beneath his cloak, obfuscated, as he uses the old gesture for concentration."

A trooper escort? Quick thinking Qutha earns a smile from Narsai who nods her head. "Of course. If you would walk us to the area, you can leave us to complete our tasks and we will be out of your way. Otherwise, we can find our own way, but other patrols might also stop us and slow down the inspection and maintainence."

The red-haired man's posture stiffens as he watches the soldiers stopping Qutha and Narsay. He turns away from them. "I hope that they will be fine." he says to his two companions before slowlyy starting to walk towrds the station's engineering area. As he walks, he closes his eyes,, feeling the currents of the force around him, feeling a sense of pending danger. "I sense the possibility for danger.. We shouldn't forget that if we are here it is because we have a role to play right here, right now. It is because the force wants us to be here." his words are subdued, almostt hesitant yet there is conviction.

The crew of the Mercy's Hope have re-emerged from the freighter's boarding ramp, pushing a hoversled down loaded with provisions stocked up in cargo containers. They deliver them to where the Captain is, who is speaking to the service droids tending to the Hope's fuel and engine maintenance. The Mercy's Hope is the sixth ship in a line of waiting vessels, all being filled up with the refugees leaving the station, each line of refugees being tended to by the Sith trooper units at the end of each of those clogged lines coming in from the station interior.

Rey's eyes linger on Qutha and Narsai for a moment, seeing the Troopers headed to question them. But with Saito heading off in the direction of the Engineering hatch, Rey turns to trail after him, her eyes going to Yuun next. "A few hours. The Mercy's Captain said that this was a slow process, because of all of the security checks." She moves up to catch up to Saito, hearing his comments and showing him a faint expression of amusement. "That is right. Danger lurks wehrever we go, does it not?" She fires back, as the group has to navigate through the flow of traffick, the countless numbers of aliens and droids meandering past them toward the hangar entrance and its waiting refugee lines.

"You are a tech?" The lead trooper asks Narsai, "Well stop wasting your time at the terminals." He says through filtered helmet speakers. He steps toward Qutha and Narsai, extending his right hand, a access card held in his gloved fingers. "Take this to the lift to Engineering. Our techs are on overduty trying to repair the damage to that Farka's Nest. Get down there, fix it, and you'll be rewarded. Get moving!" He barks out that last command, before turning to his partner. The two begin to walk back to the Mercy's Hope boarding ramp, to meet the crew, its captain and the provisions they've brought to help the cause of seeing the station evacuated. The troopers speaking to one another as they go. "I'm going to get promoted for sending more techs down there, just you wait." The second Trooper's helmet turns to look at the first, a female voice speaking out to the male. "You're high on the spice fumes of this place." She fires back at him.

The card taken and moving as if Narsai's subordinate, Qutha moves quietly for the liftin question - looking to the Mandalorian with a 'heh, who'da thought?' sort of raise of his brows. Wasting no time going where directed in the hopes that the immediate movement will alleviate further interruption - aiming to utilize the access card to get himself and the other an immediate ride to where they need to be.

Access card was far less suspicious than slicing, and it had them moving freely, ready to link up with the others when they got there.

Adjusting to keep an 'ear' out for any alerts, she moves with Qutha. "Lets get a move on, longer we wait, the worse the situation here will get."

Still walking, Saito offers a faint nod to the Jedi Master. "Yes, it sertainly does." he pauses for a moment soo that Rey and Yuun can walk beside him "I can't help but to worry about them." he admits. "But I have to put that aside and simplyy trust the forcee and deal withh whatever happens when it happens. He continues to walk, eyes closing as he tries to get a clearer sense for any danger that might be ahead, even as hee tries not to bump into any passing alien or droid. "There is clear danger here. We must be extra careful."

Yuun moves to follow behind Rey who is catching up with Saito. Yuun nods his head as Rey tells him that they have a few hours and that this is a slow run due to the security. "Alright." he says simply. "We just need to keep relaxed and our wits about us." he smiles as he walks towards the Engineering Level turbolift. Looking over to Saito, listening to his fellow Jedi, he takes his words to heart. "We will, we have to trust in the force adn one another and watch each others back. We got this." he offers a smile to Saito. He looks at the hatch, lowering his voice, "There is some serious damage in Engineering." he lets Rey and Saito know.

With Rey arriving at the turbolift hatch, with Yuun and Saito, the trio are given a moment to view the situation from this vantage point. There is a holographic sign posted beside the hatch that details a measure of danger ahead, which garners a moment's glance from Rey before she looks back over her shoulder toward Narsai and Qutha, catching up.

"You got what?" She asks, when the access card is presented, leaving a look of disbelief upon Rey's face for just a second before it is whisked away, and replaced with a small smirk. "Well done." She quietly notes to the other two.

"Well, lets find out what we're dealing with. Our contacts are hold up in a series of tunnels behind the engineering level, according to the message I received from Finn..."

When the access card is utilized on the lift doors, the red light signifying its sealed lock suddenly snaps to green, and the door pops open with a satisfying hiss of hydraulic power!

A light nod is given by Rey, before she slips inside with the others...

A scene wipe fades in from left to right, as the team travels within the lift!

The ride was mostly uneventful, though as they got nearer to the Engineering Level, the sounds of trouble seemed to grow loudr in the form of reverberations in the stations bulkheads...

The lift doors swept open, revealing darkened corridor lights being rapidly illuminated by yellow strobes mounted in to the metal ceiling grates above. An alert was being sounded over loud speakers, as steam vents were pouring steam in to the corridors themselves.

"Come on, this way..." Rey states, stepping out in to the strobing lights of ominous yellow huees. Up ahead, voices could be heard shouting, droid voices, but what they were saying was yet unclear. At the far end of the hallway, a thumping sound was repeatedly bashing the corridor with vibrations... As the team progresses they'll see a massive blast door is literally hammering a wall over and over, crushing a pile of droids to tiny pieces!

Still striding with his feet guided on paths unseen, angling one direction to another as if aimless in his direct path for the slamming blast door. Eyes focusing on the slamming durasteel with a deeper frown creasing his features - metal buckling with a grinding creak that adds to the cacophony.

"Bes' we git on the hurry, reckon."

Like urging a child not to continue something that might cause it to damage themself or something around them, Narsai reaches out with her mind before the door ceases its movement and the Mandalorian exhales. "With haste, as he says. It may not stay safe for long."

"You are right, Yuun." Saito offers a warm smile to the knight. He blinks when Quthaa has the correct card for the turbolift. "Why am I not surprised?" he chuckles before the doors close behind the Jedi as they enter the turbolift. When they reach the engineering level. "Hu? What's that?" he muses as he points to thee blast door. He watches with a smlie as Qutha manages to bend the door, allowing the group to pass. He smiles to Narsay when the door stops. He tilts his head, trying to identify words among all the noize. "I hear.. Droids. They are trying to repair damages ot the station.. I think something's wrong.. One of them's talking about power flows that can make it dangerous to touch pannels.." he blinks seeming as confused as the droids that he hears. "I think there's somethignw rong with them."

Yuun enjoyed the turbolift ride, as they stop he steps off the lift and he follows the others dropping behind a little as he starts looking around. The large blast doors hammering into a wall. He blinks and watches as it slows, and stops, he chuckles to Saito. "I know, I can be from time to time." he laughs. Yuun looks around, though not really seeing anything else around but as Sai continues to speak his attention returns back to the Jedi.

The damaged door does indeed creep to a halt, not entirely closed or open, but open enough to allow the Jedi passage. With the door showing enough to see beyond it now, what they see is a field of repair droids all smashed to pieces, strewn about the floor, and being lit up by that rapidly flashing yellow strobe of emergency lights.

Rey grimaces at the display of ruined droids, hearing them yammering on about their repairs that they'll never get to do now, and as she passes by one, a sudden burst of sparks comes from a electrical panel just as Saito had said!

The sparks fill the corridor, bathing the droids in a splash of white hot metal shards, causing Rey to lift her sleeve up to block the sparks from smacking her in the face. They pour down across the Jedi, heralding a truly gnarly status for the engineering level that opens up before them..

They pass by the droids, finding themselves entering a massive interior station chamber...

The Engineering Sector houses the station's power generators, propulsion systems, and maintenance facilities. It is a labyrinthine network of steam-filled chambers, sparking conduits, and towering machinery, with narrow catwalks and gantries crisscrossing the vast expanse, and the Jedi find themselves on the edge of one of those catwalks. Completely without any handrails, or any guards to keep the Jedi from tumbling over should they get too close to the edge of the catwalk, it is a perilous trek to cross from one side to the next.

"Come on, we have to keep going." Rey says to the others, as she strides ahead, her eyes sweeping this way and that, the sound of the machinery completely malfunctioning echoing through the vast chamber.

A droid-scream can be heard from above, and should one look up they will see a large repair droid suddenly tumbling through the sky, shooting sparks out the side of its chassis as it falls downward toward another catwalk below...

A red light seems to linger in the thickly fogged chamber, making everything have a eerie crimson glow. When they reach the end of their catwalk, they'll find it does not extend to the far side of the room, and has been retracted likely due to the emergency state of the Engineering level. there is a station beside the end of the catwalk with a computer terminal. When they reach it, Rey stares with a small frown. "It is too far to jump... and the terminal may be dangerous to access with the power flow issues." She flexes her metal hand before staring at the terminal on the far side. "Perhaps we can command the bridge toward us with the Force as our ally." She quietly says over the hum that is ever-present all around them in this huge station room.

"If it does, it's as th'Force wills it..." Qutha's hand lifts when the bridge is mentioned, expression going somewhat slack as he concentrates. Eyes blank and feet set in the ground - his entire body seeming to pull towards the gap while the bridge starts to extend.


Metal debris and detritus being knocked loose and tumbling down into the depths while the old zelosian works to bring their walkway towards them as best he can.

"By the force, what happened here?" Saito asks as the Jedi walk among the destroyed half delirious repair droids. Figly,, his Astromech, pauses and reaches out with one of his arms sa if to assist one of the droids. Saito sighs, placing a gentle hand on the droid's domed head. "There is nothing that you can do, budy. Come on." after a moment of hesitation, the Astromech complies and continues to follow thee group. The redhead tries not to look at the destroyed droids, sighing when they reach the end of their walkway. He tries not to look down, nodding whe he sees Qutha pulling the rest of the walkway towards them. Without a word, he closes his eyes, adding his own telekinesis to Qutha's. the loose part of the walkway moving faster towards its proper place. Hopefully wen this is done they will be able to pass. "Looks like this'll takee sme time." Saito says, struggling to continue to move the walkway.

Given her current mechanical empathy, one might wonder if Narsai can feel the terror of all these droids, however there was still the issue of their contacts to deal with.

With a little unconcious 'pat' to her own floating companion she exhales a breath. "We best hope we can evacuate the rebels from whatever has caused things to go so wrong..."

Yuun hears the noise coming from the bridge being pulled in their direction, and honestly that's not good at all. He moves off to the side and he scans the area and as he does he starts looking around, he sees more lifeless droids falling from above though that's a bit concerning, he focuses his attention more closely around them, and he is starting to see more movement. It's a little unclear if theres more droids or something or someones else. "No rush or anything, but we may have a bit more movement." he warns as he continues to keep watch.

With the Jedi combining their efforts to pull upon that mighty catwalk bridge, the sounds of the gears straining against the Force being applied to it, create a loud reverberation that seems to shake the station itself. All around the Jedi, more sparks fall from conduits high above, some cascading across the half of the catwalk that they stand upon together, while more just rain on down below in to the mists beneath the bridge they stand upon.

With the incoming catwalk pulled to within half the distance to where their half awaits, a sense of forboding danger will start to creep in to the minds of all of those gathered upon the catwalk's dangerous divide.

A booming voice sounds out throughout the chamber, adding to the ambience of the squealing gears of the bridge being pulled to rejoin its other half.

"Where are you going, Jedi...." The booming male vhoice echoes across the expanse of the massive engineering chamber.

To be continued...