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A Huge Finale

OOC Date: March 18, 2021
Location: Coronet City, Corellia
Participants: Hadrix Kora, Zelo Parrai, and Sumi Kora Clan Kora

Gathering up Zelo to another of the hangars growing in the galaxy where Kora can make their stop-offs, Hadrix also carried a discarded helmet from the penthouse apartments that had just been raided earlier. Covered over with a bit of sealing plast and tied off to keep it as air tight as possible.

He had comm'd ahead to Sumi much of the information he was saying as they entered the darker confines of the hangar, unknowing of any preparations the Alor may have done with his forwarding of opinion gathering.

<"Zelo, the last few times we've been out you've done exactly what was wanted of you and more, you know? Ealor, fighting even with half your body blasted off, tonight with precision under pressure and confines..."> the helmet is set down before his helmet is removed and hung from his belt.

"So I think it's time..." looking around next for Sumi.

Zelo looks around the hangar, taking in the environment but listening to Hadrix closely. He'd noted the discarded helmet, though he did not ask any questions. If it was for him to know, it would be brought up in time. Or it would be presented and the question made more plain. His E-11 is still strapped to his shoulder and his helmet is clipped to his belt, blessedly releasing his cobalt-blue tendrils from the confines of a helmet designed for a human. There was talk of one that Karys had designed, but it had not yet returned from the armorer to which it had been sent. The headache was already subsiding and the black-pool eyes adjusted quickly to the change of light in the hangar, much like deeper water. For the moment, he only watches and listens. Well, almost.

"It's what is expected... Isn't it? Everything on the line, every time?" It's what he expected. Every time, his best.

"Sometimes, one's best is not good enough," Sumi intones, stepping into view and flicking her smoke safely into a vent (where there was sand). A slow exhale of breath sees the smoke vented from her lungs until she stops near the pair. Her helmet is off, and one side of her face is bruised with a cut, likely from the fight. Despite the fact the fight had /just/ happened, Sumi looked to be well on her way to healing.

"That is why we charge each member of Kora to uphold the tenets of the Resol'nare. Expectations are subjective, the Resol'nare is written. It is the way. What the Commander references is your enthusiasm in serving those tenets, exemplifying what it means to be Mando'ade. It is that reason, we induct members into the clan family the way we do. One does not know how the armor fits until it's been through the fire. You, Zelo, have been through the fire."

"You fight, you live... you do everything you can to try and make sure one of Kora's most important, personal, tenants is fulfilled." looking to Zelo with a level gaze, "We all go home, or no one goes home." his plasma caster is drawn out and the pilot ignited before he sets down his battered field bag, faded and ghostly numbers 904 in Aurabesh printed on either side and a length of durasteel with a brand in the shape of a styalized hand with a spiral of fire in the palm being drawn out, offered to Sumi while he lifts his plasma caster, setting the nozzle so that when he presses the stud it's more like a 'soft' torch than a weapon.

"I've asked the others and they agree. Technically Sumi's word is the last to be given." brow lifting as he can't resist one of his own bad habits. Her smoke is gone and one of his is out of the humidor, in his mouth and being lit from the vaporizing gout of liquified fire.

Zelo turns - not quite jumping, but quickly wheeling back at Sumi's entry into the conversation with a statement that reflects one of his deepest fears. Whether that's intentional, or coincidental, makes no mind as he tries his best not to react - to play things cool. Showing doubt in front of superiors has never gone well for the Nautolan. "Thank you, Alor... I only try to walk the path as it lies before me." He looks to Hadrix and the Al'verde picks up where the Alor lets off, nodding, though there is the sign of heavy swallow at the phrase:

'We all go home, or no one goes home.'

"Is this the... 'Trouble' you had mentioned, Al'verde?" He doesn't know what exactly is happening, but this definitely feels like one of those formal times. His mouth opens to continue the question, but he ultimately thinks - likely wisely - it's better not to be heard just yet. Not when his nerves are dancing on edge.

Sumi's hand is held out daintily, if such a thing could be accomplished in beskar'gam, and took hold of the handguard for the item the Al'verde began to super heat. "Trouble? No. A choice. What Hadrix speaks of is the final crucible. To become our kin, to share our name, your crucible is earning the trust of the clan. They have voted, and they all say yes."

"All but me." Sumi takes in a sharp breath, not out of humor but more a sinus problem. "My vote comes after your answer to this next question: Will you join us by taking the name Kora, and becoming blood kin? The decision is yours to make, but know.. it is made for life. Speak your heart. We will listen." Sumi keeps the item in hand, allowing Hadrix to continue to blast it in random intervals of heat.

Blast Hadrix does, quiet and solemn now while Sumi gives the question, Gripper deploying from his back to bring the covered helmet from where it had been placed and holding it, while leaving it closed. The miss-matched gaze of stormcloud gray and balor crimson falling on Zelo.

Expression blank, only the cigarra rolled from one corner of his mouth to the next is the only shift there and even then it is a fixed neutrality - as if to assure against influencing the nautolan's decision while he looms, shifting the heat so that the brand can slowly grow to bright red.

Zelo's black-pool eyes reflect the light of the torch and in the light seem to reflect those that look at them back to the looker. Several breaths pass in and out of cobalt lips as he considers, tendrils shifting slightly. He looks between the two but, finding no reply from Hadrix, settles his eyes on Sumi. "I have an answer... But also, one question..." He lips his licks, though they are not dry... Rather, just to pause, delay, and collect.

"Must I give up my own name... What I was before? Or... Can I become Kora... Too?" The sniper has a sharp eye, but he tries to be as precise with his words as he is with his shot. That takes more time. "I don't know if I still have family. I might. Would I no longer be their brother? If that is not the cost, my answer now is yes."

"You can be both. They are your blood too. Much like I am still a Ryder." Sumi answers, her lips quirking with a small smile. When his answer is yes, Sumi nods. "So be it, Zelo Parrai of Clan Kora, I gift you our mark, our brand.. to wear upon your armor to display who your clan is." She draws the brand into view, the orange hot sigil sizzling. She makes a gesture with her free hand, asking where he wanted it on his armor.

Zelo nods then. The Nautolan raises his left hand and crosses his chest to point to his right shoulder. "Here, Alor, Al'verde." He does not specify it to be so he can further channel the will of every member of the Clan - present and past - into his shot. His reasons are his own. He may have chosen the helmet if the custom beskar piece had been prepared, but it was not yet time for it. He begins to kneel, tentatively, unsure how they would take it, but feeling it appropriate.

"Stand." Hadrix's hand is out and the massive wampa paw is on Zelo's left pauldron to keep him at his feet. "You're Kora. We stand, you've proven that you stand, Ori'Zelo." his expression a little more somber, but with the faintest of smiles when he says it, before the next words come with more reverent voice, for the meaning they hold.

"No matter the field of battle, the time, the clime or place. You will find us, your family, beside you." Gripper begins opening the seal of the helmet, showing cooling blood fresh from the penthouse battle within. Hadrix going quiet, for Sumi to pick up where he had left off.

Sumi pressed the brand against the chosen spot, leaving the Kora mark on his armor and making it sizzle with a peculiar smell. The punctuated pause of the creed ends when Sumi resumes it by saying, "No battle will claim you absent us. Where you fall, we will be there to pick you back up. We do not die alone." She pulled the brand back, setting it aside to cool.

"Your mark is given birth today.." Sumi states, then dips her hand into the helmet, drawing up a hand covered in the dark blood of their fallen foes. "..and it is sustained by the blood of our victory." Sumi places her bloody hand over the newly formed sigil and swipes over it, staining it blood red, leaving a drying yet glistening look. "Welcome home, brother."

Zelo rises as he is bidden, a smile trying to match the small one from Hadrix, but emotion of a different sort overwhelming him.

'No matter the field of battle 'The time, the clime or place. 'You will find us, your family beside you.

'No battle will claim you absent us. 'Where you fall, we will be there to pick you back up. 'We do not die alone.'

The words echo in his head as he looks slowly from one to the other. The heat of the sigil causes a few of his tendrils to pull reflexively further from the armor, but he is otherwise still. He does not look. Not until the blood is applied and his curiousity briefly gets the better of him. He looks from Sumi, to Hadrix, and back. "Vor entye." Thank you. It's all he can think to say right now. Any other words are still in his throat.